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[OpNet] Wanted: One Smart Man


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Dear Abbie,

I've been a nova for several years now, and since part of my abilities revolve around extremely enhanced intelligence, I realise I can't relate to the average man, or even the average nova. I had some marital difficulties before and after I erupted that led to me being divorced. Tell me, do you have any ideas on how to meet mega-smart men?

Desperate and Dateless

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Dear Desperate and Dateless

Ask other Mega-Smart novas who are their mental equals and/or with whom they mentally spar. Then do the same with those.

You may not know them, but they probably know you. More so than other novas, the Mega-Smart can be said to belong to the same "club". Many of them challenge each other over email with Chess games and the like (and if you don't know Chess, learn it). Put another way, most of them know each other, as allies, enemies, or just people to talk to.


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