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[OpNet] Aaron/Steve


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Dear Abbie,

My name is Aaron. And it's Steve too. It turns out that I erupted 6 months ago, but I only found out 3 days ago because it appears my eruption split my personality in twain. I am a more thought oriented guy (I hacked for a little while) and he's the more you hurt me, now you hurt kind. He's fighting for more and more control and I'm not sure if I can beat him. It's very upsetting to go out to dinner with a girl then have no memory of it and a message from her telling me how wonderful last night was... what can I do?

P.S. Professional care is unfortunately not an option, I can't afford it

- Aaron/Steve Midwestern city

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Dear Aaron/Steve,

You need professional help. Whether this means drugs, removing your alternate, merging the two of you, or learning to communicate and get along with him I have no idea.

Since you can't afford it, you need to change jobs so you can. The obvious choices are Utopia and DeVries since they have experience with nova health care and good medical benefits. Alternatively you can get money independently and spend it independently. Be sure that what ever shrink you go to has experience with novas. Contact the American Psychology Association and make sure they are a member.

- Abby

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