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[OpNet] Simply Waiting


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Dear Abbie,

My wife has erupted and I haven't. Now, she is hanging out with those Utopia people and I hardly ever get to see her. I have been diagnosed as a latent, but, so far, nothing has happened. What should I do?

- Simply Waiting

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Dear Simply Waiting,

Your wife has changed a lot, this changed your relationship with her. I think you think erupting would put you "on a equal footing". It might. It might not. If you erupt you will change, and this would change your relationship with her again, maybe for the better, maybe not.

Relationships often change dramatically after people erupt. Eruption often increases skills and abilities, and can alter the things that made the relationship stable. That you wrote here indicates you think your marriage is worth saving. I suggest you seek out a marriage counselor, preferably one who has experience with nova relationships. Since your wife works for Utopia that would be a good place to start.

- Abby

PS, there are several web sites devoted to "how to make yourself erupt". My only advise is you shouldn't place yourself in danger. Some people erupt when they are in danger, far more die or are maimed. It is also possible to do both, i.e. erupt and be maimed in the process.

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