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[OpNet] Coping with the differences.

Speed Angel

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Abbie, I erupted about three months ago. Since then life has been nothing but one frustration after another as I try to continue living something like a normal life. To be blunt the majority of the world lives a life that seems like a still picture to me.

That's an exaggeration but only a small one. The time people take to eat a small breakfast is long enough for me to read war and peace. Twice. I can redecorate my flat, and usually do, once or twice a day. In the beginning I tried to help people a bit, hence my name given which is a translation of the one given me by the Tokyo Times. But frustration is eating away slowly at my patience!

I love what I am. Just the potential of the things I can, being a nova, are incredible. The problem is that, day by day, the gulf between the daily world you know and the one I reside in grows.

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Dear Speed Angel,

I see three approaches to your problem.

1) You can learn to slow down.

If you erupted three months ago, even if it was longer subjectively, you are still new at all this. Your powers may not have stabilized yet and you probably don't have full control. Checking into a clinic might be very useful to you right now. Hopefully they can either teach you to slow down, or to turn off your node.

2) You can take the world at your own speed.

Do things for recreation where speed doesn't matter. You could try painting, writing, posting things on the op-net, sculpture, etc.

3) Get friends who can help.

A temporal manipulator should be able to slow you down or speed himself up.

- Abby

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