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[OpNet] Satsuriku


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Dear Abbie,

I find myself getting rather massive headaches when I use my powers-- years ago I talked to my friend Nibroc (not his real name) and he said it might be because I use so many different quantum abilities at once in my "suite" of powers as it were-- an amorphous body armor, energy field, talons, etc...but I've found that I have been refining my control over my powers faster and faster but the headaches get worse and worse...what can I do?

- Satsuriku

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Dear Satsuriku,

I think you have the beginnings of Quantum Backlash Disorder (known more vulgarly as "Taint"). At a guess, your current training regime is too fast, inappropriate, or both.

You need professional medical attention!

If you don't already have a doctor specializing in novas, get one now. Taint can be dealt with while in its early stages, something as simple as a vacation can make a huge difference. After dealing with your current situation, you will probably need to go slower in "refining your control".

- Abby

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