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[OpNet] Captain Bullet Ridden


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Dear Abbie,

I erupted about six months ago but this is the first time I have had the strength to write to you. My problem is this: as near as the doctors can tell I cannot be killed. I am not however invulerable to damage, my body just soaks up damage like an old coat and keeps going. I erupted when my car got caught at a railroad crossing and the train ploughed through it and me. I suffered terrible wounds but did not die. As far as the doctors can tell my body can sustain incredible wounds and still leave me alive. I recently grew skin back over most of my body and am now wondering how I might develop regeneration powers so that I don't have to spend the six months in hospital recovering if this happens again. Please tell me who to contact. Is there anyone who specialises in teaching novas to use new powers?

- Captain Bullet Ridden

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Dear Captain Bullet Ridden,

Nova powers are very personal in their manifestation. Even if two novas both start with the ability to throw fire, and one of them develops a heat shield, the other probably can't learn how to from the first. This makes sense when you realize that one may think of her power as "praying to God" while the other may be "exciting electrons".

Even with good examples all novas are self taught. Having said that, there are groups that are good at teaching you how to teach yourself. Project Utopia is a good choice for this sort of thing, (and they probably will contact you shortly if they haven't already). Whether or not you choose to join, I would start there.

- Abby

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