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Player Character

Devin Jauntsen
Local Rich Kid and Bully


Devin, and his sister Marissa are twins who were born in Malibu, California. About three years ago, when the two were thirteen, they moved from the fast paced, cultured, high cost of living lifestyle of Malibu to the quiet, rural, nothing to ever do paced slow lifestyle of Shelly, Montana.

Although no one in Shelly is quite sure how, the Jauntsen's are loaded. Some say it was from rich relatives and inheritances, others believe that Mr. Jauntsen is an investment genius (he does have a Masters degree Investment Management).

Since their arrival three years ago the Jauntsen twins took the town of Shelly by storm when it came to taking over the popular crowd and wooing the small town kids with their Malibu wizardry. Now, at sixteen years old, the two juniors at the local High School have evolved into two of the worst individuals Shelly could ever ask for. With the high standards for scholastic achievement at the Jauntsen household and the expectation of top tier colleges, Devin has turned to being something of a bully to the less popular kids in the school as a way of dealing with his lack of control of his life at home.

Despite being a wealthy, annoying, and utter douche, Devin is not without his talents and accomplishments. Devin is an accomplished gymnast and although no one really knows it, he's one hell of an artist, capable of sketching and drawing incredibly well.


Name: Devin Jauntsen
Player: Dave
Concept: Well-Off Asshole
Origin Path: Life of Privilege
Role Path: Athlete
Society Path: Popular
Path Contacts:
PSI Order:

Skills: Aim 1, Athletics 4, Close Combat 3, Command 1, Culture 1, Empathy 1, Enigmas , Humanities , Integrity 3, Larceny , Medicine 1, Persuasion 3, Pilot 2, Science , Survival , Technology
Specialties: Athletics (Gymnastics), Integrity (Resisting Authority), Persuasion (Lying)
Skill Tricks: Integrity (Poker Face)

Force – Intellect 2, Might 3, Presence 3
Finesse – Cunning 3, Dexterity 3, Manipulation 2
Resilience – Resolve 3, Stamina 3, Composure 3

Edges: Artistic Talent 1, Enhanced Attunement 1, Favored Mode (Translocation) 2, Free Running 2, Hardy 1, *Photographic Memory 1, Skilled Liar 2, **Telepathic Resistance 3, Wealth 2
Learn something about being a proper man.  Survive Homecoming with Cassie.  Take someone somewhere with his powers.  Flirt with Annette Giles (and get some sort of positive response a giggle, a smile, something), Give out completely mixed signals to one of the NPCs that may or may not have a crush on him.
Long: Try and make headway on fixing the family's problems.  Be forgiven or at least trusted that he's not the same old bully he used to be by the parents/family of someone he wronged in the past.

-Psi Powers-
Aptitude: Teleportation
Discipline: Translocation 5, Transmassion 5, Transportal 5
Modes: Translocation (Blink [0 or 1], Jump [1], Flicker [2], Long Jump [3], Biolocation [4]), Transmassion (Relay Object [0], Relay Person [1], Transmit Mass [2], Transmit Person [2], Selective Transmassion [2+/5+]), Transportal (Window [1], Skein [1 to 4], Multiportal [2], Gateways [3 or 5], Warp [4])
*Most teleportation power require a noetic connection.  Details on noetic connections are found on page 205 of the Aeon book.
Proxy: None
Psi Points: 14/15 (1 point committed to Blink)

None / Base 0 / Hard 0/ Soft 0

Name / EN / Range / Damage / Type / Tags
Staff | 2 | Personal | Blunt | Physical | Melee, Obvious 0, Reach, Shield 2

Motorcycle / Size 1 / Handling +1 / Speed 4 / Fast 2, Maneuverable 1, Wheeled
-2019 sleek, black Ducatti.

-Injury Conditions-
Bruised (+1), Bruised (+1), X, X, Injured (+2), Injured (+2), Maimed (+4), Taken Out

-Psi & Tolerance-
Psi: 4

Defense: Physical 3 | Mental 3 | Social 3

Experience: 2/117

*Devin's photographic memory only applies to his artwork.  Once he's seen something, as long as he is able to begin drawing it withing an acceptable amount of time his clarity and vividness of that memory can be conveyed through his art.

**Devin is self assured and self aware to a fault.  Getting in his head and poking around is not always easy as he is naturally resistant to outside opinions, authority and anyone attempting to take from him what he isn't willing to give them.  He is defiant and incorrigible.


Edited by Dave ST

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Player Character

Cassandra Allen
Ace School Reporter



Name: Cassandra Allen
Player: Salmon Max
Concept: Ace School Reporter
Cassandra has a kind of 'switch.' She tends to default to being pretty laid back, easygoing and given to just enjoying the moment. However, sometimes something will pique her interest. A line in a movie, or an offhand comment someone makes, or something she sees off to the side...and suddenly she'll be seized with a sudden and intense desire to satiate her curiosity about it. She's especially susceptible to puzzles of any kind, which she picks at obsessively until it's solved, be it crossword, jigsaw, logic or just about anything else that strains the brain. Once she's on a 'case' or a story, she has the same kind of obsessive drive to finish the job.

Cassie's family moved to Shelly when she was just six years old, when her father got a job with the private corrections company that runs Crossroads. He was a psychologist with a background in counseling and social work, and the prison offered a salary that was very attractive for a man with a family. It was demanding though, and asked compromises that put distance between him and the rest of the family. Cassandra grew up feeling cut off and neglected. She was drawn to the skater crowd, finding their antics cool and their low-key rebelliousness attractive.

The bottom fell out when she was in middle school, and her father died in a terrible accident on prison grounds. Although contending that he had ignored posted safety regulations, the prison company offered to settle out of court. Cassandra's mother, facing the sudden need to single-handedly cover not just funeral expenses but support herself and Cassie, wound up accepting the settlement. Cassandra saw that as little more than an act of betrayal and resolved to find out what really happened...unable to accept the official story. She was caught though, trying to sneak onto prison grounds. After some tense talks, the company agreed not to press charges this time, but made it abundantly clear that this was a one-time thing.

After that, Cassandra learned that she needed to learn more before she made this happen. She started researching other times that this kind of thing had happened, and quickly realized that it was often the efforts of investigative reporters who exposed these cases. And wasn't that what she wanted? Not just to know herself, but to let EVERYONE know? Stop them from hiding behind payoffs and lawyers? So Cass threw herself into following the tradition of the great journalists, intent on returning to Crossroads one day and finishing what she'd started so that her dad's memory could rest easier.


Origin Path: Suburbia *
Role Path: Rebel *
Society Path: Geek *
Path Contacts: Influential Teacher *, Skaters *, A/V Geeks *, School Friends *

Skills: Aim , Athletics **, Close Combat, Command , Culture **, Empathy ***, Enigmas ***, Humanities *, Integrity ***, Larceny *, Medicine , Persuasion **, Pilot , Science , Survival , Technology *
Specialties: Detecting Lies (Empathy), Piecing Clues Together (Enigmas), Resisting Intimidation (Integrity)
Skill Tricks: Crack in the Ice (Add Empathy to pool to Interrogate)

Force – Intellect ***, Might **, Presence ***
Finesse – Cunning ***, Dexterity ***, Manipulation ***
Resilience – Resolve ***, Stamina **, Composure ***

Edges: Artistic Talent (Writing) *, Library **, Skilled Liar **, Photographic Memory *, Iron Will *, Striking **, Danger Sense *, Strong Mode (Fundamentals) ***
S Crack a really BIG story!
M Rescue her dad and fix her family
M Get rid of the Dark once and for all

-Psi Powers-
Primary Aptitude: Clairsentience
Basic: The Sight (can sense Psi and Psi use with Attunement), Extended Attunement (Add highest Mode dots to Psi for Attunement range)
Psychocognition 3
- Alertness
- Least Resistance
- Hinder
Psychometry 3
- Living Echo
- Area Insight
- Locational Memory
Psycholocation 3
- Orientation
- Dowsing
- Sensory Manipulation

Favored Auxiliary Aptitude: Telepathy
Basic: Mind Scan, Mind Speak
Rapport 1
- Sense Emotion
Psychbending 1
- Mind Shield

Favored Auxiliary Aptitude: Quantakinesis
Basic: Psi Cloak, Subquantum Sense
Fundamentals 2
- Resist
- Shield

Armor / Base / Hard / Soft

Weapon / EN / Range / Damage / Type / Tags

Vehicle / Size / Handling / Speed / Tags / Weapons

-Injury Conditions-
Bruised (+1), Bruised (+1), X, X, Injured (+2), Injured (+2), Maimed (+4), Taken Out

-Psi & Tolerance-
Psi: 4
- Psi Points 15
- Medium Range, Size 1, Duration: Hours
- Maximum Mode: 5
- Attunement Range: Extreme (1000km)
- Target Number 8

Defense = 1 or Appropriate Resilience Att
Experience:  Earned 93, Spent 82
8/2 - 3xp
8/21 - 2xp
Project 1 - 8xp
Project 2 - 8xp
Bonus 8/21 - 3xp
9/6 - 2xp
Bonus - 0?
9/17 - 3xp
Project - 10xp
10/? - 9xp
11/12 - 2xp
12/21 - Total of 20 (5xp for Rainbows, 5xp for project, 10xp for bribe)
3/30 - Total of 13
4/5 - award 5
Wascally Wabbits 2
Seeking the Dawn 3

Psi +1 - 15
4 primary aptitude modes - 32
2 favored aptitude mode - 16
Edge - Strong mode (1 dot) - 3
2 favored aptitude mode - 16

Edited by Cassandra Allen

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Player Character

Jason Bannon

Genius - Petty Criminal - High-Functioning Psychopath


A series of apparent contradictions strung together in a lean, rangy package would be the best descriptor for Jason.   As of the start of 'Weirder Stuff', those who have had the dubious pleasure of social interaction with him come away with two impressions: firstly, that it's very likely he's never cracked a proper smile in his life and, secondly, that Bannon could very likely be the most cynically acerbic asshole in all of Montana.  He has been a source of frustration for his teachers, most of whom know that he could do better than the no-effort C-average he maintains, and some of whom are of the opinion that it's more than laziness that keeps him from striving.  The only subjects he seems to engage with at all are the sciences, and even there he rarely scores above a C+.  When confronted, cajoled, or berated he simply remains silent, gazing steadily at the one speaking with an air of unflappable patience.  In his Sophomore year, he got into trouble numerous times for his acidic backtalk to teachers, since when he seems to have calmed down enough that he no longer feels the need to voice his disdain.

Students - at least, students who are in the know - are aware that Jason deals tobacco, weed, an Adderall-derivative, and fireworks to those with the money and inclination to buy them.  Few if any knew that the slacker himself is the one that manufactures those goods.  Outside of Sean Cassidy's gaming group, very few people in Shelly have had any more than cursory conversations with the Junior.  Oddly, he seems to get along very well with Sean - who might be the closest thing Bannon has to an actual friend - and was at least bearable towards the other members of the group (probably at Sean's request).

It's widely known that Jason's father works as a janitor and spends a lot of time with one of those crazy militia conspiracy groups who regard the Constitution as the only law the land needs.  His mother is not in the picture - rumor has it she walked out on Jason and his dad before they moved to Shelly seven years ago.  Jase himself is not forthcoming about his family or home life -  all that is known is that he and his dad live on a farm that Bannon Sr bought when they moved to Shelly, and visitors are not welcome.

Ep 2 Update:  After the events of Episode 2, it is plain that Jase is making changes in his approach to life.  His friends are regular visitors to the farm, he has shared more about himself and his hobbies with them all.  He is more outgoing, less inclined to hide his talents, and less shy about letting people see the real him.  Time will tell if this is a good thing.  He now drives a restored, turbocharged V8 1970 Dodge Charger, which he lovingly maintains with as much care as he tends his flower garden and his friendships.

Ep 3 Update:  Jase has hit the new semester running, no longer hiding his intelligence or the breadth of his learning.  Now that he is less reticent about speaking up he has demonstrated a shocking capacity for callousness, but has promised to try and filter out his worst impulses after stripping several layers of skin from Coraline at the meeting in Bunnee's.  Several of his friends either know the truth or suspect it: that Jase is incapable of true empathy or remorse.

Ep 4 Update:  As of the fiction "This Ain't The Danger Room", the Fellowship are fully aware that Jason is a high-functioning psychopath, though most are still working out what that exactly means.  His brutal attack on Liam Day has left him somewhat apart from his fellows, most of whom are trying to process that along with high school, powers and psychopathy: the general consensus being "Cannot even right now."  His mother turning up as a teacher at the school, along with several other changes in his interpersonal landscape, have put Jason into somewhat of a state of flux - he's at a critical crossroads in his development, and the combination of isolation, suspicion and danger are not having the best effect on his outlook.

Ep 5 Update:  As of the end of 'Rainbow Weave', many revelations have stirred the pot of Jason's existence.  From the Man in Black to the Dark's attack, to the exposing of the Project and the deeper conspiracy around Crossroads, Jason certainly has plenty to think about.  He also has doubts about the sustainability of his association with some members of the Fellowship, though was gratified at the kindness and care others have shown following his beating at school.  He proved to be a man of his word when assisting in a raid on the underground facility run by Crossroads, sticking to non-lethal measures and helping ensure everyone came home safely.
 - Intermission Update:  Jason has learned that he is not human, his mother explaining that he is actually a member of a hominid species altered by powerful technological or psionic means to be 'superior' - fearless, more aggressive and with a greater capacity for violence than Homo Sapiens.  For now he is keeping this under his hat, processing the revelation himself before deciding how to broach it with his friends.

Jason's car - a rebuilt turbocharged V8 1970 Dodge Charger. 



Image:  Tall, at 6'1" and lean to the point of being skinny.  He has yet to fill out with adult growth, but nevertheless does not seem awkward or gangling.  Medium length hair frames high cheekbones and pale green eyes (flecked with copper and verdigris) to give him an arresting air, especially when one is the subject of his gaze, which has an predatory unwavering quality which some find off-putting.  He has an air of self-containment, of being untouched by the words and emotional landscape of others, which adds to the unsettling sensation strongly empathic people receive when interacting with him.  He speaks quietly, rarely if ever raising his voice.  Only occasionally, when his passions are roused, does this calm demeanour change, a feral light coming into his pale eyes and a peeling back of lips from his teeth in an expression that is as much snarl as it is grin.  A rare occurrence, but those of his friends who have seen it never forget it.


Name:  Jason Bannon, ‘Jase’ to his dad, ‘Bannon’ to most of his peer group.
Player:  GDP
Concept:  High-Functioning Psychopath Teen
Origin Path: Outdoorsman 2 (Survivalist); Psion 1
Role Path: Rebel 1 (Criminally inclined)
Society Path: Geek 2 (Genius polymath); 
Path Contacts: 
 Local underground chemists 2; local burnouts, weed dealers and ne'er do wells 1; Hank Graskle 3;

Skills: Aim 1  , Athletics  2, Close Combat 2, Command , Culture 2 , Empathy 2, Enigmas 2 , Humanities 3, Integrity 2 , Larceny 2 , Medicine 2 , Persuasion , Pilot , Science 3, Survival 1, Technology 3
Specialties:  Science –Chemistry; Technology - Demolitions; Humanities - Linguistics
Skill Tricks: Science - Scientific Method; Humanities - ; Technology

Languages:  Ancient Greek, Latin, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian

Force – Intellect 5, Might 2, Presence 3
Finesse – Cunning 3, Dexterity 3, Manipulation 2
Resilience – Resolve 3, Stamina 3, Composure 3

Edges:  Direction Sense; Iron Will 3; Speed Reading; Photographic Memory 3; Swift; Demolitions Training 1 (IED);  Wealth 2 ;  Lightning Calculator;  Favored Aptitude: Psychokinesis;  Memory Palace 3 (Custom Edge, see  below**);   Keen Sense: Smell/Taste, Touch;  Strong Mode: Thermokinesis;  Superior Trait - Intellect; 

Special Condition:  Teulu.  A member of a hominid species similar to Homo Sapiens, but with marked differences in emotional depth, predatory instinct and capacity for violence.  He is impervious to fear or guilt /remorse, and tends to feel the most primal emotions (rage, lust, hunger) the strongest if he feels anything at all.  This makes it hard to empathise with humanity, suffering a  +2 difficulty to any roll relying on emotional sensitivity as a trait due to his having to intellectually bridge the gaps.  He is also highly resistant to most forms of emotional manipulation. This causes a +3 difficulty to others attempting to emotionally read or manipulate him.  The pre-limbic makeup of his race causes his fight or flight instinct to be fixed to 'fight', meaning that when a genuine creditable threat or dominance play against him is perceived he must make an Integrity & Resolve roll not to respond with immediate impulsive aggression of his own, and is unlikely to shrug such things off easily.

-Psi Powers-
Psi Rating:
Attunement Range: Long

Primary Aptitude:  Psychokinesis (Favored Apt.)      Basic: Distant Touch, Nudge   Modes:  Thermokinesis (Strong Mode) 4, Telekinesis 4, Perikinesis 4
Favored Auxiliary:  Biokinesis
Favored Auxiliary:  Telepathy


Armor / Base / Hard / Soft

Weapon / EN / Range / Damage / Type / Tags

Vehicle                   / Size / Handling / Speed / Tags                                                                             / Weapons
Dodge Charger          2    /     +1        /    4       /  Fast 2, Massive 1, Maneuverable 1, Wheeled

-Injury Conditions-
Bruised (+1),  Injured (+2), Injured (+2), Maimed (+4), Taken Out

-Psi & Tolerance-
Psi Points: 14 / 15 (1 pt invested in Remote Hands)

Defense = Appropriate Resilience Att

**Memory Palace, 3-dot Edge
Prerequisites: Iron Will 3, Photographic Memory 3, and Intellect 5+

There are strong minds, and then there is this. Combining a superlative intellect with perfect control over memory and one's own thoughts, the character has complete control over their own mind to the point where even the subconscious stuff is in their purview. Everything is stored, everything is where they want it to be, every memory is reviewable in perfect clarity as if standing in the scene, and anyone trying to invade it, whether with Psi or other means, is going to be invading territory that is well-defended and under complete control by it's inhabitant.  In addition regular interrogation, torture, truth drugs etc have a limited, if any effect - the character can simply retreat into their own head and shut the world out.  The character gets +4 enhancement to resist any psychic intrusion, memory alteration, influence or interrogation, along with any tests where a perfect recall can aid them.




Go on a date with Autumn;
Find out more about his heritage, including language;
Help tutor another PC in school-related studies;  
Assist Courtney with her self-control issues (without sleeping with her!),
Broach the subject of his heritage with the Fellowship.

Long – 
Become an effective warrior (gain a Path dot in ROTC / Paramilitary training);
Put together a coherent and stable theory of noetic and subquantum science. (Raise Science to 4, buy specialisation in noetics, then make extended task roll).


Edited by Bannon

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Player Character

Charlie Cole
Drama Kid


Name: Charlie Cole
Player: Jeremy
Concept: Drama Kid
Grade: Junior

Background: Charlie is a long-time resident of Shelly, mainly known for two reasons. One, he's part of the drama crowd, appearing in every school play ever. Second, his father Lucius Cole is the manager of the Marias Valley Golf and Country Club, an upscale recreational facility in the middle of a rural county. Unfortunately, a third reason has popped up around town. Charlie, as an experienced if amateur actor, could tell something was going on under the surface when his father was a bit more busy than usual, and his mother showing suppressed signs of pensiveness.

Eventually he found out. Lucius had gone shopping for a new girlfriend, Susanna, an utter trophy bimbo from Great Falls, having met at Marias Valley. Apparently, all that mattered far superior in attractiveness to Hannah - and a divorce is ongoing. Suffice to say Charlie's home was shattered, and he vehemently was angered at his father for this betrayal. Unfortunately, Lucius seems incapable recognize that, which makes Charlie simmer inside ever more.

He is a member of Sean's RPG group, which is a blessed escape more and more.

Episode 4 Update: Charlie is now fully aware of Jason's high-functioning sociopathy, and has tentatively begun dating Sophia Fingleman.

Episode 5 Update: Sophia now knows about the Weird Stuff, but will probably be better after a date and Cajun food.


Origin Path: Broken Home 1
Role Path: Performance Art Crowd 1
Society Path: Geeks 1
Special Path: Psion 1
Path Contacts: Lionel Abraham (The Drama Teacher) 1, Sally Azuolas (The Pitying Neighbor) 1, Kyle Everson (Study Buddy) 1, Sophia Fingleman (Girlfriend) 1

Skills: Athletics 2, Close Combat 2, Culture 2, Empathy 4, Enigmas 1, Humanities 2, Integrity 3, Persuasion 4

Specialties: Honest Feeling (Empathy), Hiding True Emotions (Integrity), Mediator (Persuasion)

Skill Tricks: Cold Reader (Empathy), Captivating Personality (Persuasion)

Force – Intellect 3, Might 2, Presence 3
Finesse – Cunning 4, Dexterity 2, Manipulation 3
Resilience – Resolve 3, Stamina 2, Composure 3

Edges: Artistic Talent (Acting) 3, Fame 1, Favored Aptitude (Biokinesis) 3, Favored Mode (Transmogrify) 2, Iron Will 1, Patron (Lucius Cole) 1, Photographic Memory 1, Skilled Liar 2, Speed Reading 1, Strong Mode (Transmogrify) 3

Short -
Master more bodymorphing tricks
Show off his acting chops
Rescue Sophia from something weird single-handedly

Long -
Make it through this divorce
Prepare for and complete the next play

Psi: 3
Primary Aptitude: Biokinesis
Favored Auxiliary Aptitudes: Clairsentience, Telepathy

Basic Powers: Biosense, Form Mastery, Mindscan, Mindspeak
Modes: Transmogrify 4, Adaptation 3, Psychomorphing 2, Rapport 1

Armor / Base / Hard / Soft

Weapon / EN / Range / Damage / Type / Tags

Vehicle / Size / Handling / Speed / Tags / Weapons

Injury Conditions
Bruised (+1), Injured (+2), Maimed (+4), Taken Out

Defense: 1

Project #1 Award (+5 XP)
Over the Rainbow Award (+3 XP)
Rainbow in the Dark Award (+2 XP)
Project #2 Award (+12 XP)
Skill Trick: Cold Reader (-3 XP)
Rainbow Connection Mini-Session 1 Award (+2 XP)
Rainbow Connection Final Award (+3 XP)
Project #3 Award (+10 XP)
Transmogrify 4 (-8 XP)
Adaptation 2 (-8 XP)
Interim XP (+7 XP)
Close Combat 1 (-5 XP)
Bonus XP (+10 XP)
Chasing Rainbows (+7 XP)
Extra Dot for Favored Aptitude (-2 XP)
Strong Mode 3 (-6 XP)
Favored Mode 2 (-6 XP)
Psychomorphing 1 (-8 XP)
Rainbow Weave Award (+10 XP)
Close Combat 2 (-5 XP)
Psychomorphing 2 (-8 XP)
Adaptation 3 (-8 XP)
Ep 5. Intermission (+2 XP)

Balance: 6 XP


Edited by Charlie Cole

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Player Character

Cade Allister
Athlete Looking to go Pro


Name- Cade Ian Allister
Age-17 (Junior)
Height- 6'4 
weight- 260lb
Eyes- Blue
Handedness- left (ambidextrous, but mostly seen left handed)


A local boy, born and raised in Shelly, Montana.   Cade's an avid outdoorsman, loving to hunt and fish, and a naturally gifted athlete.  He's a generally happy young man, who strives to get along with everyone he can.  He's not the most intelligent, but he does try, and manages to at least maintain the gpa required to participate in athletics without having to call in special favors and such.

With his father being the Sheriff, he's normally one to exercise caution, and avoid breaking the law when he can.  That said, he's no Narc.  While he's not the most regular attendee of Sean's RPG table, due to sports and other commitments, he does truly enjoy his time with the group, considering them friends.  Outside his family, the others at the Table, are the only ones who know of his secret love of anime, manga, and gaming.  He accepts he's not the greatest at everything, but he does strive to improve in all aspects in his life.



Concept- High school Athlete Looking to go Pro

Short Term- Lead the team to the Nationals (hasn't quite made it in the past)  
Longterm- Become a successful Professional Baseball player and make his family proud

Origin path 2- Outdoorsman- Grandfather Marcus

Role path 1- Athelete- Coach Kline

Social Path 1- Charismatic Leader

Aim 5 Thrown
Close Combat 4
Athletics 4 Baseball 
Integrity 1
Survival 4
Empathy 1
Persuasion 2
Culture 1
Technology 1
Pilot 1

Intellect 2
Cunning 2
Resolve 4 (Favored)
Might 5
Dexterity 5 (Favored
Stamina 4
Presence 2
Manipulation  2
Composure 4 (Favored)

Always Prepared
Iron Will 3
Popularity 2
Hardy 1
Wealth 1  represents the money his parents entrust him with due to working long hours, which leaves him to see to his little sister and his needs, and a college savings account that he puts his money from the small lawn service he runs.
Animal Ken 1
Danger sense 1

Inspired Edge- Indomintable

Inspiration 8
Destructive 5
Reflective 3
Intuitive 3

on the head of a Pin - perfect balance on all terrain
Sharpshooter- able to find weakpoints even when not obvious
Moving Target- very light of foot, and evasive in combat
Whisperer- Cade has a natural rapport with animals, which he can use to calm them, and tame them.
Calm Blue Ocean-Cade doesn't lose his cool often, and when he does a moment's focus restores it.
Indomitable Will- Cade's blessed with a fair resistance to mental influence
Hidden Advantage- Capable of always having "a little something extra" on his person, should the need arise

Bruised (+1), Bruised (+1), X, X, Injured (+2), Injured (+2), Maimed (+4), Taken Out

Misc info
Vehicle -2017 Jeep Wrangler

Pets- 2 cats (Akeno (a black cat) and  Mittens (tuxedo)   Akeno is his cat, and Mittens is Haruka's.   The Kittens were a Christmas present from their parents for 2018, after Cade's cat Lancer, died after having him for 13 years.     Cyrano and Diana- Two ferrets Cade split the cost of with his parents for his birthday.  Even though he had the kittens at the time, He'd always wanted Ferrets for pets.   When his birthday came around, he used the money he normally would have got from his parents and some of his savings to get them and a proper home for them.  Of course he let Haruka name one, and because they're raised alongside the cats, the 4 get along very well. All four animals are female.


Edited by Cade

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Player Character

Sean Cassidy
Intersexed Technophile and Gamer



Real Name: Sean Fionn Cassidy
Nicknames: Finn, Cassidy, Cassy, PC Genie/Apple Genius, Titboy, Ladyboy, Ho (and less flattering variations)
Known Relatives: Jack Cassidy (Father; Renovations/Landscaping, Electrical, and Plumbing contractor; 6'), Carolyn Cassidy (Mother; Homeworker, part-time accountant; 5'7''), Teagan Cassidy (Sister; 18; Just graduated and joined the Military after graduation, planning on being a US Ranger- High School Star Athlete; 5'11''), Laurelei Cassidy (Sister; 15; Sophomore; 5'9'')
Date of Birth: October 30, 2002
Nationality: American
Home Region: Shelly, MT, USA
Occupation: Junior at Shelly High School; Freelance web-design and programmer,

Physical Traits

Gender: Intersexed
Ethnic Background: Caucasian (Irish, German, Norwegian)
Age: 16
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 118 lbs
Eyes: Large, exotic, tilted eyes of vivid turquoise with a spiky inner ring of jade
Hair: Deep, vibrant red with golden highlights
Handedness: Left

Sean is an extremely attractive young woman of modest height and far from modest curves... except he isn't actually a young woman - hourglass figure to the contrary - though calling him a young man isn't necessarily technically correct either. But unless he isn't wearing pants (or skin-tight ones), the dichotomy isn't really noticeable. He used to keep his vibrant hair cut short, but has been letting grow longer on top in a style that is more unisex, leaning towards feminine, mostly because it isn't worth the argument with the hairdresser - and to be fair, it does look better on him than the very short cut he used to have.

His eyes are large and a striking turquoise in colour, with a jagged inner ring of jade.

He used to dress to conceal his figure, but has relented to some degree, though he still prefers relaxed fit jeans and cargo-pants, and then layers of shirts, topped by a hoodie. Always wears a bra, and after several years, doesn't even consider it out of the ordinary, for him anyway. Still, he hasn't been able to bring himself to go swimming in public, since an incident at the only time he had gone to Disneyland when he was thirteen.

He does allow himself to cut loose on Halloween, using his looks and figure to accentuate and enhance his costume - or vice versa - to best effect.



Hair is similar to this, except shaved/undercut on the sides and back, and is rich red with golden highlights in colour

Sean's life hasn't exactly been ideal, though it started out with promise. With his father a general contractor who did renovations, landscaping, electrical and plumbing work and his mother, who took care of the books and worked part-time as an accountant from home, Sean grew up solid middle-class in an old, rambling one-story farmhouse on the outskirts of town that had belonged to the Cassidys for generations. Most of the farmland had been sold off long ago, but several of the outbuildings have been repurposed as a workshop and material storage for Jack's contracting business and a barn was renovated into a den that Sean soon claimed, and indeed practically moved into. Jack has continued work on the barn until it is almost a full apartment.

Very smart and clever, school was easy for Sean with little effort and he took an early interest in computers, which at the time, was used mostly by Carolyn to keep the books and her accounting business. They got him his own computer and soon where starting to regret it, as he was always fiddling with it, trying to make it better, which at first, resulted in needing to get new parts or take it in to get fixed. But it didn't take long before others started coming to Sean to fix their PCs or get him to build one for them.

Like his sisters, Sean helped his dad out on his building sites after school and on the weekends. Always a bit small for his age, he couldn't do any heavy lifting, but could do gopher work and he was always good with his hands, showing an aptitude with electrical and mechanical devices, always wanting to know how they worked.

Things started their downward turn when he was ten. While he had been born a healthy and fully functioning male, Sean had always been fine featured and easily mistaken for a girl, the Cassidys had just assumed he was taking strongly after his mother, but that he would grow out of it in due course. Things ended up not being so simple.

At ten, Sean had a growth spurt, bringing him over five feet tall. Uncommon,  but not unusual, except while puberty seemed to be arriving early for him, his developing secondary characteristics were definitely feminine rather than masculine. And as his peers entered puberty, the boys growing taller and bigger, his followed apace, or even ahead, of the girls.

They took him to The Marias Medical Complex, where Sean's case caught the attention of the head of the diagnostic unit, Dr Francis Cook. It was Dr Cook who eventually diagnosed Sean's numerous conditions. When born, while Sean had seemed a normal boy, he actually had an intersex condition known as XX Male Syndrome, or  De la Chapelle Syndrome. So while genotypically female, his X chromosome had an SRY gene. Usually, this resulted in a standard male phenotype (appearance), but not always, and there was a great deal of variance, even among SRY positive individuals.

In Sean's case, his condition was exacerbated by two other conditions - Mild Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, a condition impairing his ability to respond to androgens, and a form of Aromatase Excess Syndrome, which resulted in him producing excessing amounts of circulating estrogens. Dr Cook offered the Cassidy's a path for treatment to lessen the impact of Sean's various genetic mutations. As he was still developing, surgery wasn't an option. But the Cassidy's wanted a cure and against Dr Cooks advice sought second and third opinions with other specialists across the country which was incredibly costly and despite promises proved no more effective in turning Sean into the normal boy he had never actually been.

Though unflaggingly supportive of their strange son, Carolyn in a vague melancholy bemusement, Jack with more awkward effort, the cost and failures began to take a toll. In the end they returned to Marias and Dr Cook, who had never treated Sean's condition as any sort of aberration, but rather as nature just doing its thing. Dr. Cook put Sean on a varying regimen of hormone treatments and aromatase inhibitors, to ease his physical transformation as well as physical and mental therapy to help Sean with the changes still to come.

What all this boiled down to for Sean was that he was a mutant, but besides red hair (a mutation of the MC1R protein) and multicoloured eyes due to Central Heterochromia Iridium, his only power was being a boy who looked like a girl.

As expected, being different, like a boy who has needed to wear a bra since he was eleven, Junior High and High was an absolute hell for Sean, being bullied and harassed constantly, but guys and girls alike. His sexual orientation and sexual proclivities were a great source of comment, guys constantly tried to snap his bra or sneak a fondle or exhort him to let them see his tits. Some girls thought him a pervert, as though he had somehow done this on purpose as a way to get close to him, others would never admit to being jealous of the guy who was prettier than they were or more curvaceous.

Fewer girls considered him one of their own, a guy who was able to understand what it was to be a girl. And while he was able to understand some of what they had to endure, like finding clothes that fit, people paying more attention to their breasts than the rest of them, being hit on by men twice their age or more, Sean still considered himself a guy, and he didn't think the way they did or care about everything they did. These girls seemed to see him as the chic new version of the token gay best-friend. Sometimes, he was okay with the conversations, sometimes he hated it.

Though Sean isn't reconciled with how he looks and how he's developing, he tries his best to not be ashamed, failing and succeeding by turns. He fights back against his most aggressive tormentors, though this usually went poorly for him - smart and clever he might be, sharp retorts didn't help when it turns physical  and nearly every boy is bigger and stronger than he was, and so are not a few of the girls. His older sister Teagan - a Star Athlete at Shelly High before she graduated this year and went off to join the army - was a stronger deterrent, but he never sought her protection or hid behind her. He still has some manner of pride

Still, school was hard. At fourteen, considering he had sacks of fat protruding from his chest, he tried starving himself to shrink them down, and yes, he was fully aware of how trite it was, a teenage girl - or someone who looked like one - having an eating disorder. When his sisters found out a few weeks later, they teased him mercilessly and he quickly gave up that idea in embarrassment - besides he was missing tasty food.

With school life a trial, Sean took refuge online, in video games - playing them and wanting to make them -and youtube, where is he didn't explain anything people didn't know about his issues. Which didn't mean they didn't create new ones. He couldn't help but laugh at being called a Fake Gamer Girl - if only they knew. Talking about video games and computers and doing Let's Plays on YouTube, he grew more comfortable in his skin, at least to a degree, and it lead to him talking about other subjects, and helped his confidence. If he got harassed online, at least he didn't have to face them in real life and he could just block them. He did stop streaming on Twitch pretty quickly after stuff about bathwater started cropping up and he was getting PMed by way too many creepers.

Confidence online lead to some more confidence at school and in real life as well, reinforced by regular therapy sessions he finally started to really listen to. He started being more active in school, even participating in drama class when some fellow class mates encouraged him. He even did a serious science project on breasts physics last year. Another escape for him was role-playing games, he loved designing settings and campaigns and running them, adding his own artwork and synthesized music for added ambiance. It gives him a sense of control he doesn't always feel in life. And surprisingly, it has led to him having an eclectic group of friends and gamers. He tries to take it in stride, but he's privately very grateful for them.

He can't help but be self-conscious to a greater or lesser extend, but he tries not to let it hold him back, and as much trouble as it causes him, he's started to accept his appearance. He's weird, but it isn't necessarily bad, even if the reactions it can cause are. Even when he stops physically developing and his doctors would allow surgery, he doesn't see how a mastectomy would help his issues. He'd still look like a girl at this point. In the last few months, over the end of the school year and through summer, he's actually grown taller - which he hasn't since he was about twelve - by all of half an inch, and added a couple of cup sizes. Yay, more rumours and comments.

Sean is at a crossroads. He's a young man who appears to be a young woman. He considers himself as identifying as male, yet is finding it easier to let others treat him as they see him, if only to avoid awkwardness and potential danger. He loves his small town, and the friends he has, even as he is tormented there. He's eager to leave Shelly, where he might be able to leave his baggage behind and reinvent himself, yet still feels trepidation about how the wider world might treat him knowing exactly what he is.



Name: Sean Cassidy 
Concept: High School Student and Intersexed Technophile
Origin Path: Suburbia 2
Role Path: Geek (Gamer, Role-player, Technical Guy/Gal) 2
Society Path: AV Club 1
Additional Path: Psion 0
Path Contacts:  Dr. Francis Cook (Sean's Doctor) 1, Gilbert 'Sulli' Sullivan (Owner and Manager of Sullivans Computers and Electronics in Great Falls) 2, Jim Fines (Game and Tech Journalist, part-time Conspiracy Theorist) 1

Skills: Aim , Athletics , Close Combat , Command , Culture 2*, Empathy 2* , Enigmas* 4, Humanities* 2, Integrity 1, Larceny , Medicine , Persuasion* 3, Pilot , Science* 3, Survival , Technology* 4
Specialties: Computers (Technology), Performing (Persuasion),  Programming (Enigmas), Engineering (Science)
Skill Tricks: Elite Hacker (Enigmas), Scientific Method (Science)

Languages: English, Spanish, Irish and Welsh (learned while working on his game Annwn, and reading classic works of Celtic and Welsh mythology), conversant in Japanese (absorbed from anime and adding to it with his own study)

Force – Intellect 4[5], Might 1, Presence 3
Finesse – Cunning 4[7], Dexterity 3, Manipulation 2
Resilience – Resolve 4[6], Stamina 2, Composure 2

Edges:  Artistic Talent - Artist 2[3], Artistic Talent - Performer 2[3], Photographic Memory (Eidetic Memory) 3, Striking 2, Lightning Calculator 2, Speed Reading 1, Wealth 2 (Computer builds and repair, some from Youtube videos, and programming online)

Psi: 4
Attunement Range: Long
Psi Points: 14/15 (1 Invested)
Enhancement (1 Psi) - 8 successes: +3 Cunning, +1 Intellect, +2 Resolve, +1 Artist, +1 Performer

Psi Trait Effects
Range: Medium
Size: 1
Duration: Hours

Psi Powers
Primary Aptitude: Electrokinesis
-Basic Powers: Burst, Sense Spectrum
-Electromanipulation 4: Bioelectrical Awareness, Precision Understanding, Enhancement, Anima, Ghost
-Photokinesis 3: EM Sight, Modulation, Photonic Power
-Technokinesis 4: Tap, Access, Control, Code
Secondary Aptitude: Clairsentience
Secondary Aptitude: Vitakinesis

Defence: 1


Weapon / EN / Range / Damage / Type / Tags

Modded Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk        2 / +1 / 4 / All Terrain 1, Fast 2, Maneuverable 1,  Massive 1, Wheeled

Injury Conditions
Bruised (+1)
Injured (+2)
Maimed (+4)
Taken Out


Short - Go to Site B
Short - Show some cleavage
Short - Talk with someone about the sociological and physiological affects of his genetic condition 
Short - Travel outside of the country
Short - Ask Someone Out
Long - Have
a video game that gets noticed/viral and/or gets Sean noticed
Long - Resolve/Come to terms with/Cure the lethal aspects of his genetic anomalies


Edited by Sean Cassidy

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Player Character

Lilly Pryor
Athletic Star / Olympic Hopeful



Personal Information
Real Name: Lilly Ann Pryor
Nicknames: Lills
Occupation: Junior at Shelly High School
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: William Pryor - Father (Lt. Colonel, Air Force), Cassandra Pryor - Mother (Head Nurse, Shelly Medical)

Physical Traits
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs
Age: 16
Ethnic Background: Caucasian/Mediterranean (English, Irish, Spanish, Greek)
Eyes: Black
Hair: Dark Brown
Handedness: Right

Lilly is the daughter of William and Cassandra Pryor and they child they almost never had due to fertility issues. When she was finally born her parents were happy to have a child of their own. Her father had always hoped for a son, but after the bad luck they had in the past, he was not about to ask his wife if they could try for another. Instead he accepted what he was given and love his little girl dearly.

As a child Lilly was nearly spoiled and never lacked for attention from her parents. When she wanted to try gymnastics, dance and even tae kwon do, her parents signed her up and it was there that her parents got the first glimpses of her natural athletic ability. In time, as she got older, she left them all behind and moved into sports such as soccer where she shined on the field. She had grace, agility, a never quit (some would say stubborn) attitude and with that, a lack of aversion to pain. When she had a goal on the field, she wasn't going to let some injury stop her.

Lilly's love of athletics was always held back a bit by her father's job in the Air Force. They never stayed in one area for more than a few years, which made team sports difficult, though the constant moving did allow her to see a more of the United States and the world than most kids her age (she especially loved her time in Germany). So Lilly largely moved toward individual athletic endeavors and would even join her father's runs and workouts (even training Lilly in self defense), developing a strong bond in the process.

From her mother Lilly learned compassion, often volunteering at whatever hospital her mother was working at, and what it was to be a woman. From her father she learned a love for the outdoors (hiking, camping, hunting) and football, while from both of them she learned integrity, the value of hard work and self-sacrifice. 

The last several years have been some of the most stable for Lilly, with the Pryors having moved to Shelly at the beginning of her freshman year. This has allowed Lilly time to make friends (such as Sean and the D&D group) and use the school facilities to train hard, having set her sights on the Olympics. The sight of her rusted '57 Chevy pickup (was the only car in Shelly available at the time that was in her price range) is a common sight at the school after hours.

This also caused some rumors to be spread about her from various jealous parties (Courtney, Chet), as has over the last several years broken many school and state records in pretty much any sport she's participated in (track & field, volley ball, basketball, even wrestling to name a few), many of which were set by Sean's older sister, Teagan.

More recently though,  Lilly was approached by Coach Meyers about playing football... with the boys. She knew it would take time away from her training, but she accepted anyways knowing that though he did not have a son, her father, who loved football dearly, would be proud to see his little girl on the field. During the recent preseason practices, Lilly has proved that she was as tough as the boys and had not only the arm and accuracy to pass, but the speed and nimbleness to rush or scramble, causing the team to mostly accept her. Based on what he has seen in the short time Coach Myers has asked if Lilly would commit to playing quarterback, a position that would require even more of her time.




 Name: Lilly Ann Pryor
Player: Noir
Concept: High School Student and Athlete training for the Olympics
Origin Path: Military Brat 1
Role Path: Athlete 3
Society Path: Outdoors Woman 2
Additional Path: 
Path Contacts: 
- Staff Sargent Mayra Torres, Lt. Colonel Pryor's aid
- Coach Meyers, Shelly High football coach (and likely other sports too) 
- David Burr, Shelly High Facilities Manager (Custodian)
- Travis Tanner, Owner/Proprietor of Tanner's Outfitters

- Hiking/Cross Country Running community


Aim 4, Athletics 4, Close Combat 4, Command 1, Culture 1, Empathy 2, Enigmas 1, Humanities, Integrity 3, Larceny 1, Medicine 2, Persuasion, Pilot, Science, Survival 3, Technology

Athletics - Running
Close Combat - Hand to Hand 

Skill Tricks: 
Close Combat - Sucker Punch


Sucker Punch: Your character has been in his fair share of brawls, and knows when to throw a punch to take his opponent off guard. If the character is using an unarmed attack on an opponent as a standard action (not a mixed action) he can reduce the number of successes needed to overcome his opponent’s Dodge Stunt by his Close Combat Skill. Additionally, the player may spend a Momentum to add the character’s Close Combat Skill to his initiative tick rating if he is in close range of an opponent.

Force – Intellect 2, Might 4, Presence 3
Finesse – Cunning 3, Dexterity 5, Manipulation 2
Resilience – Resolve 3, Stamina 5, Composure 3

Always Prepared (1), Ambidextrous (1), Adrenaline Spike (2), Big Hearted (1), Breath Control (1), Danger Sense (1), Free Running (3), Hardy (3), Hair Trigger Reflexes (1), Iron Will (3), Keen Sense: Hearing (1), Keen Sense: Sight (1), Keen Sense: Smell and Taste (1), Keen Sense: Touch (1), Photographic Memory (1), Popularity (1), Precise Martial Arts (Hand To Hand) (1), 
Small Unit Tactics (2), Swift (1), Tough Cookie (2)


   Some people would call your character paranoid, but she just prefers to think of herself as prepared. She is always expecting a fight, ready at all times for whatever may come her way. Characters with this Edge are unaffected by losing an ambush roll.

   Some people perform best under extreme duress. Your character acts on her fight response, rather than flight. She can ignore an Injury Complication for the rest of the scene, once a session as she draws on her reserves of adrenaline.

   Your character can use each hand equally well. Most people suffer a +1 Difficulty to rolls where they use their off hand instead of their dominant hand, but your character doesn’t.

   Your character always has time for his friends. Gain 1 Enhancement to renew a Bond as long as it is positive and personal in nature — a long-held friendship, beloved sibling, passionate lover, etc.

   Your character can hold their breath for an exceptionally long time. As a result, your character only needs to roll to resist Continuous damage from suffocation once every two (if active) or four (if motionless) minutes, rather than once a minute, like other characters. Additionally, the damage does not gain the Deadly tag until after her fourth such roll.

   Your character can make a reflexive Survival + Cunning roll to detect immediate, directly harmful threats, like an ambush, a sniper waiting to fire, or a bomb in the car he just got in. This roll doesn’t apply to indirect threats like alarm systems or leaving behind fingerprints at the scene of a crime.

A number of dots in Athletics at least equal to the value of this Edge.
   Your character has extensive training moving through urban environments.
• Obstacle Runner: Your character can race past (or through) obstacles, seldom needing to slow. When he faces a Complication to moving at top speed with Athletics (fleeing pursuit, chasing another character, racing to a goal, etc.), your character spends one less success to ignore it. If he faces multiple Complications, each of them receives this discount separately.
•• Flow: Your character is not merely an expert runner but is skilled with all forms of movement. He can subtract the number of dots of this Edge from the Difficulty of all Athletics rolls, down to a minimum Difficulty of 1. Your character can also reduce the number of successes he needs to spend to ignore Complications to all Athletics rolls by the number of dots he has in this Edge, and can use some of those dots to reduce Difficulty and some to ignore Complications.
••• Wall Run: Your character can run up a wall at your normal move rating as part of his normal movement, before having to start climbing. In addition, difficult terrain no longer reduces your character’s movement rate.

HARDY (• TO •••)
   Your character’s body is unusually tough. She can resist and overcome the effects of diseases, intoxicants, poisons, and even radiation better than most people, gaining an Enhancement equal to her dots in this Edge to resist any of these threats or sources of indirect damage. In addition, one or more dots in this Edge allows your character to heal wounds and resolve all Injury Conditions twice as fast as normal.

   Your character’s reaction time is unusually fast. He gains 1 Enhancement when rolling initiative.

IRON WILL (• TO •••)
   Your character has an extremely strong will and can easily resist effort to forcibly change his mind. As long as your character is alive and conscious, his will is almost always his own. For every dot of this Edge, your character gains an Enhancement to all actions to resist the effects of fear, torture, interrogation, or mind-altering drugs. Your character even gains half this bonus (rounded up) to resist all forms of Inspired mind control or emotional influence.

   One of your character’s senses is particularly acute. There are four versions of this Edge, Keen Hearing, Keen Sight, Keen Smell and Taste (both senses are improved by the same Edge), and Keen Touch. Each dot of this Edge provides 1 Enhancement to all actions that can be aided by being particularly good with one sense. For example, Keen Touch would help with picking a mechanical lock or performing other delicate, fine manipulation tasks; Keen Sight would add to searching a room or firing guns at distant targets; and Keen Smell and Taste would allow your character to better identify someone by her perfume or cologne, or notice drugs or poison in your character’s drink. This Edge may be purchased multiple times, once for each different sense.

   Your character has an astonishing level of recall.
• Trained Memory: Your character has trained her memory so that she can remember anything she concentrates on. Your character can memorize a conversation, a book, or a license-plate number, but when memorizing she can’t do anything else. Your character could memorize a conversation she overheard, but not one she took part in, and can only concentrate on one subject at a time. Your character receives 2 Enhancement against attempts to alter anything you have deliberately had her commit to memory.

POPULARITY (• to •••)  
   Essentially this is Fame for characters who've yet to reach adulthood and are still traveling in rather small, but well known cultures within their own community. Your character is well known among a particular clique of people. He could be popular for his money, personal accomplishments, a stroke of blind luck, or perhaps for being the friend or lover of someone with more Popularity (often know as popularity bleed, or popular by proxy).
• The character is well known within a small subculture in their neighborhood (like their school) or among select members of their home town's adult leadership (like community leaders, or faculty from their school). Whether well earned or not, the characters reputation grants them certain perks, like avoiding getting trouble or being allowed to stay later someplace after hours and 'lock up when you're done'.
•• The character is either instantly recognizable to all members of his local community, like the small town quarterback who threw the winning pass last season, or the entire county in which he/she dwells. The county sheriff whose been around for years would be a prime example of two dots of county-wide popularity.

Dexterity •• and Close Combat ••
   Your character has trained to fight in a careful and precise manner using either brawling or a single type of hand-to-hand weapon, like clubs, swords, or chain weapons. Characters can purchase this Edge multiple times, but each purchase only applies to a single type of weapon.
• Precise Strike: Your character can trade force for precise targeting of blows. You can ignore 2 points of the target’s armor, but in return must reduce the weapon’s Enhancement by 1 (typically to 0, unless it possesses the Quality 2 or Quality 3 tag).

Appropriate Path
   Your character has been, or currently is, part of a small combat unit, and either commanded it or was an integral part of it. Your character is versed in a variety of military strategies and understands the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals on his team and how best to use them to achieve a goal. Using this Edge allows your character to add 2 Enhancement to a combat maneuver involving his team.

   Your character is an expert runner who can outdistance almost everyone else. If your character is involved in any sort of foot race or is attempting to run to a location before an event occurs, she gains +1 Scale for Speed.

   Your character can take whatever they dish out, and often does. Your character always has a soft Armor Rating of at least 1, even when not wearing any armor and may add this Armor Rating to the value of any armor he wears.

Moment of Inspiration: Breaking up Chet/Devin fight at Bunnee's

Template: Superior
Forte: Physical

Superior Powers:
Hardened (3), Power Lifter (2), Speedster (1), Mighty Leap (1), Lightning Reflexes (3), Unassailable Will (1)


Weapons flounder against the subtle defense of your character’s skin. Even when wearing nothing, he is well-protected from injury.
• Your character’s skin provides him with one point of both hard and soft armor that possess the Innocuous tag — meaning that your character’s skin looks perfectly normal. This armor is both Bulletproof and Slash Resistant.
•• Your character’s skin is now Bulletproof, Impact, & Slash Resistant.
••• Your character’s skin now provides two points both hard and soft armor

The power in your character’s legs propels her to impossible heights and distances. When she leaps, she almost looks like she’s flying. She is also immune from falling damage from any vertical distance she can jump.
• Your character can leap over any vertical barrier that is no more than Close range above her without rolling dice.

Where others grunt until their faces turn purple as they try to lift massive objects, your character doesn’t even strain himself. He possesses unparalleled strength.
• After calculating the difference in Scale for lifting or pushing an object (Trinity Continuum Corebook, p. XX), your character subtracts 1.
•• When your character’s strength would be an asset, you add +2 Enhancement. This specifically includes most Close Combat attacks.

Prerequisite: Swift
The moment the whistle blows, your character is already crossing the finish line. She sprints in a blur, keeping pace with and outstripping swift vehicles and animals.
• Your character adds +1 to her Speed Scale for running.

Prerequisite: Hair Trigger Reflexes
Your character anticipates movement around herself, reacting well before others.
•• Your character reacts so quickly she can interrupt others’ actions. Once per conflict, you can declare that you are seizing focus before another character — friend or foe. This does not adjust the Initiative Roster; your character still gets her other action that round.
••• Your character sees the hit coming and prepares, even if it isn’t her turn to act. When someone targets your character with an attack, she can automatically increase her Defense by 1. She may do this once per round.

Prerequisite: Iron Will (•••)
• Your character’s mind is his own. Gain +5 Enhancement to resisting influence or mind control.

Type / Base / Tags
Tough Cookie Edge / - / Hard 0, Soft 1, Innocuous
Hardened Power / Bulletproof, Impact, & Slash Resistant / Hard 2, Soft 2, Innocuous


Lilly's Compound Bow (Customized)
Enhancement: 3
Damage Type: Ballistic/Edged (based on arrow type)
Tags: Ranged: Short (1), Charge (1), Two-Handed (1), Variable Ammo (2), Tactical Sight (1)

Ammo types
A.) Non-penetrating (0) = +1 Enhancement, Target's Soft Armor counts as double
B.) Piercing (1) = Ignores 1 point of Target's armor
C.) possibly Incendiary (2) = 'Nuff Said (see Core pg 124)
D.) possibly Explosive and/or maybe Gas at some point

Baseball Bat
Enhancement: 2
Damage Type: Blunt
Tags: Melee (0), Two-Handed (1), Versatile (1)


Vehicle / Size / Handling / Speed / Tags / Weapons
'57 Chevy Pickup / 2 / +0 / 3 / Cargo 1, Fast 1, Massive 1, Wheeled



Injury Conditions
□ □ Hard Armor (+0) *Recovers after each Scene
□ □ Bruised (+1)
□ □ Injured (+2)
□ Maimed (+4)
□ Taken Out


Base Defense: 2 (Superior)


Origin Path: Military Brat 1
- Skills: Command, Enigmas, Integrity, Technology
- Edges: Adrenaline Spike, Any One Style Edge (Sniper), Danger Sense, Fast Draw, Iron Will, Patron, Small Unit Tactics

Role Path: Athlete 3
Skills: Aim, Athletics, Integrity, Medicine
- Edges: Always Prepared, Small Unit Tactics, Adrenalin Spike, Ambidextrous, Breath Control, Hair Trigger Reflexes, Hardy, Swift, Tough Cookie, Free Running

Society Path: Outdoorswoman 2
- Skills: Aim, Close Combat, Medicine, Survival
- Edges: Always Prepared, Animal Ken, Covert, Direction Sense, Hardy, Iron Will, Keen Sense, Swift

Additional Path:


Edited by Lilly Pryor

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Marrisa Jauntsen
Local Mean Girl/Party Girl



Marissa, is the second half of the terrible twosome known as the 'Jauntsen Twins'. Unlike her twin brother, Devin, who is the muscle and the raging force behind keeping the students of Shelly's popularity echelon in line (which is why he's less popular than her: he's mean), Marissa is the face behind the whole operation. Beautiful, articulate, and shrewd, she has the entire student body of Shelly High (and some extent, the elementary/junior high too) practically under her thumb with the belief that she some sort of angel who has been heaven sent to Shelly, MT.


As they say, truth is stranger than fiction, and Marissa is far from Heaven sent. She is the classic example of a Mean Girl with the added bonus of possibly being a reincarnated Hitler. A majority of the student body live in abject fear of her and reprisals should they speak out or act against her. She's bossy, mean, entitled and generally the worst human being alive in Shelly (even worse than her brother). When she's not ruining the lives of the other students at Shelly High, she spends her time either drunk or high on whatever limited designer drugs Shelly has available.


Like her brother, Marissa's home life is terrible and the pressure and high expectations have driven her to a life cruelty and escape. While it doesn't excuse her behavior, there is, so far, no one in Shelly High who touch her on the echelon of power as long as the Faculty continue believing she's the angel she portrays herself as. In fact Marissa's only real talent, besides being conniving and evil, is that her body can resist impressive amounts of intoxicants and drugs and she's quite an ace when it comes to literature, both modern and historical.


Name: Marissa Jauntsen
Player: NPC
Concept: Privileged Mean Girl
Origin Path: Life of Privilege
Role Path: Prep
Society Path: Prep
Additional Path:
Path Contacts:

Skills: Aim , Athletics 1, Close Combat , Command 1, Culture 3, Empathy 2, Enigmas , Humanities 3, Integrity 3, Larceny , Medicine 1, Persuasion 5, Pilot , Science , Survival , Technology
Specialties: Culture (Pop Culture), Humanities (Literature), Persuasion (Innocent Intent)
Skill Tricks: Integrity (Poker Face), Persuasion (Captivating Personality, Devilishly Good Looking, Easy To Love)

Force – Intellect 2, Might 1, Presence 6
Finesse – Cunning 3, Dexterity 3, Manipulation 6
Resilience – Resolve 4, Stamina 2, Composure 6

Edges: Hardy 3, Patron 2, Popularity 2, Striking 2, Wealth 2

Forte Powers:
Physical - Balancing Act 1, Chameleon 1, Hardened 3, Power Lifter 2
Mental - Fast Deduction 1
Social - Alibi 2, Bureaucracy 4, Compelling 4, Goad 1, Gossipmonger 1

Short: Go one conversation without arguing with Jason.  Confide in Autumn about something personal.  Be nice to someone.  Go on a date with Cade.  Do something cruel to balance out all the positive feels.
Long: Go an entire conversation without being cruel.  Go an entire session without being selfish or self-serving.

Hardened Skin - Hard 2 | Soft 2 | Bulletproof, Impact Resistant, Slash Resistant

Weapon / EN / Range / Damage / Type / Tags

Vehicle / Size / Handling / Speed / Tags / Weapons

-Injury Conditions-
Armor (-0), Armor (-0), Bruised (+1), Injured (+2), Injured (+2), Maimed (+4), Taken Out

Defense: Mental 4 | Physical 2 | Social 6

Experience: 44/117


Balancing Act (• TO ••)
As the world tips around them, your character remains still and surefooted. Neither the narrowest ledge or flimsiest bridge disturbs her. No matter how  challenging the conditions, she keeps her balance.
• Your character has fantastic balance and can ignore up to 3 Complications related to it (e.g., moving vehicle, narrow ledge, high catwalk, rocking suspension bridge).

Chameleon (• TO ••••)
With only a thought, dark hair shifts into a honey blond and freckles erupt over your character’s skin.  She shifts the distribution and levels of melanin, enabling her to alter his appearance.
• Your character can change his hair and eye color. Whenever this change would be advantageous, he receives +1 Enhancement.

Hardened (• TO •••)
Weapons flounder against the subtle defense of your character’s skin. Even when wearing nothing, he is well-protected from injury.
• Your character’s skin provides him with one point of both hard and soft armor that possess the Innocuous tag — meaning that your character’s skin looks perfectly normal.  This armor is both Bulletproof and Slash Resistant.
•• Your character’s skin is now Bulletproof, Impact, & Slash Resistant.
••• Your character’s skin now provides two points both hard and soft armor.

Fast Deduction (•)
Upon meeting a new person, your character can, by observing their clothing, stance, manner, and speech, determine one true thing about the person.  Ask the GM a simple question about the person (e.g., their occupation, where they just came from, a hobby, marital status, pets) and the GM will answer truthfully. If the answer requires more than a few words, however, the GM may request that you ask something else.

Bureaucracy (• TO ••••)
Your character excels at navigating complex social networks.
• Your character untangles social and bureaucratic networks with ease. Take a +2 Enhancement when attempting to unravel or understand such a network.
•• Your character knows how to bend bureaucracy to his will. Add your Humanities to any roll involving the navigation or manipulation of bureaucracy or similarly complex social networks.
••• Your character wields protocol and red tape like weapons. Make a single bit of paperwork (e.g., a funding request, an application, building permit, alcohol license) vanish into the bureaucratic ether for months equal to his Humanities.
•••• Your character knows how to duplicate and back-date paperwork so that it seems completely genuine. Once per session, your character can produce papers to back a claim. Take a +4 Enhancement to deceive or persuade someone with this paperwork.

Compelling (• TO ••••)
Your character has a certain something in their smile, eyes, movement, and voice. She isn’t necessarily good-looking, she just draws people in, and possesses a quality that causes people to be more apt to heed or trust her.
• Your character takes a +1 Enhancement to all rolls involving Presence.
•• Your character has a reputation she can leverage. Choose a single adjective that people intuitively associate with your character (e.g., honorable, parental, gorgeous, brilliant). Whenever that adjective would help in an endeavor, add a +3 Enhancement.
Drawback: If your character acts counter to her reputation, she loses that reputation. Spend 1 Experience to restore the reputation or choose a new one.
••• People have difficulty disliking your character.  Your character knows how to present herself to stay one people’s good sides.  Roll Persuasion + Presence to generate a pool of successes. Spend the successes to shift  others’ Attitudes toward her by 1 shift towards the positive per success. While the pool must be used at once, you may spread the successes across multiple targets. She must be interacting with the targets at the time.
•••• When your character is around, people tend to be more cooperative. Your character proactively encourages people to work together, smooths over egos, and keeps everyone on task. She uses her charisma to foster teamwork. Set a goal that your character wants everyone present to work toward and roll Command + Presence to generate a pool of successes. Anyone present may spend the generated successes as Enhancements on any actions that further this goal.

Goad (•)
Your character knows exactly what to say to infuriate someone. When he wants to make someone angry and prone to rash behavior, roll an appropriate Skill + Manipulate against your target’s Integrity + Composure. If he is successful, you can apply the Enraged! Status Condition to the target.
Enraged! - Enraged characters suffer a +2 Complication to all actions that rely on patience, thought, or empathy. The one who enraged them gains a +2 Enhancement to influence them.
Resolution: The Condition wears off at the end of the scene. Alternatively, Enraged characters can spend 4 successes to remove the Condition when they try to act against their anger.

Gossipmonger (• TO •••)
Your character has her finger on the pulse of rumor and insinuation.
• Your character knows exactly which buttons to push. Roll Empathy + Manipulation to determine what the most effective rumor to use against someone would be.  Take a +2 Enhancement to use this rumor against them.


Edited by Dave ST

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Player Character

Autumn Keane
Wilderness Girl


Personal Information
Real Name: Autumn Rae Keane
Nicknames: Granola (Devin), Ay-Kay (Jauntsen Inner Circle), A-Rae (Jacob)
Occupation: Junior at Shelly High School
Known Relatives: Dr. Dana Keane ( née Kavanagh) and Ian Keane.

Physical Traits
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 lbs
Age: 16 (28 November 2002)
Ethnic Background: White European
Eyes: Grey-Blue-Green
Hair: Red
Handedness: Right


A pleasant-looking young woman with long, naturally curly red hair and sea-colored eyes, Autumn looks exactly like the sort of girl one might expect to see tromping about in the woods. She rarely wears makeup, and often keeps her curls bound up in at least one thick braid. She's typically dressed in faded jeans, trail-worn hiking boots, and a tank top or cotton t-shirt under a hoodie or threadbare flannel; it's not that she doesn't have nicer clothes, it just takes ages to break them in properly. Her sturdy, athletic frame suggests more than a passing familiarity with physical exertion, and her fair skin bears the fading remnants of cinnamon freckles overlaid by a subtle wash of copper.


Autumn isn't the most brilliant, or most disciplined student, and frequently seems bored, or distracted. She smiles easily, and often, and appears to be largely unconcerned with social posturing or maneuvering. Or, really, social anything. Pleasant as she is, some few students have remarked that sometimes she doesn't really seem all that interested in people. She enjoys being in their presence, sort of just soaking up the dynamic energy around them, but gets just as much enjoyment out of solo activities as she does with a group- maybe slightly more. Although no one has ever seen her in a gym, and although she isn’t involved officially in any of the Shelly High sports leagues, Autumn is extremely active. She rides her bike to school and around town, hikes, kayaks, canoes, climbs, and takes advantage of all the outdoor activities the region has to offer. She’s still involved in Girl Scouts (one of the few Ambassadors in the area), helps with basic labor at her mom’s veterinary practice, and volunteers as a Youth Coach with the local AYSO.

Episodic Updates:

  • Episode 3:  Autumn is introduced to the story and her Shine is discovered through coincidence by members of the Fellowship in the Shelly High Cafeteria. After a rough start, a terrifying trip to the Land of Upside-Down Thunder, and an encounter with the sinister Man in Black, she is struggling to adjust to the idea of being able to see and interact differently with the world- and with the other students like her. She has begun forming tentative new relationships, including interactions with former antagonists and bogeymen in the hope of finding some understanding or common ground, or at least clarity- particularly after being informed by one of her primary tormentors, Marissa Jauntsen, that the two girls are now friends.

  • Episode 4: Unsure of her place or purpose in the events that are unfolding in Shelly, Autumn is still working out what it means to have the power she possesses, and what to do with it. In addition, after a visit to the Bannon Farm brings with it an unexpected reopening of an old wound, she is confronted with the nature of both her grief and her fears- and with the curious addition of another, completely unforeseen friendship in the person of Shelly's most singularly impenetrable young man.

  • Episode 5: A brutal clash in the halls of Shelly High tests the meaning of the word "friend" in Autumn's social vocabulary and, simultaneously, reveals an unsettling truth about her powers. During the waking nightmare they face in Marias Medical Center, she gains a new respect for Cassandra Allen and her willingness to bring the light of truth into the dark places where others fear to tread, and finds herself speaking up more frequently- even advocating for particular courses of action and defying more well-established members of the group to which she's still not entirely sure she belongs.




Growing up in Shelly was, for a lot of people her age, a stifling experience. Not so for Autumn. Her mom’s family, the Kavanaghs, had roots in the region going back to at least the ‘teens, before Dempsey won the World Heavyweight Championship prizefight against Gibbons. The open sky, the broad, flat plain, the foothills, the river, the forest and mountains- all the wild places- these were woven into her DNA, inherited from generations of men and women who lived and died by the land and what it granted or withheld. Her late grandfather, Owen Kavanagh, was the regional FWP Warden Captain until last summer he lost a battle with colon cancer he hadn’t even known he’d been fighting. It was from him she inherited her love of the outdoors, and from him she learned to be as comfortable there as in her own living room. Unfortunately, all this rambling about didn’t do much for her ability to socialize with other kids, and by second grade, her teachers had started to notice, and to voice their concerns.

Her parents, Dana and Ian, signed her up for Girl Scouts, MOSS summer camps, and even a tiny youth soccer league that only had enough players for seven on a team. It seemed to help, and had the added benefit of draining off enough of the girl’s apparently boundless energy to give the exhausted couple a bit of peace for a few years. As she got older, though, and her wanderings started taking her further afield, they started trying to find ways to keep her closer to home- there were plenty of dangers outside, not all of which were limited to animals or the environment. Stories of disappearances were rare, but still disconcerting; as she started junior high, Owen convinced his son-in-law to help him build a treehouse for Autumn, a place she could see the sky and have some privacy without roughing it in the Montana wilderness. Their collaboration didn’t last long- Ian had to travel often for work, and eventually Autumn took over where her dad had left off. It was a different way to spend time with her grandfather, a long, slow project they’d tinker with now and then, and it gave her somewhere else to direct her energy and attention than the increasingly awkward, suddenly unfathomable relationship between her parents.

It wasn’t until the spring of her freshman year that Owen started showing any signs he was sick. In February, he told Dana he was thinking of retiring. In March, he complained of being tired, and they stopped their occasional forays into the woods together. They promised to go camping, to finish the treehouse when it was warmer. He’d always been a big, robust man, but by April he barely had the strength to eat.  In May, he finally admitted he’d been too embarrassed to tell anyone months ago about the blood, and it was the first time Autumn had ever seen him cry. When he died in June, he weighed as much as his granddaughter.

Phone calls and arrangements were made. Her mom took some time off and let her assistants run the office, and her dad came back from the property he was working on in Billings. For a while, things with her parents were almost normal. There was never talk of divorce, or separation, just… an uncomfortable space between their words she didn’t understand and couldn’t process. It seemed like they were mourning something different, something other than her grandfather’s death, so throughout that summer leading up to sophomore year, and the too-short fall that followed, Autumn dealt with her grief on her own.

Since then, her parents have remained awkwardly married, with both of them becoming more obsessively devoted to their jobs and weirdly (to Autumn) interested in what her plans are after she graduates. She’s stayed in touch with some of the Wardens who worked with her grandfather, but she isn’t sure if that’s what she wants to do as a career; she enjoys helping at her mom’s animal clinic, but being a vet requires medical school; she has fun with the Brownies and Juniors, but Girl Scouts organizing seems like an awful lot of responsibility; she loves coaching the younger kids in the soccer league she’s outgrown, but… But, but, but. None of it seems right. In the meantime, she just wants to get through her junior year with decent grades, maybe improve her camping spot- anything else is a bonus.


Character Sheet:



Name: Autumn Rae Keane
Player: Vivi
Concept: Actual Girl Scout

Origin Path: Outdoorswoman 1 (Serious outdoor enthusiast- not a prepper), Psion 1
Role Path: Rebel 2 (Individualist- Jack of all Cliques, but member of none)
Society Path: Athlete 1 (Peripheral- youth coach for local AYSO),
Path Contacts: Warden Nathan Crocker (FWP Warden, Family Friend: Outdoors), Charlotte Cross (AYSO Coach: Athlete)

Aim ●●●, Athletics ●●●● , Close Combat ●, Command, Culture ●●, Empathy ●●, Enigmas, Humanities, Integrity ●●●, Larceny ●, Medicine ●, Persuasion, Pilot, Science ●, Survival ●●●●, Technology
Specialties: Athletics (Climbing), Survival (Navigation)            
Skill Tricks: Medicine (Quick Aid)        
Force – Intellect ●●, Might ●●●, Presence  ●●
Finesse – Cunning ●●●, Dexterity ●●●●, Manipulation ●●
Resilience* – Resolve ●●●, Stamina ●●●●, Composure ●●●        
Edges: Adrenaline Spike ●●, Always Prepared ●, Danger Sense ●, Direction Sense ●, Favored Aptitude ●●● (Vitakinesis), Free-Running ●xx, Hardy ●xx, Iron Will ●xx, Swift ●

(Long Term) Learn to keep up. (Acquire Intellect 3, Humanities 1)
(Long Term) Finish building the treehouse her grandfather started.

(Short Term) Host a group get-together for the Fellowship.
(Short Term) Go to Homecoming like a normal teenage girl.
(Short Term) Figure out why her parents have been so weird.
(Short Term) Survive something she shouldn’t.
(Short Term) Reconnect with Jacob.

(Completed) Take the initiative to make a friend.
(Completed) Find a practical use for her powers.
(Completed) Discover more about her family's history.
(Completed) Find a way to train her powers reliably.


None / Base 0 / Hard 0/ Soft 0         
None / EN / Range / Damage / Type / Tags         

Vehicle / Size / Handling / Speed / Tags / Weapons
-Injury Conditions-
Bruised (+1), Bruised (+1), X, X, Injured (+2), Injured (+2), Maimed (+4), Taken Out    

Defense: 1 (or whichever Resilience stat is relevant)     
-Psi Stuff-

Psi: 4

  • Primary Aptitude: Vitakinesis (Favored, +1 Enhancement)
    • Basic Powers: Kirlian Eye, Knit
  • Modes:
    • Algesis ●●●● (Misfire, Assault, Ruin, Atrocity)
    • Augendis ●● (Reinforce, Stoicism)
    • Iatrosis ●●● (Relief, Accelerate, Mending)
  • Favored Auxiliary: Biokinesis
    • Basic Powers: Biosense, Form Mastery (Unavailable)
  • Modes:
    • Adaptation ●● (Resist, Acclimatize)
    • Psychomorphing
    • Transmogrify (Unavailable)




Course Listing:


  1. Chemistry
  2. English III
  3. Advanced Physical Education
  4. Lunch
  5. Environmental Science
  6. Study Hall


Edited by Autumn Keane

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Catherine Barras

Confused Teenage Girl


Name : Catherine Evelyn Barras

Nicknames : Kat / Lyn / Ryn (mostly friends, and online gamers), Pumpkin (her father), Mon chaton (her mother)

Birth : August 3rd, 2002, in Brittany

Nationality : French, U.S.A. Citizen

Known relatives : Isabelle Barras (Kat's mother, works at Thalassa Esthetics in Rennes, France), Captain Josh Williams (Kat's father, stationned at the Bulwark AFB), Tessa Sampson (Josh's girlfriend, barmaid at the Marias Valley Golf & Country Club, mostly lives at Josh's place), Alice Pencreac'h (Kat's best friend), Erwann Jaffré (Kat's ex-boyfriend)

Physical Appearance : A true lightweight, 5 feet tall for 105 lbs, Catherine wouldn’t stand out in a crowd of men, if it were not for her voice and the vivid tinge of red on her hair, some locks being closer to coral. Her female curves are not so obvious for untrained eyes, and that, added to her cute but curiously androgynous features, and her demeanor sometimes that of a man, sometimes that of a woman, can push people to mistake her for a young boy. She doesn’t sport a bulky appearance, though she has solid, long and sinewy muscles, and could use a little fat here and there. Parts of a rather large celtic tattoo can be seen, depending on her clothing.


Said tattoo patterns :



Background : Born of a French mother, Isabelle Barras, esthetician at Thalassa Esthetic in Rennes, and of an American father, Josh Williams, US officer currently stationed at the Bulwark AFB, Catherine spent most of her childhood in France, her father visiting when he could. She also spent some school holiday with her mother in the USA, at her father’s. After a mutual agreement, her parents divorced when Isabelle’s mother health began to fade away, in 2012. Isabelle could not handle both visits in the USA and taking care of her mother, and she did not wish to move to the U.S.A, arguing that her mother would not survive the trip. Josh yielded on Catherine’s guard, the argument being that a little girl needs her mother more than she would a father. Josh’s visits became less frequent, though  never ceased, as he took his father role very seriously.

Catherine is a clever girl, but suffers from ADHD. She never has been diagnosed, but knows somehow that she is different from the common lot. She often oscillates between times of hyperactivity, spending a lot of energy on tasks without any apparent link, not achieving anything, and times of hypoactivity, slipping into day-dreaming, unable to catch one specific thought from the billions crossing her mind, not achieving anything either. Being aware of that created a lack of self-esteem, and a counter-productive fear of failure. Fortunately, she bears a lot of positive stress when confronted with deadlines. Catherine is also impulsive, often speaking her mind without thinking about it, or being hyper-emotional, seemingly at the end of her rope. When in hypoactive phases, her emotions often build up inside without being let out, like a raging storm in a closed space.

Yes, girl is a mess and needs help.

Entering her teens, Catherine’s relationship with her mother became peculiar. Having no real father to kill (know that guy Oedipus ?), she did what she could with her mother. Long periods of hate and love followed each other, rhythming every post-school evening like a tempestuous beat, punctuated by several depressive phases where Catherine took refuge in video games. The ultimate highlight was reached that Sunday afternoon, when barely seventeen years old Catherine came back home after a long absence (five days !), her body ornamented with a beautiful, but how huge, tattoo - and a wallet as empty as a desert is dry. Out of despair - and exhaustion - Isabelle reached for her phone and asked her ex-husband to take care of his daughter for at least a year.


Persistent Condition:  ADHD.  Kat finds it hard to focus her mind on Complex tasks, i.e. any task that cannot be swiftly and easily completed with a single die roll.  This condition will give her a +2 Complication on each roll associated with a Complex task (meaning that each such roll will need at least 3 successes in order to make normal forward progress).  Failing to pass the Complication threshold means that the GM can throw stumbling blocks or distractions into the Complex task.  

This can be overcome with a Resolve & Integrity roll against a difficulty determined by the GM, which also suffers a +2 Complication.  If Kat makes the Resolve roll, but fails to also exceed the Complication threshold, she will become hyper-focused, unable to tear herself away from the project at hand and irritable with those around her.  In collaborative Complex tasks, this means that everyone involved suffers a +1 Complication to any rolls when working with the hyper-focused Kat, with a failure to pass the threshold indicating an argument or setback due to personality clashes.

Kat's school schedule :



English III



Maths III

Study Hall

Technical Stuff :


Player: Eldrid

Concept: Confused Teenage Girl

Origin Path: Military Brat •

Role Path: Geek •

Society Path: Rebel •

Path Contacts: Military friends of the family, online gamers


Skills: Command (O), Enigmas •• (O,R), Integrity ••• (O,S), Technology •• (O,R), Humanities • (R), Science ••• (R), Close Combat •• (S), Larceny • (S), Survival • (S)

Specialties: Integrity - Stubborn ; Science - Anatomy

Skill Tricks: Integrity - Poker Face


Force (A) – Intellect ••••• , Might •• , Presence ••

Finesse – Cunning •••• , Dexterity •• , Manipulation ••

Resilience – Resolve ••• , Stamina ••• , Composure •••

Edges: Artistic Talent (Painting) •, Precise Martial Arts (Brawling) ••, Iron Will Lightning Calculator ••, Photographic Memory ••, Speed Reading , Wealth •••

Languages known : French (native), English (fluent)



- Long-term : Kat wants to find real purpose in life (from knowing her place to actually have her mind set on a future job)

- Short term :

1. I want a scene where Kat needs to hyper-focus in order to succeed at something

2. Kat wants to find someone who would teach her how to play the bass

3. Kat wants to have croissants at breakfast

-Psi Powers-


  • Quantakinesis (P)

    • Energetics •••

    • Fundamentals ••

    • Transmutation •••

  • Telepathy (F)

    • Rapport •

    • Mindshare

    • Psychbending •

Basic: Quantakinesis - Psi Cloak / Subquantum Sense --- Telepathy - Mindscan / Mindspeak

-Injury Conditions-

Bruised, Injured, Maimed

-Psi & Tolerance-

Psi: 3

Psi points : 10


Defense = Appropriate Resilience Att

Experience :


Starting XP (projects) : 29

+1 dot to EK : -8 --> 21 (EK was removed from the sheet and the dot moved to Telepathy - Rapport)

Ep V awards + projects awards : +11 XP --> 40

+1 dot to Stamina : -10 --> 30

+1 dot to Precise Martial Arts : -2 --> 28

+2 dots to QK : -16 --> 12

Short term aspiration complete : "I want a scene where Tess is the one to drive Kat home when school is over" : +1 --> 13

Intermission V awards : +3 --> 16

Comparing Notes [Ep.V Sidefiction] awards : +2 --> 18

One lone Friday [Ep. V Sidefiction] awards : +2 --> 20

Power-Gaming [EP.V Sidefiction] awards : +2 --> 22

Short-term aspiration completed : Get a new PC : +1 --> 23

+1 dot to Artistic Talent (Painting) : -3 --> 20

+1 dot to Energetics : -6 --> 14

+1 dot to Transmutation : -6 --> 8

Ep. VI Act 1 : +3 -> 11


Edited by Catherine 'Kat' Barras

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