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  • EK has been removed from the sheet after ST's approval, the dot from Photokinesis has been moved to Telepathy - Rapport

The rest of the changes will be justified through side-fictions, be it alone or through interaction with the other PCs.

  • Total XP bank after Ep V awards (+ Projects) : 40 XP
  • Purchased one attribute dot for Stamina : - 10 XP
  • Purchased one edge dot for Precise Martial Arts (Brawling) : - 2 XP
  • Purchased two mode dots for Quantakinesis (Energetics + Fundamentals, all three modes are now at two dots) : - 16 XP
  • Remaining XP after purchases : 12 XP

The Yearbook sheet and XP log are updated. Signature updated.

Edited by Catherine 'Kat' Barras

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So everyone is on the same page:

The coming in-game week will be jam-packed in WS.  Lots will be happening in a short space of time.  Hopefully it won't be too chaotic OOCly, as we'll be tackling things one at a time.

Timeline is roughly as follows.  I can edit this and add to it as people suggest ideas.

Tuesday:  Morning - Murder attempt on Jason.  Evening (after dinner time) - Parent/Fellowship group meeting, called by Misti to discuss what is going on and what to do about it.  Naturally, the thought of asking the teens what they want hasn't occurred to her yet.

Wednesday  After-school:  Jason and Autumn have a study date planned.  No group fics on the table.

Thursday  Morning:  Charlie Cole's funeral.  School is cancelled this day, most of the school and town will be turning out.  Afternoon:  Annette asks the Fellowship to meet with her at the Project base to discuss Site B, aliens, the Dark and other things Weird.

Friday  Evening - First Date for Jason and Autumn.

Saturday Afternoon, Evening, Overnight - Group Camping Fic.  Core Fellowship only.

Sunday Pot-luck for the extended Fellowship plus auxiliary NPCs, suggested by Tawny.

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The twins will not be very functional for the next week as they rest and recover.  Devin will speak at Charlie's funeral and for everything else that requires their attendance they'll be there but will obviously appear tired or run down.  Healing takes time and they're just sort of chillin' for the next few days.

Their parents on the other hand will be hard at work.  Assume at this point that Misti and Carl will be doing everything in their power to manipulate the children back onto Team Parents by using any means necessary to convince the twins that the rest of the Fellowship are not really their friends, just a group of like powered individuals whose own social graces and deviancy will only lead to the twins being drug down a road of failure along with them.   This will be leaving the twins, of course, even more messed up and confused as to who they can really trust.

HMU if you want me to go over a few ideas of how exactly their parents can do that.  Misti and Carl know most of what the twins know at this point, after a long family sesh.  They don't know about Coyote or anything dealing with Branch 9 or Project Utopia, but are aware of things like Crossroads, Autumn's penchant for rummaging around peoples garbage for used ice cream and Jason folding up Liam to sate his own murderous urges (and yes, assume that the stories were told with the most negative facets of the truth being used as gospel).

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GM note for the current situation in 'Fallout'

Giving you guys an idea of the scene that awaits you. For the medical details, either Kirlian Sight or a Medicine roll will be needed, otherwise the summary to the untutored glance is "Shot twice, blood everywhere, and oh dear god her hands."

Jason will be out cold with his phone in his lap, slumped against the side of his car. Gunshot wound to the left side of his head where the slowed-down bullet gashed him open from over the ear down across his cheek. Fracture to the skull over his ear at the point of impact, and it's bleeding pretty freely externally along with some internal bleeding in the skull. Second gunshot wound will be in his left ribs. Again, the bullet was slowed enough that it lodged in the surface tissue between the second and third ribs. No damage to the heart or lungs, and the butt-end of the bullet can be seen in the wound if the t-shirt is lifted away. There's some bleeding, but not a lot - nothing major was nicked by the bullet to the chest. Around his feet will be several more bullets (eight if it matters) just laying on the floor, un-deformed, as well as the confiscated pistols and ID from Marshall. The drivers side of the Charger is open, and there is blood spray on the seats in there.

Marshal Marshall is out cold, (and with a wrenched shoulder if inspected with Kirlian Sight: the tendons and ligaments there were stressed, but nothing is seriously torn or broken). Marshal Dale is a mess. Her hands and halfway up her forearms are fucked (Aggravated damage: the tissue was badly seared away). Her gun, having been fired five times, is laying on the ground ten feet from her. She's passed out from shock, and will need stabilising. The stolen car that Marshall was driving as well as the marshals own government issue car will be parked up nearby.

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