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'This Ain't The Danger Room' is currently a thread with nine characters in.  Of whom in the last four days, only 4 have posted.  Lona (Dawn) gets a pass as her RL is full of house moving and exhaustion, and I know she'd be posting if she could.  Two are NPCs, and so the rest of us can make use of them if the ST is not using them.

We are now past the meditation phase.  Start doing.  Think of ways to test your character that they would think of.  If they're drawing a blank, collaborate with someone else to seek interesting ways to depict your character.  Talents, I know you powerless wonders have it toughest, but this is the time to strut your stuff.


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9 minutes ago, Lilly Pryor said:

I think this is pretty creative and possibly a great solution.

There is a potential issue though,  as Inspiration can be spent for more than just Gifts and Dramatic edits.

 and those expenditures are unaffected and also reduce the potential dice pool accordingly

only gifts no longer require "spending"

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I would urge you to reconsider allowing us to spend Insp like normal to activate a gift.

It is us chosing to penalize all of our subsequent activation rolls untill we recover Insp just to be able to definitely use a single gift once and probably for a single action if we decide we really want/need to use a gift.

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Was thinking of doing a 'montage' post once people have reacted to Cade talking to squirrels - which made me think of this btw:


You're welcome Cade. :D

The montage would be the Psions experimenting with Attunement linking, seeing who give what buffs, bringing Sara and Sean and Autumn into the session, discovering things like Cass's mostly latent Psychokinesis (which would give both her and Jase +1 Psi when linked if she focuses on that), and potentially uncovering Autumn's Aptitude.  It would probably lead to "Attunement sardines", or "How many of us can link anyway?".  The answer is "all of us, and boy is it a rush for the person they're linking up behind."

Outside the box tricks can also be illustrated, like Charlie and Lona linking, Lona borrowing Charlie's gift and channeling it through her own to change someone else's shape, then Cass joining the link and enabling the gestalt to pull that trick at range.  Jase extending his temperature protection around Lilly, enabling her to literally hold a burning branch without getting hurt.  And so on.

If anyone has any ideas for cool stuff they want to see included, whether by their own character or someone elses, put it down here.  Let's get some chatter going for brainstorming.

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Only a couple of you have sent me aspiration pms. i need to do better at keeping track of them so please follow these instructions.

List your aspirations (up to 5 short and 2 long) in a separate spoiler tab in your character signature. that way I have immediate access to everyone's aspirations

also when sending me a pm about WS make sure it is addressed to both Nina and WS ST

thank you

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Nina, a question on the Strong Mode custom Edge: can it be applied only to Favored/Standard Modes, or can it be applied to a Primary Mode? If it applies to a Primary Mode, is it just a way to have the 6th and 7th Mode dots at one lower Psi? If it allows an 8th dot if applied to a Primary Mode, how does that work? The 7th dot in an Primary Aptitude is not split between the Modes, so would there be an 8th dot power that was only for one Mode in the Aptitude? 

I had read it as being just for the Favored/Standard Mode, but at least one other player has read it as applicable for a Primary Mode, so I figured the question was best brought to you. :)

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Jer - Who is Dad in WS? Nina is clearly Mommy. Matt, maybe? Because I think we should all chip in for a 'Best CyberDad' mug for him for Christmas in that case. 🤣

My daughter counts just fine. She even understands and can articulate the idea of follow-up questions in order to have full understanding of a situation. I understand the concept is difficult for some. Here's a big one; I know you can't give me your current address:


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Prerequisite: WS Psions only, must have at least one dot in the Aptitude

Your character excels at using a particular Aptitude. She gains 1 Enhancement when using any Modes from this Aptitude. This Enhancement can be spent to activate a power, overcome difficulty, or purchase elements of a power as normal.

This Edge can only be taken once.



Prerequisites: WS Psions only and at least one dot inthat Mode

Your character has great potential in one particular Mode of her powers. This can be taken for a mode in any Aptitude, Primary, Secondary or Auxiliary. She can increase the number of dots she can have in this Mode by one, and gains 2 Enhancement when using this Mode. This Enhancement can be spent to overcome difficulty or purchase elements of a power as normal, or can be

spent to increase one aspect of the power governed by Psi or Mode dots at one step per Enhancement.

This Edge can only be taken once.



Prerequisites: Psions only and at least one dot in that Mode

Your character excels as using one particular Mode of psion powers. She gains 2 Enhancement when using this Mode. This Enhancement can be spent to overcome difficulty or purchase elements of a power as normal, or can be spent to increase one aspect of the power governed by Psi or Mode dots at one step per Enhancement. This Edge can only be taken once, and may apply to a Mode of the psion’s Primary Aptitude, Secondary Aptitudes or any of her Auxiliary Modes.


All enhancements are cumulative if they are taken for the same mode and aptitude.

Under Strong mode it allows a single mode to increase its allowable score by one additional dot than otherwise allowed. In the case of a mode in a characters Primary aptitude it will allow one mode to advance to a maximum of 8 dots with the 8th dot only adding to the allowed dice pool. It gives no other power or ability.

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Remember Psions use the following table for xp cost not the one in the books, Talents use the books xp costs as written.

WS Psions use the following table for XP costs. Talents and Normal Persons continue to use the old table. XP may only be spent between sessions or at the Story Tellers discretion.








Add one dot to a single Attribute

10 Experience


Add one dot in a new or existing Edge

3 Experience


Add one dot in a new or existing Path Edge

2 Experience

Enhanced Edge

Gain a new Enhanced Edge

6 Experience

Favored Approach

Change a character’s Favored Approach

15 Experience


Psi Trait


Add one dot to the character’s Psi Trait (Psi 3 to Psi 5)


15 Experience

Psi Trait

Add one dot to the character’s Psi Trait (Psi 6 or Psi 7)

30 Experience

Primary or Favored Auxiliary Mode Dot

Add one dot in a Mode of the character’s Primary or a Favored Auxiliary Aptitude (1 to 5 dots)

8 Experience

Primary Mode Dot

Add one dot in a Mode of the character’s Aptitude (6 or 7 dots)

16 Experience

Standard Auxiliary Mode

Add one dot in a Standard Auxiliary Mode

10 Experience




Add one dot in a new or existing Skill


5 Experience

Skill Trick

Add a Skill Trick to a Skill

3 Experience


Add a Specialty to a Skill

3 Experience


Add one dot in a new or existing Path (maximum 5 Paths)

18 Experience


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Okay, nerds... so like, listen up...

Holloween is coming up... and I thought of something fun.  Well, I think it's fun anyway, your thoughts aren't important.

So, for starters, this is a non-sanctioned thing, so Nina hasn't approved this so there will be no rewards, just the fun of participating.

Your task is simple: find a creepy song that suits one of the characters in WS.  Here's the catch: it can't be your character.

This isn't a sound track game... don't just pick music you think fits.  IT has to be dark, it has to be evil, it has to be Halloween-ish.  Freaky, dark and scary.

No limit on the amount of songs, but you can't chose your own character!

For example:

Jase: White Zombie - Boogie Man






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Cassie:  Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me - She is.  Always.

Sean:  Tim Curry - Sweet Transvestite - Duh.

Clara:  Herrmann - Psycho Theme - she'll snap, one day.  Jase plans to enjoy the show.

Charlie:  Jace Everett - Bad Things  - You know he wants to do them.

Marissa:  Valerie Broussard - A Little Wicked - So suitable.

Autumn:  The Cure - A Forest - Because yes.

Devin: Gary Numan - The Dark - :D

Lona: Billie Eilish - All the Good Girls Go To Hell - But it's more fun there.



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I will probably post links to these later, and finish the list out. Some are tongue-in-cheek, some less so. So!

Autumn: (Not listed)

Cade: Where the Wild Roses Grow (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)

Cass: Secret (The Pierces)

Charlie: Wolfs Blood (Misfits)

Clara: Alice (Sisters of Mercy)

Devin: Meet the Monster (Five Finger Death Punch)

Gee Dee Effing: Year Zero (Ghost). Alt: “O, Fortuna!” (Carmina Burana, as performed by the Red Army Choir)

Lilly: Sally’s Song (Amy Lee, cover from The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Lona: Cry Little Sister (Gerard McMann or Marilyn Manson, I like them both)





Etienne: Every Breath You Take (The Police)

Cody: Cryptorchid (Marilyn Manson)


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Ok there seems to be some confusion regarding  the Telepathy power Network.

It is not AWS' guild chat

It is only in operation when a Telepath with the power has activated it and for a set duration or with the dedication of a psi point can be kept active as along as the telepath wishes.

Atthis time Sara has not done so since many of you have privacy concerns so she has been leary of even suggesting it. At this time in the game she has only used network a few times so it is not on when ever anyone wants it.

Now that being said it is only a 1 dot power so any character can have the ability to posses the network power but if you wish to have it you must buy at least one dot in mindshare.

for the sake of the posts already made I will say that upon receiving the text she reconnected the network and also explain that we would have to go to devin since he has asked her not to use his abilities on him.

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Just so everyone is on the same page, in CHASING DEMONS.  Devin is checking out for the rest of the day, so he will go home, Marissa will apply her special brand of social magic to let him get away with it, and all will be well.  So if there is anything else happening at school, pertaining to plot, Devin will prolly miss it, but Marissa will be there to finish out her school day.

Lona may join him for some time, if only to share awkward time together and build a bit of character dynamic.

Also, strictly OOC, Devin can commit a point of Psi to the bracelet to allow people to handle it without it trying to kill them, but that's a feature that's not quite been explored yet.  Thing didn't really come with a manual so, we'll need to mess with it.

On 11/1/2019 at 11:10 PM, WS ST said:

Now that being said it is only a 1 dot power so any character can have the ability to posses the network power but if you wish to have it you must buy at least one dot in mindshare.

This excludes Devin.  Devin has 'Telepathic Resistance' and can never possess any dots from the whole telepathy power suite.

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I don't need all the stress.


Lilly is a superior because I suggested that Noir Switch because I felt that the physical superior reflected her concept better than Talent did.

I didn't offer it to anyone else because frankly I didn't see a need. All of you had established your characters and were developed and changing any of them would have been disruptive to the story.


Dave is playing Marissa now because as an NPC I found that I lacked the ability to write her as she had been established and also because it takes time which I do not have a lot of. Marissa has always since her introduction along with Devin in the original game been a part of this story. Indeed I don't see them as two characters but as two sides of the same character.


Marissa and Laurie are also Superiors because it fits them and their part in the story.

At this point the only other person I would consider offering the Superior template to would be Autumn and that is only because as a character she hasn't developed any of her powers. And the only reason I didn't think to offer it to ViVi is because she is seldom around and I simply didn't think to.


I am not allowing any other s to play second or third characters because this isn't an open world or a sandbox. I am telling a story, y'all are helping me tell it, but it is a story and I don't have room for any more characters and I wouldn't be able to give them the “screen time” they and you as players demand and deserve. Lord knows I have a hard enough time keeping up with what we have.


Now I will be the first to admit that I am not a good game master. But then that is not how I think of myself. I am a story teller. If I could do this here without any rules at all I would but that doesn't work here so I do what I can but I will never be a sit at the table book open reading every rule and adhering to it strictly. I don't like game mechanics beyond them giving me and you and idea of what is possible a frame work on which to build. I know a lot of you, most of you don't like that. Y'all love the rules, love making new rules, or fixing the ones that you think are broke. Love rolling the dice and making sure everyone else rolls the dice and that their sheets add up and what not.


That isn't me and never will be.


Now I don't know what it is about ws but for some reason it seems to stir the emotions and generates an awful lot of drama. That drama is causing me stress, I don't like stress and I don't need stress I have a very stressful job. I know a lot of you don't think I do, but I do.

This is my hobby

I want to tell this story, so much so that I started it back up after the first one crashed and burned. But it and all the drama and stress are making me not want to do it anymore.


But I am not going to give up and quit, and I'm not going to change the way I do things in my game.

The way I do things may not be fair, but I'm not trying to be fair, i'm telling a story.

Y'all can tell it with me or not that choice is yours


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Proposal/suggestion for game pacing moving forward.

Been enjoying the game a lot so far, but I did want to say the game events have been very densely packed, with just the past several in-game days taking the characters through a HUGE array of incredible events, all of which could serve as a lead for further investigation or following up on. As a result I've been feeling kind of overwhelmed; feeling like I'm not doing enough...even as the posts keep rolling on. The large amount of things to do, coupled with the meticulous hour-by-ingame hour pacing, means that a lot of posting leads to very small amounts of actual movement.

What if we took a somewhat more fluid approach to the timeframe the game's events unfolded at? That would free Nina's hand when deciding what happens to who and when...and it would let us abstract some tasks (for example, 'investigating Dr. Cook,' which is not likely to require much RP to do), while focusing on events or tasks that will have moments of high drama or action in their resolution.

So, for example, Rainbow is Monday. All of it, just on Monday. Suppose starting Tuesday we give Nina a list of what our characters will be doing in relatively general terms. What classes we have, what are our plans afterschool, etc etc... If we need rolls for anything, we include them. She can then summarize those events that don't need to be RPed out. Meanwhile, those things that DO need to be RPed out will have threads created for them that can just be resolved by whatever PCs are involved in those events.

Then we have the big 'group get together' threads on the weekends, and they can cover as much, or little, time as the group activities warrant. That's where we share, in character, the results of the week's activities, both RPed and summarized. Fics or other side stories can fit into that general pattern as well, but would be less formalized I think.

All of this is totally open for discussion/dissection/etc...I'm just trying to address an issue I've been feeling where I have a lot of stuff I want Cassandra to do, but feel like I haven't had in-game time to do them...even as real-world time flashes past.

What do you guys think?

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