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[OpNet] Living Large in South Africa


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Dear Abbie,

I'm a bush-pilot in Africa in my early twenties, and after my eruption, gained superhuman strength and ability to absorb damage, which makes work a lot easier and more entertaining.

I'm not ugly, but I'm not a bad looking girl, with black hair, but the trouble is, I'm 8'1", 560 lbs. Ever since I erupted I've never been very successful in finding and keeping a relationship because the masculinity of many men is hurt by a girl larger and stronger than they are.

I've always been baffled by this, as I'm very gentle and quiet, and can't even think of the idea of hurting anybody, or doing anything that would challenge his manliness, and in fact, since erupting I've done everything I can to make the fellow feel more in charge, but still, a lot of people are put off and it's difficult to find a steady relationship. What should I do?

- Living large in South Africa

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Dear Living Large In South Africa,

You aren't the first nova to run into problems with dating. Keep looking. There are men out there who aren't threatened by that sort of thing (although I admit there are more who claim it than who actually are). Alternatively, you could look for a man who is stronger than you are (thanks to DeVries many of them live in your country).

You need to meet more people, specifically the right kind of people. I suggest you either join a dating service, or one of the larger nova organizations. A dating service would be less disruptive to your life and help you find (mostly baseline) men who at least claim they aren't threatened.

- Abby

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