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[OpNet] Pronoun Confused Person


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Dear Abbie,

I just recently erupted, and my abilities have caused me a bit of a problem. maybe it would be a good idea if I told you a little history first (not that you knowing my history in this case would really help you to advise (I think), but its nice unloading).

The day that I erupted wasn't particularly stressful until about two hour before the event. At that time I started getting an increasingly painful headache. Within a few minutes it got so bad that any sound was highly painful, into this equation is entered my sister. Now normally we get along just great, but she had just discovered that her boyfriend was having a affair with another girl (no, she was neither my sisters friend nor enemy, just some girl neither of us know), and she was starting to have headaches (we both had the genes, and we erupted at the same time, something about sympathetic resonance, but I am becoming sidetracked).

Needless to say our normally strong relationship was a bit strained. So when she tried to unload her problems on me I was also less then supportive. I think I said that something about how any boy would dump her after something silly she did (she is family, and we are close so I'm not saying what it was). Her retort included "I wish you could understand a girl's viewpoint in relationships. Oh who am I kidding, your just an insensitive BOY" or something like that. Now my intended response was "I wish I did too, then I could tell you how to act like a girl you tomboy!", however this deep and moving Piece of prose was interrupted at "I wish I did" by our Synchronized eruptions (boy, you didn't see THAT one coming did you? ) Anyway I instantly underwent a drastic physical change, that of a boy becoming a girl (though one person observed that girls don't have them that big, and so it was a change to a women, not a girl. This person was then hit hard for a crass fallow up comment, and I can only say its a good thing my sister doesn't have the so called "maga-stregth.")"ahem."

Unlike many physical changes that a shapeshifting nova can at times undergo, mine only drains quantum resources to initiate, not to maintain. In fact, most transformations (in those cases where a nova has a fixed set, not those who can become anything) work by taking a pattern burnt into the novas signature and pushing it over their form. However their natural pattern is still dominate, just hidden within a somewhat manifest quantum signature (its more complex, but I don't completely understand it, so forgive any errors I just made.) On the other hand, while I maintain such a pattern within my "aura", when I transform form boy to girl or girl to boy my base state is completely overridden and the form I just transformed from becomes the held pattern. To give you an example of how complete it is: you know that no quantum power, active or passive is present when a nova dorms down, but if I am female and dorm down, I stay so (with reduced assets, which was a blow to the ego when I found out). Further more, the change is complete, not just physical, but chemical and Physiological, which brings me to the predicament that inspired me to write you this letter.

You see, I have gotten a boyfriend. Now considering my main power, you would think that no one would question my decision to have one. The power that gives me the right to say that I'm not just running away from who I was as a baseline is the ability to know relationships. I can tell you if you are going to fast with someone, or if you're too slow. I can also tell the future, about relationships and only relationships. I can honestly say that if I stayed with my old girlfriend I would have been unhappy. And I can say that there is no one out there how is better for me than him. If I was at all fallible, I wouldn't be the highest payed relationships consultant in the world. But despite this I'm being put under some pressure, and will I can see ways out of some of them, my relationship sight is more aimed towards love life and can only give me general hints. The problem is three fold.

One. In the minds of many of my friends, I'm still a guy, and still straight (the straight part is always true, the guy part isn't). They just can't accept the idea of a Guy being part of a couple with me.

Two, the people who do accept that I am both a guy and a girl don't like Him personally. This one is the biggest. You see, he's something of a rogue. A well deserved reputation I might add. In fact there is a 73.009284272% chance that he will have an affair the night before our wedding. And I will admit that it aggravates me a lot. But I see us being happy together despite all this. How can I get my friend to understand that.

The third problem I have is the smallest. In fact I know I will go away within a year, I just don't know HOW. I still have a male identity, and if freaks my boyfriend out. I'm not giving up my identity as a boy any more then as a girl, and he'll just have to accept that. I know that it will happen by something I do, but I can't tell what it is. Suggestions??

Also, am I getting to upset over all this. I mean, there are people with much worse problems, should I just take all of mine with a grain of salt?

- pronoun confused person

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Dear Pronoun Confused Person,

It is always difficult giving advice to precognitive types because they know more about making the correct choice than you do. Having said that...

1) By contemporary definitions you aren't straight, you are bi. Live with it.

2) If he is going to cheat on you the night before your wedding it sounds like your friends are right. It is possible that your powers aren't doing a good job with your own relationship. Most novas are immune to their own powers and/or their own powers work differently on themselves. I think you are seeing what you want to see and not what is there.

3) Buy life insurance.

- Abby

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