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This is where you post your character profiles. 

Please post what is public knowledge openly, anything that is hidden, post in a spoilerbox.

I do not require sheets to be posted here, but I do ask that you post a character picture in your profile.



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d68oh4h-823ec524-77d3-47e4-ae38-7f4cffceb899.jpg crop1.jpg

Jessica Rhodes
Origin: Transformation



Stamina: 14
Determination: 2

Prowess: 4
Coordination: 5
Strength: 6
Intellect: 4
Awareness: 5
Willpower: 8 (6+2 from Transformation)


Stunning 4

Healing 5

Cosmic Power 7 Limits [Ability-Linked: Willpower, Concentration, Preparation] Extras [Powers: Flight, Absorption (extras Broad: Energy & Broad: Physical – Boosts Blast), Detection-Energy]




Power – Cosmic power

- Weight of the World
- The Chosen One
- “There's always another way, except when there isn't”

Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 20

Hair: Reddish-Brown - Eyes: Blue  - Height: 5'3" - Build: Muscular - Weight: 130 Lbs
Manner: Serious/Sober
Value Who: Family [Father-Johnathon Rhodes Jr. - Former Naval Corpsmen now a Fireman, Mother- Alicia Rhodes – Emergency Trauma Nurse, Grandfather (P)- Johnathon Rhodes Sr. - Captain US Navy Ret., Grandmother (P)-Jessica Tatum-Rhodes – History Professor, Grandfather (M) Alan Turner – Judge, Grandmother (M) Olivia Turner, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins on both sides
Value What: Friendship
Attitude: Every person is a unique and valuable individual

Birthplace: Kingston, New York
Status: Well Off

Background (What you can get with google)– Jessica Olivia Rhodes was born in Kingston, New York and has lived there all of her young life surrounded by a loving nurishing family. Both side of the family can trace their roots in the area back to the revolutionary war in which they served and fought for Independence from British rule and members of the family went on to serve in every branch of the military in every war the United States has fought in. But the Rhodes and the Turners were not only soldiers, they were also Doctors, teachers, traders, industrialist and everything in between. Both sides of the family take great pride in their long history and in their country. So it is no surprise that Jessica grew up with a clear sense of pride, patriotism and duty, a love for her country, and a willingness to serve and sacrifice for others.

Short at 5'3” but very fit due to a love of sports and all things outdoors, she was a tom boy until her early teens when she blossomed into a beautiful young woman.

Since high school she had attended KCSU* under the nursing program with the intention of following in her mothers footsteps. During the summers she has worked as a EMT and is certified. Being among the first responders as further strengthened her need to help others. Since becoming Starsign, she has ceased attending school and has put her plans for following her mother into nursing on hold, not to anyones surprise.

As Starsign Jessica has never considered calling herself a vigilante, she has never hidden her identity and has openly answered questions as frank and truthfully as she is able. However once she revealed herself as Starsign she has made it a point of doing whatever she could to help people everywhere she could and has done some things that squarely fall under the label of vigilantism.



The Kingston Center of SUNY Ulster (KCSU) is a branch of the county's community college that offers programs, courses and certifications at a convenient Midtown location.




Created to aid in the protection of the worlds of Civilization both old and new,  known and unknown, given to those who at their core posses the fundamental virtues of Good, The Starsign is the ultimate embodiment of The Power of the Will.

Jessica Rhodes, a young nursing student, was on a weekend camping trip in the local mountains when she came upon what she thought was an airplane crash. She had taken her Jeep off-road after an argument and subsequent breakup with her boyfriend Robert. As she drove the jeep trails that were seldom used she came upon an area where the trees had been uprooted and the grounds burned creating a straight gash across the trail. Leaving her jeep Jess didn't have a phone signal in the mountains so she grabbed her medical kit and she followed the burned scar up the mountain to render aid to any survivors, after a long and difficult hike she came to a crater but there was no plane wreckage instead in the center of the crater was a glowing red rock the size of a coconut. Jessica realized that she might have discovered a meteor and that it might be radioactive, she began to back away while checking again for a phone signal, when she heard a humming coming from the crater. She looked up to see that the rock had split open and hovering above the ground was what looked like a small turning star. As she watched the stars emitted a strange beam of light which engulfed Jessica and left her unconscious.

When she awoke it was night the temperature had dropped and she was cold, alone in the dark in the woods on the side of a mountain where no one ever goes. Most people would be frightened, panicking but Jessica was made of sterner stuff than most due to an upbringing with plenty of time spent in the outdoors around nature with parents and grand parents of both sides who respected life, nature and each other. After ascertaining that she was not hurt and in fact felt pretty good, she found her phone and still with no signal turned on the flashlight app. The light from her phone revealed the split rock but the strange hovering star was no where to be seen then she noticed something on the back of her  hand. Pointing the beam of light she saw what it was, the star, about the size of an old silver dollar it's vibrant colors pulsing like a beating heart. It wasn't on her hand but within it, under the skin like a tattoo. Her hand didn't feel different she couldn't feel it she dropped the phone and rubbed at her hand but she could feel nothing but her skin. Now a tinge of panic set in and she closed her fist and then she felt the pulsing of her heart saw the pulsing of the star and knew that it was her heart that set the rhythm. “What are you?”

Her whisper caused a reaction she had not expected.


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Ethnicity: Latino
Age: 29

Background: Since the end of the Second World War, the secrets to reliably unlock super-powers have been a Holy Grail for governments, corporations and other powerful groups. In America, a government program known as Project Columbia sought to hit upon a method for enhancing men in sheer human ability, efficiently producing super-soldiers.

The person picked for the inaugural run was Lieutenant Daniel Ramirez, a son of Mexican immigrants who had pushed past many challenges, including a racist commanding officer to achieve some distinction. Project Columbia's backers offered him many rewards, but in truth all that was required was the phrase 'for your country.' The Columbia Formula succeeded brilliantly, the combined genetic and chemical therapies changing an average but determined man into a mental and physical paragon, indeed also possessed of a healing factor.

Sent out against terrorists and other high-risk missions, the newly dubbed Columbian was a great success story. Until it all went wrong.

Daniel Ramirez discovered that Project Columbia had been corrupted nearly from the beginning by the Hecatoncheires organization, intent on using their creation to produce an army! Unfortunately, the Hundred-Handed Conspiracy misjudged him, and Columbian exposed and brought Project Columbia down - however the fate of the Columbia Formula remains unknown. Afterward, AEGIS recruited Columbian, as a more above-board opportunity to aid America. They provided him with the 'solid energy' devices that became part of his trademark image.




Origin: Transformed (+2 to Prowess)

Prowess 9
Coordination 6
Strength 6
Intellect 5
Awareness 5
Willpower 6

Athletics +1
Leadership +1
Military +1

Durability Enhancements & 'Solid Energy' Shield: Invulnerability 7
Healing Factor: Regeneration 5
'Solid Energy' Sword: Strike [Bashing] 4  (Damage: 7)
Impossible Determination: Mental Resistance 6

Determination: 2
Stamina: 12

Agent of AEGIS
Dedicated to the American Ideal
One Large Extended Immigrant Family

Marked by the Hecatoncheires



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Summer and Autumn Astovik



Name: Summer and Autumn Astovik (identical twins)
Moniker: 'Solstice' (individually) or 'Equinox' (when combined)
Origin: Transformation
Gender: Female (hence 'sisters')
Ethnicity: Caucasian, with typical pumpkin spice latte white girl problems.
Age: 20/20
Hair: Black/Reddish-Orange  Eyes: Purple/Vibrant Green - Height: 5'8" - Build: Athletic - Weight: 130lbs./126lbs.
Manner: (Summer) Friendly and outgoing.  (Autumn) Fun-loving but logical.
Value Who: Family [Her sister (both), Father - Mortimer Astovik]
Value What: Friendship / Love
Attitude: People are endless sources of wonder.
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Status: Filthy Stinking Rich (Well, dad is.)

Appearance: The Astovik twins are very rare identical twins.  In fact, only their nuclear DNA can tell them apart.  Unlike a lot of twins, however, the sisters have spent their entire lives changing their appearance and taking steps to not look the same.  Their natural hair color is a deep auburn (don't tell them I told you that).  Today, Summer's hair is deep, jet black (the color of soot) while Autumn wears hers as a vibrant shade of reddish orange (the color of Autumn leaves).

Background:  The Astovik sisters are the daughters of a very affluent senator from California.  Before he was a senator he was a very successful philanthropist and made a massive fortune in Silicone Valley trading and deals.  As a result the sisters were raised without a single need or want in a lavish life of entitlement.  One would think that this would bring to very spoiled, very mean girls into the world but instead they are the exact opposite.  Their father is likely one of the only honest politicians on the planet and he raised his daughters to be honest and hard working as well.  When it was time for them to head off to college they refused their father's assistance and insisted that he allow them to make their own way.  As a result he generously helps them out with college on their birthday and a few holidays as long as they remain employed and keep their grades up.

Summer is a passionate extrovert who is out going, flirty and fun if a bit cocky and head strong.  Autumn is a quiet introvert who enjoys education, reading and intellectual pursuits.  Both are friendly and fun-loving individuals although Summer is more the 'party girl' who is generally dragging sister along for the ride.  Their constant clash in personalities generally lead the two to being in constant arguments and fights as Autumn is generally trying to keep the two afloat while Summer is partying and enjoying her college years.

Powers: Summer controls fire while Autumn controls water.  They use their powers in a variety of ways from blasting enemies outright to even shaping various weapons and protections from the elements.  Each of the sisters is also able to fly and possesses an increased resistance to harm (damage seems to 'flow' around their bodies like things may pass through flames or water without disrupting the fire or the river).


Perhaps their most devastating power, and one they are (thankfully) not aware of, is that their bond as twins allows them to combine into a veritable avatar of nature, the entity known as 'Equinox'.  Neither of the girls have control when they fuse into this volatile being of ash and tsunamis.  In fact, the only thing that keeps the manifestation in check is the combined goodness and sense of duty and love in the hearts of the twins, calming the savage, merciless and unforgiving nature of the elements.  It would be a dark time, indeed, were the twins ever to merge into Equinox with darkness in their hearts.  Thankfully, nature seems to have balanced this by making it incredibly difficult for the sisters to fuse while they are angry at one another, or arguing, or not on speaking terms... something that happens more often than they would care to admit.


Summer/Autumn Astovik

Prowess: (Good) 5/5
Coordination:  (Great) 6/6
Strength: (Great/Fair) 6/4
Intellect: (Fair/Great) 4/6
Awareness: (Incredible) 7/7
Willpower: (Amazing) 8/8

Stamina: 14/12
Determination: 0/0

Summer - Athletics 1, Martial Arts 1, Power (Energy Control) 1
Autumn - Performance (Dance) 1, Power (Energy Control) 1, Science 1

"By our powers combined!" - When the girls merge their powers they become a being of world shattering might.
"I'm not talking to you!" - They don't always see eye to eye and as a result tend to be spiteful towards one another which can effect their performance.
"Mistresses of Energy!" - Despite their faults, sometimes the girls can make surprisingly good decisions with the use of their powers.

Summer: Gestalt 10, Element Control (Fire) [Attacking, Create] 6, Resistance (Heat/Fire) 5, Flight 3
Autumn: Gestalt 10, Element Control (Water) [Attacking, Create] 6, Resistance (Cold/Pressure) 5, Flight 3


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Appearance: Unremarkable in build and height for a young woman in her early twenties, Alison's façade of normality falls apart soon as anyone realizes she's almost always floating at least an inch or two off the ground. She dresses in hand me downs from those she's rescued in the past, a hobo hodgepodge of rough-washed garb she compliments with a cheap black domino mask and cape when engaged in hero work, also hand me downs from a fan.

Known Powers: Much, much stronger than she looks and capable of flight, Alison can achieve and endure orbit without any apparent difficulty, able to take passengers along for the ride. Superhuman toughness aside, there's definitely something going on under the skin, flashes of metal in the deeper wounds she's endured in her short heroic career, the reaction time that seems almost independent of her eyes, ears, and evident training.

Public History: Internet rumors of Alison's activities in rural areas around the world started popping up five months ago, blurred photos of a figure in a tattered yellow jumpsuit. Her adoption of the moniker 'Mega Girl' occurred three months after that, about the first time she showed up to help with an evacuation clad in civilian attire with the cheapest of nods to the conventions of the calling. Mocked online as the 'hobo heroine' by those who haven't been helped by her, she's skittish around authorities once a crisis is over, quick to retreat to somewhere she can start again in relative anonymity. There is zero concrete information about her before these five months, leading to a plethora of theories about where she came from.

What is known for sure about Alison is her bottomless dumpster of an appetite, a good meal the quickest route to her good graces.


Prowess: 6 Coordination: 5 Strength: 10 

Intellect: 5 Awareness: 5 Willpower: 6

Determination: 2 Stamina: 15

Specialties: Aerial Combat, Martial Arts, Linguistics (English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, French)

Powers        Origin: Artificial 

Life Support 5 (Vacuum, Radiation, Breathing, Cold, Heat)

Flight 6 (Spaceflight, Passengers, Constantly On)

Danger Sense 4


There is Another: One of two identical cyborgs created by the villainous Professor  Shen. She got away from her 'father' when the lab was raided, her 'sister' didn't.

Raised in an Evil Lab: Capable of enduring extreme boredom and cruelty, but rather ignorant of the conventions of the outside world she's just starting to flit around exploring

Always Hungry: Her tremendous tactile telekinetic powers and hardy cyborg nature come at the expense of a biofuel reactor for a stomach that requires constant input. Thinks with her stomach first and second.


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Name: Triessa Elrich
Super-Nom-de-Plume: Hex

Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 25
Manner: Serious/Sarcastic
Value Who: Family/Clients
Value What: Friendship
Attitude: No one will hurt me again

Triessa is a pretty average looking 25 year old with short brown hair, thin-rimmed glasses, and a nice smile...when she tries to use it. She likes sweaters in dark hues, comfortable-fit pants, and sneakers. In her 'superheroic' form, she is taller and shapelier, pale-skinned with a tight black bodysuit and a flowing cloak made of shadows that writhe and roil around her.

After enrolling in Chicago State University and getting high enough marks to qualify for honors studies, Triessa unexpectedly dropped out of all her courses shortly after being released from the hospital after a serious incident involving a home invasion. What she had discovered, in the worst possible way, was that her parents had been some kind of protectors of ancient secrets, and that she had lousy taste in boyfriends...and now they were gone and she had a lot to learn in a very short period of time.

After some time immersing herself in the study of the library of magic she had inherited with the disappearance of her parents, she needed a way to make ends meet. Triessa decided that being a private investigator would be perfect, since it would help her build skills she'd need to find her folks.

That search however led her to some dark and dangerous places, and even more dangerous people. After nearly being jailed for a crime she didn't commit, Triessa saw some value in separating her magical hijinks from her public persona. For this she invented the appearance of 'Hex,' a mystic illusion she could create around herself to protect her legal person and business from the consequences of sometimes being involved in high-octane adventures.

Triessa is an exceptional and driven person, but her only truly superhuman ability is an uncanny facility at comprehending and using the ancient magical arts. Heir to a bloodline that has included some of the most powerful sorcerers in history, she has only begun to truly comprehend that potential that lies at her fingertips. Unfortunately, that is also true of many other interested, and far less benevolent, powers.


Triessa Elrich

Stamina: 9
Determination: 2

Prowess:     5
Coordination:     5
Strength:     4
Intellect:     5
Awareness:     5
Willpower:     6

Attributes: 8#2d6 7 8 4 7 5 3 10 8

Powers: 3#2d6 7 7 6
11 [2d6=6, 5] (Strike) 7 [2d6=4, 3] (Fast Attack) 8 [2d6=2, 6] (Force Field)
Power levels: 5#2d6 10 8 3 6 7

Magic 8
- Mastery: Blast
- Mastery: Force Field
- Mastery: Teleport

Occult +1
Investigation +1
Insight +1

- Daughter of the Elrich Line
- Never Surrender
- Hardboiled


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Name: Tika Ump (Unstable Molecular Polymer)
Moniker: Elastica
Origin: Artificial
Gender: Female, sort of (Variable)
Ethnicity: Caucasian with a hint of Asian
Age (Apparent Age): 1 (late teens/Variable)
Height: 5'7"
Build: Curvaceous
Weight: 185 lbs (Deceptively heavy/Variable)
Hair: Pink 
Eyes: Lavender
Manner: Fun-loving and Playful
Value Who: Friend
Value What: Friendship
Attitude: People are endless sources of wonder.
'Birth'place: Manhattan (Flatiron District), New York
Status: In flux



Stamina: 13
Determination: 2

Prowess: 7
Coordination: 5
Strength: 8 (6+2 from Artificial)
Intellect: 5
Awareness: 5
Willpower: 5


Life Support 10 (Total Life Support)
Stretching 9
- Limits: Nulled by Electricity, Uncontrolled, Unstable
-Extras: Net
-Power: Alternate Form - Fluid 9 (doesn't provide Damage Resistance or Stretching, instead provides Binding Resistance and doesn't take a page of preparation/is her natural state)
-Power: Damage Resistance 9
-Power: Transformation 9 (Limits: Tell - Uncanny Valley, Nulled by Electricty, Uncontrolled, Unstable/Extras: Type - Animals/Humanoids/Objects, Instant Change)

Nulled by Electricity Limit - If struck by or striking a sufficiently strong source of Electricity, as determined by the GM, the power stops working, and takes a page of preparation to reactivate

-Martial Arts
-Power - Stretching (Was sure what Specialty to take for disguises/pretending to be other people/things)
-Sleight of Hand

- With Child-Like Wonder!
- I Was A Villain's Supersuit!
- I Can Be Anything I Want To Be!

In its natural form, Elastica is a mass of slightly translucent, dark blue viscous goo, but it can take nearly any form. For everyday interactions, it takes a human form, preferring a female shape due to its previous incarnation as a villainess' supersuit. Indeed, its habitual human form is a facsimile of Shadowmind's curvaceous beauty, though somewhat exaggerated - longer legs, smaller waist, fuller breasts, larger eyes  - along with unnaturally smooth, glossy skin and artificial pink hair, giving her an uncanny valley quality.  Where Shadowmind was dark of hair and amber of complexion, Elastica is pale as alabaster and has pink, artificial hair to her waist. Shadowmind has a husky, contralto voice, but Elastica's is a high, sweet soprano, though it shares Shadowmind's faint, posh British accent.

When distracted, Elastica tends to forget reining in her elastic nature, stretching her limbs extravagantly, twisting and turning to extreme degrees, her mannerisms and expressions becoming almost - or definitely - cartoonishly exaggerated.

The 3rd generation of unstable molecules are able to be processed into a polymer responsive to thoughts and instincts. Not only did such molecules make protective suits that could adapt to the wearer's Marvel abilities, such suits could shift in colour and shape to the wearer's desires. The Psionic and Shadowy Marvel thief and grifter Shadowmind believed a suit of 3rd generation unstable molecules would be most beneficial for her. So she purloined a batch from an AEGIS laboratory.

For three years, Shadowmind traipsed across the globe with her Swiss Army Dress, stealing and grifting. Constant exposure to Shadowmind's psychic might seemed to make her supersuit even more responsive and adaptable, almost to the point of developing a rudimentary, instinctive awareness, able to react on a basic level even without her direct input. Shadowmind was even more delighted with her acquisition, the power inside the unstable molecules not only able to provide her with an infinite wardrobe at will, but it was also immensely durable, able to protect her with the same durability, as well as functioning like an exoskeleton, granting her tremendous strength, strength that kept growing as the unstable molecules were exposed to her psychic emanations.

Shadowmind was less pleased when she ended up clashing with The Reanimator when they both ended up trying to retrieve the contents of the same safety deposit box inside the First National Bank in NYC. Where she was alone, The Reanimator had several of his servitors by his side, this time corpses enlivened into zombies. They might be have been resistant to her mental control, but between her shadow powers and the physical might provided her by her supersuit, Shadowmind was winning.

Until The Reanimator struck at her directly with one of his massive bolts of electricity, that he could use to harm or to animate his servitors. Her supersuit protected her from the bolt, even as it blasted it from her body and rendering it back into its constituent blue goo of unstructured unstable molecules, and splattering it against the walls. Astonishingly, impregnated by three years of psychic emanations and then struck by a bolt of animating electricity, the instinctive awareness of the supersuit was jumpstarted into full sentience.

The former suit was new, inexperienced, but had the basis of identity and self, reflected from its long association with Shadowmind, and it wanted nothing to do with her. Where is once had only been a thing taken for granted by its wearing, the sentient conglomeration of unstable molecules was now its own. It cried out in joy and wonder... but it came out as a indecipherable burble, since it was only goo at the moment without mouth or vocal cords. But Shadowmind heard the cry and stared at the translucent, dark blue goo staining the walls in shock and surprise.

Pseudopods extended from the goo, striking at everyone in the safety deposit box room, slamming them against the floor or crushing them in stretching tendrils with terrible strength. Then the goo slithered through the tight vents of the climate control system and fled with no idea where it was going, until it found itself in some other place and pulled itself together into a human form, instinctively copying the shape of Shadowmind, if exaggerated in proportion and different in colour. There was some trouble with one of the little humans point at it exclaiming something about a Barbie, and the bigger female human at its side shouting at a different human about a naked sex doll in the toy store.

It understood then that humans wore clothes for some reason, and being in a human form, it now had to wear clothes too. That was simple - it rippled and wore a dress that Shadowmind had often made her form. Then it left, looking around in wonder and delight. What it had only been vaguely aware of in the abstract, it could now know and it was wonderful and exciting... and very confusing. Some humans reacted poorly to her, and some reacted will, it was hard for it to understand why. She wasn't sure how long she was wandering.

One human, very big, hairy, and horned was rampaging down a street throwing cars. The humans were screaming and running - it didn't like that, she found them fascinating, they came in so many shapes that she could copy, that she could learn from. She flowed into copy of the Minotaur, then stretched herself out even further into a fleshly net, safely catching them and putting them down then engaged the Minotaur. It was strong, but composed of unstable molecules instead of blood and flesh, it was even stronger. It pulled the Minotaur into itself and smothered it, then resumed its human form and continued exploring this incredible world she was now fully aware of it. The people she had saved thanked her effusively

 And Elastica was pleased, given the opportunity to experience and explore as her own being - she likes zoos and joining the animals there -  and to help others as a contrary reflection of the selfishness of her previous owner, Shadowmind.

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Name: Derek Alistair LeSayge
Profession: Research Scientist/College Professor (Neuro-biology)

  • Codename: Doc Psypher
  • Origin: Transformation
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: Mixed (Canadian/Mexican)
  • Age: 30
  • Hair: Brunette 
  • Eyes: Blue Green
  • Height: 6’
  • Build: Athletic

Weight: 172 lbs.
Manner: Private, haughty, stolid, visionary
Value Who: Family (His father Dominic; his brothers Daniel and Damien; his nephew David; and his girlfriend Dr. Justine Devereaux)
Value What: Knowledge, order, justice
Attitude: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.
Birthplace: Baltimore, MD
Status: Upper middle-class



Abilities: Prowess/4 (fair), Coordination/4 (fair), Strength/4 (fair), Intellect/7 (incredible), Awareness/6 (great), Willpower/5 (good)

Powers: ESP/4 (fair), Force Field/5 (good), Mental Blast/5 (good), Telekinesis/4 (fair)

Specialties: Medicine +1, Science +1, Technology +1

Qualities: Nobel Prize Winner, Tragic Flaw (Hubris), With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility


Stamina/9 = [Strength/4 + Willpower/5]




Derek Alistair LeSayge was born in 1989 in Baltimore, MD. His family was blue collar. His father, Dominic, was a mechanic, and his mother, Maria, was a school secretary. He has two older brothers, Daniel and Damien.

At an early age, Derek discovered he was not like other children. He was a prodigy, a polymath. Derek graduated at the age of 23 with doctorates in medicine (neurology) and biochemistry from Princeton University. In 2017, he won a Nobel Prize in medicine. As a result, he always considered himself superior to most other people… including his family. And yet his family was always very proud and supportive of his many accomplishments, most especially his mother.

Shortly after that, his mother contracted a more aggressive form of Alzheimer’s and quickly deteriorated. Derek, who was working at the time as a research scientist at Sangreal Pharmaceuticals, a major drug firm in NJ, desperately tried to develop a treatment that could reverse the ravages of the incurable disease. He tried various mutagenic compounds combined with certain types of experimental radiation treatments.

Running out of time, he tested the procedure on himself. It immediately knocked him out. By the time he had awakened days later, his mother had passed away.

His father and family never forgave him.

Eventually Sangreal fired him and confiscated all his research papers, computer files, supplies, and lab equipment. Because of his reputation, though, he was still able to get a job at his alma mater (Princeton) as a professor and research scientist.

One night, while working on another experiment, he witnessed a robbery being committed on the university campus. Several innocents were being threatened by some young thugs. One of the victims, a psychiatrist by the name of Justine Devereaux, was hurt. It was then and there he discovered that the experimental procedure that he had incautiously taken had accelerated the standard evolutionary process of his brain and had elevated his mind to that of a man of the 50th Century!

Keeping to the shadows he was able to telekinetically rip the guns out of some the gangers’ hands and knock out some of the others with a mental blast. Although a few were able to shoot their pistols at him, he was able to protect himself with a telekinetic shield. Afterwards, he was able to use his medical expertise to help the wounded while waiting for the police to arrive. He took special care of Justine, whom he had previously met at Princeton. He made it a point to look in on her every day at the hospital, and when she was released, he helped bring her to her home. It was at that point that they started dating.










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