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"It is, Dan. They were hurting him with their... whatever this was," Karen answered flatly with a lingering echo of calming anger, splattered with blood. Hopefully Dan had a towel or three in his truck. Didn't exactly want to be pulled over like this. 

"No. We're fine, Officer. None of this is our blood," started the hypothetical conversation in the Californian were's head, rapidly going even further south before she killed the train of thought.

But Dan was right. They were on a time table. She sucked in a breath and rose to her feet, nodding at her alpha. She moved through the open gate, relieved beyond belief to not half to play translator between her dead kin and Dan. This would have looked even more insane than it already was if she was talking to thin air the whole time. "Gram... Great Grandfather," she stumbled over the words a little before getting her conversational footing under her, "This is  Dan, my Alpha. Dan, this is my Great Grandfather, the infamous Jack Guant. I don't know what you've been able to find, Great Grandfather, but we have three super vampires about to turn the city into a steaming sinkhole in an effort to kill one another using a set of very magical bones belonging to a dead witch. Have you seen something like that? I don't know how long it is before one side or the other send more people like the ones we just fought."

She had a strong suspicion Jack knew, was using the bones in fact, but she wanted to hear it from his lips or not.   

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Jack looked at his great grand daughter then at the dark brooding man with her that he immediately recognized as an Alpha, which made his hackles rise and a low growl resonate deep in his chest, he ran his finger through his hair and stepped up to Karen.

Then tentatively he reached out and put his hands on her shoulders. Her eyes nearly popped from their sockets at the shock of his touch.

"Oh my god, how is this possible?" He asked as he pulled her into a tight hug!

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It took Karen a moment, okay, a few moments to get over the fact she was hugging a dead man. Her mouth opened and closed a few times. Judging by the intensity of his reaction, she could all too easily picture the kind of hell being stuck between worlds could be, what he might have endured. However this all worked. No clue there, really. And that ignorance was irking her. She was going to have a very, very long very, very polite conversation with Mrs. Emily when this was over, so that she'd stop getting blind-sided by all this.

She gently pushed away from Jack, enough so that she could look up into his face. "Great Grandfather," she softly began, taking in his scent, a hauntingly half-remembered odor she associated with her father, "The bones? Have you seen them? There are two originals and a psychotic, 500 year old werewolf vampire hybrid apparently poised to burn this city to the ground over them if we don't do something about it."

The dark-eyed brunette paused, wondering when her life had turned into a rejected Underworld script before steeling herself again, resting one hand on Jack's shoulder, "I don't know how much time we have before more of them come to hurt you again."

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Dan watched, seeing it, and still wondering how exactly this was happening.  "It has to be connected to the bones, and your blood.  That's the only thing I can think of."   Dan said quietly once she broke the embrace.   "We are lucky the cops don't come here often, but we do need to be going."

He was abit concerned, but knew that they had far worse to consider right now.  "I can't believe there were really 5 of them.   The Regent's going to have a fit."

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The Cemetery

Jack Gant, flesh and blood. breathed in the air and relished the touch of his great grand daughter he held her tight a human connection he had been without for so so many years, only able to watch from the otherside. He looked at Dan satnding awkwardly a few feet away.

"Back in there," He gestured with his head not ready to let go, "You'll see a tomb broken open, the bones are in there."

Dan looked at the two and then headed past them through the gate and into the Jewish section of the cemetery. It didn't take him long to find the tomb and peering inside he saw several piles of bones at  least three skull, he was about to let out a curse when he noticed a small flat box made of tin.

Gently he reached in and trying to not disturb the other bones extracted the box. Once he had it outside the tomb he opened it and saw that it contained many small bones like those of a foot. As he gazed at them his hackles rose and he felt eyes on him, but his senses told him that there was no one other than the three of them near.

It was time to go.


On 8/16/2019 at 9:13 AM, Cara Angelo said:

"So! Welcome back to New Orleans."

Kristen smiled and the SUV shook and warm liquid sprayed across the left side of Cara's face and the back of her neck, something heavy about the size of a basket ball hit her side and fell to the floor of the SUV coming to rest against her foot. Cara didn't move she just looked into the startled eyes of Colby Walker, looking up at her from the floor board.

Slowly as if time stood still Cara turned her head to the left to find Colby's headless body, blood still pumping from the torn neck, and beyond that grisly sight the coldly beautiful face of Kirsten Magnuson.

"What? Am I not deserving of a welcome back as well?"

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The Cemetery

Karen suspected there would be a price Jack was going to pay for helping them, but choose not to pry, to respect that dignity. She maintained that human contact as Dan rummaged through the tombs deeper in the cemetery, gaze not breaking from her Great-Grandfather's.

"Thank you," she offered with the ghost of a laugh, "When this is over, I'll go home and tell Cora all about the man who made the impossible kings and queens of NO scuttle under the rocks and run away even after they killed him. We don't need kings and queens in this country."

She smiled rogueishly, rebel's mischief in her eyes, not wanting to end this moment on a low note, even as she was waiting and ready for Dan's signal to go.

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In the Cemetary

Dan nodded.  "I hate to tear you away from this, as special as it is, but we have to leave now."  Dan sighed.  it was truly special for the dead to get the chance like this, to embrace those they never knew.   He now carried two sets of bones., one safely one not.  "We have to decide if we try to bring them to Dom, since the bag's not big enough, or with us."

He nodded to Jack, hoping now he'd be able to rest in peace, having gotten to meet Karen, and embrace her at least once.

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Cara managed a smile...times like this, being technically dead was a blessing. Like any vampire she could turn away from her feelings when the need was there. This definitely qualified.

"Kirsten, I can hardly welcome just one of you. You two are a package deal, after all."

She glanced down at Colby's head and nodded.

"I suppose thanks are in order, for saving me a bit of effort. I was going to use him a bit longer, but if you're here perhaps that won't be necessary anymore."

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*The Cemetery*

"Darn it. Freaking Vampires. Okay. So much for plan A. We *really* need to go now," Karen grumbled, pinching the bridge of her nose as pictures snarling monsters smashing through city blocks like something from an action movie dance through her head.

She looked up and met Jack's gaze one last time before turning and running for the gate and the car. She heard the fall of Dan's feet behind her in a similar rush, hoping they didn't run into any cops on their way out. This was sooo bad. She didn't know what kind of mojo was in these things and how quickly their witches could apply it, but... Karen had nearly gotten her tail burned a few times in her early days in the Game by overstaying her welcome. Not fun. She didn't look forward to having to dodge literal bloodthirsty rage monsters. 

No one jumped them by the point they got back to the truck, and her phone was out so fast Karen didn't remember dialing the bar's number before it started ringing.

"Hello, this is..," came a voice she didn't recognize from the other end. Great.

"I know. This is Karen. I need to talk to Darrik or Dominque," she cut the voice off preemptively, moving to get in the truck soon as Dan unlocked it.

"I'm sorry, but we don't pass numbers here, I can take a message for you though."

Fighting the urge to growl and roll her eyes, Karen thought quickly, "Tell them we have it, but we've got twins. This is my number..."

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Dominique watched Dan and Karen leave with the bones stored inside the bag she had made for them with a faint smile.

"What are you smiling about?" Darrik asked.

"Oh, just glad that they're actually listening and keepin' 'em bones stored in those bags I made." Dominique replied with a shrug. "Safer that way, for all parties." she added as she moved to the trunk to gather more supplies.

"We're gonna need to resupply too. Done more magic today than in the last month." she commented, only slightly exaggerating.

Darrik watch what Dominique withdrew from the trunk and nodded. "Good idea." he said approvingly.

"You want in on it?" Dominique asked with a grin. Knowing full well how Darrik would answer, she handed him some of the components to prepare the spell along with her. They were always more powerful together.


Dom and Darrik are cast a protection spell on themselves.



The iron gate permitting entry through the short, red brick fence creaked Dominique slowly opened it and stepped through onto the brick path leading to the front porch. The yard was simple, mostly grass, with a few weeping willows and several bushes, devoid of leaves, with empty bottles of various colors placed over limbs. Most just viewed it an old wives tale or tradition to keep evil spirits and bad luck at bay, but the two witches knew the truth to it.

Dominique stepped onto the porch and with her keys still in hand selected the one of the lock. She entered with Darrik right behind and paused; looking, listening, even smelling for anything unusual, but the house greeter her with little but the usual smell and a soft ticking of the antique grandfather clock that had been in the family's position for several generations now.

Dominique nodded to Darrik and they both relaxed a bit.

Though the house had been left to her, it still did not quite feel like it was hers. She knew the place well, having spent much of her childhood within its walls or yard, and it had been the first place she was exposed to magic and, as a child, had been drawn to the very bones they now sought. She remembered where she had seen them last too.

As Dominique moved up the stairs she paused and turned to Darrik.

"Hey. You on better terms with the Regent. Maybe you ask her to text the photos so we can check the grimoire while we are here?" she suggested to Darrik, leaving it to him if he wished to or not as she went to retrieve the bones.

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On the Road and at the Angelo Estate

Kirstan held her hand out for Cara to take which she did with barely noticeable hesitation. In minutes they were back in the Magnuson's car the small black man, Herschel, driving, Kristen in the front passenger seat of the black Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, with Cara and Kirsten crowded in the back seat. There was silence and it didn't take Cara long to see that they were headed to her and her brothers home and not to the Queens domicile in the city.

“How long have you been feeding those precious girls vervain? It was very annoying not to be able to wait for you  in comfort. I mean we had to go searching for you and to find with that cur.” Kirstan looked bored.

“I don't know probably since they were sent here, it's a long story and not mine,” Cara said looking out her window. She felt Kirstan’s hand on her upper thigh” “Please tell it. We have time.”

So as they drove Cara told the story of the house and the deal Marko had made with the family.

In short order they were pulling up to the front door and in seconds standing in the doorway. Waiting for the living residents and legal owners to come and let the vampires in.


At The Cemetery

“Hey!” Karen turned wide eyed and so did Dan, likewise, as a huffing Jack Gant ran through the gate behind and stopped bending over breathing hard.  “I know I look fit as a fiddle, but I was dead almost eighty years. That kind of takes the wind out of you. You know?” He raises his head and looks at his great granddaughter, “You weren’t going to leave me, here were you?”



Dom moved through the house her footsteps drawing creaks from the old wooden floorboards, lord how this place brought back memories. She closed her eyes and she could hear the radio playing the soft jazz her grandma enjoyed, she could smell the cooking.

Dom opened her eyes and saw the house just like it had been when she was four again then she paused, this was the house just like it had been back then. She turned and looked down the stairs Darrik wasn’t there, but she heard movement in the kitchen.

“Child, time for you to wash up supper is almost ready!”


Darrik watched as the phone downloaded the pictures of the naked girl with the symbols drawn chaotically all over her. He had been hearing Dom walking around the old floors creaking, now he noticed that they had stopped he head up after her. “Hey Dom I got the pictures…”

She wasn’t there.





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Dan stopped, and looked at Jack.  Really looked at him.  He sniffed the air, and listened hearing the man's heartbeat.  "Well damn you are actually alive."  it was among the strangest things, as up to that point he'd just thought it was his bond with Karen that let him interact with her, but with this, he shrugged.  "Of course not.  Come on, though it will be a bit crowded in the truck, unless one of you want to ride in the bed."

With that he lead the way to his vehicle, and climbed in getting it started and ready to get the hell out of there.  He quickly called Cabe explaining the short version of both the fight, and their flight from the cemetery.

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