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Out of curiousity, does it say anywhere how many people were aboard the Galatea when it exploded?

I have found references to "the men and women aboard" so that is at least four (two of each).

My players raised the question of their fates given that they were at Ground Zero for a mega-dose of Quantum/Z-Rays. Sure the odds against them having the genetic potential are against them - but if its a million-to-one shot, then it could well have happened.

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Don't have that answer to that specific question but I do have one, make that three, pieces of info along those lines.

1. One man on Galatea did erupt.

2. His eruption caused the melt down of the reactor and subsequent destruction of the Galatea.

3. He's still in orbit. Whatever his powers were/are, they do not include travel powers.

That poor bastard's missed the golden age of novas completely.

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