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[OpNet] Am I as strange as people make me out to be?

Sakurako Hino

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Dear Abbie,

Recently, I've noticed a backlash to how I handle my day to day life. Especailly in my choice of clothing. You see, I have certain preferences in dress. Usually it's a nicely tailored business like sailor collared blazer, long pleated skirt, and patent leather shoes. I have been on occaision known to wear the usual sailor suit outright. Now, add to the fact I have naturally PINK hair, and eyes. Some people accuse me of living in an "anime" fantasy. Now, I do believe I have a good grip on reality, gosh I do. I sometimes wear just a light pink turtleneck sweater with denim overalls, just to be "mainstream". Now, I LIKE who I am, and I like the identity I'm forging for myself. I'm probably not fully expressing myself to you, but I'd like to know.

Am I REALLY an Anime crazed otaku? A geek with NO life? Or just stressed out?

Confused Anime Girl.

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Dear Endeavor,

Give yourself credit, you could easily be all three. laugh

There is some conflict in your letter. You say that you like your life but you also say that there is a backlash. Basically your options come down to two, you can change something or not.

If you want to change something you could do any or all of; dye your hair, change your clothes, hang out with the anime crowd most of the time, branch out (i.e. get a life), or do something else.

If you don't want to change anything, then endure the backlash and find people who accept you for who you are (the internet and the Phoenix room would be good places to start).

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