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Numenera Setting Additions

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Population: 875

Significant Feature: Most of the buildings here are made of living greenwood, a biologically engineered material that quickly grows over a temporary shelter to create a permanent structure. This gives the majority of buildings

a softly rounded silhouette, as air-filled fabrics are used to create the mold for the structures. The creator of greenwood, Holeon Ferre, was killed defending the village from the Dark Fathom, ENTROPY ZERO. A monument commemorating that battle and her sacrifice can be found on Cheslet Street (see below)

Person of Interest: Camila Beyett leads a group called the Cosmicologists, whose members bring their bodies in tune with the cosmos through the use of specialized movements such as fighting stances and interactive stretches and duels. Camila leads movement practice every day in Desoni’s Square, and her following has grown to nearly half the town, as well as outsiders who arrive from beyond its borders.

Hearsay: The Revelry of Wonder, an annual event in Broley, is just days away. The celebration includes competitions in strength, weaponry, crafting, and other skills. Those who specialize in the numenera will appreciate the Wonder Race, where participants are given a random pile of parts and materials and must create something workable in a few hours. The winners are awarded a special prize, and the winning pieces are added to the Holeon Ferre Museum's growing numenera collection.

The Weird: On Cheslet Street, at the spot where Holeon Ferre destroyed the Dark Fathom, Entropy Zero is the remaining remnant of that battle floating 137.16 centimeters in the air is a 10mm sphere, the singularity which powered Entropy Zero. The singularity is suspended in some sort of temporal field which contains and protects the surroundings from the force of the sphere. As long as nothing comes in contact with this field the singularity is harmless, how ever if the field is penetrated, anything which comes within 1 centimeter of the singularity is consumed by it being utterly destroyed in the process.

The people of Broley erected a Greenwood monument around the singularity commemorating the Battle and Honoring Holeon Ferre the woman who sacrificed herself to save the village and destroy Entropy Zero.

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