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Exalted 2E

Dave ST

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Is there a market for an Exalted game here?  If so what sort of game would people like to see?

1. Vanilla Exalted - You know, the one where the Sidereals are literally to blame for everything and no one is ever allowed to know it because the developers think the Sidereals are just the coolest!  The Rainbow Brigade will always hunt you the Bronzies will try to kill you the Goldies will just use you for your power and thanks to the Developers you'll never actually succeed at anything because everyone is always 10 steps ahead of you...

2. 'Modern' Exalted - You know, the one that specifically created for Final Fantasy fans.  The world is in peril, but who cares?  Every argument is invalid because you got a cigar, a bottle of bourbon, an attitude, oh, and a chainsaw gunblade.  This plot is so convoluted I can't even begin to make fun of it... the Solars won... but they're not Solars, they're the other guys and they run the Illuminati and you're gonna take them down because they brought you artifact cars and smart phones and cable T.V. and Wifi... fucking bastards.


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Max - Well, Modern Exalted is a pretty oppressed world, but the people are numb to it because they have all sorts of fun tech to desensitize them, like smart phones and gaming consoles (fueled by essence, so I have to admit, that'd prolly be pretty cool).

But the main problem is, Creation is dying, slowly but surely, it's dying.  No one knows why (and you didn't either until you Exalted) and that's where the characters come in.  Without giving away too much, it's suddenly you against the world, literally.  Then shit gets real.  Explosions you never look at, motorcycle chases, chainsaw gunklaives that slice buildings in half while demons rain from the sky with wing mounted gatling cannons... and you kill everything while sipping a latte, not spilling a drop as you give a cigarette to a baby.  Because Exalted.

Justin - You can play a Solar in the Modern setting.  That's sort of the point... the Solars come back and are like "WTF?!?  We leave Creation for a twelve pack of Cherry Coke and an Extra Most Bestest from Little Ceasers... and you fuck everything up!?  Oh, hell no."  [Queue fight music and explosions and people wailing in the street while the Solars laugh because fuck the world, you're a Solar]

You don't have to play a Solar, as long as you keep in mind that Solars are the pinnacle of power (next to Abyssals, and Infernals, of course).

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42 minutes ago, SalmonMax said:

Sounds cool to me! Though it also sounds like a lot more work for the GM, so I'm good either way. :)

When this was done at the table, it was a lot of 'making it up as we go'.  In fact, everyone was simply contributing ideas as we moved along.  Creation is still the same, for the most part, it just has a lot larger cities but people tend to forget how big Creation really is.

The Earth has a population of approximately seven and a half billion people and a surface area of about 197 million square miles—of which only about 30 percent of the surface is land.  Creation has a population of just over 10 billion mortals, plus a substantial population of intelligent supernatural creatures (especially spirits, which number in the billions easily, though spirits with human-level intelligence number “only” in the hundreds of millions). While its surface area is a mere 160 million miles or so, only about a fifth of that is water, leaving about 128 million square miles of land. Additionally, Yu-Shan (the size of the Blessed Isle), Malfeas (incalculably large) and the Underworld (as large as Creation) add to those numbers. The Wyld is potentially infinite.

Major cities still exist, and people rarely venture outside of them, why would you when you have everything you need in the safety of the walls you live behind.  The Guild still moves product all over Creation, using the same roads built in the First Age, but have long since fallen into a non-enchanted state without the Solars there to renew them.  All kinds of monsters, baddies, pirates, undead, and Raksha dwell beyond the walls of most metropolis's but the Average Joe never sees any of that.  Exalts aren't average.

Beyond those walls are also answers.  Ancient ruins, lost crypts, decimated cities now forgotten in piles of ash and forsaken memories.

Think of Creation as our world today.  Ang-Teng has a very China/India feel to it.  Nexus is about as America as you can get.  Further north is areas akin to Germany, Russia, etc, while south is akin to the Middle East, Africa, Egypt...

Shards of the Exalted Dream gave us very little to work with, like 13 pages (to explain 40 splat books), so a lot of it is interactive story-telling to make the game what we want it to be.


Jeremy - Yes, 2.5, the Errata was useful for clarifying a lot.


Keep the questions coming.  I have a lot in my head and sometimes I forget to touch base on things... questions help me remember.

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No.  The Dawn Solution was a fan made book, we will not be using any fan made material.  I've seen the stuff people publish... it's horrendous.  Fan made stuff is completely outlandish and broke AF.  I'm not a fan of Solars punching people into orbit.  Sure, it sounds funny and sorta cool... but why?  Why would you ever need to?  Because if you can do it, there's an Abyssal or Infernal who can do it too... and it's all fun and games until it happens to the players.

Keep it simple.  Keep it to the official published material.

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It does, yes.

Now, in both materials there are a few Charms that are balanced enough for actual use.  In the past I've used these charms as rewards, meaning you can't purchase them, but they can still be given to you later by the ST as rewards for quest lines, searches for long lost knowledge, etc.  As they are though, I prefer not to use them.

A lot of them tend to award characters with Essence 5 and 6+ levels of power in the Essence 4 and 5 range (like providing a character with unlimited counterattacks in their turn and the ability to parry unblockable attacks for 5m).  Which, I get it, to a point, but having used them in all their glory several times, they can make a game into a real shit show pretty quick.

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Archery and Firearms are different skills, as such they have separate charm trees.  Don't 'replace' Archery, as your character may still purchase it in lew of using guns (or if guns or ammo aren't around).

Same with Drive.  It's a whole different skill and the Charm tree is separate.

Neither skill replaces any existing skill.

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