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Character Creation

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The Characters in this game at the beginning are all Earth Born with the following back ground.

Your characters are childhood friends ala the gang from Stranger Things without the weird stuff happening to you. from at least Junior High age your characters had all been in a RPG club or group with one of your friends, James Lee, being your games master. Your club had a game shack built out on the Lee's back property (they were upperclass wealthy in your sub division neighborhood and had a huge tract of undeveloped land backing the property on which they and most of your friends homes were built). The club was a one room Building with a bathroom attached the walls were lined with shelves that held books miniatures models comic, video games all the things kids that are nerds love.

Even as you grew up and found other interests your friendship and you love of the camaraderie of your games held and while you may have played together less frequently you did all still do so regularly all through high school. however after high school things of course changed.

The friends went off to different collages or found jobs and slowly the gang drifted apart. Oh during summer break and holidays you still got together but you had other interests and the magic of gaming just wasn't the same. The one most effected by this was James Lee a kid with an intense imagination and a master storyteller he wrapped so much of his self into being your games master that when that wasn't there anymore he felt lost. While all of you went to school or began careers James struggled in collage never finding his niche by the end of his second year he dropped out and joined the army While on hi second tour in that horrible place of unending war, Afghanistan, He was badly wounded and received a medical discharge. and was sent home a disabled vet, where he languished until his death at the beginning of the game.

Your characters where ever they were,  leading whatever their lives had become, were notified of James' passing. Your characters out of sympathy , respect or maybe even guilt are attending the funeral. this is the first time any of you have seen each other all together in a couple of years.

I was a little ambiguous about the amount of time after high school, Your ages should be between 25 and 30, y'all can set that between yourselves. there should be no more than 1 year difference in ages however. This allows you to have a more varied backgrounds than being just out of collage would have allowed. There were two other friends who will also be attending I will give you names and their brief back grounds after I have yours.

Aside from all of you being earth born character creation is as described in the rule book

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