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Game Status - Active or Inactive


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When someone creates a game it is set to active by default.  This setting controls whether it is displayed on the forum page.  If your game ends or will go on hiatus, you can set it to inactive to remove it from the homepage.  If you decide to start you game back up you can set it to active at any time.

On the game's main page there is a button on the right side labelled "Manage Game."  If you click that it will open a drop down menu.  In the drop down menu select "Edit Game Settings." 

The Edit Game Settings popup will have an option for status, which has values of active or inactive.  Just click the one you want and hit save to change the setting.

When I changed the games app earlier this year it did not copy over the game owner, so many of the old games currently have the site as the owner.  If you created a game and want to bring it back into active state and you are no longer listed as the owner, please PM me with the game name and I'll will switch ownership back you to.

Please let me know if there are any questions.

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