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IC: S1:E3c "Beware Our Power!"

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"Beware Our Power!"

Previously, on Hero Academy... the ladies tried to enjoy a night out and the guys tried to just hang out for a bit.  When suddenly their evenings were ruined by strangers falling from the sky and villains attempting to cause riots in the Yellow Brick Row promenade!  Fear-Master, having donned the power ring that fell from the sky off the hand of one of two strangers who fell to Earth from an alternate reality, has been granted powers far beyond his ability to control!  With Curtis and Richard already on the scene and the ladies in route we join our heroes as they face off against their most fearsome opponent yet!

"Haha!" Citizens rioted in the streets as silent waves of hypnotic tones drove them insane from small transmitters mounted all over the promenade of Yellow Brick Row.  Sirens could be heard in the distance but Fear-Master didn't concern himself with them in the slightest.  He hovered just off the ground, his rags having become the black and yellow custom fit of a Fear Corps. member.  "The power!  None can stand before me!  Yes, yes!  Rip each other to pieces, let the nightmare of your own horrid existence consume you all!"

After having fallen off the finger of Sinestro during his decent to Earth, his power ring could not establish a connection to the battery's database and locate where in the known multiverse it had ended up.  With no location and no means of searching for a new host since it had no battery to attune to, it entered a mode of self preservation in an attempt to keep its charge high enough that it could remain on line in case the Sinestro Corps. came looking for it.  Now, on the finger of one calling himself 'Fear-Master' it seemed to have struck pay dirt, as The Fear-Master seemed quite capable of generating enough yellow fear energy to keep the ring charged.

Now... only seven heroes stand in the way of one villain with a weapon possessing cosmic power enough to rip their city apart...


Arrive at the battle.



I'll give you guys some posts to arrive and hash out the WTF of the situation.  This thread is open to all the heroes.  One team, one fight.


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14 hours ago, Dave ST said:

Connie's clothing burned away as the uniform of the Green Lantern Corps. formed from light around her.

"This is insanity, Jordan,"  Sinestro approached his old friend.  "That ring was the only thing keeping you alive and you put it in the hands of a child!  What makes you think you'll live long enough to regret this stupidity..."

"Hope," said Hal Jordan, softly.  "I have time."  The attractive man in front of Qi looked at her with positive a appraisal.  He nodded his head towards Yellow Brick Row.  "Go."

Qi's eyes widened then widened again as Jordan's voice came unbidden in her mind and she found herself repeating them out loud with a voice that was barely a whisper

  "In brightest day, In blackest night."

"Hal Jordan you can not be serious.," Sinestro said almost pleadingly.

"No evil shall escape my sight, Let those who worship evil's might." Qi looked down at herself clad as the man had beena green glow coming from...within.

Sinestro said shaking his head  "You have doomed us."

  "Beware my power." She looked up at her companions and the two strangers   "Green Lantern's light." Qi she said her voice strong and clear.

"Princess, take Jordan to the hospital or the school infirmary now, then join us!" She pointed her ring toward the ground and a scintillating beam shot out forming a disc several inches above the surface. "Sinestro You want your ring back come and help us." She pointed to the disc indicating that Sinestro should step on. "Spellstone save your power for what we are to face I can get us there."

Spellstone glared at Sinestro and stepped onto the disc. "I wont leave you alone with him."

As soon as Spellstone was on the disc it reformed into a sphere and Qi Shot into the sky through the hole the green ball tethered to the ring following behind.

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Tatiana screamed through the air toward the yellow streak and as sh closed the distance she saw the man clad the same as the one Qi had been ministering too except he was in yellow. This will be easy she thought. She changed pitch and rocketed toward him intending to blast him from the sky.

She didn't see the giant yellow flyswatter until it was too late...

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"So this just went from "annoying" to "Pretty Damn Bad."  Curtis, stay here, study the signal he's using and if possible try to find some sort of counter to it.  You're smarter than everyone, so I know you can do it.  I'm gonna go find Dale if I can, and get him out before this does any lasting damage to him."

With those words he took off again, Not moving top speed, but more than fast enough to cover a huge amount of ground in moments.  He was able to find Dale, but he wasn't able to quite reach him through the throng of people and get out.  The people were in a frenetic panic, and he was concerned with everyone's mental health with what he was seeing. This was getting worse and worse.  He hoped Curtis could come up with a real idea, because something told him that hitting him with a  barrage of attacks again wasn't likely going to work so well this time.

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Well, the ring had put a different complexion on the situation. But Curtis remained calm, had to remain calm. Fear was the mind-killer, if you let it, and Curtis knew that it was worse for him, because he prided his mind more than anything. But with his mind clear and controlled, he realized the situation in one respect was not as bad as it seemed. True, there were more transmitters. Yes, Fear-Master had used the strange yellow ring to enhance them.

But that was all. Like before, Fear-Master was content to hang back, a villainous voyeur of twisted terror.

Rick was wrong, Curtis reflected as he identified the nearest electronics shop in this safe stretch of the Promenade. He didn't need to block the signals. Just take out the transmitters. A few minutes and he would have the materials to do just that.


Curtis is setting up an EMP. Don't know if we're going to be using the Inventing rules or just going along as a story thing.


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Keiko couldn't fly or teleport, but she was quite fast on her feet with telekinetically enhanced bounding and speed. Even so, it wasn't more than a couple of blocks before she hitched a ride on a car that was heading the right direction. When it stopped she went another block over and jumped onto another one...and in that way she made her way to the Yellow Brick Row in record (for her) time!

Still behind the others, but not by too much!

Just in time, in fact, to see Tats get swatted out of the sky by a...giant glowing flyswatter?

That would actually be kind of awesome if it wasn't going to kill them.

Keiko whipped up an illusion of the Magnificent KITSUNE (tm) in her black bodysuit and noh mask and swishing fox tails, and sent it running into the battle while the real girl headed towards where Tatiana was falling. Maybe she could try to break that descent!

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Spellstone rode with Qi and Sinestro in the sphere, still not entirely sure of the strength of the purple man's word. When they arrived and the bubble receded, Spellstone shifted her attention from Sinestro to the sight before her... and froze. 

It was utter bedlam.

Only once in her life had Na'Atum seen such chaos, and standing here, taking it all in, it felt like she was back there, back home, as it shook beneath her feet, being sundered by jutting rocks and flows of lava as it sunk into the ocean. She could almost smell the saltwater air, feel the ground tremble, feel her eyes beginning to well up. She remembered feeling so powerless that that. Unable to save her parents and brothers, each of them giving their lives to protect each other and their home, until her parents finally sealed their final spells of protect for her with their own lives.


Not this time. Not again. NEVER again, she thought to herself. This time she was far from powerless. This time she could save lives, even if they were not those of her own people.

Her face hardened with resolve as she blinked back the tears. She had to stop this, but could not counter the ring. She had to remove the fear... or at the very least make it a moot point. And therein was a solution. If they were asleep, the mob could not hurt themselves or each other.

With nimble hands she began to weave her magic, recalling her schooling in the arcane and basic principles of magic to alter a spell on the fly. She stone around her neck began to glow brilliantly as she spoke in the ancient, arcane tongue, giving her magic form,

"ֆ₱ħ€Ԙ δꟻ ֆƪտᵯƥƺя" she proclaimed as she threw the small ball of arcane energy that now swirled in her hand.

The small ball, no larger than a baseball, landed in the middle of the crowd and expanded to a full sixty feet across in a second, causing those to caught within it to stagger, their eyelids getting heavy until finally they collapsed in heaps on the ground. Some might mistake the sight as one of death, and indeed it could have been had she not tweaked her spell, but instead scores of people lay slumbering, no longer a danger to themselves or others...



Spellstone is spending a Hero Point to shift her " Sphere of Destruction" (Ranged Damage 5: Area: Burst, 30' radius sphere) to a "Sleep" spell, as discussed with Dave in chat.


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Kitsune kicked it into overdrive, pushing with all her worth to get under Tatiana and with one great burst of force she leapt up and caught her.  They both tumbled to the ground spared the worst of cuts and bruises thanks to Kitsune's subtle control of her movement.  Tats was dazed, and Kitsune was on one knee, tending to her friend.  The shadow loomed over their head and that's when Kitsune saw the giant yellow hand slamming down atop them in an attempt to squash them like bugs.

With no real way to escape, Kitsune reflexively covered herself and tossed herself over Tatiana, waiting for the worse.  There was a thunderous boom, and she heard the pavement rumble, crumble, and break, but nothing fell upon them.

[Interpose] She looked up to see Sebastian standing in front of them, his arms up holding the hand between its middle and ring fingers.  He grunted and strained under the weight of the power the ring was pushing with, but he refused to let it come anywhere near his friends.  His feet were two small craters, his muscles flexed and threatened to burst from his t-shirt, but the young teen refused to give an inch.  Down moved  the hand and with a grunt and a push it moved back again.

Sebastian gritted his teeth and cried out like he was in an impromptu episode of Dragon Ball Z.  The louder his voice got the stronger he seemed, and Keiko saw as the hand began to tear between the fingers.  Light separated and in an instant exploded into yellow motes of glowing yellow dust.

"You're late," Tatiana said, getting up.

He smirked at her, the two sharing a moment of sarcasm.  "You're welcome."

"Woo, sure glad to see you, big guy."  Kitsune stood up.

"Anytime, Kit."  He smiled, looking around but not actually looking at her.  "What exactly is going on here?  I was at Big Kahuna Burger and Dale called me all whacked out of his mind... then there were explosions... people fighting..."

"See that big yellow guy?"  Tats said, shaking off the pummeling from the swatter.

"Yep."  Sebastian nodded.

"You should hit him, a lot,"  she cracked her neck from side to side.  "We explain later."

His fist slammed into his palm and he grinned.  "Can do."

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"Hmm, she looks good in green," Cosima commented as Qi took off with Spellstone and Sinestro in her bubble. Green light - force? ... If I can...

The young, very shapely woman linked an arm with the out-of-commission Green Lantern, and arched a brow as she grinned up at him. "So, tell me, Hal, do these wonderful rings come in pink or purple too?" Hal seemed to struggle to answer and she chuckled. "No matter. Let me take you somewhere so you can rest and recover, and the ladies and I will take care of the rest."

She and Hal Jordan disappeared in a flare of fuchsia light, reappearing seamlessly in the infirmary at Claremont Academy.

"Sorry to drop in so suddenly, Dr. Chase. I found a stray that needs taken care of and I have an engagement on Yellow Brick Row I need to get to," Cosima said in a rush. Dr. Leslie Chase gave a startled jump, spinning around with a hand to her chest. "Try to, like, not let him die or something. Byeee!"

Cosima was gone in another swirl of rich, pink light. Leslie shook her head in exasperation at the wealthy princess and trying Claremont Academy student, then turned to the man with a sympathetic look. "Now, what trouble has Ms. Vandersteen gotten you into?"


Several moments and psychoportative steps later, Princess appeared amidst the chaos engulfing Yellow Brick Row, somehow having found time to change. Instead of a dress for a night out on the town, she was wearing a sleek, regal-looking gown and a slim golden and begemmed circlet in her hair. In her hand, she held what suspiciously looked like a scepter.

Terror and fear ran rampant on the street she knew well, a place that was for flirting, browsing, and casual or decadent consumerism. The gloating man in yellow was obviously their quarry, Tatiana, Kitsune, and Bastion looking ready to engage him. She just caught the ball of light streaking from Spellstone explode, making people fall over senseless.

"How is this nefarious King in Yellow causing such a horrendous ruckus?" Princess exclaimed, looking around at the horror-stricken people harming themselves, harming others, dangerous to all - as if they were subjected to a Broadway production perpetuated by Lindsey Lohan - and potentially endangered by what they would need to do to stop the Fear-Monger.

"Transmitters scattered about to cause maximum, if uneven, mayhem," Curtis shouted over the cacophony as he scuttled by her on the way to the electronics shop he has identified, trying to avoid the wild crowd. "I'm trying to do something about it, if I don't get torn to pieces first."

"Very good," Princess proclaimed loftily, then flashing Curtis a wink that was not in character for her act as Princess. "I shall endeavor to clear some of these innocents from the environs."

Princess stepped again, putting distance between herself and the ones Spellstone had rendered comatose, into a denser pocket of terror-stricken humanity. She could port people out from under the influence of the unnatural fear - she hoped - one at a time with a gesture or a glance, but it would be too slow. But if she could follow Spellstone's example.

She had never teleported so many at once. Her manicured hand tightened so hard around the scepter in her hand her fingers turned white. Amethyst eyes glowed fiercely as waves of magenta and rose light began rolling away from Princess. She didn't need to send them far, just off Yellow Brick Row - there was a public park not that far towards Royal Hill that would do, hopefully. She breathed deep, straining the confines of her corseted gown, then waved her scepter, the rolling waves of light flashing and then gone.

Princess wavered with the rush of expended effect - she couldn't do that again any time soon - then turned blazing eyes on the King in Yellow. Time for checkmate - she didn't play chess, but yes, she knew the term.


Spending a Hero Point to use an Alternate effect of her Viridian Psionics Array, specifically an area effect of her Psychapportation effect.

Teleport: Burst Area Attack 8 (accidental, psionic, 1 mile in a standard action, DC 18; Burst Area 2: 60 foot radius sphere, Attack: Will, Change Velocity, Selective, Notes: Automatically Resisted by those with Viridian Crystals or gained their powers from them) [41pp]


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Oh boy, this guy was playing for keeps! It seemed like he had a TON of raw power, but maybe his ability to pay attention to things was a bottleneck? Classic gaming rules; the you could beat anyone if he was distracted enough!

"Lets spread out some, make sure he can't get us all with one big hand-thing again!"

She ran off at an angle, moving around the Yellow Man at a distance to a spot where a big planter with a tree in it would offer some cover if he chose to go after her. From there Keiko concentrated and created a little illusion just for him...

Suddenly two tiny meteors seemed to streak in from above; one green and one yellow. They zoomed down to orbit the Yellow Man's head; two tiny men in costumes based on what Keiko remembered of the actual men who'd fallen from the sky. Each one had a disproportionately large head on their tiny figure, so that their features were recognizable.

"YOU FOOL HAL" shrieked the tiny purple man, "LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO US NOW!"

The man in green planted his fists stubbornly on his hips and replied, "THIS IS AS MUCH YOUR FAULT AS MINE. MORE REALLY BECAUSE REASONS!"

She had no idea how 'Hal' talked, since he'd been unconscious the whole time while she'd been there. That gave her a lot of creative freedom.

The two tiny figures started yelling and shooting tiny laser beams at each other, while still hovering right up in the supervillain's face, making it really hard to focus on other stuff!

(Initiative: 1d20+4 15 on her turn: Affliction; DC 17 Will save- Vulnerable/Perception Impaired with first degree success or Defenseless/Perception Disabled with two degrees)

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Qi surveyed the scene as the rest of the teen heroes lept into action. Richard, Spellstone and Princess were removing the pedestrians from the zone of fear, It looked like Bastion, Banshee, and Kieko were about to launch an assault. She didn't know where Curtis was or what he was doing.

Qi's first instinct was to attack the yellow clad criminal a direct assault joining her teammates, but circumstances gave her pause. She had never had 'Superpowers' never desired them but now she had a device, the Green lanterns Power Ring, and she faced some one with an almost identical ring.

"Alright Sinestro, you have the experience I lack, I have the Green Lanterns ring,  how do we get your ring back from that person?" She asked the universe hopping villein.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sinestro squinted and rose his arm up to block the incoming flashes of yellow light as Fear-Master used his ring's power.  "My ring can't connect with its lantern to recharge, it's in a strange world where our power rings have never existed..."

Princess looked from the sky to Sinestro with a quizzical, yet compassionate expression, "So, you're telling us the fear ring is... afraid?"

"An over simplification," He shrugged.  "But no less an accurate appraisal, child, yes.  It's afraid.  It's attempting to survive at all costs by absorbing, through induction, all the fear energy it can.  That fool has no idea what he's doing, he's drunk on power."  He looked at the inside of his wrist,  small digital display was there.  "Twenty percent power.  If my ring reaches a hundred percent power, there will be no saving your precious city.  Normally, I'd simply take it back, but this... 'Fear-Master', lame name by the way, appears to be one of very few people 'worthy' to wear a power ring.  I had this same problem in my home dimension when a fear spreading lunatic called 'The Scarecrow' got his hands on a yellow power ring once."

He pointed to the now glowing yellow, and very obvious fear generators.  "Those.  While there may be several of them, he appears to be using those to 'feed' the ring.  The more of those that go, the less power the ring will gain.  And... here's the fun part, get him to use the ring as much as you can.  He's weak and untrained, he'll go through its power swiftly like a mewling cadet."  He looked at Qi with a serious look that chilled her blood.  "But, I warn you 'Green Lantern': our rings are limited only by our imagination, they can, quite literally, do anything.  Do not provoke him in his insanity or the results could be... unexpected."


Rich - 37
Princess - 22
Qi - 15
Kitsune - 15
Curtis - 14
Fear-Master - 13
Bastion - 10
Tat - 6
Spellstone - 6

Richard is first.  BEFORE you get to posting, Richard ended his turn in the Fear Zone and unfortunately the power ring is more powerful that Rich's immunity (you are not immune to Fear-Master's fear powers while he wears the ring).  The effect is Subtle, meaning I roll your saving throws (that goes for everyone, Muahahaha!) and Rich failed it by 2.  Currently Rich is 'Dazed' and it stays in effect as long as he remains in the Fear Zone (it also stacks, so if he remains in there it will progressively get worse if he keeps failing saves).

Dazed: A condition. A dazed character is limited to free actions and a single standard action per round, although the character may use that action to perform a move, as usual.

The combat zone is simple, it's an outside mall.  Stores on both sides with a single wide walkway with the buildings being various heights (use your imagination, but no more than 10 stories or so).  He is floating above the area roughly dead center of the Fear Zone.  There all sorts of props and whatnot you can throw at him, if you are creative, I'll grant bonuses.

Rich is the only one fast enough to cross the entire zone in a single move action and not be exposed to the Fear Zone long enough to merit a save, barring teleportation, since it doesn't actually cross through the zone at all (because I know someone was gonna ask about it...).

Attacking the generators is relatively easy, but there are a lot of them, one blast from any damaging power will destroy them.  Counting them all is not something you really have time for unless you have a perfect vantage point and want to sacrifice a few rounds of actions to do so.

The Fear Zone is no joke, hitting him from outside it will mean that all your ranged attacks are at medium range.

Qi, I mean The Green Lantern, is 100% completely immune to the Fear Zone.  She may come and go as she pleases.

Fear Master's defenses are +5 Parry/Dodge, +12 Toughness (Impervious), +8 Will/Fortitude

Fear-Master hovered within his dome of terror, cackling madly with glee when suddenly a chibi Green Lantern and a Sinestro appeared before him, mocking and cursing one another in a high pitched gibberish none could hope to understand.  "Wha?  What is this!?  No, shoo!  Go away... get!"  He frantically waved his hands about, but the two little figures just flew around and through them while they continued their eternal struggle for prismatic dominance.  "I said, be gone!"

"Ackchyually...." Sinestro said in a high pitch, nerdy voice with a bit of a lisp.

"You said, 'go away'," the Green Lantern finished the thought just they both blasted him in the eyes with beams from their power rings.

"AAARRRGGHHH!"  He arched his head back, holding his eyes.


Fear Master is 'surprised' for this round only (nice work, Max).  Surprised encompasses both Stunned (can't take actions this round) and Vulnerable (active defenses are halved).

Get to work.  You have a city to save.


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Even as he came to Dale, who really didn't look human at all at this point, just a contorting mess of shifting flesh, there was a unique sensation as he reached out to scoop him up.  Well perhaps not unique, but something he'd not really felt in a good while, fear.  A primal part told him he should just bolt, but that wasn't what he was going to do.  He grabbed ahold of what was normally Dale, and ran.   Before the devices couldn't effect him, but now, it seemed like they were powered up, and they could, though the effect wasn't driving him to hysteria like the others.  It made him uncomfortable, almost as uncomfortable as holding onto Dale like this was making him.

While that tiny twinge of fear was present, he scowled as he dashed back out to where he'd brought Curtis.   Now he was pissed off, and he was already planning what he was going to do to bring the Fear-Master down.

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Princess arched a royal brow at Sinestro. While she agreed that Fear-Master was indeed a lame nom de guerre, Scarecrow was just... ugh. "The land you are from Sir Sinestro sounds most... odd."

Her lavender eyes glowed with magenta incandescence and ephemeral light of similar hue bloomed around one of the now obvious fear devices. The magenta light grew brighter, harder, as it tightened about the yellow glow of the Fear Generator as Princess sought to crush it with psychokinetic might.

Princess offered Fear-Master a condescending smirk, waving her scepter dismissively. "Why should any fear an insipid miscreant such as yourself, when you are brought low by a pair of mere sprites?"

Some might say the opposite of fear was courage or hope or faith. But for Cosima, the opposite of fear was mockery, parody. You couldn't be afraid of something you could laugh at, that you saw as nothing more than a frivolous joke. You could pity them, but not fear them.


Action - Using Psyschokinesis to grab one of the Fear Generators and crush it. Perception range, so automatically hits, Damage Resistance Check is vs. DC 23, DC 28 if it's considered inanimate and defenseless and thus susceptible to Finisher Attacks.

Psychokinesis: Move Object 8 (accidental, psionic, 25 tons, DC 23, Advantages: Chokehold, Fast Grab, Improved Hold; Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Damaging, Increased Mass 2, Increased Range: perception, Precise, Subtle 1) [1pp - AE]


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Qi listened to Sinestro "Right get his attention and get him to use his ring but don't provoke him"  She tilted her head at the magenta colored humanoid "Really? Don't provoke him. Hmmph See what you can do about those devices  while i go and 'don't provoke' him into attacking me." she said as she took flight once again surrounded by a green glow.

She swooped into the Fear Masters line of sight and called to him. "FearMaster I am...Green... Lantern and you must stop what you are doing before more people are harmed!"


Qi is ready to defend herself when he attacks but she makes no attack this round instead hoping to make herself a target.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Delighted at the success of her ruse, Keiko grabbed at the light streaming around her and directed it into a coherent straight line, painting a bright white streak that superheated the surrounding air into a great thunderclap!

She stayed where she was then, behind cover and invisible, eagerly watching to see just how bad this guy got hurt by her perfectly-aimed blast.


Laser shot, Base DC 22 +multiattack: 1D20+8 = [18]+8 = 26

Sadly, it's only rank 8...which I think means it can't penetrate rank 12 impervious toughness, even with a blast that hits by that much. The rules for multiattack specify that the damage DC add-on for a high degree of success doesn't count towards penetrating Impervious.

If I'm wrong, the Toughness save DC for that shot is 28.


Edit - Nevermind, it totally works. 12 Impervious Toughness screens out attack rank 6 or less, not 12 or less. Damage DC 28!

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Even as there was a maelstrom of conflict above, Curtis was going about, with various parts and devices spread about or being soldered together in a DIY session that would not make sense to the average person. Someone with technical expertise in electronics would have a much better idea, but still have unanswered questions.

"Princess," Cosima caught the snide words of the genius below, "if you have time to posture, you have time to bring over that SUV." Princess frowned, but seeing the serious look on Curtis' face, had the indicated auto lifted in magenta and dropped perhaps a little too close to Curtis as a non-verbal response. Curtis ignored her and popped the hood.

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Sebastian took three steps forward before grabbing a large cement planter, complete with tree in it, with one hand.  He spun once, then twice, the planter in tow, and with a mighty yell heaved it upward at Fear-Master.  The blinding white light from the laser had pulled his attention away and as he took an assessment of how he was still alive, the cement planter spiraled toward him, tree and all.

He raised his arms up out of reflex just as the cement planter slammed into him.  Dirt and tree and cement shards showered over everything in a violent explosion that did little to, if anything, to harm Fear-Master.  It wasn't until he gleefully lowered his arms, reveling in his new found power did he realize that the planter was just a distraction.  As the dirt cleared from his vision an angry, fist-kocked-back Sebastian was soaring towards him and he was completely caught off guard.  His fist slammed into Fear-Maker's face and those able to see it shuddered at the impact because they knew that hurt.  Or did it?  Whatever strange power surrounded Fear-Maker it shrugged off Sebastian's might like he was a toddler tossing Jell-O from a spoon.  His friends sorely hoped he wasn't pulling punches (which he was prone to do out of his fear of hurting someone accidentally).

Unable to fly, he gripped Fear-Master and kicked off of him into a nearby wall.  He slammed against it in a crouched position and gripped it tightly, hi fingers digging into the stone and steel in preparation for another leap, except... there may not be another leap... Rick noticed that Sebastian had entered the Fear Zone...

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