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Star Trek: Destiny House Rules

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This will be the first set of House Rules for Playing in Star Trek: Destiny

First up is Continuity

Star Trek is a big big universe. Six tv shows 7 if you count the animated series, Twelve feature Films, Numerous comic book series, novels, fan sites, at least 5 official RPGs and a load of Computer games including one MMO.

This create a huge wealth of information but not all of it is canon.

Because of this for the sake of our game only  the following sources will be used as Canon reference for the game.

The Aired television Shows including parts (but not all) of the animated tv show.

All of the movies that take place in the prime universe. The Kelvin Universe is not canon as far as our game is concerned.

The only books which are canon for our purposes are novelizations of movies and episodes of the tv shows. The exception to this is the novelizations of the TOS Seris while readable they are not accurate even with the old source material.

The only other book we will use is the Star Trek Encyclopedia.

Memory Alpha will be used as a referance

Memory Beta may be used but not everything there is 100% canon so I will have to review anything from that site,

Of the RPG game only the Star Trek Adventures will be used.

Now I may adapt something from some other source but if I do I will let you know.

As for Continuity. We are starting in the time period of 2368/69 corresponding roughly witht he 5th season of TNG and the first of DS9. Everything that has happened before is set in stone. what happens from this point forward is fluid. I will stick to the canon but if what we do disrupts or changes anything which may follow then we will go with our game as a new alternate time line. But I will try to keep the game withing the bounds of what is to come.


That is continuity and resources. Next is the game itself.

Rule #1

READ THE POSTS - Please do not skim posts, any posts. open the spoilers. if you Skim you will miss things and you will inevitably make a post that you will have to edit. So take the time and read all of the posts.

Rule #2

ROLL THE DICE ONLY WHEN I CALL FOR IT - This is play by post by it's very nature it is slow. rolling dice makes it slower. you are playing Starfleet officers who are universally hyper competent.  When you are writing and come to a task you need to have a character do assume he can do it. The only time you need to roll is when I ask you to roll. I am not ignore the game part I just want to game part to be at the exciting parts.

and that is at this time the only House ruls. I will be posting later about starship combat and maybe a couple of other things but for now everyhting else is as written.

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NPCs created by myself or anyone else that are assigned to the Destiny are usable by anyone who needs to use them. This includes V'Lar and Garner or any of the other named Ensigns the only exception would be the captain.

Just be respectful of their portrayal in other appearances and don't kill them without checking with me first.

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