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Commander Vikeli Raymer

Captain of the USS Destiny

Female Rigellian Jelna

Age: 46

Personality Analytical, cautious but not indecisive. She is reserved when on duty but tends to be somewhat approachable when not in the chair. Like Puzzles and building models of various things from Ornate Historical Buildings to replica ships and other vehicles. Like Poetry and Romances. Fond of Rigellian Pop Music.

Costume_silk121_J. J. James_Headshotstyle_Default_01_593225013.jpg

History: Vikeli Raymer, A Rigellian Jelna, was born and raised on a Trade ship that plied the lanes between the core worlds of the Federation and the outer Colonies pushing up against the Cardassian Borders. While she loved her family and her home aboard their ship She wanted more. Always inquisitive and industries she excelled at science and wished to pursue that and not the family trade. She applied to Starfleet Academy 3 time and was except on the third. She was a middle of the road student whit high marks in both Science and engineering course but surprisingly it was in Politics Law and Diplomacy where she proved to be outstanding. Still Science was her passion and that was the course her career would follow. With almost two decades in service Vikeli's proudest moment was being named the Chief Science officer of the Destiny. After three years in that post as science  and 2nd Officer she has found herself shoved into a position she never expected and may not be prepared for.


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Doctor Miriam Sepguta (LTJG)erwf85.jpg

Age: 24
Species: Human (Female)
Plant of Birth: Deep space en route Affrid Colony
Current Assignment: Chief Surgeon, USS Destiny

Personality: Soft spoken and reserved outside of sickbay, within her area of expertise she is a quiet force of nature.  She takes the well being of those in her care seriously and makes her medical rounds with precision, dedication and seemingly boundless energy. She routinely engages her staff (and anyone else in sickbay) with hypothetical situations, seemingly as interested in how other's would respond as she is of determining their knowledge of medical protocol. Off duty she plays the wheel harp though she admits it's more a meditation prop than than a serious instrument.

History: Born intelligent and curious at an isolated research colony, her parents learned early to stimulate her intellectually in positive ways or she would disassemble the replicator trying to figure out how it worked. By age 10 she was assisting the colony by maintaining equipment, by 14 she was assisting the colony doctor with his rounds as well as his equipment. By 16 she applied to the Academy via subspace with a recommendation from the colony doctor, making her way to Earth working passage on supply ships. She missed the first class up date but worked at Ceres station in the Sol asteroid belt servicing fabrication systems until she could reapply the following year. At the academy she was identified as a strong candidate for the medical track and was admitted.

Career Events: Junior resident on an emergency medical crisis response team seemed an interesting assignment but Miriam learned first hand what it meant to be thrust into a leadership role in a plague zone ministering to the sick and dying. While she actively avoids talking about the event, it is how many in the medical field know her name. The Sepguta Decryption Algorithm is becoming the standard tool for decryption of the RNA sequence codes needed to deactivate the variants of Tallerian Plague. While there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of variants in existence it is now possible to actively treat the virus rather than the symptoms. 

Quote: "Of course its a virus but its an artificial one. Its a weapon. Designed from the ground up by someone with intelligence unfettered by ethics. It stymied doctors for decades because they looked at it and saw a disease instead of a weapon. As soon as I realized the pattern in the strand was non-random I thought 'What if they designed a key into the virus hidden behind an encryption?'  It made sense they would want to maintain control of their weapon, especially one that is difficult to aim and has a hair trigger. At that point it was less a medical issue than an engineering one. The details are in the mission report."



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Lieutenant J'Sira

Age: 37
Height: 6'1" (185.42 cm)
Weight: 180 lb. (81.8 kg)
Species: Vulcan/Klingon
Rank: Lieutenant
Planet of Birth: Vulcan

Current Assignment: Chief Engineer, USS Destiny

J'Sira has been raised largely in the Vulcan tradition, and thus is extremely calm. She is not entirely emotionless though, and those that get to know her realize she has more subtle flashes of emotion from time to time. Her boisterous Klingon blood seems to counteract her Vulcan upbringing, making her more outgoing and approachable rather then the usual Vulcan stoic aloofness and allows her to react quickly when there is not time for logical analysis.

J'Sira's favorite drink is ½ Raktajino and ½ Vulcan Mocha. "the best of both worlds" as she says. Though it is rare for her to be able to partake in it, she developed a taste for pipius claw with omat'gri tea thanks to her mother. For fun she enjoys everything from mental pursuits such as reading, Tri-Dimensional Chess and to Strategema, and physical pursuits such has Parrises Squares.

J'Sira was born to a Vulcan father and Klingon mother and is a child of pure pragmatism. The coupling took place out of necessity when on a joint survey mission, their craft sustained damage and managed to crash land. Her father was planning to return to Vulcan as he knew the pon farr was drawing close. The crash delayed his trip significantly, and so her mother, being the only female among the crew able to physcially withstand her father, mated with him so her could emerge from pon farr and continue with repairs. As it turned out, that single coupling was successful, and her mother, now pregnant with his child, informed him that they were to be mated, much to his chagrin.

The couple settled on Vulcan where J'Sira was born and raised in the Vulcan tradition (her mother yielding to her husband), though she made sure to pass on some of her heritage to her child over the years. J'Sira was a very bright child, and was easily a match for her Vulcan classmates, who, due to her mixed heritage, chose to bully and tease her indirectly (for fear of her physical reprisals) after her mother began instructing her in qEl'qrA (Klingon Boxing). J'Sira learnd that she had to work even harder than her classmates to achieve the same recognition.

J'Sira entered Starfleet where her technical and scientific acumen quickly brought her to the top of her class. It was also her first time spent away from Vulcan, and she found that while her father's side helped in the classroom, her mother's side was a boon to her socially. After graduation she was assigned to the USS Exeter (NCC-26531). Aboard ship, her blend of keen intellect, technical ability and natural charisma served her well. She proved to be a brilliant engineer, able to make swift (if temporary) repairs in dire situations, leading to the survival of the ship on more than one occasion, earning her a reputation as a skilled and creative engineer who thought out of the box.

On the Exeter J'Sira was part of an unplanned First Contact mission when they came across a starship set adrift by a damaged warp nacelle. The ship was an exploratory vessel belonging to the Eldradins, a previously undiscovered species. Attempts to communicate and offer assistance where stymied with the Universal Translator proved ineffective. While attempting to work with the Eldradins to make repairs, despite the language barrier, J'Sira discovered that they were a mildly empathic species who used emotion as a context for their spoken language (supplemented by occasional gestures and hand signs). Thanks to her mental and emotional discipline from her Vulcan upbringing, J'Sira managed to quickly learn the language and could 'speak' it with little difficulty. After repairs were complete, the Exeter escorted the Eldradins back to their homeworld where formal First Contact was made, spearheaded by J'Sira and her ability to speak with them and the rapport she had already established with them while lending technical assistance.

It was not long before she received order to report to Deep Space 3-9 for reassignment...

"Ten Vulcans can have ten different, equally logical arguments all for the same thing, for logic is the path, not the destination. So yes, sometimes it is necessary for me to take a short cut for the sake of efficiency, or blaze a new trail entirely if need be, while others waste precious time analyzing. Rarely does one have the luxury of waiting until you are sure to act. You must act no later than the moment that you are more sure than not, lest time, resources and lives be lost. If you think that moment may never come, then trust your instincts or step aside. As my mother would say, "Knowledge is like a sharpened blade. But what good is a blade in the hand of one who lacks the confidence to use it?"




Text version...


Name: J'Sira
Rank: Lieutenant
Assignment: Chief Engineer, USS Destiny

Species: Vulcan/Klingon
Gender: Female
Traits: Vulcan, Klingon

Environment: Another Species' World (Vulcan)
Upbringing: Science and Technology (A)

Control 10 | Daring 8 | Fitness 9 | Insight 9 | Presence 9 | Reason 11 | 

Command 3 | Conn 2 | Security 2 | Engineering 5 | Science 3 | Medicine 1

Computers, Materials Engineering, Power Systems, Transporters & Replicators, Linguistics, Diplomacy

A Child of Two Worlds
Everyone has a Story. Make yours worth Reading.
Logic is the Beginning, not the end of Wisdom
Compassion Through Understanding

Determination 0/3

Brak'lul - Various physiological redundancies mean that wounds that would kill other humanoid species don’t affect Klingons as badly. The character gains +2 Resistance against all Non-lethal attacks. In addition, whenever the Klingon is target of a First Aid Task, reduce the Difficulty of that Task by 1, to a minimum of 1.

Mean Right Hook - Your Unarmed Strike Attack has the Vicious 1 Damage Effect.

Cautious: Engineering - Whenever you attempt a Task with Engineering, and you buy one or more d20s by spending Momentum, you may re-roll a single d20.

Jury-Rig - Whenever you attempt an Engineering Task to perform repairs, you may reduce the Difficulty by two, to a minimum of 0. If you do this, however, then the repairs are only temporary and will last only a single scene, plus one additional scene per Momentum spent (Repeatable) before they fail again. Jury-rigged repairs can only be applied once, and the Difficulty to repair a device that has been Jury-rigged increases by 1.

Stress 0/11

Phaser Type 1
4 - Charge, Hidden 1

Unarmed Strike
3 - Knockdown, Non-Lethal, Vicious 1




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Lt Anjala Batim

Age: 26
Species: Betazoid
Rank: Lieutenant
Planet of Birth: Earth (Sol) 

Current Assignment: Chief of Security on USS Destiny

Lt Batim comes off as very reserved while on duty, displaying little open emotion. During off hours that reserve switches off, and the difference is often startling to those who aren't used to it. Anjala is quick to make acquaintances and slow to make friends, as she takes the obligations of friendship very seriously. Her sense of humor is quiet and wry and sarcastic, though she was known as something of a prankster in the Academy as well. She is driven, even aggressive, when pursuing her goals, and very responsive to competition...friendly or otherwise.


Anjala was born on Earth, the daughter of two diplomats from Betazed assigned to long-term duty at the embassy. Her life there was difficult, especially once her telepathic abilities began to manifest. On Betazed, telepathy was natural and normal...even in her household that was a fact of life. Outside though, among humans, it made her something alien. What struck her hardest was the sheer amount of casual, everyday deception that blazed under the surface of nearly every human interaction. She struggled to adapt to this clash of culture, and to the suspicion and unease she sensed around her.

After getting into trouble more than once, she joined Starfleet despite her parents' wish that she go to Betazed to live with relatives for a time. Anjala found the idea of going to Betazed intimidating, and decided she'd prefer to find her own place in the galaxy.


In her first posting out of academy, her ship was investigating signs of an old civilization at a planet that had been charted but not mapped or thoroughly explored. The ground team accidentally activated an ancient defense system that had just enough power to incapacitate the orbiting ship, causing its orbit to decay. Anjala was able to lead crew members to the shuttle bay and pilot the small craft down...suffering some damage from impacts with debris from the starship on the way.

She and the other survivors survived for two weeks camped in the old ruins, fending off attacks by curious local predators and dealing with shortages in clean water and edibles. Most of them made it, though a few...including a close friend of Anjala's...did not. Despite the losses, Anjala's performance in the crisis was considered exemplary, earning her a commendation and promotion in rank.



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Ensign V'Lar




Age: 25
Species: Vulcan
Rank: Ensign
Planet of Birth: Vulcan, K'Lan-ne Xir'Tan

Current Assignment: Flight Ops

Like many Vulcans V'Lar seems typically aloof and emotionless. However closer scrutiny will show a person who is less typical especially when other Vulcans are nearby. The Vulcans of V''Lar's home do not follow the logical path with as religious an adherence as the majority of the species. Due to the harsh and uncompromising nature of the place they choose to inhabit they have bolstered Logic with a great deal of pragmatism and straight up common sense. Coupled with the regions populaces somewhat less than typical look has led the Vulcans of Xir'Tan to be subjected to a most illogical prejudice. Most other Vulcans see the more physical oriented inhabitants of the region as some what common and pedestrian.  Thus it is that V'Lar find more comfort around non Vulcans than most of her species.


V'Lar was born and Raised on the Vulcan continent of Xir'Tan a dangerous unstable island continent in the southern part of the planet. Her family are Laborers and prospectors that made their living gathering the precious minerals Kevas and Trillium. V'Lar worked alongside her brothers and her father once she was old enough and showed an aptitude with flying and navigating the air transports through the terrible wind storms caused by the many volcanoes. it was this skill that eventually led her to starfleet, when during a  especially violent series of eruptions a small group of geologist from the science institute was cut off and lost. When all the other flyers gave up due to the dangerous conditions the then 17 year old V'Lar mad half a dozen flight s to locate and rescue the scientist and she did. One of those Scientist was a Starfleet Commander who befriended the Vulcan girl and who would sponsor her entry into the Academy two years later.


At the Academy V'Lar performed well passing her courses even if she didn't stand out academically she did in other ways. Her coloration was not the norm for a Vulcan and was noted by almost everyone she came in contact with. Other Vulcan's at the Academy, including instructors and officers, tended to treat her as an inferior even if it was just in the way she was looked at. It didn't help that she was not like other Vulcans in her studies either. She didn't take to the Sciences and was only passable in engineering subjects. she excelled in those classes that concerned the security field and flying. In fact her councilors recommend a security track but she choose flight and Command in stead.

She was a promising Cadet and was chosen for a cadet cruise in 2366 a mission that would almost end her career and her life.

Stardate 44002.3  the Battle of Wolf 359 occurred one of the ships involved and destroyed during  that fateful battle Was USS Princeton NCC-59804. Cadet V'lar was serving her Cadet cruise aboard the Princeton along with 16 other members of her class. The ship was lost in the battle with only 83 members of her crew. including V'lar and three other cadets, being rescued after the battle. the remainder were either killed or assimilated.

It was over a year later after her recovery from injuries and mandatory leave before V'lar returned to Starfleet an Ensign. The Scientist who had sponsored her to the Academy was now an Admiral and Ensign V'lar became her personal assistant for the next year before emergency receiving orders to report to Deep Space 3-9



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Jensen_zpsbcvwxuvl.jpgAge: 17
Species: Human
Rank: Ensign
Planet of Birth: Earth (Sol)

Current Assignment: Flight Controller

Personality: Blessed and cursed since birth with amazing intellect, Michael is a young man who has never wanted for anything in the departments of skill or accomplishment as most things came incredibly easy to him. He doesn't relate well to others and is surprisingly intimidated by those around him, consistently feeling like he is 'in the way'. Easily overwhelmed by practical experience (of which he has little) he is quickly coming to understand that an amazing intellect is wonderful, but it does not come close to competing with real life experience.

Although not arrogant or haughty by nature, he commonly comes across that way, seeming rude or tactless (something he is rarely apologetic for), but it's mostly due to his inability to empathize with others considering his lack of social interaction while growing up.

History: Michael was a prodigy from the moment of his birth. By six months he was reading, by three he'd started his scholastic curriculum and by five his IQ was 210. His basic curriculum was completed by age ten and by age 13 he was accepted into Starfleet Academy as apart a special program where he and other exceptionally gifted children would have an opportunity to see how they fared against some of the most rigorous education available anywhere in the galaxy.

They did incredibly well, but like was anticipated, their emotional maturity was certainly a factor in dealing with the rigors of stress and responsibility. Only a few actually succeeded in completing the four years, but Michael was still the youngest, at seventeen. While there he made zero friends, was bullied quite a bit because of his age and his natural aptitude. If asked he will say it was an amazing experience, but in truth he hated it.

Career: Michael has no career in Starfleet, having just graduated. However his service record already shows that he possesses hand and eye coordination and intellectual acuity in top percentiles. It was common among the academy instructors to say that if it could fly, Michael could make it dance on the head of a pin. His scores in the simulators are all records that are in no fear of being broken any time soon. At the conn he is fearless and flawless, however all his experience is hall been in simulators. His tactics and methods are sometimes extreme, and if he tried some his maneuvers in an actual Starfleet ship he would have been reprimanded, court marshaled and stripped of rank. He's been warned never to attempted such maneuvers in an actual federation vessel.

As graduation approached Michael awaited assignment to his cadet cruise when he and eleven other cadets, all in the top 5 percent, were called to the Admiral's office. There they were told that due to circumstances they would not be joining the rest of their unit for the cadet cruise instead they would be advanced to the rank of ensign and were being sent to Deep Space 3-9 for further orders.


Name: Michael Jensen
Species: Human
Rank: Ensign
Environment: Frontier Colony
Upbringing: Starfleet (A)
Assignment: Flight Controller
Traits: Human



Focuses: Starship Tactics, Starfleet Starships, Starship Weapons Systems, Deflector Shield/Force Field Tech, Starfleet History, Helm Operations

Values: 'I can do that.', Born to Fly, The Problem Isn't The Problem, Fast Ships and Strange New Worlds

Talents: Bold: Conn, Fly-By, Technical Expertise, Prodigy

Stress: 12


Phaser Type-1 (4)
Charge, Hidden 1

Unarmed Strike (3)
Knockdown, Nonlethal

Other Equipment:



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a0x9w9.jpgEnsign T'Set

Age: 18
Species: Vulcan
Rank: Ensign
Planet of Birth: Vulcan

Current Assignment: Chief of Operations, USS Destiny

Born to a prominent Diplomat,  T'Set has had the weight of expectations on her shoulder since she was born. Having to measure each step and interaction based on how it will reflect on not only her mother, but Sarek's Circle as a whole.  Given this, she is typically Vulcan in her displays of emotion, though since beginning starfleet she has begun to come out of that shell of Stoicism a bit  more. Though that still leaves most Vulcans looking expressive by comparison.

She is an intensely curious person, searching out and actively pursuing as many fields as she can. 


As a young girl, T'Set never knew her father. Her mother, N'Evran, raised her as close to single handedly as it was possible to, given her status within Sarek's Circle and the extensive demands on her time. For all that, though, she has always attempted to make time where possible. Spotting the first inklings of interest in the Sciences at a young age, she not only encouraged the young Vulcan, but provided her with resources to help her flourish. It both provided her with an outlet as well as a distraction from how often she was ostensibly alone.

Once she was old enough to warrant tutoring, her life changed. For the first time she was not only provided the materials for self learning, but also a stranger who she could talk to about her learnings. Her mother was all well and good, but their two voices alone did not allow for proper discourse. She took to her tutors with an alacrity that brought a quiet sense of satisfaction and pride in her mother, and surprised appreciation from her tutors. Vulcans may have a grounding in the sciences, but children were still children and they did not expect the student that T'Set turned out to be. A rare gem for them.

It was this introduction to her tutors that turned her interest from the purely internal academic to the external practical. Their tales of other species developments, their own experiences out in the world ignited a certain desire in her. Between the new people, and the knowledge they brought her, she eventually decided she wanted to go out into the universe at large. She was still very young at the time, so her desires were met with a calm acknowledgement and a deferral till she was older. 

As she grew, she continued apace in her studies, focusing primarily on the Sciences and Engineering. More and more T'Set was being looked at not as a likely candidate for the Vulcan Science Academy but more as a prize for which discipline at the Academy would win her.  At one stage or another, with all of this attention being given her, word must have filtered back through social circles , because towards the end of her 13th year, she received an offer from Starfleet.  They were planning a new program and needed a test class as a proof of concept. Her mother, having been aware of the programs formation as well as T'Set's interest in the potential for exploration gave permission for her attendance, a mixture of pride and worry underneath the traditional Vulcan stoicism. And so, at the tender age of 14, T'Set was bundled up and shipped to Starfleet with the rest of the young teenagers.

Th first couple of months in the course were almost intoxicating. Her first time off her Homeworld. Her first time interacting with so many non-Vulcans. Her first time truly being among a group of her peers. Everything here was something new, and she relished in it, in being pushed to her limits and even beyond. Some nights she barely had the energy to crawl into her bunk, but for the first time she felt content in a way she had never been previously. Even here, though, she practiced a certain amount of self sufficiency. Her earlier years had instilled a certain level of self determination that, while not enough to have her labelled as a lone wolf, was enough that she had a select grouping of close friends and beyond that most of her classmates were acquaintances. And even then, she would regularly have her nose buried in her PADD.

The work was hard and the Semesters long. Even with all they were being taught, there was so much more to learn. Her grounding in the Sciences was excellent, but she chose to move into the Command structure. Allowing her to begin to once again expand her knowledge base, after all, she reasoned. With her time in Starfleet, she would not only be a Scientist, but an Explorer, and she wanted to be able to direct that as much as possible. It was while at the Academy that she published her first paper, a treatise on certain exotic energy sources and their potential harnessing and implementation. Something that she had been working on for a long time, but that her presence in Starfleet and the ready access to better equipment allowed her to finally finish.

When the course eventually came to it's close, the original class had been whittled down to a fraction of it's original size, but these young children exemplified the best and brightest that the federation had to offer. While the overall goals of the test case may not have been met, with too many washouts and long term issues, the Cadets that have made their way through will have their careers watched with intense interest. In fact, interest intense enough that many of them have been pulled from the traditional Cadet Cruise and slotted straight into the rotation, T'Set and a few others receiving their marching orders to report to Deep Space 3-9.


Freshly graduated from the Academy, T'Set has not career behind her as of yet, just the work that she undertook peripheral to the course. That this work reflects well on her, that she was able to complete it while undergoing the rigours of the Academy is happy coincidence. She is hopeful, though. The call to DS 3-9 means that someone somewhere has something in mind for her and her classmates. All very hush hush for now, though. She is quite looking forward to finding out what it might be.

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Master Chief Petty Officer Jack Cutterlarge.Cutter2.jpg.fcc6637247c96a19d14c7d

Age: 39
Species: Human
Rank: Master Chief Petty Officer
Planet of Birth: Arborea VII

Current Assignment: Security Officer

A rough and tumble frontiersman, Jack Cutter is rural and forthright, with little of the profession reserve of most Starfleet officers. Generally amiable, if wry, with a somewhat dark sense of humour and a bit of a flirt, Jack has a core of iron stubbornness and when he or his friends and colleagues are threatened, his eyes flare with menace and violence.

Always preferring to be doing something rather than nothing, Jack enjoys physical activities just as running, hiking, mountaineering, white-water rafting, sparring, and various active sports - the real deal whenever he can, rather than holodeck simulations. He likes working with his hands, wood-working and assembling ancient ground craft by hand. He plays guitar and has a fondness for non-replicated hard spirits and food, though he isn't a particularly good cook.

Jack is a native of Arborea VII - a planet on the edge of Federation Space - a descendant of the original settlers . Arborea VII is a large planet of towering, rugged mountains, thick, primeval forests, and plentiful deep, cool lakes, and rushing, winding rivers. It would be an idyllic planet save for two factors. One, astatine deposits found on the surface of the mountains and in the closest of Arborea VII's three rings cause frequent duonetic storms - pretty, appearing a glittering, flowing aurora borealis effects, but they also cause all manner of electronic devices to cease to function. And two, it would be the highest gravity planet settled by Terrans of United Earth.

But Arborea VII's rich deposits of Dilithium - as well as deposits of several other useful metals and minerals - made it too good of an opportunity to pass up. So Arborea VII was colonized by United Earth several years before the formation of the Federation, the settlers adapting to the quirks of their new planet. Much of the technology and vehicles on Arborea VII were altered to be able to function on more basic, mechanical principles, at least for a time, due to the duonetic storms, or the people learned to do without at need.

Jack loved the wild beauty of his planet, but he always had a wanderlust to see other worlds - if not their cities or cultures - to traverse their peaks and walk their woods. He had little interest in being a miner - the major industry of Arborea VII - and while he showed skill in logging the great blackwoods and amaranth oaks and woodworking - his family's main trade - it wasn't what he wanted to do with his life.

His eyes were drawn to the cargo shuttles that transported raw dilithium up to the orbital refinery and distribution station. Not for what they carrier, but for what it represented - access to other planets. He began training as a shuttle operator and while on the station, he impressed a Starfleet Officer enough to be sponsored to attend Starfleet Academy.

So a young Jack stowed away on a transport to Earth, leaving a message for his family. They were amused by his decision - few natives of Arborea VII ever left - but gave him their well wishes. He was bewildered by his first sight of the extensive cities of Earth. Unfortunately, Jack didn't possess the academic acumen to pass the entrance exams. Undeterred, he enlisted instead, based on his talents as a pilot and engineer. It was suggested he join the Federation Marines, but he wanted to join Starfleet to see new worlds, not to be a soldier.

Unfortunately for Jack, throughout his career, he proved himself to be an excellent soldier, starting as a fresh-faced, if tall and solid, yeoman flight operator aboard the USS Rutledge. He was involved in the aftermath of the Setlik III Massacre, aiding in saving the remaining survivors and escaping a Cardassian prison camp, leading five others through the wilderness until they could make it back to Federation controlled area.

Regardless of which ship he ended up berthed on, Jack always seemed to end up in the midst of wars, fighting for years against the Cardassians and then the four-armed, draconean Tzenkethi, along with minor clashes with others. He almost always volunteered or requested to join Away missions, but while they seemed to take a toll on his fellow Gold-shirts, he always seemed to make it back alive, carrying his fallen comrades if he could. He has been decorated and commemorated multiple times, including for breaking into a Tzenkethi prison camp, affecting the release of twenty-one marines, securing their escape with a scavenged and jury-rigged suit of Tzenkethi heavy armor and piloting one of their Raiders to get off planet and making it to the safety of the USS Wyoming.

Jack was glad he missed the engagements with the Borg, for the most part. With his assignment to the USS Destiny on the far side of the Federation, he's hoping he won't be drawn into another extended conflict, especially with young the officers of the Destiny appeared to be. He just wants to walk planets few, if nobody else, in the Federation have ever walked.

Quote: S'long as Ah can fly it, fix it, fight it, or fu - pardon my French, ma'am-sir - and get mah feet on the ground from time to time, Ah'll be a happy man.



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