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Dave's Toy Box Q&A

Dave ST

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So, I get all kinda of questions in the chat a lot about my toy box posts for my Aberrant stuff.  Truth be told, I love the feedback, because sometimes is helps me to see where I have made errors or failed to properly explain something.

So, that said, if you have questions about the powers I've posted, please feel free to ask me about it and I'll do my best to explain it and how it affects my games here at home.

Also, if you notice errors or want to point something out to me, please do so.  I welcome the criticism, providing it's helpful.  I don't want to hear complaints about how you don't like it.  If you don't like it, just don't use it.  Simple as that.

It's only through feedback from players that I can improve upon the design, so if you feel like helping, it'd be appreciated.

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Mind-effecting is a mental attack or a mental trick.  For example Mirage is 'mind-effecting'.  It tricks your brain into seeing things that aren't there, but it doesn't really force you to do anything.  It can only cause you to hurt others or yourself strictly on accident.  Mental Blast is mind-effecting, using brute mental force to cause damage.  Dominate or Emotional Manipulation however, while still technically mental powers, are covered under 'compulsion' as they make you feel and do things against your will.

As a broad category Mental covers everything that affects the mind, from compulsions to mental assaults.  If it's a mental ability, 'Mental' on your Invulnerability will protect you from it.

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