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Please post your characters in this thread, include what would be known of them publicly, including pictures and descriptions, and divine words.  This is mainly what should be known, character sheets may be included, but are optional, and should be in spoiler text.

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'Dread' Delgath

God of War (...and drinking, and breaking things, and terrible one-liners)


Name: 'Dread' Delgath
Description: Dread is a mountain of a man whose physique looks like it was air brushed onto him by a comic book artist. His body is littered with scars from previous battles. At six foot, six inches tall he wears his long hair loose, rarely tying it back. He can commonly be encountered wearing simple loose fitting pants of denim or leather and adorns himself in some sort of patchwork armor (that doesn't last long under the abuse he puts it through), generally under a long, road worn leather duster or jacket of some kind.
Goal: To defeat any and every opponent that stands against him.
Level: 1
XP: 0

Origin: The Apocalypse came when Dread was 6 and it took his parents. He's survived in the wastelands and forests for nearly 20+ years. He refuses to allow the world to beat him. He will continue to survive long after others would have given up.
Past Career: Dread has ventured to places no sane mortal would dare to. He is a survivor and while he's made contact with the 'civilized' word from time to time, he always ends up where the conflict is... he's a warrior after all.
Relationship: Dread has no relationships, sure he might bed a whore and drink til he can't see straight, but these are distractions, not relationships. His only non physical relationship is conflict. He thrives on it and needs violence to vent the anger of a lonely, dark existence.



STR 19 (+4) 2 | DEX 14 (+1) 7 | CON 18 (+3) 3| WIS 13 (+1) 8 | INT 13 (+1) 8 | CHA 10 (+0) 11

Saving Throws (Final, Base, Mod, Armor Pen):
Hardiness: 11 (15, -4)
Evasion: 14 (15, -1)
Spirit: 14 (15, -1)

Hit Points: 11

Weapons: +5 to hit, 1d10+5, magical (regardless of weapon due to Steel Without End)
Fray Die: 1d8
Armor: 2 (3 Natural, -1 Dex)
Damage Chart - Roll (damage) 1 or less (0), 2–5 (1), 6–9 (2), 10+ (4)

Resources (Total/Free/Earned per Month):
Effort: 2
Influence: 0
Dominion: 2
Wealth: 0

Words and Divine Gifts
Endurance - Need not eat, sleep, drink, or breathe. Set your Constitution score to 16, or 18 if it’s already 16 or higher.
- Amaranth Vitality (Constant) - Every fifteen minutes you heal one lost hit point per three character levels, rounded up, so long as you are still alive.
- Body of Iron Will - Your natural armor class is 3. You are impervious to any natural environmental damage, such as that caused by extreme heat, cold, pressure, radiation, or vacuum. Such forces used as a weapon or hazard against you function normally. Armor or shields don't benefit this base AC.

Might - Gain a Strength score of 19 and a +4 attribute modifier for Strength. This prowess allows you to lift or break anything that is humanly possible to so handle, though truly supernatural feats of strength require the use of a gift or miracle.
- Thews of the Gods (Constant) – You are always able to pick up anything smaller than a large building and punch through, smash, or break loose any non-magical substance as a free part of your movement or other actions. This might is quickly deployed, but not finely-controlled enough to help damage rolls or other attacks.

Sword - Treat all your weapons or unarmed attacks as magical, you cannot be disarmed, and you can summon any melee weapon you've ever used immediately to your hand as an Instant action.
- Steel Without End (Constant) - All your melee weapon attacks are treated as magic weapons doing a 1d10+1 damage die, including unarmed attacks. As with all weapon-boosting gifts, you may use any attribute to modify attacks made in this way, provided you can explain how it is relevant to your style.
- Contempt of Distance (Constant) - Your movement action can take you to any point in movement range, provided the path is unobstructed and there’s a target to hit at the end of the move. You could thus dash straight to a rooftop or balcony without navigating the physical route there. Foes too far away to reach in one round can be pursued over multiple rounds, but they must be attacked once reached. This pursuit can even extend into the air, supporting the you until you defeat the enemy or choose to disengage, whereupon you land safely at a point below.



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Tanith Sinclair



Name: Tanith Sinclair
Description: Tall and Lanky, Carries herself with confident grace. Dresses in tough serviceable clothing, boots, leather coat and always wears her gun.
Level: 1
XP: 0

Origin: I survived the burning of her home as a child .
Past Career: I ride the peace-keeper circuit in the north west

Relationship: I follow the Way of the Empty Hand, mostly




It certainly wasn't the apocalypse everyone expected. Tanith was still an infant when it came and luckily for a time she and her parents survived it. The lived in what had been the western United States , now it was just the West.

Outside of the still standing large central cities, out in the settlements where the farms and ranches still had to operate it was much like it's namesake, The Wild West. But it was different too. The threats and hazards were different, native Americans didn't hunt your scalp here, it was monsters who came after your flesh to devour, or worse.

The Sinclair's fled the wasteland of the fallen cities electing not to head to the monolithic fortress of San Fran or South to what had been Las Angeles, even though both had erected protective walls in record time and were relatively safe. No Robert and Judith Sinclair along with their infant Tanith chose to go into the Settlements. Those remnant small enclaves that sprang up in the still fertile lands. These place often run or ruled by ex-military form the backbone of non arcology life and the food they raised and traded with the growing arcologies allowed those larger places to survive and flourish until they could become self sufficient.

Each settlement was a small fort unto itself, with walls and area patrols. These things were needed because the world was a very different place than it had been a few short years ago.

The Sinclair's had skills that were useful and so were excepted and valued in their new community and Tanith was at that time one of the few children and the only infant so she was doted on and not just by her parents. Tanith grew fast and proved to be a very precocious child, she was strong and healthy and very perceptive. As she grew older she stayed active spending most of her free time out of doors, she was what in the old age would have been called a tomboy, but in this age was more the norm. By the time she was five she was the height and as strong as most of the kids 2-3 years her senior. She was faster than any of the kid and most of the adults. Not having known the world before except through stories that were hard to believe were real, she though nothing of the hardships the adults were faced with. That is until one of those hardships came calling.

Winters in this new age were harsh and long and in the ten years since the ending, the folk of the old age still hadn't fully learned how to prepare for those hard long cold and dark months when the sun when it could be seen was nothing but a dim hazy disc that barley lit the day, and nights were utter dark with not even the moon to brighten the cloud cover. It was the end of winter mere weeks before the first thaw when they came. Savages, murders, and worse. They descended on Tanith's settlement in the early morning when the guards would be lulled by the cold and the lateness and before the relief was even awake. The raiding band was thourogh they came over the wall like Indians out the history books and the pulp stories that still survived. Killing and rape. Too horrible to describe. The smaller children were put in a cellar Tanith who was the oldest in there was put in charge and she was only ten. The older kids were given guns to fight. The hidy hole had an escape tunnel which led out of the settlement below the wall. Tanith was given a gun and a flashlight told that if the fight lasted longer than a certain amount of time she was to take the smaller children through the tunnel and to a hunting shack in the woods.

She waited the allotted time even thought he sounds of fighting had stopped by then but no one cane to the cellar. She wanted to go up but knew that if the raiders had won she would be condemning the children to death. With tears in her eyes she led the children out of the cellar through he tunnel.

The travel through he dark to the cabin was harrowing especially since they could see the fires burning the buildings of their town and could hear an occasional scream.

The journey to the shack was harrowing but they made it without being seen and the existence of the cabin remained unknown to the raiders. There was food and water and while they had no fire they did have blankets and each other. It was a few days before anyone from the neighboring settlements came and when they did, they found the settlement burned and the inhabitants slaughtered or missing. From some evidence left behind weapons and some broken shields as well as a couple of damaged old style guns it looked like thier attackers had been one of the savage orc tribes which had invaded the region during the apocalypse and been a minor nuisance ever since. Now it was feared that they posed a greater threat than earlier believed. It was the day after they other settlements came that Tanith brought her charges back to the ruins and found the rescuers. She told them that she had heard men not monsters that night but she wasn't believed. They said she was just confused and that she had heard the voices of the men of her own settlement. Seeing that they didn't believe her she grew silent and let them think what they would, she knew better and would never forget. She also never gave back the gun.

Soon Tanith was taken in by another family in another settlement. The local towns went to war that spring driving the bands of orcs and other tribes of “fantasy” peoples from the area and cemented a hatred and start of war between the settlements and thoes tribes that exist to this day.

Tanith grew up in this world, she was physically impressive other youths looked up to her, she excelled at all things physical, hunting, fishing, running jumping climbing and shooting. She wasn't much of a farmer or herder she didn't have the temperament. By her late teens she had blossomed into a fine young woman, but except for a few trial and error dalliances kept any and all suitors at more than arms length. A husband and raising a family were not on her agenda. Tanith joined the settlements guard and took her spot on the wall and patrolling the farms. She remembered her parents and what had been done to them and always kept a watch. It was this memory that prompted her to join up with the circuit riders. This was a group of men and women who served the region as a whole. Part soldier, part lawman, the circuit riders were like the Legendary Texas rangers of the old days, they kept the monsters at bay and brought law and justice where ever they rode.

Tanith quickly made a name for herself especially in the apprehension of those who choose an outlaws life. It was a fact that when the perpetrator was hum she put more effort into the chase and was a bit more harsh in the handling and dishing out of justice, often with a bullet rather than a court.

In her seventh year on the circuit. when she was twenty six she ran a foul of a gang or murderous savages. After cutting down one of them she discovered in his possession a ring which she thought had belonged to her long dead mother, a ring that could only have come into the possession of this animal if he had been there that night so long ago. A burning rage filled her heart and she set off after the rest of the gang eventually tracking them to a hideout. Consumed by obsession she took no time to plan instead she went in guns blazing, but obsession can kill. Her shots flew true and several of the bandits died but there were a lot of them and only one of her Bullets tore at her she was hit several times and attempted to escape. A running gun battle in the hills and woods as she fled and they chased hunter becoming prey. Eventually she found her back to a cliff and a fall of over a hundred feet to a raging river below. She turned and fired her guns as they killer returned fire bullets tore into her and she toppled backwards off the cliff.

The outlaws thought her dead and by all rights she should have been, maybe she did die or maybe some power intervened.

Tanith opened her eyes and found herself in a bed under course sheets and covers. The smell of savory stew permeated the air. She was a mass of bandages and her leg was bound by a sturdy splint. She had been found in the river near death by the largest man she had ever seen. His name was Owain. He was almost seven feet tall and weighed close to four hundred pounds if he weighed and ounce. He was bushy beared with long unkempt black hair. He was the most gentle and loving person she had ever met. Also the scariest as she would learn.

Tanith herself was broken she had all but died (maybe she had died) and for the first time in her life had felt utter defeat. Even more so than losing her parents as a child she had now failed to avenge them, something she had not even known she had promised herself she would do but the unspoken promise had been there nonetheless. She healed over time at least her body did but her spirit broken her edge fell off. Owain let her heal in her own time but when he saw the self pity take over he stepped in. Owain took her into his garden a beautiful place with tress and plants, flowers from all over the world and beyond animals came and were safe there for no one would harm them and they in turn would do no harm for all respected Owain. The reason for this respect was because Owain was a Master of the Empty Hand, an archmage who used his magic only to help. Owain showed Tanith the Way showed her how her quiet rage had been a poison slowly building how the guns had been fueled by that anger.... anger which became hate the worst of the emotions man could have. He showed her how to truly take care of herself and through care of herself she could take care of others. He taught her to defend without her guns. Slowly she healed, slowly she learned, found her way back, Owain had taken her to the path now it was her time to walk it.

How long she was there she didn't know It was months surely maybe years. But in the end she knew she had to leave she had unfinished business and a new perspective. The day she left Owain was there to see her off with a packages of food and other necessities.

He also had her gun.

“The Empty Hand is about the self, your place in the universe. We live in a world of things and Once you have mastered yourself. Then things cannot master you. They are just tools. And we all need our tools.”

Tanith took the gun, strapped it on, then gave her master and friend a big hug and turned to reenter the wold with new insight and purpose.



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Name: Sigil - The Lady of Garlands, the Shepard of Roses, Warden of the Fey Marches, Keeper of Whitespire, the Once and Future Queen of Summer
Description: Lithe and graceful, flame-haired,freckled, by turns elegant and aloof, or almost childishly mischievous.
Level: 1
XP: 0

Origin: Sigil was born human, albeit with fey blood, to farmers in medieval times long ago.
Past Career: On arriving in Faerie, Sigil was swept up in a guerrilla war with plucky freedom-fighters against the then-ruling tyranny of a Winter Queen.

Relationship: Upon realizing what her fate was should she remain Queen much longer, Sigil allowed Winter to return and went into exile...but not without swindling the new Queen out of a powerful piece of the Royal Regalia...to ensure she could return quickly and move the turning of the seasons again.

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Gary Norton


Name: Gary Norton - Commander of the Legion of the Dead
Level: 1
XP: 0

Origin: East Coast Refugee
Past Career: Natural Strategist & Tactician
Commander of the Legion of the Dead

Gary Norton was one of a convoy of refugees from the east that the Paragon Indigo guided out into the western lands years ago. To the surprise of many, Gary demonstrated himself to be possessed of unearthly powers as well, forming the Legion of the Dead. His reasons were simple: the nascent arcology (and humanity in general) was threatened by a horde of monsters - and his necromantic powers allowed him to muster his own horde in response.

The Legion itself comprises not just Gary's undead, but living soldiers who elect to join and dedicate themselves (and acknowledge their corpses will be reanimated to continue the war afterward). Its' motto has been adapted from the old French Foreign Legion quote: "You have joined the Legion to die, and Gary will send you to where men die."

Gary's Legion has operated around the Phoenix-Vegas Arcology during its rise, serving as an active shield for the nexus-city.

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Name: Kamala Kuhn, the Serene Judge, Keeper of the Bronze Scales

Description: Dusky-skinned, blue-eyed, and possessing the slender 5'2 build of a gymnast, Kamala positively exudes concern for and a devotion to others, her radiant smile and cheerful personality extolling others to exhibit the same virtues. This deep sense of love and compassion is tinged with sorrow when they fail to answer that call, shifting to a mildly disappointed frown when she's forced to take lives with blade and gift in order to keep others from being lost.

Her typical garb reflects this practical whimsy, the kind of sturdy, plain clothing you wouldn't mind getting soaked with blood, a pouch full of the tools of her craft at her side, short hair she dyes a different color every time she hits civilization, and leather armor and white robes emblazoned with the insignia of a grain merchant's scales.

Level: 1

XP: 0


Origin: Child of the Wastes (Born scant months before the apocalypse, she only has tales of what life was like Before, but has the day to day customs and patterns of the wasteland communities down pat. In fact, she likes them better than the arcology dwellers.)

Past Career: Tribal Healer (Taken in a former doctor after her parent's death 18 years ago, she's good with medical treatment using limited resources, a lot of hope, and diagnosing problems on the fly when seconds matter.)

Relationships: Archmage of the Merciful Hand (Having traveled with an entourage including several elven members of the benign adepts, she's mastered additional healing arts to augment her divine gifts to their shock and amazement.)


Kamala Kuhn came to the Phoenix-Vegas Arcology the first time out of the wastes a little less than a year as a newly-ascended Godbound from nowhere and everywhere with big ideas about helping everyone, the living and the dead, thrive together in peace. She made the city a hub of her travels, her endless healing pilgrimage alongside a small band of like-minded healers, only staying long enough to pick up more volunteers and supplies before heading out again. Wearing the symbol of the bronze scales on your person is more often a not a sign of safe passage among those who know of her, but those who abuse that protection risk far more than merely being turned away in their hour of need.  


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Age- 25
weight- not telling
Hair-golden blonde
level- 1
Exp -0
Divine words- Dragon, Sun, Passion

Maia is a happy adventurous young woman with intense curiosity, yet tempered with knowledge that there's a goal and a life she's working towards.     Possessed of Iron toughness of mind and body, and a radiant beauty that would have made her among the top models of the old world, She makes friends easily, lives hard and plays hard.   Maia is loyal to her word and those she calls friend.
She is the assistant emissary from the Dragon/human city of Dracian to the HPV Arcology, and a known problem-solver in the region, being quite adept at slay many of the monsters in the area.


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Aurea, Jewel of the Dawn


Name: Aurea, Lady of Heartsong, Symphony of Sunrise Sighs, Courtesan of Morning Glories, Jewel of the Dawn, Queen in Waiting of Dawn
Description: A heart-achingly beautiful and sensual fae woman with delicate, long, pointed ears, who inspires desire in all who lay eyes upon her. She possesses a phenomenal hourglass figure, with flawless flesh the fair golden colour of the rising sun. Her eyes are a sultry, vibrant lavender and her hair is a flowing, glistening waterfall of blues, violets, and magentas finer than any silk.

Subtle music seems to constantly flow around her like an enticing perfume and her melodious, sensuous voice speaks directly to the heart and loins. Dresses almost exclusively in clothing of natural materials, often layered diaphanous scarves or gowns, that flatter and draw the eye, or bits of living fibers and foliage that leaves much of her flesh bare.

Words: Faerie Queen, Desire, Music
Level: 1
XP: 0

Origin: I was orphaned as a young child during the Great Cataclysm and raised by Monks of the Empty Hand in an isolated mountain town in the northern part of the Canadian Rockies.
Past Career: I was trained in the Way of the Empty Hand to be a protector of my village, and as a companion and sacrifice to a High Fae of the Dusk Court. Embracing my role as a sacrifice in whole, I was able to enforce an equal sacrifice, and bound by the eldritch bargain, took her place, reborn and renewed as the Queen in Waiting of Dawn.
In my travels South, I saved a band of Immaculate Dawn Courtesans who practice the Strife of Desire's Exquisite Pleasure from puritanical religious zealots. In gratitude, they taught me their arts, and with the Word Desire graven on my soul and the Mantle of Dawn upon my shoulders, I soon mastered the Lesser Strife and have surpassed it, walking down the path of the True Strife of Desire's Exquisite Pleasure. 

It was mutually decided that my path now led from Howlsong, for the mountain village had suffered long enough under the presence of the fae. Howlsong would rest in the capable hands of the Monks of the Empty Hand, their students, and villagers, no longer having to sacrifice one of their own each year. I traveled South, to find out what else this new world held and what my place in it may be.

And to seek new people upon which to gift the song and desire of my soul. I had many and many lovers. I traveled for a time with Cedric Varan, as I moved from what used to be Canada down into the former United States. I came across many people, hostile or helpful, and was able to protect myself through the power of my voice, the condemning regard of a Faerie Noble, my enticing beauty, and the Way of the Empty Hand.

Several years ago, I found a group of glamorous women being accosted by puritanical, religious zealots, condemning them for their looks and manner of dress and the acts they pursued. The women, while gracefully defending themselves, were being overwhelmed by numbers and zealotry. Then I joined the fray, defending the women with the honey and thunder of my voice, a heart-aching gaze, and deceptively strong blows of fist and foot. I seemed to represent all the religious fanatics despised, but they were no match for the Words bound to me.

The women were Immaculate Dawn Courtesans, traveling to a new arcology, who practiced the Strife of Desire's Exquisite Pleasure. It spoke to me as not even the Way of the Empty Hand - but Full of Heart - had and with the Word Desire graven on my soul and the Mantle of Dawn upon my shoulders, I soon mastered the Lesser Strife and surpassed it, beginning my journey down the path of the True Strife of Desire's Exquisite Pleasure.

I joined them on their way to the growing HPV arcology, and for the last several years, have used my arts to persuade and entice others - such as Tanya Smith - into helping its development, while trying to establish it as a place where it was free to express desire and love as you wished, as long as it was between consenting adults and it harmed none. The Immaculate Dawn Courtesans and I established a place for ourselves - Liberties - a brothel, burlesque and exotic dance venue, a music lounge, and restaurant, where pleasure and companionship, intimate, comradely, or platonic, could be found.

It is my home, for now, but who can say where song and desire may lead me.

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Sota, the Divine Engineer, Web Weaver



Real Name: Eula Tos
AKA: Sota, The Divine Engineer, Web Weaver

Description: Sota is a mostly Caucasian woman (with some Mexican from her grandmother) looking to be in her early to mid twenties. Her hair is an unnatural, bright blue, usually shaved on one side. She is generally unarmed and unarmored, but a bright blue glow can often be seen spilling out from beneath her jacket/tunic.  

Words: Engineering, Network, Entropy
Level: 1
Exp: 0

Eula was born post-cataclysm, to a family of mechanics, technicians and engineers that had fled Phoenix, and like many since the cataclysm, she had little choice but to learn the family trade.
Relationships: Sota is a Master Fabricator (Archmage) of a lesser magic that blends magic and technology which she calls "Mystech" (Theotechnicians)
Creativity: As part of using her newfound powers, she also created an artifact with an unique energy matrix that provides her with both offensive and defensive capabilities.

It is well known among the Phoenix-Vegas Arcology that Eula was born post-cataclysm, to a family of mechanics, technicians and Engineers that had originally fled from Phoenix. As with many families in this new world, children were often taught the trade of their parents once again. Eula was decent, but not remarkable, until the day the fledgling arcology was attacked. In the chaos, it fell to Eula to make a vital repair to the power grid or else many more lives would be lost. She made the attempt, but failed, and in that moment of stress, need and panic, she somehow instinctively touched the Throne subconsciously and was reborn with a knowledge and a command over technology of all forms. With this divine knowledge, she fixed the grid and rushed to aid in other ways, summoning forth all manner of technological aid from weapons to medical devices and carrying out repairs to walls, machines and vehicles in an instant.

Since then she can come to be known as "Sota" by many in the arcology, though sne is still a bit uncomfortable with followers and worship. She has assisted with the arcology's further construction, growth and technological advancement, even going so far as to create a maintenance free, self-powered, computing network reaching for several hundred miles around the arcology. While her experiments in Artificial Intelligence have born mixed results. (See - IO -)

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IO, the Divine Construct, The God Machine, Deus Ex Machina. 



Real Name: 0010



Words: AI, Sorcery, Time

Level: 1

Experience: 0



Origin: Only a few weeks old,  IO is a wonder of Digital Engineering, emerging almost accidentally from Sota’s own creative endeavours.


Relationships: Sota occupies a strange place in IO’s life, falling somewhere between Mother, God and best friend. AS a method of stress testing her learning capabilities, Sota has been teaching her the secrets of Mystech, which IO has devoured, iterated on and improved at a truly frightening rate.


Creativity: Being born of the Network supporting the arcology, IO is uniquely situated. While Sota maintains her own workshops, IO has been stretching her consciousness, testing her limits. She currently maintains a small production line for some of the simpler goods


Words: Artificial Intelligence, Sorcery, Time



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