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LEGENDS BEFORE AND AFTER a Savage Worlds Setting


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BEFORE...The Age of Legends, Everyone knows the names, the people of legends whose lives were aided and vexed by the gods in equal measure.

Mortals who fought the cyclops and Minotaur; men and women who struggled against the machinations of Zeus and his family and far too often succumbed to the very human failings of love, hubris, pride and vanity. These are the heroes from the first age of legends whose actions and stories defined Hellenic culture for a thousand years, and gave us some of the most enduring myths of our time.


AFTER... The Age of Legends is no more. The gods, if they ever even really existed, are silent now, myths replaced by new gods which no one really believes in and that really do nothing. This is our world, a world of political and economic strife, a world on the the brink of environmental annihilation, the threat of nuclear war hangs over our heads once again, and terror in the form of zealots and madmen with automatic weapons and homemade explosives can strike at any time. All the hate and desperation of the last 2000 years reaching a boiling point.

But life must go on, and each of us must live our lives as best we can. Collage is the place where many of us truly start living our own lives. The place where children begin their final journey to adulthood, that last celebration of Youth and the first steps upon that road of life.


Oops I'm doing it again!


This is a game of a different sort. Characters are heroes from the age of legend and they are Students of today beginning their collage careers. Characters separated by time and space yet connected by a shared soul.

Each player will make Two characters one a Greek hero the other a collage student of today. Two separate characters who share a soul. They are the same person yet they are two different people, each reality, each existence held apart by the immense gulf of time. Neither has any inkling of the other. Both must navigate the pitfalls of her world as different as those worlds may be.

They are Legends Before and After.


This game will use the Savage Worlds System and will use two different settings for characters creation.


Your Greek Hero will Use the character Creation rules found in the Mythos heroes handbook as written.


Your Student Character will use the Character Creation rules found in ETU Players guide with the following exceptions.

All Characters begin as Freshmen

Forbidden Hindrances – Anti Technology Aura, Cursed, Any Hindrance with a supernatural origin from etu or SW.

Forbidden Edges; Demon Slayer, Faithful, witch/warlock, All Weird Edges and all supernatural origin edges from the SW Rules.


Characters can be of any gender but that being said I would like a little more balance, so talk about it among your selves and in the end i wont make anyone play a gender they don't want to.


Hero's can share patrons. If they do they should have some connection story wise for the Greek character their modern characters do not need to have a connection. i.e. you may both be children of zues in ancient Greece making you half sisters but in the modern world you are not even distantly related and don't even know until thrown together at school.


Collage each character in the modern setting of the game is a freshman at collage. The ETU Rules are being used because it has a ready made system to rep students. I am not using anything else from the setting. I would like a little input from y'all as to what collage to use as the basis for the setting. It should be a smaller collage set in or near a large city. One that would realistically draw students from across the nation and even foreign students. It should be a school that covers all of the basic first four year studies.

Any and all suggestions will be looked at and I will pick one and probably modify it like I did for Shelly in AWS.

PM me if you need the CC rules.

Running this game will not impact my other existing games.

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Okay, so we're not making 'Hercules' or 'Perseus.'  We're making Greek heroic characters in the same vein as them.

I ken work with that.


Hm...Mythos is a Savage Worlds setting, eh? I'll see if I can locate that.

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So, a big Greco/Roman wrestler/warrior named 'The Colossus of Rhodes' whose soul eventually goes into a Dwayne Johnson sized guy who fills pot holes in New York that people aptly call the 'Colossus of Roads'?

Or Kratos?  "MAX?!?  YOU BETRAY ME!?!?"

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