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NP: Hold Back The Night OOC

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This is the thread for ooc discussion and for me to impart news and instructions

So far we have the following characters submitted and aproved

Jericho Wyze - Dave

Anna Maverick - Max

Jordan Kurosagi - Sean

Madeline Volkov - Jeane

Vaughn - Jer

Ryan Church - Justin

There will be two concurrent threads run I will announce which Characters will be in which thread soon

If there are any other interested parties I need your finished characters asap

I will be creating a couple of character threads for PCs and NPCs

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Ok I have initial  casting for our two threads

1st up we have


Detective Jordan Kurosagi


Ryan Church


and 2


Anna Maverick

Madeline Volkov

Jericho & Penny Wyze


I will be putting up a character thread and you may put these characters there

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okay just so everyone still interested in NP knows whats going on.  I have reconsidered my decision to end the game. I have come up with an idea to bring the two teams together with a slight retooling of my original premise and continue the game with a new direction. Most of your characters will fit easily into the new direction but some may not translate perfectly. The game will be moving away from the Transhumanist/cyberpunk Investigation procedural drama thingy it was supposed to be toward a more militant/survival Space Opera type game. All of the existing characters will still work however if you don't like your character or want to just make a new one I can go along with that. In particular Sean and Jer, both of your characters are built with the sort of cyberpunk investigation game dragon claw was supposed to be and your two characters i think may have the hardest time with the direction i wish to go in. We can talk about it in private if you wish

I am still in the gestating stage of working on this but wanted y'all to get the heads up.

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Great news, Nina. Thanks for giving it this thought and time. As you say, I think Anna will probably work ok for the new direction, possibly with different choices for brainpowers than I might have made otherwise, but nothing that affects her current build. So, good to go over here. :)

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