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[OpNet] The Professor


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Dear Abbie,

Since my eruption, I have continued at my post here at Oxford University, where my greatly enhanced vision and manual dexterity has enabled me to accelerate my research. However, numerous groups - most notably Project Utopia, whom I briefly spent time with after my eruption - are continually pressuring me to leave my work and use my powers for "more noble goals."

I haven't much need for their direction, so what can you suggest as the best method to get these organizations out of my lab

- The Professor

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Dear Professor,

The best way, and perhaps the most direct way after asking these groups to leave you alone is to contact your solicitor, and perhaps the solicitor for the University, and instruct them to bring suit against any party which is not complying with your requests. I would gather that you will soon see a drop off in contacts.

Any group, no matter how noble it's goals, is not allowed to harass private citizens, especially in the UK, the EU and the United States. Defend your rights, or lose them!

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