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Personal Information

Real Name: Zoe Santos
Nature: Perfectionist
Origin: Nobody
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Erin Santos (Mother), Nia Santos (older sister), Enrique Santos (Older Brother) Mateo Santos (Younger Brother) Aja Santos (little Brother) Ban Santos (Little Sister)
Date of Birth: February 19th
Nationality: American (Holds Chinese and Luna/Olympus Citizenship as well)
Occupation: Freelance Translator
Allegiance(s):  Formerly Orgotek now Tacos

Physical Traits

Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Mixed
Age: 27
Height: 5'8"
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Dark Red
Handedness: Right

Appearance: Zoe is an attractive young woman of above average height. She is curvy in the right places but very fit and agile. She carries herself with a panther-like mien,while far from beautiful by the standards of celebrity status, she nonetheless has a look which draws sexual attention

Her ethnicity like most in this 22nd Century world is hard to pin down, her features are somewhat homogeneous combining Caucasian, Asian, and Latina into an attractive package. Red Hair of a dark hue and smokey gray eyes with a slight Asian tilt combine with a with a light brown complexion which resembles heavily creamed coffee create a tantalizing exotic look. She tends to dress in dark colors, usually black which accents her coloring. She sometimes wears temporary facial tattoos to accent her look instead of jewelry, though she seldom wears the same marking twice and only when she is out for recreation.

Background: Zoe hails from the slums of San Antonio. Born to an impoverished single mother the third of six children most with different fathers. Her mother worked two jobs and while not a card carrying prostitute she was not above using her charms to put food on the table and a roof over her and her children's heads. A lesson she unfortunately taught her children.

Zoe doesn't know who her father is and really doesn't care. Her two older siblings share the same father, George Cadiz, who has been in and out of their lives in an on and off again relationship with their mother for years. Mateo's father was another man like Zoe's dad, here for a few months then gone long before his son was born. Aja and Ban Share the same father who while no longer involved with their mother does at least take an interest in their lives.

Like most mega cities of this time San Antonio had its high end and it's low. It was in the low where the Santos family dwelt. Poverty, crime, drugs, all the things you would expect. Zoe lost her virginity at an early age and had learned the lessons well that sex was something a woman could use to get what she wanted or to stay safe. Her sister had stayed alive by attaching herself to various gang bangers and of course her mother was always trading her favors for this or that if not for cash. So Zoe was just doing what she had been taught by her mother and sister. Also Zoe learned that she liked sex. Liked it a lot.

By the time she was sixteen she had resigned herself to following in her mothers footsteps. At least she had so far avoided the drugs and gangs that were devouring her sister, but even so she knew that that life was only a step over the line away. All of that changed one hot afternoon when she and several girlfriends hopped a bus to the other side of town to go to the mall. Between them they didn't have enough money to buy anything but they could window shop and stay in the cool air conditioning and who knows maybe shoplift something if they go the chance.

While walking the mall the came upon and Orgotek Representative who asked them if they wanted to take a survey and a test. He told them afterward Orgotek would buy them lunch. Free lunch being free, the girls decided to take the survey. A couple balked when they found out that the test was a blood test, but Zoe agreed and gave the sample and took the survey as well. Her friends took it all as a joke since the questions being asked in a lot of cases were nonsensical but Zoe didn't. The questions made no sense but she felt the seriousness with which the questioners were projecting. Of course she knew who and what Orgotek was but she never dreamed they were testing for psi with her. After they drew blood they gave each a voucher for a meal at any restaurant in the mall. A windfall by any measure since they could be sold for cash easily. The girls did just that and used the money to buy some cheap win and cheaper food back in the bario. All in all it had been a good day and soon forgotten.

But not by everyone.

Tagged and bundled the blood samples and Test Survey were sent that day to the Corporate Offices for processing. Out of the 43,000 plus surveys and samples taken across the United States and twelve other nations only 4 were flagged for immediate action. The blood sample attached to those survey's were taken for advanced processing while the surveys were handed to upper level Noetic Specialists for review. One of those samples came from Zoe Santos.

Come in.” Alex Cassel didn't bother looking away from the multiple 3-d projections hovering around him but kept work. “Why are you bothering me?”

Benihara Sanji took the tone of the question in stride. She knew her boss was 'in the zone' and meant nothing by it.

I have a candidate I need you to sign off on.”

Since when is signing off on candidates my job?” Prexy Casell said with a chuckle

Since this candidate scored 98% on the Myerhoff portion of the survey.” replied Benihara

The Orgotek CEO and Proxy looked up “98% hmm, what did Vince score?”

He never took it. That particular test was created after he was dunked. But Zarina Jonson, in R&D, she scored a 76% before she went in the chamber.”

Cassel sat up and looked thoughtful. “What about the rest of the tests?”

Benihara looked at his DatFeed, swiped it back and forth. “Very strong latent, good reads in all the survey questionnaires. We are definitely going to bring her in but the Myerhoff begs the question.”

Alex had perked a bit at the mention that the candidate was a girl. “Let me see.”

Benihara swiped his DatFeed and a new window opened up in front of The Proxy. Who swiped the other windows off to the side. Then a couple of swipes on the new window enlarged he. While he quickly looked at the data a side door opened and his wife Ellyn entered the office to come stand beside her husbands seat and look at the data as it flowed. She reached out and swiped the feed and a bit of data flew off forming into a 3D image of the young woman from the survey. “She's pretty”

She's sixteen.” Alex chuckled as he and his wife smiled at each other.

Benihara looked away but said nothing.

Your recommending what Beni?” he asked his chief procurement officer.

We don't often get an non EK that we can train at a young age. Sixteen gives us three to four years of indoctrination then we trade for a dunk and training with the ministry that gives us a potentially powerful Telepath with long standing loyalty to us.”

while Benihara spoke Ellyn was continuing looking thru Zoe's history. “Big family, poor, single mother. Can we do anything for them?”

Alex Smiled at his wife. “We'll do something Hun.”

A month after taking the survey Zoe was offered a Internship at Orgotek and Training. Her family was moved out of the slums into affordable housing in a better district and the younger kids into a better school. Erin was given a job at an Orgotek owned company. Still a service job but with better pay and benefits. It was a huge step up for the family.

Zoe moved to the Orgotek campus and began her indoctrination. It was a completely different world. All her needs were met without struggle and while school and the other training they put her through was hard she found she enjoyed it. She was going to be something not just another lost soul occupying space. It was here that she learned how to act less like a brat and more like a lady. Well as much as a lady who dropped her panties anytime she felt like a shag. Yet it was during her internship that Zoe realized that she might have a slight problem when it came to her very over active libido.

Soon enough Zoe finished High School and had taken several collage level course and she was Nineteen. Then came the second great upheaval. She was sent to China to the ministry where she was put through the Prometheus chamber and her Psi was awakened. Then for the next three years she was trained and trained well. She also allowed her sex drive to get into trouble which still haunts her to this day.

A fellow trainee , Anya Nimbawe, a young woman from the UAN, became Zoe's roommate the two got along very well Zoe was even attracted to Anya although, while Zoe was fluid, Anya was not. And that is where their enmity began. Anya had met an older trainee and the two had become more than friends. Of course it was Zoe's sex drive that got her into trouble. While attending a get together with other trainees and some civilians Zoe found herself being hit on by her roommate and friends 'boyfriend' Anya was not at the party, being away one a training mission and Zoe had a bit too much to drink and while she could use that excuse she would have probably fucked him anyway. Needless to say word of the deed got back to Anya and the African woman was livid. She felt humiliated by her 'boyfriend' and betrayed by Zoe. She vowed to ruin Zoe and did from that point on try to do everything to make Zoe look bad.

During her time at the Ministry Zoe fell in love with China. It began with the Mandatory Martial Arts training every ministry trainee must partake in and led to what has become a passion for Kung Fu and the land that birthed it. When it was time to Return home to the United States and OrgoTek, she applied for and received citizenship for China and has returned there several times, not only to further her telepathic and martial arts training but to also learn more first hand of her adopted country.

Once back home Orgotek put her to work. Initially her duties were mundane clerical work but within a few months the company began to utilize her talents. With her telepathic ability to read emotion and understand virtually any language she was used to sit in on meetings and negotiations with other companies and concerns which were interested in doing business with Orgotek or vice versa. She was never a participant in these dealings but rather an observer passed off as a secretary or some such. She listened read emotions and reported when asked or if she picked up anything crucial. Often this work entailed travel, not only to other parts of the world but also to Luna which had become the Hub of inner and outer world business. Thus began her love affair with the moon, which would in time lead her to seeking her citizenship there.
During this time she did her best to keep her sex addiction (because really that's what it was) in check. She tried her best to not embarrass the company, but it didn't stop her from sleeping with someone she wanted, whether corporate client or Orgotek associate. Off duty is another matter. Her sex life is a whirlwind, Short term affairs and one night stands are her norm. Her longest lasting relationship was barely 3 months and she was not monogamous during that time. Normally a cool somewhat reserved person, when she let's her hair down, so to speak, she becomes a wild thing. She drinks sparingly never allowing herself to become inebriated, at least not in public, and never does any other, even legal, drugs. But if she sees someone she wants or even if she is approached by someone who wants her, she is likely to give in to her sex drive. Rumors of who she has and hasn't slept with are a thing of legend in the company and her circle of friends, and as is often the case, grow with the telling. Rumors and stories of who she has slept with, often second and third hand of course, include both the Proxy of Orgotek and his wife (both separate and together), various other members of the round table and other high rank members of the Order and the corporation and subsidiaries, various celebrities who have been seen at places of entertainment she is known to frequent. She has even been Rumored to have been Involved with Rebecca Bue Li the Ministry Proxy. One thing though is that Zoe doesn't sleep and tell and has so far never confirmed nor denied any rumor, instead she uses these rumors to her advantage when opportunities arise. She does realize deep down that her sex addiction is aberrant behavior and a problem that it will one day come back to bite her in the ass, but so far she has done nothing to correct or curtail her behavior.

For the three years Zoe worked  hard as a Member of Orgotek. But something, she feels, is lacking. During a trip to Luna while on her own time she was approached by a party who wished to hire her as a translator. They didn't know she was a telepath only that she had been recommend by someone who knew that she had done work for one of Orgotek's subsidiaries in the last year. She politely turned down the job citing a full scheduled, but the germ of an idea was planted. After several months of consideration and not wanting to burn her bridgees she requested an indefinate leave of absence from the Order to 'pursue outside opportunities and Interests'. The leave was granted and after a month long 'vacation' in china where she did some training at the Ministry and at the dojo where she studies her martial arts, she traveled to Luna and put herself on the market. For the last year she has worked as a freelance Telepathic Interpreter mostly on Luna but she does do work all over Earth as well. She has recently received her Luna/Olympus citizenship papers. She has a small office in San Francsco, with a secretary to handle the clerical work and make appointments and such, where she now resides. She also keeps a small apartment on Luna.



NAME: Zoe Santos
ORIGIN: Nobody
APTITUDE: Telepathy
NATURE: Perfectionist
ALLEGIANCE: Freelance (Formerly Orgotek Left in good standing)

Strength ●●
Brawl , Heavy Weapons, Might

Dexterity (Nimble) ●●●●
Athletics ●, Drive ●, Firearms ●, Legerdemain, Martial Arts ●●● [Kung Fu (see below)], Melee, Pilot, Stealth, VARG

Stamina (Resilient) ●●●●
Endurance , Resistance ●

Perception ●●
Artillery, Awareness ●●, Demolitions, Investigation ●, Navigation,

Intelligence ●●
Academics ●●, Astrophysics, Bureaucracy ●, Computer, Engineering , Intrusion, Linguistics ●●● (Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Swahili, English), Medicine, Military Science, Noetics , Science , Survival , Xenology

Wits (Shrewd) ●●●●
Arts , Gunnery, Meditation, Rapport ●●●

Appearance ●●
Intimidation , Style ●

Charisma ●●●
Etiquette ●●, Instruction, Perform ● ,Savvy, Sentience Relations

Manipulation ●●
Command, Interrogation ●, Subterfuge ●●, Xenorelations

Backgrounds: Allies , Cipher , Citizenship ●● (Olympus [Luna], China,United States), Clearance, Contacts ●●, Devices, Followers , Identity, Influence , Mentor , Resources ●●●, Requisition, Status
(Resources ●●●are so she can afford an apartment on Luna and Eartth)

Merits: Mode Natural: Mindshare (7pt) , Animal Magnetism (bonus)
Flaws: Horny (+1), Enemy: Anya Nimbawe (+3pt (+1/+2)), Vengeful: Vindictive (+2pt)

Willpower: 5
Psi: 6
Initiative: 8

Walk 5m, Run 16m, Sprint 32m

Soak  Unarmored: 4B/0L   Armored 4B/1L

Health Levels: Bruised 0, Hurt -1, Injured -1, Wounded -2, Maimed -3, Crippled -4, Incapacitated, Death


Items Formatted ( BioLaser Pistol ●,Biocomp ●)

Aptitude: Telepathy [Mind Scan]
Mindshare ●● (Babel Effect, Mindspeak)
Empathy ● (Sense Emotion)

Auxiliary Modes:

None Currently

Kung Fu Details: Wing Chun Kung Fu (+2 dice for strikes and blocks, +1 dice for kicks and holds)



Orgotech Wasp II. pulse laser  Y +3 5d10L 250 ms/sp/tw 2 30 J 1 FT ●●Cost

Staff, Collapsable W - Str + 6d10B D P S W - - N 3 -


Fiberweave W 0 1 0 Can be installed in clothes 0.5 -

Has several suits of clothes fitted with Fiberweave


Boots, expensive W Has a couple of pairs 0.5 - ●●●

Suits of Clothing W Has a closet full of various quality and -

Styles from dressess to slacks and blouses ●● - ●●●

jeans and Tees and many pairs of shoes.

Evening Wear 2 Evening Dresses and 1 Tuxedo

Vacuum suit W [1/2, 1] Air for 14 hours 3 – ●●●●

Other Gear

Orgotech Tortiose Y [2/1,0], Commercial biotech minicomp FS 5 1.5 FT ●●●● COST

Alpha software Chris 4 Perform One of the most popular agents on the market. ●●● Cost


Shendai Airfoil W Ubiquitous 4-seat skimmer - ●●●●● Cost

Bonus Points 0/15
+4 Ability Dot (8pt)
+1 Dexterity (5pt)
Kung Fu Specialization (1pt)
Mode Natural (1pt)


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Birth Name: Patrick van Saanvelt
Nature: Fanatic
Origin: Nobody
Aptitude: Biokinesis
Allegiance: Section Minerva

Gender: Male
Age: 26
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Jan van Saanvelt (father - deceased), Anika van Saanvelt (mother - deceased), Mina van Saanvelt (younger sister - deceased), Sofie van Saanvelt (younger sister - deceased)
Date of Birth: June 12th
Nationality: Great Britain (born Netherlands)

To describe Patrick's origins would be akin to that of an ordinary young man, a youth entering college, with no real thought as to the future. Until the Esperanza came down, obliterating France, but also his native Netherlands, including the entirety of his family. Patrick had survived by virtue of having been on a trip with friends across the Channel, only to lead he had nothing to return to.

And in those moments, Patrick found all he wanted was revenge. Someone in Aeon noticed him, his cauldron of boiling vitriol, potential - and evidence of definite latency - arranged for Patrick to get triggered by the Norca as part of the regular horse-trading, and then brought into Proteus to make a determined operative. Someone willing to lie, sneak, steal and kill for humanity, for the guiding hand of the Trinity.

The exact sort of person Minerva wanted.

Patrick generally appears laid back - just as he was in younger, more naive days. But that hides the fact when on the clock - he is 'in the zone' - coldly focused on getting the job done. This can create a jarring disconnect to see how those two sides fuse and intertwine when in action.




Strength ••
-Brawl, Heavy Weapons, Might

Dexterity •••
-Athletics ••, Drive, Firearms ••, Legerdemain, Martial Arts ••, Melee, Pilot, Stealth ••, VARG

Stamina •••
-Endurance, Resistance

Perception •••
-Artillery, Awareness ••, Demolitions, Navigation, Investigation ••

Intelligence •••
-Academics ••, Astrophysics, Bureaucracy, Computer ••, Engineering, Intrusion ••, Linguistics • (Native: Dutch, English), Medicine, Military Science, Noetics, Science, Survival, Xenology

Wits •••
-Arts, Gunnery, Meditation, Rapport ••

Appearance ••
-Intimidation, Style

Manipulation •••
-Command, Interrogation, Subterfuge ••, Xenorelations

Charisma ••
-Etiquette, Instruction, Perform, Savvy, Sentience Relations

Merits: Concentration, High Pain Tolerance
Flaws: Vengeful [Grudge vs. AIs]

Backgrounds: Allies, Cipher, Citizenship, Clearance •••, Contacts, Devices, Followers, Identity, Influence, Mentor, Requisition, Resources ••, Status (Aeon Trinity) ••

Willpower: ••••• •
Psi: ••••

Basic Technique: Somatic Awareness

Metabolic Efficiency •

Conceal Biokinesis

Sterile Presence

Gross Manipulation
Molding ••
Transformation •••

Health Levels:
Bruised 0 (1 hr / 1 day) O
Hurt -1 (1 hr / 3 days) O
Injured -1 (1 hr / 1 week) O
Wounded -2 (1 hr / 1 month) O
Maimed -3 (3 hrs / 2 months) O
Crippled -4 (6 hrs / 3 months) O
Incapacitated (12 hrs / 5 months) O
Death O

Stamina- 3B/0L
Armor- 2B/3L
Base Total- 4B/0L
Armored Total- 5B/3L

Initiative: +6

Walk- 5m
Run- 15m
Sprint- 29m

Weapons – Voss 33K Laser Pistol
Armor- Bioweave Armor
Clothing - Regular
Personal Computer System- Wakazuna 300E
Agent – Alpha Software Chris
Tools - A/V Recording Bug, Binoculars (Regular), Static Generator



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Dr. Polina Temnikova, M.D., PhD


Personal Information

Real Name: Polina Temnikova
Nicknames: (various expletives) 
Nature: Explorer
Origin: Pioneer
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: 
Nikolai Temnikova (Father), Katja Temnikova (Mother)
Date of Birth: June 24th
Nationality: Russian
Occupation: Researcher, Medical Doctor
Allegiance(s):  Section Minerva

Physical Traits

Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Russian
Age: 25
Height: 1.65 m (5'5")
Weight:60 kg (132 lbs).
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Handedness: Right


Appearance: Polina is slender woman with a lean, toned build and short, platinum blonde hair. When in the lab, she usually wears slacks and a blouse topped off with one of her grandfather's white lab coats (some of the very few sentimental objects she possesses). Outside of the lab, her wardrobe is usually expensive, finely tailored clothing. Her calm, brown eyes observe the world around her, often giving the impression that she is in cold calculation. She can usually be found smoking (even in places which restrict it), or at the very least has an unlit cigarette between her fingers or at the corner of her mouth.

Personality: Dr.Temnikova is often somewhat quiet. Originally a side effect of being so intelligent while among classmate who were much older than her, and many were jealous, or just thought her weird, so she had difficulty making friends most of her life. Now though, she simply feels that most people are simply idiots and incapable of keeping up with her. She has no problem stating her opinion though (even when it is not desired), often in blunt, uncaring terms. She 
is quite forward and blunt, (even by Russian standards) when she wishes to be or something catches her attention. The truth is that she simply sees little need for pleasantries most of the time, especially when there is a problem that needs fixed. Those that get to know her come to understand this and realize that the fact she is spending her time and effort on somebody, or something, is often how she shows she cares.

Every child of her family was encouraged to participate in the arts in order to be a 'complete person'. Polina was drawn to the soothing and somber sound of the cello and to this day often plays to clear her head, or for simple relaxation (in addition to casual sex).

Background: Polina was born to a reasonably well off family of academics and medical doctors in Saint Petersburg. Clearly a wunderkind, in school she was especially drawn to chemistry, medicine and life sciences as she raced through school and into university.

It was while attending university that Polina fully came to grips with her intelligence and how it would set her apart from so many for the rest of her life. Where she once felt like an outcast and even occasionally embarrassed to be so young while attending university, she instead embraced her mind. If others could not keep up with her, or felt dumb around her, that that was their problem. She became outspoken and blunt, having grown tired of trying to be nice just so spare another's feelings due to their own inadequacy.

She applied herself and attended medical school as well, simultaneously earning her M.D. and multiple PhDs, graduating summa cum laude and valedictorian before the rest of those she had entered university with had even graduated. Her valedictory address is still talked about to this day.

Polina's colleagues at the city hospital, where she completed her residency, were less than impressed with her bedside manner (or lack thereof). She had a blunt demeanor toward patients and tendency to treat the injury or affliction like it was a simple problem to be solved, preferring her time in the lab or field to that spent at a patient's bedside. Regardless though, she completed her residency (possibly just so the hospital could be ride of her) and attained her medical license.

Diving quickly into reasearch Dr. Teminkova published multiple papers rather quickly, gaining the attention of the rest of the medical and academic community where she was quickly, even begrudgingly, acknowledge as an expert in many fields of medicine and life sciences. It was then that she garnered the attention of Section Minerva. They made her an offer and she jumped at the chance. She could explore and further the boundaries of science, challenging herself and blazing a path through scientific history as she travels across the stars. Rarely does such a scientific opportunity present itself, not to mention the chance to match wits with the AI's, and she was determined to take every advantage of it, even if it meant having to stitch up some psions from time to time.

Her brand of medical care would just be something that they would have to get used to.



Dr. Polina Temnikova, M.D., PhD.

Birth Name: Polina Temnikova
Nature: Explorer
Origin: Pioneer 
Allegiance: Section Minerva


Strength ••

Dexterity •••
-Athletics , Firearms , Martial Arts
Stamina ••

Perception •••
-Awareness ••
Intelligence •••••
-Academics ••••, Linguistics (English), Medicine  ••••, Noetics ••••, Science ••••, Xenology ••••
Wits ••

Appearance ••

Manipulation ••

Charisma ••

Merits: Exceptional Potential: Intelligence, Eidetic Memory, Speed Reading, Lightning Calculator, , Lucky, Increased Tolerance
Flaws: Addiction: Nicotine, Curiosity, Vengeful, Lusty

Backgrounds: Contacts ••, Followers , Influence (Academic Community) ••, Resources ••••, Status (Academic Community) •••

Willpower: •••••

Health Levels:
Bruised 0 (1 hr / 1 day) O
Hurt -1 (1 hr / 3 days) O
Injured -1 (1 hr / 1 week) O
Wounded -2 (1 hr / 1 month) O
Maimed -3 (3 hrs / 2 months) O
Crippled -4 (6 hrs / 3 months) O
Incapacitated (12 hrs / 5 months) O
Death O

Stamina- 2B / 0L
Base Total- 
Armored Total-

Initiative: +5

Walk- 5m
Run- 15m
Sprint- 35m

Weapons -
Clothing -
Personal Computer System-
Agent -
Tools -

Experience (total/spent):

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Real Name: Grace Reyes
Nature: Survivor
Origin: Outsider
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives:

Date of Birth: March 19th
Nationality: Colombian
Occupation: Soldier
Allegiance(s):  Aeon Proteus

Physical Traits

Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Latina (South American)
Age: 25
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 140lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Handedness:  Right


Appearance: Grace is a young latina woman with dark eyes and a mocha complexion. She has deep chestnut-brown hair that she lets grow out to her shoulders when she lets it grow at all...she's equally fond of shaving some or most of it. Grace often wears hats and clothes that conceal her face and figure from casual spotting like scarves and coats and similar, and she's fond of darker-toned neutral colors...eschewing clothes that would make her stand out, or be easily visible in a crowd.

Personality: Direct, and greatly favoring the 'KISS' principle, Grace's persona was born out of a life of struggle and honed in the pragmatic practices of the Legions. She understands the need for diplomacy and intrigue, but hasn't got the patience for such subtleties herself. Give and demand respect when it's earned, honor your loyalties, and never back down from your responsibilities. Grace is impulsive and a bit of a hothead so she doesn't always live up to her own ideals, but she always takes responsibility for her shit when it happens. She has a soft spot for downtrodden folks who are genuinely trying to make their way through a world that's not giving them a chance, for children and for animals that won't try to eat her, and for music played by the human hand. That synth shit can go fuck itself.

Grace was born in Cartagena, on the Colombian coast. Her father, Mateo Reyes, served in the national military until he was honorably discharged after suffering crippling injuries in the line of duty. It was hard for him to find work after that, and his wife Carla tried to pick up the slack by looking to the Norca for work. 

Grace grew up in the slums, learned to be quick and quiet and fast with her hands. She loved and respected her parents, but they simply couldn't be there for her very often. At first she tried helping out with money through a combination of odd jobs and petty theft. When her mom finally sought the Norca out, Grace followed suit taking on runner and courier work around the city. It was when making a delivery to one of the Biokinetics that she was discovered to be latent.

At first, it seemed like a good thing. It all got complicated quickly though. For one, the Norca biokinetic who 'discovered' her, a European expatriate who took the name Dante, took a liking to Grace. As he introduced her to the Norca in Cartegena and took charge of her pre-dunking instruction, Dante also started up a kind of breathless whirlwind romance with the young latent. Grace was so caught up in all the change, all the novelty, all the overwhelming attention, that she barely noticed any of the warning signs. So what if he always wanted to know where she was? Cartegena was a dangerous town, he was looking out for her. So what if he seemed really jealous? That just meant he had real feelings for her.

Grace's latency was confirmed, but there was a blow dealt at the same time. Her psychic affinity was for psychokinetics, not biokinetics. She could be triggered for biokinesis, but it would squander a significant portion of her strength to overcome that predisposition. As far as the official Norca authorities went, it was Grace's choice. They had no issues if she wanted to pursue her gift elsewhere.

As far as Dante went, that was simply unacceptable.

He exerted tremendous pressure on Grace, trying to convince her to trigger her gift to Biokinesis and stay in Colombia with him. She seriously considered it too. Just to make sure she knew what she was giving up though, Grace went to the local Legion recruiting center to talk to them and let them test her as well. Dante, who was having her followed, found out about it and things took a sharp turn downward. He found Grace's mother and had her moved to the drug-testing duty, personally making sure that she was a subject in one of the more dangerous studies. When she succumbed to a semi-catatonic state from the effects, Dante used her condition to try to tie Grace down. He lied and said she'd elected it freely without telling anyone because the pay was better, and that she now needed constant care that only the Norca could provide. And if she was gone, and her mom was invalid, who would look after her father?

It very nearly worked. Someone working for Dante, Grace still doesn't know exactly who, tipped her off though. She did some nosing around, caught her tail and beat some information out of him, then went to find Dante. When she found him all the accumulated venom of the past several months came spilling out. What started out as a screaming match devolved into violence...and while Grace had overpowered the blank Dante had sent to keep an eye on her, she was no match for a trained biokinetic.

However, Dante wasn't the only one keeping an eye on Grace. Her former lover, bruised but with plenty of fight left in him, had Grace by the hair. She was dazed, semi-conscious, unable to defend herself as he mulled over what her fate should be. Suddenly the door burst open as the guards Dante had posted were hurled bodily through it. Three men stepped through, grim-faced, and demanded that Dante stop immediately. It wasn't his inclination to obey, but he found his arms restrained by something invisible. Grace was saved.

And then the Norca arrived, and things got complicated again. After a tense stand-off, Grace had a chance to explain what had happened in front of Del Fuego himself. He listened impassively, then asked Dante for his version. Dante launched into an impassioned speech about Grace being an innocent who belonged to the Norca, being misled by foreigners who wanted to abduct someone who should be in the family. He didn't specifically refute any of Grace's story however, knowing better than to lie to the Proxy.

The judgement was rendered. The Legion, though acting to protect Grace, had attacked the Norca. They would close their recruiting office in Cartegena and vacate the city until further notice. Grace was free to go, and could take her parents as well...that was between her and the Legion at this point. Dante, in many ways the focal point of the entire mess, needed some 'counseling,' before he could resume his duties for the family.

And that was that. Grace did take her family to Australia at the Legion's invitation. Mateo got some training and found work, and now takes care of his wife...while Grace takes care of both of them, as best she can. She joined the Legion and served her first term in the Fifth Legion, mostly in the constant conflict raging in Central America between Honduras and El Salvador.



Name: Grace Reyes
Nature: Survivor
Origin: Outsider
Aptitude: Psychokinesis
Allegiance: Aeon Proteus (former 5th Legion)


Strength 2
Dexterity 4
-Athletics 3, Drive 1, Firearms 4, Legerdemain 1, Martial Arts (Capoeira) 3, Melee 2, Pilot 1, Stealth 1
Stamina 4
-Endurance 1, Resistance 1

Perception 2
-Awareness 2
Intelligence 2
-Linguistics (Spanish) 1
Wits 3
-Gunnery 1

Appearance 2
-Intimidation 1
Manipulation 2
Charisma 3
-Perform (guitar) 2, Savvy 2

Mode Natural (Telekinesis; +1 rolls, -1 psi costs) 7

Impatient -1
Enemy (Equal power, seeks death) -4
Poor Attunement 1 -2

Backgrounds: Allies 1, Cipher, Citizenship 1, Clearance, Contacts , Devices, Followers, Identity, Influence, Mentor, Requisition, Resources 3, Status 2

Aptitude: Psychokinesis
Telekinesis Mode
* Tow
** Remote Manipulation

Willpower: 5
Psi: 6

Health Levels:
Bruised 0 (1 hr / 1 day) O
Hurt -1 (1 hr / 3 days) O
Injured -1 (1 hr / 1 week) O
Wounded -2 (1 hr / 1 month) O
Maimed -3 (3 hrs / 2 months) O
Crippled -4 (6 hrs / 3 months) O
Incapacitated (12 hrs / 5 months) O
Death O

Stamina- 4/0
Armor- Battle Dress 2/3
Base Total- 4/0
Armored Total- 6/3

Initiative: 1d10+7

Walk- 5m
Run- 16m
Sprint- 32m

Weapons -
Fighting Gloves (Str+3d10B)
Enamel Knife (Str+2d10L)
Stavros 15nps (2/4/6d10L, Rng 24, ROF 5/10/15, 50 clip)
Orgotek Hornet II Pulse carbine (ACC 1, 8d10L, rng 570, ROF 20, 45 clip, Tolerance 2)

Flash (5d10 special, Area 1, Stun 1 turn/success)
Fragmentation (9d10L, Area 9, -1d10/meter from impact)
Smoke (Area 3, +2 diff to actions taken through cloud, lasts 5 turns)
Standard Battle Dress (Soak 2/3; 0/2 on limbs, 0 bulk, Mass 6)
Dress Uniform (Soak 2/2, 0 bulk, Mass 2.5)

Clothing -

Organic Clothing (expensive)
Personal Computer System-
Steinhardt M1-P-CC (Case soak 3/3, locator beacon, Failsafe 5, Mass 1.5)
Agent -
Chris (Performance 4)
Administration 2, Business 1, Design 1, Geography 1, Intent 3, Linguistics 3, Mathematics 3, Quick Search 2

Tools -
Enhanced Binoculars
Compass/Inertial GPS
Ear Radio
No Pain

Mood Stabilizers

Experience (total/spent):


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