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Name: Ryougi Yuuki Player: Envoy         Age: 18

Height: 5'1 (5'9)        Weight: 84 (119)   Sex: Female


Description: There are two very distinct Ryougi Yuukis. One is the shrine maiden, brown-haired and brown-eyed, inherently forgettable aside from an intense manner when challenged. The other... Well... The heroine is green-haired and gold-eyed with an elegant beauty to draw every eye in the room, complemented by a black-and-gold bodyglove that comes with the flashy transformation and the smell of fresh flowers in bloom.


Personality: Ryougi Yuuki is very serious and underneath a well-practiced mask of polite amiablity, very unhappy with what she's been roped into, what she's given up in her life so far. She refuses to steer away from anything she views as her Duty, though, and will do everything required of her, no matter the cost.


History: There once was a maiden. She was a maiden born of a long family line of caretakers to Sapporo's oldest shinto shrine. Only daughter of the previous shrine maiden it was a matter of course that she was inducted into the family tradition at an early age by the loving-tyranny of her grandaunts when her mother was killed in an accident when she was 11. It was a Duty that Needed to Be Done, so rebellion was put aside like the manga she had collected previously.


Well, Duty wouldn't mind her flipping through the odd volume at the grocery store or peaking over a classmate's shoulder with wistful thoughts for what what might have been, right?


Her older brother, Shirou, helped the maiden endure, assuming his expected role as the strong supporter of the Shrine, making repairs, keeping the compound running on a shoestring budget when donations ran thin. She fled the lessons of the grandaunts to sit by him as he worked, helped where she could, at least until the Duty called her away to sweep leaves, greet guests, and craft charms.


Other careers weren't a part of the Duty, so it was a local high school of no real merit that rounded out the maiden's education, classmates she barely had time for. She graduated, began the Duty full time, and began the awkward process of looking for someone who might help support her and her brother and, miracle of miracles, make her feel a frisson of the old thrill she had before. Satisfying as the Duty was, it was a path bound in chains, the maiden but one link in them should she pass it on, when she passed it on.


Then came an unseasonable windstorm late one night, trees uprooted and decorations scattered across the grounds. The offering box was untouched amidst the chaos, and to the maiden's surprise, a hexagonal container sat atop it with her name written on the lid. She opened it and a glowing spark leapt from the interior into her chest. Sudden knowledge and strength flooded the maiden's mind, body, and soul, dazzling her with the realization that fantastic as she felt, a phrase straight out her childish manga promised even more.


Power like this couldn't be free the maiden realized. One look into the interior of the box confirmed the thought in the vaguest, least helpful way possible. She had added to her chains unknowingly, and, as she reflected to her grim chagrin, even had she known... The maiden still would have opened the box. The Duty would have demanded it, and she, as always, would answer.


'Heed the Call and Grow Towards the Sun Lest All Light End and All Rains be Poison, My Chosen,' read Ryougi Yuuki's one clue as to what she was bound to do next. So she sighed and began cleaning up the entrance to the shrine. The Duty was clear at least. The maiden would wait and take comfort in that.

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Name: Tori Cannon

Age: 18

Height: 5'6        Weight: 120   Sex: Female


Description: Little taller than average curvy and fit. Tori takes care of herself physiclly with gym time and running. Her Wild mane of Red hair is her most outstanding feature follow by her green eyes. Before the Gram Master She wore jeans and t-shirts or gym cloths except when dressing up for a school or Rotc function.


Personality: Cynical and a bit pushy. She usually knows what she wants and tends to let everyone know it.


Background: Tori has always dreamed of flying and being a fighter pilot. She is a senior in HighSchool and a Member of the JR Rotc. Other than her somewhat unusual goal she is basically a normal teenager.

Or was.

One morning after a restless night she was leaving for school when she stepped ou the front door she pulled out her electric key for her little compact car and pushed the button to unlock the door. But the door didn't unlock! Instead a small disc shot out of the Key flew into the year where it spun reflecting the rays of the morning sun then it started to change. Like some weird scene from a Michael Bay movie the disc grew in size shapes popped and twisted and in moments there standing in the front yard was something she had only seen im comic books and moves a Mecha as plain as day and real.

Then a bright beam of light flashed from the sky and bathed Tori and knowledge puredinto her from beyond. For seconds she was centered in the cosmic beam then it was gone and there she stood her clothes had transformed and in her mind she knew all that there was to know about the powerful Mecha in her yard. She knew how to fight in or out of the cockpit, how to pilot the fantastic machine...even how to fly!

Tori in her pink flight suit.png            gsx-40100.jpg



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Appearance: Tall and slender, with deliberately pale skin, black hair and a penchant for lots of eyeshadow and black clothes that favor death-related imagery, and lots of buckles, Vesper is every inch the 'goth' stereotype. Whatever feelings she has are generally locked up behind an intense, unblinking stare and a nigh-omnipresent cigarette poking out from her black-lipsticked lips.

Personality: She has one, sort of. Usually it manifests as an enforced sort of apathy, marked by flares of irritation or annoyance. Vesper goes to some effort to let everyone know she's not putting in effort and that she knows it's all stupid but she's doing it anyway. She's fond of artistic pursuits, writing and drawing, and has a nervous habit of constantly flipping her cigarette lighter open and closed that can be really distracting.

Background: Vesper was always a very emotional, sensitive kid. Her folks are professionals, an auto mechanic and a nurse; good, hardworking people. When she was eleven and it really started to sink in just how messed up the world was, her first reaction was to try to singlehandedly make it okay...and when that proved utterly, ludicrously impossible, she retreated into disaffection. In high school she met some 'goth' kids and found kindred (if not vampire) souls that she adopted as her own.

In a very real way her attempts at cynical detachment stem from a sense of helplessness though. There is still an idealist inside her, constantly wanting to fix things and constantly pained by the knowledge that she just can't.

Maybe that's why the 'Game Master's proposal intrigued her, despite her 'better judgement.' She had no way of knowing what kind of chaos taking that offer would sow in her life...and she still hasn't decided if that made it better or worse.





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Name- Ryan Church

Age- 19


Height 6'2

weight 180lbs

Ryan's a guy who's got stories to tell, and all of them are from another world.   The First Player empowered by the GameMaster, he has been Lost to the Void for a number of years.   While this is generally as good as permanent death, Obviously, some find their way back.   He does seem to have aged since his disappearance, and still possesses the certainty that he's one of the best around.   Only time will tell if he's got the skills to back it, but the very fact he came back from the Void is telling.



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Name: Sakura Sonja Terra

akura grew up in california, raised and taught by her mother and uncle, she has never meet her father and her mother has rarely been willing to speak of him, though she appears to still care for him.   Both her mother and her uncle are acomplished martial artists and run a dojo where they teach the martial arts.  As she grew up, she became an excellent martial artist herself, though she favors the sword as a weapon, and has studied both kendo and fencing.  She loves song and dance as well, and with regards to her schooling she has taken both as electices in high school.

On a different note, she’s smart, incredibly beautiful and generally kind, especially with young children and animals.  She would be one of the ‘in’ crowd in school, if she didn’t find the various divisions of high school kids rather annoying, and she has a significant distaste for bullies, enough that she has interfered a time or two at school, and has encouraged some of the students to come learning martial arts at her family’s dojo.  

Sakura does know that her family is keeping some secret regarding her from her, but she knows they love her and trusts that someday they will tell her what it is.  She does have some desire to find out more about her father, but is at of yet unwilling to press the issue.

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