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Characters I enjoy


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nothing going on here of note

so i'm looking at this huge list of characters I have created on the site for this game or that, and i'm coming to the conclusion that i only really like writing for a very few of them

I really enjoy and get into these characters easily



aside from a couple of private game characters the rest are meh at best and a chore for the most part.



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I think it's an issue with the game and its momentum.  I have a particular flavor of character too (angry, sarcastic, violent, smartasses).  But certain games have allowed to play a flavor that's a bit outside my usual box of tricks and enjoy something new.

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yeah when I'm in the moment other characters shine but those two are the ones i'm jonesing for I slip into them so easily others I have to think a lot before I can write them and then have to rewrite two or three times.

but yeah the game is a big thing for sure. I don't like scion but this game which i had doubts about at first really became a i really want to see where this is going type thing. And L5r was a very fun and engaging game just sad it lost most of the players and momentum


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one of my problems is joining a game where the world is already established and the rest of you know everything about it and i don't have a clue. y'all are dropping name snad events from the worlds history and i'm haveing to go search for shit that my character should know. that kind bums me out.

another is concept entropy, I comeup witht he coolest concept and i'm all yeah yeah this will be so cool... them i get to the game and it's like whtathe fuck was i thinking.


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LOL I know exactly where you're coming from all those fronts.  I've made a few characters that have ended up in the "WTF bin".

I'm with you on the established world stuff.  In a lot of my games I try to use canon as foundation, and that's it.  The character are in Emerald City, or Golarion (the Pathfinder world) and I tend to leave it at that.  Nations and places will be recognizable, NPCs, but I know that players read these books too and they meta.

They know Lord Farqwad is a Noble 7 / Paladin 3... because they read the book... so I change it and wait for the "That's not right...".  I rarely keep stats accurate.  Hell, I changed the stats on a guard dog once and a player called me on it.  "It's only supposed to have 4hp, not 9hp."  "And you were counting on that, weren't you?'

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For me there are certain characters whose core nature are well defined and easy enough for me to grasp even after a long time that I reuse them. Curtis, Mel, Darrik. Also they seem to be memorable to our community, so there's that.

7 minutes ago, Dave ST said:

They know Lord Farqwad is a Noble 7 / Paladin 3...

Bull. He's not a Paladin, he sends ogres to fight dragons and rescue princesses for him. :P

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I think some are memorable to us, yes.  Kaori for example Justin loves seeing in his BESM games, and some, like Contessa only oldest among us remember.

That's why I like sticking to Bastion, Revenant, Jaunt, and Swara.  These characters are easy for me to write for.  They're either angry, snarky, or simple in some way (or all ways in Swara's case).

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I like the idea of the various versions of Sean Cassidy (clearly, ;) ), I just haven't managed to write for him/her in a way that I'm completely satisfied with, which is one of the reasons I keep rebooting the character.

One of characters I feel I wrote the best for was Yseult Sierra in Fox's Stargate Game. Admittedly, I was working far less back than, so I had more time to write for her, but with all the side-fics plus story, she was very well realized.

I think the most fun I had with a character was Megagirl - she was a giant version of a Powergirl/Captain Marvel homage. She was also a complete idiot. I wrote just whatever popped into my head instead of dithering or over analyzing, and it managed to be amusing and fun.

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Long is the character I've written the most with, and played the longest, in one incarnation or another.   He really hasn't changed at his core much over the decade and a half + since I made his first incarnation...

Dan Hawkins is my go-to for a military game, I've had fun writing with him for years, and Krul's exalted game where I played him remains my favorite exalted game to date.

Maia is definitely my favorite female character I've created, and the reboots of her were even more fun for me.

and Dave, yeah Kaori's always fun, was better in the first version of Shadows, if only because it was more fun to see her interact with everyone

thinking about all the characters, it  does hammer home how many games have finished here, since 2004.   2.

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The character I have enjoyed writing for the most has been Lilly and Siobhan (by far), and then Neeva and Abigail.

Lilly may seem simple, but there is actually a lot of complexity to her. She tries to do the right thing, but makes mistakes, has occasional bad teen judgement, and care for her friends, which complicate things. And on top of it all, she is still coming to terms who who she is/will be as an adult.

I have never really played such a sweet, super compassionate character like Siobhan, where wears her heart on her sleeve like that, but I really, really enjoyed it. I have been working on a fic for her, even if the game is shelved.

I enjoyed Neeva, but nothing really got to flesh out with her, even though I had ideas of paths for her to take.

Abigail was just a bit different for me. She was military, lost several of her squad members, which in turn caused her and Temple to begin truly bonding. The game was shelved before it could really go anywhere, but I was really enjoying the RP.

Phere is totally new, so still working her out.

I am beginning to find Jexa, and enjoying it so far, but it is still early, the same with Na'Atem.

I -really- looked forward to play Dr. Temnikova. I generally do not recycle characters, but she is one I would totally play in another game.

Sigurn I -really- liked, put a lot into her and was looking forward to developing. I would potentially recycle her too, but it would difficult.

I did not get to play Tabitha enough to really find her.

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  • 1 year later...

Wow.  So many to choose from.  I tend to base a lot of my enjoyment from a character on how much other players enjoy sharing the game with them, I'll confess.

I think Procyon in his various incarnations is one I always enjoy and come back to.  My favorite one was Sunshine from 200X, closely followed by Alex from Mutant High.

Einherjar was a character I wrote a LOT for in 200X and revisited as his future self in Children of Quantum Fire  He was challenging to write for at times: here's a big tough guy who's also an Elite capable of wiping out whole armies, yet ALSO highly intelligent and perceptive.  It was fun to balance his hard edges with his code of honor and his brainpower.

Then there's Declan aka Owns-The-Night from WoD:A.  Who doesn't like writing gruff, hard as nails werewolves?  He was a bit tropey, but fun, especially when out of his element (i.e Having to be sociable and nice).

Ravi from Dalton Academy was a LOT of fun to write.  Vain, selfish, mostly amoral and a complete pain in the ass, yet curiously charming so long as you didn't rub him the wrong way and stoic when the chips were down, the spoiled-rich-boy-turned-werepanther never failed to get a reaction.

Tomas / Skein from 200X.  Evil, evil, creepy evil Terat monster archetype capable of sowing chaos and nightmares in his wake.  Never really cut loose with him due to the cooperative nature of 200X, but I'm thankful that some players were happy to be victims and make the experience fun.

There's others, but I think those are my top 5.

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I think if I'm going to take GDP's tack and take a top 5 based on what is most is memorable and enjoyed among myself and the others, much of my characters haven't lasted long in enough games to get a really solid nature and flavor to them. But a few solidly stand out.

- Curtis Shane. Teen or adult, he seems like the classic Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, but one of the things I wanted to establish was that below the surface there was past bullying that left him hurt and alienated, plus the fact that his super-genius makes it harder to find peers he would accept.

- Darrik Reynolds starting with Quantum Fire when I tweaked his character. Sometimes I worry that I set the bar on his sexuality meter too high, but still, with the world we live in, I always found it interesting to have someone so open and charming and unabashedly straightforward about it.

- Mel Grimson in all his incarnations. Your classic hardbitten, gruff, cynical scrapper of generally questionable history. Even in superhero versions, Mel always has abuse in his history, often a lost wife. He's a man forged in violence, a survivor and ass-kicker, but as like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino, he knows a lot about death, but little about how to handle peace and life. Still, there's room for goodness down there. One of the reasons I am upset Argonauts crashed barely after starting (aside from that it was a really really awesome concept), was being able to answer the obvious question as to why a total bastard like Mel was in such an idealistic organization.

- Fisher Capra, from the ongoing Scion: Modern Mythology. He's so sweet and kind, but also dealing with bullying by kami-damned Eric Donner, an emotional zombie of a father, abandonment by Mom, Izanami the Goddess of Death, finally getting his girl, defending the World from titanspawn and a mad demigod of chaos on the loose, and perhaps hardest of all, having to clean up after the messes caused by the Band's bull-headed leader. It's a miracle he's so generally well-adjusted.

...And I'm coming shy of a 5th. Hmm. Perhaps we might take a round suggesting OTHER people's characters we enjoy? I'll do the honors and mention a few.

Swara-Ann (Dave): She's airheaded, but so endearing and funny.

Einherjar (GDP): I get he's a challenge to write, but you do the balance between modern Viking and mastermind so well.

Nadya (Sean): Modern Mythology's Egyptian Scion! She seems like a classic delinquent, but the truth is that she comes from a different culture with a more flexible moral code. And we all enjoy the high school vendetta between her and Mercedes Rhodes.

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Criveny, where to begin?

Contessa, Warren, and THE Lucien Hunt are all faves of mine amongst Dave's characters.  But not Jaunt, because he's a pain in the ass! ;)

Bombshell, Nadya and the original Sean Cassidy  have to be my faves from Sean.  Good fun to play off, especially the dynamic between Ravi and Sean in Dalton.  Bombshell was a great  surrogate older sister for Sunshine in 200X, even if she couldn't fly ;) .  And I'm certain Nadya and Grim are going to get on like a house on fire in MM: screaming, sirens and people running for cover.

Shout out to Curtis Shane for enduring death threats from the Morrigan and of course kung-fu kicking a fellow nerd in the bollocks over a chess game, providing much top kek for the other players.  Also liked Evo from 200X and Fisher, both nice guys who didn't deserve half the shit that came their way.

Fianna and Violet from Mutant High, courtesy of Vivi.  Total opposites - one a green-eyed rage monster with claws, the other a too-smooth fixer type.  Both awesome fun.

The Morrigan from 200X.  Einherjar's ward, the daughter he never had,  a feral nova who wasn't so much tamed as befriended and adopted by Ein.  They forged an unshakeable bond after a somewhat stabbity start - that is, she stabbed him a couple of times.  Her revamp in Mutant high was by turns touching, poignant and hilarious, especially when she tried to appease Alex's wrath by leaving Sonja's panties on his pillow.  Also: "PIE!"

Kia from Mutant High.  Cute and cheerful, she was a splash of lighter tones in the angst of a school full of teenage mutants.  If she had any issues, she kept them well hidden and never splurged them everywhere even if she did once accuse Alex of murdering a cute bunny rabbit. (Thanks Morri!)

God... so many fun pretendy fun time games.

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I actually liked Ariel, from the old Attrition game. Even if she was a perhaps not-quite-exact fit for a classic Werewolf game, I really liked the idea of a character struggling to find bridges...to try to keep something of what she was while exploring what she could be.

Sigil, in her original incarnation in the M&M supers game Lake City Universe. Something about her character just really worked for me. There was this really cool story to her, and I could really 'feel' what she wanted, each post. Was fun.

Shiori, from Dragonball: Victory; the cute little shrine maiden who had a certain sinister side to her. Knowing the truth about her, I was absolutely delighted to make posts for Shiori. It was incredibly fun to play a character who was playing another character at such odds with her true self. Just a blast.

Valkyrie from Shadowrun: Everybody Lies. She had a concept that was really interesting to me, and I was bummed I never had a chance to get far into it in the game. I gotta remember it next time a chance for that concept to work shows up.

Kestrel, from Exalted: Heaven's Reach. Hard to explain why, she was just...a lot of fun. Something about this tricky thiefy character who nevertheless had a weirdly strong moral backbone was really interesting to me to write for.


From others...I really liked Declan and Amber from Attrition too. Posting with them was just great, because they drew me in without fail. They could piss me off, and they could make me feel great, and that really kept me coming back.

A lot of the characters from Mutant High were a delight, and Lake City...that Lake City game was just overall amazing. Everyone in it was super good, and interesting. It stands out bright in my otherwise spotty memory.


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Thor is still one of my favorite characters that Proc played.  To this day, years later, I still chuckle about a massively huge Dolph Lungren stuffed in a clown car sized shitty old Yugo hating his immortality and shit life.  I wanted that game to kick off so badly... too many (myself included) ended up ghosting on it though...

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