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OOC: Point Awards

Dave ST

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Here in this thread will be the point awards for the various stories that are done in the Hero High Universe.  It should be noted that point awards are not limited to only ST driven fictions.  If you want to write about your character or team up with another player and write a fiction, you are more than welcome to do so and will be awarded points based on the content (something has to actually happen to grant you points, you can't just do a fic about chilling in your dorm room all day).

Like any comic book or television show you fic needs to contain an introduction (beginning), conflict (middle) and conclusion (end).  I have to be able to look at it and say for certain that your characters actually did something, not just slapped words in a post for points.  I'm sure you know where I'm coming from, so I'll not beat it to death here.

Welcome To Hero High!
Collaborative Fiction Award - 2

And Heroes Will Rise...
Plot Award - 1
Creativity - 1
Role Playing Award - 1

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