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OOC: The Chosen PCs

Dave ST

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Name: Mel Grimson
Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Soldier
Concept: Bereaved Veteran
Age: 35


Mel Grimson was born to poor white parents, Matthew Grimson and Melicia Grimson in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. Matthew Grimson was a local mob enforcer, anti-Semitic, a rabid Daley and Democratic supporter. He is quick and harsh with his hand and words; his maxim of fortitude and ruthlessness that Mel carries for the rest of his life is: "It's a damn hard world. Do whatever you gotta do to survive and smash the bastards."

Under his father's influence, Mel found himself smashing doors and shaking up the stingy while still a teen. In 1998, at 18, he was finally arrested as part of of a major Organized Crime Unit raid.

Already suspected on a number of charges, Mel would have found himself in prison, but for a dedicated lawyer who pointed to his abusive upbringing and persuaded the District Attorney's office and judge to a plea deal that would send him into the Army.

Surprisingly, Mel measured up to the tough regimen and was quickly scouted for the Rangers. He qualified and completed Ranger School in time for Kosovo, and over the next decade would lead the way as Rangers did in the War on Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In 2008, Mel met a woman 10 years older than him, widowed TV executive Cecila Janet, at the wedding of one of his platoon-mates. She was brunette, tall, and told a snooty woman who mistook her for the staff: " You got two arms that aren't broken. Get your own damn food." And broke a egg on her head, saying "You wanted real eggs? You got em!" Love at first sight. They got married within a year. And Mel was happy.

Seriously, in-laws trying to stay over? "Please, if I can't drive that bitch out of here in less than a week, then I don't deserve to be your wife." The only thing they weren't ready for, was children - at least partly out of Mel's fear he was unsuited to be a good father.

Until years later, when Mel returned from another deployment to learn Cecilia had been killed in a home robbery. Wrecked by her loss, his determination slipped, and eventually the Rangers declared him RFS'ed. It was the end of his career in the Army.

Now, Mel is dealing with veteran's affairs madness and trying to find something to get his focus back and his life on track.

Physical: Strength ●●●, Dexterity ●●●● (Lightning Reflexes), Stamina ●●●
Social: Charisma ●●, Manipulation ●●, Appearance ●●
Mental: Perception ●●●, Intelligence ●●, Wits ●●●

Talents: Alertness ●●●, Athletics ●●●, Awareness, Brawl ●●●, Empathy ●, Expression, Intimidation ●●, Leadership ●, Streetwise, Subterfuge ●
Skills: Animal Ken, Crafts, Drive ●, Etiquette, Firearms ●●●, Larceny, Melee ●●●, Performance, Stealth ●●●, Survival ●
Knowledges: Academics ●, Computer, Expert Knowledge [Military Science] ●●, Finance, Investigation ●, Law, Medicine ●, Occult, Politics, Science, Technology

Backgrounds: Allies (Army Buddies) ●●, Contacts, Influence, Resources ●●●

Merits: Iron Stamina (2 pts, CoD), Too Tough to Die (5 pt, M20)

Flaws: Insensitive (1 pt, HtR PG)

Humanity: 5
Willpower: 8

Creed: Avenger
Starting Conviction: 4
Virtues: Vision ●, Zeal ●●

Edges: Visionary (Foresee), Judgement (Discern), Vengeance (Cleave)


Willpower +3 – 3
Abilities +3 – 6
Merits +7 – 7

Flaws +1 (-1)


2/20/21 - +1 XP for Blue-Falconing Ravi



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Name: Maya Flynn

Nature: Explorer

Demeanor: Sage

Concept: Frustrated Underachiever

Age: 25

Physical: Strength ●●, Dexterity ●●, Stamina ●●

Social: Charisma ●●●, Manipulation ●●●, Appearance ●●

Mental: Perception ●●●, Intelligence ●●●●, Wits ●●●

Talents: Alertness ●●, Athletics ●●, Awareness ●●, Brawl ●, Carousing ●, Empathy ●●, Expression ●●, Intimidation, Leadership, Streetwise ●, Subterfuge ●

Skills: Animal Ken ●●, Crafts, Drive ●, Etiquette ●●, Firearms, Game-Playing ●, Larceny, Melee, Performance ●●, Stealth ●, Storytelling ●, Survival

Knowledges: Academics ●●●, Computer ●●, Culture ●, Finance, Investigation ●, Law, Medicine, Occult ●, Politics ●, Science, Technology

Backgrounds: Allies ●, Contacts ●●, Influence, Resources ●●




Arts: (3) Contract ●, Skycraft ●, Wayfare ●

Realms: (5) Actor ●, Fae ●, Nature ●, Prop ●, Scene ●, Time

    Glamour: ●●●●

    Banality: ●●●

    Willpower: ●●●●● ●●

    Merits: Good Listener (C20, p.183)(1pt), Language (1) (C20, p.180)(1pt), Natural Linguist (C20, p.180)(2pts)

    Flaws: Addiction (Caffeine, weekly)(C20, p.179)(1pt), Bard’s Tongue (C20, p.187)(1pt), Curiosity (C20, p.182)(2pts)


Kith: Eshu

Court: Seelie (Current)/Unseelie


Seelie: Sage
Quest: Regain Willpower when someone heeds your advice to succeed at his task.
Ban: Never impede anyone’s chosen course of action. Everyone follows a unique path to wisdom.
Unseelie: Pandora
Quest: When you overcome a situation you created by doing what you were warned against, regain Willpower.
Ban: Never keep a secret.


Childling: Eshu Childlings have just started building the volume of tales that they will carry for their lifetime, often beginning at home by collecting the stories of elders or important community members. For the young Eshu childling, or for the Eshu who awakened to his fae nature much later in life, the stability of family or community tempers the need to travel far and wide. They feel the call of the road, but haven’t disconnected themselves from all their mortal ties, as Eshu wilders often do. They still value the feeling of having a “home base” to return to after each journey.

Wilder: An Eshu’s wanderlust reaches its peak in her wilder seeming. No longer satisfied with hearing stories, she begins to seek out new sources and adventures, beginning a lifetime of travel. Eshu wilders seldom stay in one place for long, though they make the most of the time spent in any location, building as many connections as possible and learning all they can about local people and culture. Eshu wilders join social justice movements and sometimes even start them, using their innate storytelling ability to write speeches and protest songs that inspire others to join the cause.

Grump: Eshu may move more slowly and deliberately, but they never really stop. An Eshu grump places more value on the connections he forms, understanding that truly knowing someone’s story takes time. While grumps share the wilders’ social flexibility, they are less likely to incite a movement and more likely to support and encourage those already involved. No one’s stories match those of an Eshu grump who has lived a long, rich life, and the wisdom in songs can move even the hardest heart to tears or jubilation.


House: Unaffiliated



Serendipity: Eshu somehow always end up in the right place at the right time. The path she follows to arrive at this destination is equally fortuitous, winding her way through adventures and important meetings. When faced with a crossroad, she always knows which way to go. Her internal compass guides her where she needs to be, never bringing her to a terminus until the time is right. Eshu can never become lost under normal circumstances. If the Eshu becomes lost through magical means, the player can spend a point of Glamour to reorient the Eshu on her physical (and often figurative) path.

Talecraft: Stories are the heart of the Eshu, and as such, they gain something tangible when they learn a fantastical new tale or perform their own feats worthy of legend. Eshu gain an additional experience point from each adventure that yields such a tale, such as finding their way through a winding and dangerous labyrinth or coaxing a secret from a secretive countess. Eshu never botch rolls involving Empathy or Performance.



Recklessness: Eshu can’t resist a gamble or a dare, not if the payout is a new story for their repertoire. Their curiosity and confidence in their ability sometimes leads them to take risks that a less adventurous kith might not take. Turning down a bet, dare, or call to adventure triggers Banality in Eshu.


Musing Threshold: 


Create Hope: An optimist at heart, the character tries to inspire hope in others. He may help someone out of a situation that seems hopeless or find a new solution for the Dreamer that has lost hope and belief in herself. Even in horrible circumstances, greatness can be brought forth when someone has been given hope.


Antithesis: The willful destruction of objects of cultural significance or historical importance.


Affinity: Scene


Revelry: Eshu gather their Glamour from the storytellers and performers they encounter, finding intense joy in each new tale or song. Public performances like flash mobs or staged protests- particularly when the Eshu has been pivotal in the planning process- provide a veritable feast.

Unleashing: Cantrips cast by Eshu bring with them the chiming of bells and the echo of chanting or singing, as well as the faintest hint of spice in the air. Gleaming threads of golden light may briefly connect the Eshu to the target of the cantrip, reflecting the Eshu’s place in the great tapestry of history.





  • Works at Yorkville Public Library, lives in a small furnished studio apartment on E 79th St., Upper East Side.
  • Can drive a car (and has a license), but who drives in NYC? Smart people ride bikes.
  • Studied Anthropology, had difficulty finding work after college and took temporary employment with the Yorkville branch of the NYPL at the request of a family friend.  She’s still there, beginning to despair of ever accomplishing anything meaningful with her life.
  • Saving up to travel overseas- she has a list of “must-see” places gleaned from magazines and friends who’ve actually gone. Had an opportunity to study abroad for a summer in college, but a family health scare caused her to miss out.
  • Owns precisely one cat. Just one. She blames him for a lack of dating prospects. He doesn’t seem to care.
  • Her social life is largely limited to reading aloud for the children during story hour on the second floor of the library, and helping her friend Mason create a weekly podcast about a lonely, fictional town in upstate NY.
  • Has one sister, Leticia, 2 years younger, married to a financial analyst. Is occasionally called upon to babysit her niece and nephew on “date night” because, honestly, what else does she have to do?
  • Sometimes screens her mother’s calls, despite concerns over her health, because she is tired of being compared to her more successful sibling.
  • Lists her ethnicity as “colonial.” (Her family is of Irish, English, Kashmiri, and Maori ancestry. It’s complicated.)
  • When in the neighborhood, stops by The Full Pot for an afternoon pick-me-up


    Bonus Point Costs/Expenditures

    Attributes: 5 per dot

    Abilities: 2 per dot (x6)

    Ability Specialties: 1 per dot (max of 3 per ability)

    Backgrounds: 1 per dot

    Virtues: 2 per dot

    Humanity: 1 per dot

    Willpower: 1 per dot (x3) 3

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Name:  Ravi FitzCoventry
Nature: Gallant

Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Concept:  Disowned nobleman turned exotic dancer
Age: 22


Physical: Strength ●●●, Dexterity ●●●, Stamina ●●●
Social: Charisma ●●●, Manipulation ●●●, Appearance ●●●● (Striking)
Mental: Perception ●●, Intelligence ●●, Wits ●●●


Talents: Alertness ●●, Athletics ●●, Brawl ●●, Empathy ●, Expression ●, Intimidation ●, Leadership ●, Primal-Urge ●, Streetwise ●●, Subterfuge ●●
Skills: Animal Ken, Crafts, Drive ●●, Etiquette ●●●, Firearms, Larceny , Melee, Performance●●●, Stealth ●, Survival
Knowledges:  Academics (History) ●, Computer  , Enigmas ●, Investigation ●●, Law, Medicine, Occult, Rituals, Science, Technology

Backgrounds: Allies ●, Contacts ●, Influence ●, Resources ●●

Breed:  Homid
Pryio:  Twilight
Tribe:  Bagheera

Rank:  1
Cleverness:  2
Ferocity:  1

Rage:  2
Gnosis:  2

Willpower: 4

Gifts:  Catfeet, Sweet Hunter's Smile, Treeclimber

Merits:  Animal Magnetism 2pt (WtA 20th); Perfect Balance 1pt (WtA 20th);  Wolf Sight 1pt (WtA 20th);  Sex Appeal 4pt (CB 20th)

Flaws:  Overconfident 1pt (WtA 20th); Strict Carnivore 1pt (WtA 20th); Curiousity 2pt (WtA 20th);  No Partial Transformation 1pt (WtA 20th); 

BPs spent

10 on Attributes (Two dots); 2 on Abilities (1 dot of Talents);  3 on Merits. (Net difference)



Born to a wealthy English family with aristocratic blood (his father is the 13th Baron FitzCoventry), Ravi is technically the eleventh in line to the Earldom of the city of Coventry. Or he would be, if he hadn’t been disowned and his name struck from the family will.  His ancestry is a curious mixture of blue-blooded English and Northern Indian, dating back to the days of the British Raj. The family keeps close ties with their subcontinental roots, having in the past freely intermingled with the people there. It's to this Ravi owes his exotic looks and noble bearing, along with a healthy dose of laid-back insouciance and self-confidence. By the age of seventeen, he has already been thrown out of several schools for 'inappropriate behaviour' involving members of the opposite sex, some of them members of staff. Naturally, his family's wealth and connections have ensured that the details of his 'transfers' are not known.

Even the most sheltered of prodigals can, however, wear out the grace of his protectors.  Having had few limits or consequences levied on him, Ravi became ever more spoiled and pushed further beyond acceptable behaviour, moving from using to dealing drugs at his expensive prep school.  Even that would have been tolerated... if it hadn’t been for the death of one of his fellow students from a bad batch of Ecstacy.  The investigation led straight back to Ravi, and not even his family could shelter him from the fallout of his actions – not that they were inclined to.  Cut off from  his trust fund, denied access to Daddy’s lawyers, the young aristocrat was sentenced to two years with a possibility of parole after ten months.

Life can be tough in jail for a rich boy who is no longer rich.  By a combination of charm, manipulation and ruthlessness, Ravi managed to serve his ten months without getting shivved or raped, but it was a near-thing.  He found no welcoming committee on the outside, only an envelope of cash and a firm suggestion that his family never wanted to see him again, delivered by a solicitor.

Still proud and prickly, Ravi decided to leave England’s shores, coming to the U.S.  With an unfinished education and little in the way of practical skills, the only strength he had was his charm and looks.  He drifted from dead-end job to dead-end job, not having the temperament for 9-5 employment, until finally he stumbled into the exotic male dancer scene, having been discovered working behind a bar.  Beautiful and athletic, Ravi was a big hit with the club’s female clientele, and found it an easy jump from dancer to gigolo – the money being better for starters. 


Tall, sleekly muscled and gorgeous, Ravi combines the best of two worlds in his exotic appearance. His skin tone is a rich dark tan, contrasting with spellbinding light brown, almost gold eyes with just a hint of green in their depths. His features are predominantly Caucasian, though hints of his Punjab ancestry are not limited to his dusky skin.

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jk1nACt.jpgName: Amelia Parsons
Nature: Judge
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Concept: Blogger Conspiracy Theorist
Age:  19

Physical: Strength ●●, Dexterity ●●●, Stamina ●●
Social: Charisma ●●, Manipulation ●●●, Appearance ●●
Mental: Perception ●●●, Intelligence ●●●●, Wits ●●●●

Talents: Alertness ●●, Athletics ●, Awareness, Brawl ●, Empathy, Expression ●, Intimidation, Leadership, Streetwise ●●, Subterfuge ●●
Skills: Animal Ken, Crafts, Drive, Etiquette, Firearms ●, Larceny ●●●, Melee, Performance, Stealth ●, Survival
Knowledges: Academics ●, Computer ●●●, Finance, Enigmas ●●●, Investigation ●●, Law, Medicine, Occult ●, Politics, Science ●, Technology ●●●

Backgrounds: Allies ● (1 major or 2 minor), Contacts ●● (2 contacts), Influence ●, Resources ●

Virtues: Conscience ●●●●, Self-Control ●●●, Courage ●●●●
Humanity: 7
Willpower:  6

Computer Aptitude (2) -2 difficulty to rolls involving computers
Iron Will (3) +3 to resist mental control

Addiction (-1) Internet access
Vengeful (-2) Whoever/whatever is responsible for the fire

Curious (-2)

Bonus Point Expenditure:
+1 Self Control, 2
+1 Will Power, 1
+1 Occult, 2
+1 Dex, 5
+1 Per, 5




When she was eight years old, Amelia's family was struck by the kind of horror you normally can only read about in a cheesy paperback novel. She was awakened one night by the sound of something heavy hitting the floor, and unfamiliar voices. She very cautiously edged her way downstairs and spotted around the corner in the kitchen a pair of strangers along with her mom. Her dad was lying on the floor, not moving. There was a weird smell too, like when the stove had just been turned on.

One of the strangers spotted her there on the stairway and raised his voice, calling for her to come down. Amelia felt herself obeying without any conscious effort or decision to do so...as if her mind had become disconnected from her body somehow. The two strangers were dressed in outlandish clothes and heavy coats, they had unsettling dark eyes that never seemed to blink. The man told Amelia to stay by her mother and not make any noise. The other one, a woman, told her mother to 'start counting now,' and then they both quickly went out the back door.

And all the while the stove smell kept getting thicker, and less pleasant.

Amelia's mother, her eyes wide with terror and grief, looked down at her and said, "Amie you have to run. You have to get up and run right now." In her hand Amelia could see a cigarette lighter clutched tightly in her fist.

She tried to move, she really did, but it still felt as if she was floating somehow, not part of herself. She tried to speak, but couldn't do that either.

Her mother was crying now and whispered, "I can't...I can't stop myself, baby you have to go. Please. Don't listen to them, you listen to me. Listen to me and go!"

Something about her mother's face, in her broken voice, terrified Amelia deeply. She clutched at herself, trying to somehow 'grab' whatever had been cut to make her float free...and slowly, as if in a dream, she felt her body respond again. She got to her feet, and was about to turn to try to help her mom when she heard her mom shout, scream, "You have to GO!!"

Terrified, Amelia ran towards the front door...avoiding the path the two strangers had taken...and bolted out into the night. She hadn't even gotten past the porch though when she felt air rush inward past her, and a hideous roaring, sucking sound...a flash of bright light, and heat...and then a shove that sent her stumbling, rolling, tumbling end over end into the front yard.

When Amelia looked back, the house was ablaze.


She went to live with her uncle Darren, her father's younger and less-responsible brother. Darren didn't have kids, didn't want kids, but there wasn't anyone else able to take Amelia, and he wasn't quite so far gone as to insist she go into foster care or something. He and Amelia had met before, they got along well because Vane in small doses was entertaining and charming. But he didn't have his shit together, and he knew it, and having a kid around was going to be a crimp in his lifestyle.

Amelia endured the following years by finding ways to take herself to other places. Her body might be stuck in a dingy side room of a messy apartment, but her mind could be in a movie or a book, or an endless spiral of websites and videos online. Headphones meant she didn't have to hear Darren and whatever 'girlfriend' he'd brought home this time giggle and snog, and also that her music and media wouldn't bother him. She'd learned early on that everyone was happier if she didn't bother him. As long as he didn't have a 'guest' her uncle was open to joking around and having fun and things...but you didn't go to him with problems, and especially not child problems or girl problems. She learned to take care of herself wherever possible...and to choose some friends to help her when it wasn't.

Much of her teenage years were split between these two escapist past-times; getting on her computer and devices at home, or staying out with her friends. Her interests online crystallized though when she stumbled into threads where people were describing 'creepy' things that had happened to them and sharing 'real' ghost stories and other creepypasta type screeds. Most were crap, and a few were pretty good reading, if clearly just amateur writers exchanging fun spookums...but there were a few that sent a little chill down Amelia's spine. A few that felt familiar somehow. People who had encountered oddly-dressed people and suddenly just lost control of what they were doing. Or that witnessed people doing bizarre things, apparently for no reason or with small groups of strange people watching them. Amelia started saving the stories. She learned how to use spreadsheets and made charts to track common elements. She marked locations on maps, with Google Earth replacing a US map on corkboard festooned with pieces of string.

Before long Amelia had graduated from just collecting accounts and trying to fact-check them to actually visiting locations that were within reach. Old houses with reputations of strange events. Abandoned cemeteries or churches. She armed herself with a little video camera and digital audio recorder, and a flashlight you could clip onto your pocket and did the legwork. Very quickly she learned that doing the legwork usually meant breaking into places...but she had a couple of friends who got her started learning how to deal with locks and how to find ways into places she wasn't supposed to be.

After graduating high school she had neither the scholarships nor personal funds to go straight to college, so Amelia went private sector, looking for jobs in the tech sector while starting a blog and youtube channel where she featured some of her less illegal exploits. Having saved up enough money to get an apartment, she's finally left Darren to his own devices. Amelia still isn't sure where she wants to be in five years, let alone ten, but it feels like she's getting it together. She's still interested in the paranormal, but only has a vague idea of why. The night of the fire is just a few nightmarish images now, reduced by time and therapy to something indistinct; a terror that only her deepest instincts still connect her to. For now.



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