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OOC: Adam, The Black Knight


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'Adam' The Black Knight


Agility d4 | Smarts d4 | Spirit d8 | Strength d6 | Vigor d8
Fighting d10
Intimidation d6
Mysticism d8
Notice d6
Persuasion d6
Psionics d6
Riding d4
Shooting d4
Charisma: –; Pace: 6; Parry: 7 (8); Toughness: 6(7)
Hindrances: Code of Honor, two Minor Enemies
Edges: Arcance Background (Miracles), Arcane Background (Pisonics), Brawny, Champion, Common Bond, Improved Rapid Recharge, Killer Instinct, Sweep

Equipment: SFD Huntsman Lightweight Personal Armor (+5 Armor, +1 Toughness), Long Sword (STR+d6), Medium Shield (+1 Parry, +2 Armor to ranged shots that hit)

Mystic Powers: 20PPE / 10ISP
Spells: Armor, Bolt (darkness), Fear, Healing (locked)
Psionics: Succor

Hero's Journey
Enchanted Items & Mystic Gadgets
1 Made of a metal unknown to most of the world, your character’s elegant sword is a powerful weapon and tool for magic work. The blade has 10 PPE (which regenerate at the same rate as the caster), grants a +1 to all spellcasting rolls for AB: Magic and AB: Miracles, and contains two spells (powers) of your choice, which can come from any list. Finally, it’s a combat worthy sword (Str+d6) that even does Mega Damage if 2 PPE is channeled through it that round. (Powers left up to the ST)

Experience & Wisdom
6 Some folks come to understand that lone wolves don’t make it in a world as dangerous as this one. Your hero has Common Bond.

Magic & Mysticism
4-7 More PPE means more power to work with, and your character has it. He gains +5 PPE to his base.
11-13 Often, one crisis is quickly followed by another, and your caster needs to get his energy back quickly. He has the Rapid Recharge Edge, or Improved Rapid Recharge if he already has the former.

15-16 Constant battle, for cause or survival, means your hero knows a great deal about combat. Select one Combat Edge; you may ignore all requirements except other Edges (to take Improved Frenzy; your character must have Frenzy first). Combat Edge: Killer Instinct.

*Bound in Darkness - The Dark Knight took up evil at the behest of his superiors to grant them an edge in defending their lands and winning the war.  The atrocities he committed during that time haunt him and mar his soul.  His dark blade, Agabeddon is bound to him, never far from him and always thirsting for blood, as long as his soul remains blackened he can never put the sword down (meaning he will always use it over anything else in combat).  He battles the lure of the dark sword but with every passing battle he feels more and more of his sou slip away.  Against any being of Evil or Darkness (GM decides how that's defined), Agabeddon recognizes it's own and refuses to let slip from this word a like agent of evil.  The blade always inflicts the minimum possible damage to any Evil or Dark creature or person.  Also, any other assorted evils the GM wants to set up (nightmares, haunting visions, whatever).  Carrying Agabeddon should be like hefting the weight of The One Ring (spiritually).

Game Start - With his [kingdom, lands, lords, state, city block] in ruins The Dark Knight has set out on his own to find some means of shattering the curse he willingly placed upon himself.  Hindsight is 20/20, and somewhere within him is still a spark of light.  While he may never be forgiven for the acts he's committed, he can strive towards redemption...

Unholy Mystic Knight Dude was once a renowned warrior in the lands of Tolkeen.  When the walls Pratchettville were under siege, he was there to drive back the assaulting armies.  When the 5 Brigand Lords rallied their forces against Adams Shire, he was there to protect the people and drive off the invading hordes.  When the dorcs raided and pillaged the settlements at the base of the Riordan Mountains, it was he who led the charge to reclaim the stolen lands in the name of King and Country.

When Tolkeen went to war Unholy Mystic Knight Dude fought bravely on every front line he was sent to, win or loss, it was always Unholy Knight Dude that came back alive.  With so many near death escapes and an impressive body count languishing in his wake the Kings advisors, Weiss and Hickman bent the ear of King Sal Vitore' the III, informing him that if the war to be won, then drastic measure needed to be taken and Unholy Knight Dude was the perfect candidate.  They sent him to the Hallowed Pits in Lovecraft, an ancient and foreboding place locked deep between the Swamps of Sadness and the Bogs of Eternal Stench.  From this quest he returned with Agabeddon, the Sword of Sorrows, The Reaper of Regret, The Killer of Kindness, the Butcher of Beauty, The Liquidator of Love and the Slayer of Synonyms.

At the behest of his great king, Unholy Mystical Dude set out mastering the dark blade and it, in turn, began blackening his soul.  With every battle the blade savored the blood and life force of those U.K.D. put to death and he, in turn grew drunk on its power.  For all the good it did.  Tolkeen still lost.  Wankers.

Countryless, kingless, homeless and technically unemployed, Unholy Knight Dude was on the precipice of ending his life, quite literally, in fact, when Coalition Forces had the smarts to prod a dragon and spark a battle that would last far longer than he was planning staying on the planet anyway.  He didn't though... after the long, heated battle (that he didn't bother getting involved in) Unholy Knight Dude searched the battlefield, mostly for loose change, a nip of booze and something he could hawk for a bowl of ramen or something.  He came upon the CF numbers decimated, but their target didn't fare to well either.  The dragon was mortally wounded and her heart stopped beating only moments after he arrived.  The injured few of them that managed to survive were no match for the wrath of the blade when they decided to turn their efforts to exterminating Unholy Knight Dude.  Convinced that there wasn't even a quiet spot for him to kill himself in peace, he went on his way.  Not far from the battlefield he stumbled upon the dragons lair where there lay a single (really frickin' big) egg.  The lair was good enough for escaping the elements for the evening so he bedded down.  [Meeting with Kensie]

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