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OOC: Firanis 'Fi' Flux

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Character Name: Firanis 'Fi' Flux
Rank: Seasoned Experience: 20 Advances Left: 0
Race: Human
Iconic Framework: MARS Personal Concept - Engineer
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d12, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Charisma: +2; Pace: 6 (Running +d6); Parry: 6; Toughness: 5 (+7 Armor); Strain: 6/6

Climbing d6
Drive d10
Fighting d8
Investigation d8
Knowledge (Computers) d8
Knowledge (Electronics) d8
Knowledge (Engineering) d12
Knowledge (History) d4
Lockpicking d8
Notice d8
Persuasion d6
Repair d12
Shooting d10
Stealth d8
Streetwise d8

American (Native), Techno-can, Euro, Dragonese/Elven, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Faerie Speak, Gobblely (3 slots open- Char, feel free to assign any of them to a specific language for narrative reasons, if you like.)

Curious (Major): Fi has a voracious appetite for learning things and figuring things out, which can lead her into sticky situations more often than they probably should.
Quirk - Tinkerer (Minor): Fi just can't help modding and futzing with her tech, even if it's in perfectly serviceable condition
Stubborn (Minor): Fi grew up on the streets of Ishpeming through grit and cleverness, and even after making something of herself, usually worked alone, and thus, prefer things her way.
Technophile (Roleplay): Not Greedy exactly, but Fi really loves getting her hands on any new or exotic tech that comes into reach.
Hunted (Roleplay): Though she works with the Black Market with few qualms, there are different Factions in the Black Market and Fi has had an incident with Le Marche Noir, when she didn't readily agree to work for them instead of the Chicago Network as an engineer, tech-scavenger, and member of Pascal L'Outré's harem. As her refusal included explosives, Pascal is after her to reconsider her allegiance and employment.

Rich: He’s managed to accumulate a bit of money, but more important, extra gear. He begins with 5,000 credits and gets two rolls on the Body Armor, Close Combat Weapons, Cybernetics, or Ranged Combat Weapons Tables. The hero may give up the two rolls to instead own one vehicle of his choice.
Filthy Rich: This character made some major scores before the current adventure. She’s got 20,000 credits saved up and gets three additional rolls (total of five) on the above listed tables.
Attractive: It’s no secret that beautiful people have an easier time getting their way in life. This Edge grants your beautiful or handsome character +2 to Charisma.
Ace: Aces are special pilots and drivers who feel more comfortable behind the wheel, throttle, or flight stick than on their own two feet. Aces add +2 to Boating, Driving, and Piloting rolls. In addition, they may also spend Bennies to make Soak rolls for any vehicle or vessel they control. This is a Boating, Driving, or Piloting roll at –2 (cancelling their  usual +2). Each success and raise negates a wound and any critical hit that would have resulted from it.
MacGyver: This character can improvise something when the need for a tool arises. He suffers no negative penalties on Trait rolls for lack of equipment in most situations. In  addition, given a few simple tools, props, or devices, he can generally rig devices to help escape from death-traps, weapons to match some bizarre need, or otherwise create something that’s needed when such a thing isn’t actually present. The extent of this is completely up to the Game Master, but creativity should be rewarded, particularly in dire  situations where few other answers are possible.
Mr. Fix It: The inventor adds +2 to Repair rolls. With a raise, he halves the time normally required to fix something. This means that if a particular Repair job already states that a  raise repairs it in half the time, a Mr. Fix It could finish the job in one-quarter the time with a raise.
Scrounger: Some people are just very skilled at knowing how to find what they need in an urban setting. They know where to look, who to talk to, and how to get what their group needs. A Scrounger can make a Streetwise check, once per session, in any city or large town (−2 in smaller urban areas) to accomplish one of the following:
--Gain 1d6+2 fully charged e-clips for the firearms she and her teammates use.
--Acquire a complete reload for one Mega Damage weapon, such as a Boom Gun, Mini Rail Gun, or grenade launcher.
--Procure food for 2d6 people for a week.
--Fully restock one Trauma Kit, or find 1d4+1 first aid kits (as found in the NGS2 Survival Pack).
--Obtain a non-secured cred-card with 2d10 × 2,000 credits on it.
--Find some rare (not necessarily valuable) and needed item (entertainment chips for computers, a spare part for a suit of armor or vehicle, snacks and treats, etc.).
Connections (Black Market): (p.44 Core Deluxe Book)
Thief: Thieves specialize in deceit, treachery, and acrobatics. They can be invaluable where traps must be detected, walls must be climbed, and locks must be picked. Thieves add  +2 to Climbing, Lockpick, Stealth, as well as Notice or Repair rolls that relate to traps and similar devices. The bonus to Stealth does not apply when the character is in a wilderness environment—only in urban areas.
Investigator: Investigators have spent a great deal of time researching ancient legends, working the streets, or deducing devilish mysteries. Some of these heroes are actual  Private Investigators for hire while others may be sleuthing mages in a fantasy world or perhaps inquisitive college professors stumbling upon Things Man Was Not Meant to Know in the dark of night. Investigators add +2 to Investigation and Streetwise rolls, as well as Notice rolls made to search through evidence.
Linguist: The character has an ear for languages and a rare talent for recognizing similarities between them. A character with this Edge starts with a number of languages equal to  his Smarts die, and can make a Smarts roll at –2 to make herself understood in any language or dialect she has heard spoken for at least a week.
Danger Sense: Your hero can sense when something bad is about to happen. Anytime he’s about to be the victim of a surprise attack, ambush, or other nasty surprise, he gets a  Notice roll at –2 just before the attack or event occurs. If successful, the character knows something is about to happen and may take appropriate action against it. This means  the hero is on Hold for the first round of a combat. Should the hero fail his roll, he still follows the normal Surprise rules, if applicable (see page 73).

Hero's Journey Extras
--She is good at creating fakes of necessary papers, badges, and the like; she’s got experience and training in Forgery (treat as Common Knowledge), with a +2 to related checks.

Watt - a firefox (Red Panda or very close Red Panda analogue) given to her by a grateful elf, after she repair the small town's water-treatment plant.

Core Electronics Package: This set of electronic and data systems grants the following—a mini-computer; a computer interface jack for direct linking to other systems, which grants a +4 to appropriate Repair checks and Common Knowledge rolls; a radio with a 20-mile range. (Strain 1)
Optics Package: One or both of the cyborg’s eyes are replaced, granting the following: +2 all sight-based Notice checks; thermal imaging and night vision (ignore illumination penalties); 50× magnification for distance; 20× macro lens for up-close detail; glare filters that give a +2 on checks to avoid blinding flashes and related light burst effects. Finally, the Optics Package provides the ability to record still or moving images and store them for later viewing or display. Switching modes is a free action. (Strain 1)
Expanded Detection and Security Array: This combination of radar, sonar, and motion detectors grants the cyborg 360 degree awareness of his surroundings. This grants a +2 to Notice checks and the Danger Sense Edge. (Strain 2)
Cyber-Wired Reflexes: The cyborg’s Agility is increased one step for each application of these artificial nervous system enhancements and hard-wired celerity systems.  Each step past d12 adds a +1. This particular enhancement is a requirement for many other upgrades. (Strain 1)
Targeting Eye: Requiring the Optics Package, this enhancement grants a +2 to all Shooting rolls for weapons the character spends at least a full round calibrating. (Strain 1)

Mountaineer ATV Mark 2 - The Red Rambler (Painted Chromatic Fire Engine Red)


The Mountaineer is expensive, but most consider it a bargain in the long run. It’s tough, roomy, and well-equipped, and its six wheels give it remarkable handling. Outfitted a with a nuclear engine, a Heavy Laser Cannon Turret and Forward Medium Ion Blaster.

Mountaineer Mk 2: Size 6, Acc/TS 10/50 (Maximum speed 120 mph), Toughness 31 (16), Crew 2+8, Mods 6/6
Notes: All-Terrain, Handling 1, Environmental Systems, M.D.C. Armor, Sensor Suite

Weapon Systems: Heavy Laser (Range 150/300/600, Damage 4d10, RoF 1, AP 15, Shots - , Mods 3), Medium Ion Weapon (40/80/160, Damage 4d8, RoF 1, AP 4, Shots - , Mods 3, MBT)

NG-MRL7 Grease Monkey Body Armor (Coloured in Pink/Black/Grey Camouflage)


(Reskinned version of the T-13 Field Mechanic Body Armor): A stripped down version of the NG-MRU886 Grease Monkey Power Armor cobbled together by Fi, influenced by Triax designs. It comes equipped with a sidearm shoulder holster, additional equipment pouches attached to the holster belt and the legs, and a portable tool kit attached to the waist belt. Larger equipment and tool kits are transported by hand, but the NG-MRL7 armor has some built in tools to facilitate field repairs. First is a laser torch built into the left arm. In a pinch, the laser torch can be used as a weapon (Range 4/8/16, Damage 3d6, RoF 1, AP 3, Mega Damage). On the opposite arm, the NG-MRL7 features an extendable robot  arm, used to access small areas and conduct repairs out of the mechanic’s normal reach. The arm is fully articulated, able to use tools, pick up objects, manipulate controls, and so forth. It gives the mechanic Reach 1 and Strength d6. The robot arm is equipped with a laser finger which inflicts Str+d4 damage if used in melee. The NG-MRL7 helmet is equipped with a pair of directional lights, as well as a HUD visor with additional optics enhancement with 10× magnification, a thermal vision mode, and a spectrographic scanner used to  locate microfractures, metal fatigue, and other subtle signs of damage. All of this grants the wearer +2 on Repair checks. NG-MRL7 Body Armor provides +6 Armor and +1 Toughness, as well as providing Full Environmental Protection. It also has built-in mini-computers for basic functions; a communications system with a 10 mile range; public-address loudspeakers; a laser distancer; and a nightvision mode for vision. NG-MRL Body Armor has no Strength Minimum. (18 lb, 75,000 credits)

NG-LGX Laser Rifle 'The Skittler' (Modded to manically exclaim 'Pew Pew Pew' when on autofire, and laser blasts cycle through the spectrum of the rainbow. Bellows 'Kaboom!' when firing grenades. Mod can be switched off... with reluctance)


Range 30/60/120, Damage 3d6+2, RoF 3, AP 4, Shots 60, 10 lb, 50,000 credits; Min Str d6, 3RB. Integrated grenade launcher (20/40/80, 12 shots, damage by grenade type) and scope with night vision and laser targeting (offset two points of range and/or darkness penalties)

E-canister (60 shots)
Grenades: Armor Piercing x4, Fragmentation x4, Plasma x4)

NG-S2 Survival Pack


Designed and sold by the Northern Gun Corporation, this is a fairly common starting item for anyone roaming the wilds. It contains just about everything needed for basic survival. (30 lb, 3,000 credits)

--One two-person tent, insulated against up to −40 degrees Fahrenheit. It has water collection capabilities, capturing ambient humidity and evaporating water from occupants, thus extending water supplies by 20%.
--One sleeping bag, also insulated.
--One flashlight, with a concealed pocket knife. Miniaturized solar panels give it near-infinite operation under typical conditions.
--One biometric compass/inertial mapper. Body motion provides the necessary power, and the system lets the user know how far and in what direction he’s traveled overtime (+2 to Survival rolls related to land navigation). A mirrored back allows for reflective signaling to others if the sun is out.
--One short-range radio, five mile range.
--One first aid kit, provides +1 to Healing checks. It has three uses before it needs to be replenished (300 credits).
--One hunter/fisher kit, containing wires, line, hooks, and other elements necessary for fishing and small game trapping. This provides +1 to Survival checks where food gathering is concerned.
--Three saw wires, composed of serrated, high tensile strength wire and two ring handles. Capable of slicing through wood, stone, and even non-Mega metals.
---One fire starter, a combination solar powered ignition cell and flint sparker (with six extra flints).
--One survival knife, one small hatchet, and one wooden cross.
--Four signal flares.
--One climbing kit with 30 feet of lightweight cord, a pair of climbing gloves, four ceramic spikes, and a small mallet.
--One bar of soap and a sterilized cloth.
--One canteen.
--Two weeks worth of minimal sustenance survival rations in sealed pouches.

Pip-Boy (Wrist-mounted combined version of a Grade II Field Computer, a Dosimeter, and a Holo-Display Communicator, designed after an item seen in a pre-Rifts video game; 2 lb)


Grade II Field Computer: A rugged operational version, capable of withstanding the shocks and jarring of running around and trying not to die in a Mega-Damage world. Grade II, granting a +2 bonus to any Knowledge (Computers) or Lockpicking rolls when in an opposed roll situation. The bonus also applies to any Investigation rolls for recalling history or related research. (5,000 credits for Grade II).
Dosimeter: Limited nuclear exchanges from long ago left behind areas still saturated with deadly radiation. As well, the effects of some Rifts create radiation threats, making a device like this very useful. It can accurately detect the presence and amount of radiation with a Range category band of 5/10/20. (200 credits)
Holo-Display Communicator: Capable of sending and receiving a small, doll-sized holographic image, this rare and expensive system is also useful for creating 3D images of maps, diagrams, blueprints, and whatever else the user might wish to input for display. The communication system itself has a 300- mile range. (10,000 credits)

Credits: 800



Race - Human

Rich - He’s managed to accumulate a bit of money, but more important, extra gear. He begins with 5,000 credits and gets two rolls on the Body Armor, Close Combat  Weapons, Cybernetics, or Ranged Combat Weapons Tables. The hero may give up the two rolls to instead own one vehicle of his choice. {+2 Rolls on Hero's Journey - Ranged Combat Weapons]

Curious (Major)
Quirk - Tinkerer (Minor)
Stubborn (Minor)
Technophile & Hunted (roleplay value only)

+2d Smarts

Iconic Framework (MARS - Personal Concept)
Gain +5 skill points
Choose any two Edges, ignoring any prerequisites other than other Edges [MacGyver, Mr. Fix It.]
Roll 4 times on Fortune and Glory Table
Roll 3 times on Hero's Journey Tables of Choice (Underworld & Black Ops x3)
Use any IF's starting gear (Merc Soldier - Begin with any one Body Armor [Triax T-13 Field Mechanic], an NGS2 Survival Pack and 3d6 × 1,000 credits [15,000 credits])

Skills (20/20)
Climbing +1d
Drive +1d
Fighting +1d
Knowledge (Computers) +1d
Knowledge (Electronics) +1d
Knowledge (Engineering) +3d
Knowledge (History) +1d
Lockpicking +2d
Notice +1d
Persuasion +2d
Repair +3d
Shooting +1d
Stealth +2d

Fortune and Glory
12 - Choose Your Fate: Select any other result on this table, or gain two rolls on the Hero’s Journey tables of your choice [+2 Rolls on Hero's Journey - Training]
3 - A Way to Get Around: Your hero begins with a d6 in either Driving or Piloting. She also starts with any one vehicle of her choice [Mountaineer ATV Mk 2, fully loaded]
12 - Choose Your Fate: Select any other result on this table, or gain two rolls on the Hero’s Journey tables of your choice [+2 Rolls on Hero's Journey - Education]
5 - Smart and Learned: Your hero adds one die type to Smarts and begins with a d6 in any three Smarts-linked skills [Repair, Notice, Engineering]

Hero’s Journey
Narrative Hook

Education (16): Born with a natural inquisitiveness, your hero has a gift for research and finding things out. He has the Investigator Edge and the Investigation skill at d6.
Education (17): Either her parents did everything they could to educate her, she attended one of the few schools left in the world, or she might even have found and lived in an ancient library. However managed, she has five additional skill points to spend at character creation, but they may only be spent on Healing, Investigation, and Knowledge skills. [+2d to Knowledge (Computers) and Knowledge (Electronics), +1d Investigation]

Training (17): Though lots of folks can jump behind a wheel or grab a stick, your hero understands the nuances of guiding a machine effectively through the worst conditions. She gains the Ace Edge (or Combat Ace, if she already has Ace), as well as a one die type increase in her choice of Boating, Driving, or Piloting. [+1d Driving]
Training (3): After serving in a military, paramilitary, militia, or security force for some time, your hero has some solid combat training. She gains +5 Skill Points, which may be spent on Fighting, Shooting, or Throwing in any combination. [+2d Fighting, +3d Shooting]

Underworld & Black Ops (15): With a nose for opportunities, horse-trading, and five-fingered discounts, your hero is the go-to person for getting what’s needed in a crunch. He has the Scrounger Edge and Connections (Black Market).
Underworld & Black Ops (11): Your character is inherently gifted at larceny, possessing the Thief Edge without concern for requirements. He also gains +3 Skill Points to spend on Climbing, Lockpicking, and Stealth as he chooses. [+1d to Climbing, Lockpicking, Stealth]
Underworld & Black Ops (10): Though few and far between, the cites of Rifts Earth are the hubs of what remains of civilization, vital as sources of information. Your character understands the ebb and flow of their streets and alleyways, gaining a d8 in Streetwise. She is also good at creating fakes of necessary papers, badges, and the like; she’s got experience and training in Forgery (treat as Common Knowledge), with a +2 to related checks.

Ranged Combat Weapons (9): This weapon is extra deadly, granting a +1 to all damage rolls made with it. This result may be applied a maximum of three times. No weapon - replaced with result 1-3: Add any Personal Ranged Weapon listed in this book to your character’s gear list. Apply all other results from rolling on this table to your new weapon as you wish. [CP-50 'Dragonfire' Laser Rifle]
Ranged Combat Weapons (15): Advanced technology makes this weapon extra effective against armor, giving it +2 AP. [Applied to CP-50 'Dragonfire' Laser Rifle]

Cybernetics (7): Instantaneously knowing how to do what he needs makes your hero extra useful with his Wired Skill Port and four die type skill chip. Missing prerequisites, replaced with Core Electronics Package.
Cybernetics (19): Choose any single cybernetic upgrade you wish and qualify for [Optics Package].
Cybernetics (5): Your cyborg is the one everyone wants on watch since she has the Expanded Detection and Security Array.

Bought Gear (39,200/40,000 credits)
Cyber-Wired Reflexes: The cyborg’s Agility is increased one step for each application of these artificial nervous system enhancements and hard-wired celerity systems.  Each step past d12 adds a +1. This particular enhancement is a requirement for many other upgrades. (Strain 1; 12,000 credits)
Targeting Eye: Requiring the Optics Package, this enhancement grants a +2 to all Shooting rolls for weapons the character spends at least a full round calibrating. (Strain 1; 12,000 credits)
Field Computer, Grade II (5,000 credits)
Holo-Display Communicator (10,000 credits)
Dosimeter (200 credits)

5 xp: +1d Agility
10xp: Attractive
15xp: Linguist
20xp: Filthy Rich - This character made some major scores before the current adventure. She’s got 20,000 credits saved up and gets three additional rolls (total of five) on the above listed tables. [+3 Rolls on Hero's Journey - Cybernetics]

Firanis grew up in the streets and alleys of Ishpeming. Her name isn't a common one among humans, and she doesn't remember her parents at all, only remembers being on her own ever since she was young, making her way however she could. Astonishingly clever, with a genius for mechanical and electrical concepts, when she couldn't beg or pilfer enough to survive, she could always find work fixing things... when she was taking them apart of figure out how they worked.

Northern Gun may have been more egalitarian than many other nations like the CS or those with a hereditary royalty, with more movement between social strata, but it still can its upper echelons. The celebrated engineers and influential executives, where success was assured or assumed, while the majority lived blue-collar lives. With talent and determination, with was possible to climb the ladder to success, and Fi might have been one such, if the Black Market hadn't found her first.

The Black Market was entrenched deeply in Northern Gun, and Fi hadn't had any qualms in being associated with them. They were more integral to her life than the executives and top designers of Northern Gun, fencing the little she could find or acquire, or letting her tinker and fix things despite her youth and lack of credentials. In Fi, with her smarts and aptitudes, the Black Market saw an opportunity.

They arranged and paid for her schooling at one of the better engineering colleges/firms in Ishpeming, and in return, she agreed to work for them for a time. This more than suited Fi - a voracious student whose biggest problem was access to new things to learn. An actual school was paradise to her and she excelled in it, even if she was looked down upon by the better bred students.

At sixteen, she graduated top of her class and earned a position on a research team for Northern Gun... just as the Chicago Network faction of the Black Market had planned. With her youth, slim figure, and large eyes, she was underestimated and often thought innocent. For two years, while working on prototypes and updates to NG products, she was sending schematics, blueprints, and technical proposals back to the Black Market. Then she was almost caught. The explosion she arranged was distraction enough to get her out without getting caught. Unfortunately, she got hit by the edge of the explosion and lost an eye.

For recompense for what she had done, the Black Market paid for a pair of upgraded, Lifelike Simulated Cyber-Eyes and cosmetic surgery to fix the damage to her face. Going back to Norther Gun was out of the question and Fi felt a little melancholy at that - she may have been ultimately working for the Black Market, but she had made friends there. But the Black Market still had a use for her, as an engineer to reverse-engineer tech they got their hands on and as tech-scavenger, looking for and breaking into pre-Rift armories and factories.

Fi enjoyed the work very much. Mostly on her own, she only had to answer to herself, unless she had a merc team for defense and muscle when she found a potential site. She didn't score as big as she had when working for Northern Gun, but she had some successes and the pay was good. More, she got to travel a good deal, which ended up earning her a side job as a discrete smuggler. Passing through some of the smaller communities of North America, she occasionally did time as an Operator, fixing broken or malfunctioning devices they didn't have the technical know-how to fix. That give her a sense of pride and accomplishment she didn't often feel otherwise... And if the occasional bit of tech the villagers had no clue they had or knew what it was went missing, who was hurt?

This went of for three years. She was in Old Bones in Free Quebec, on a lucrative contract for Le Marche Noir, another faction of the Black Market. The contract fulfilled - opening a pre-Rifts lockbox, it had been oddly good pay for the difficulty, though she hadn't managed to get a glance of the contents - Fi decided to pick up a few more cybernetic systems after a near run-in with some xiticix to help her in a pinch in a fight.

When she woke up after surgery, Fi found a few unexpected things. The cyber-systems she wanted were online and in perfect working order. The new cyber-breasts were a surprise, but a pleasant one, granting her curves she had always lacked before and a glance into a reflective surgical tool showed more work had been done on her face. That made her frown. Her features were undoubtedly more symmetrical and more attractive, but she didn't quite look like herself anymore, and there was a mark on her face, the Roman Numeral VI.

And one of her wrists was cuffed to the surgical table. Pascal 'Loutré was standing over her with a big smile on his face. He had tried to buy her contract from the Chicago Network before. Both they and she had refused. It seemed like Pascal was marking a more forceful proposition this time. Fi wasn't pleased, especially with the mark on her cheek, as though she was already the sixth woman to be inducted into his harem.

Fi was having know of that. The cuff was easy to pick with the tools on hand, and she had it off while she put Pascal off. With the Cyber-wire Reflexes, she was faster than Pascal expected and with the components on hand in the cyber-shop, an explosive wasn't hard to MacGyver. It had worked before after all. And it worked this time - she didn't even blow herself up a little this time.

She jumped back into the Red Rambler and sped back to Ishpeming, to explain the situation to her contacts there. They understood and were on her side, angry Pascal and Le Marche Noir tried to abscond with one of their assets. But it also turned out Pascal was related to one of the high-ups in Le Marche Noir, and they found out her bomb hadn't done for Pascal either.

Her contacts decided it would be best Fi went on an extended scavenging run, preferably down south out of easy reach of the Black Market of Free Quebec, and let things cool down. That sounded like a great idea to Fi. So loaded up the Red Rambler and went on a road trip. Which took her through the ruins of Tolkeen. She was just passing through, honest! Not looking for plunder... per se. But if it was just laying around.... like that broken full-conversion cyborg.

She had just managed to load it up - lots of parts to scavenge there - when a CS patrol caught wind of her and the chase on. It was hard, but she didn't fire with the Heavy Laser - she might have been able to disable their transport, but if they thought her dangerous enough to call in air support, she'd never get away. She finally lost them in the bright glow of a leyline - they hadn't thought her a big enough issue to call in support and she had been the better driver.

But they had taken their own shots at her and damaged the micro-nuclear reactor powering her vehicle. It still worked, but had the irritation of cutting out at the most inopportune times. When she finally had time to take a look at it, she was glad she had winched in that cyborg. It would likely have the parts she needed to repair the power source.

Unfortunately, when she went to dissemble the cyborg, she found out he was not quite dead. He was on minimal power, just enough to preserve brain function. She swore. She swore a lot, and kicked the damned thing, and would have broken a toe is she had been wearing steel-toe boots. Yeah, she worked for the Black Market, and the Black Market had its share of killers and ruthless psychopaths, but she wasn't one.

It took most of the spare parts she had, and she had to cannibalize her particle beam pistol to boot, but she got the cyborg functional again. And hey, it wasn't all bad having a humanoid war-machine in her debt if the CS or Pascal L'Outré caught up with her. He didn't seem all that fond of the CS either, so she decided to keep him on board for the time being.

They continued south, trying to stay under the attention of the CS - if they were even looking for either of them - and Le Marche Noir, and eventually found themselves in Prince's Landing when next the Red Rambler decided it needed a rest. The town might have been a kinda basic or primitive for Fi's tastes, but it would do until she could get the nuclear engine fully repaired, and her talents should serve her well in Prince's Landing.

Besides, she was also finding out BB Rodriguez was sort of an asshole. His cigars stank as all hell, and he kept drinking the last of the beer. She needed a break from being cooped up with him on the road.

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