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OOC: Adventure!: Street-Level Heroes - Character Generation


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Character generation is the same as in Adventure! with the following changes and considerations;

The PCs are HEROES. That means they are basically good and will generally avoid killing.

All PCs should pick their Inspiration type, but may purchase knacks from the other categories of Inspired (subject to approval).

In a street level game, background become even more valuable (especially Contacts and Allies), as things like Allies are much closer to your level of capability. Background Enhancements are possible, but unlikely. A good explication must be given, , with several (such as Legions or Kingpin) being off limits.

We will be using the optional Lethal Soak rule for the PCs. So your base Bashing soak is you Stamina and base Lethal soak is 1/2 Stamina (rounding down). You are heroes, after all. Keep in mind, damage will be mostly coming from punches, improvised clubs, knives and handguns, not q-bolts. So a double digit Lethal soak is not needed (and would actually be pretty damned rare).

Taking Merits and flaws Aberrant/Trinity is possible. Just know they will need my approval.

I think I will allow you each to pick an Att and allow that one to go to 6 during play (possibly with other bonuses too). It should be an Att that is fitting. Like for Swara (Dave) it might be Stamina, Strength (or maybe even Appearance). We can work it out. Not a decision needing to be made right now.

I am also not opposed to possibly tweaking a knack, or making a new one, thereby making at least one knack unique to a PC (even if others have the RAW version of it). Just talk to me in chat, or PM or whatever.

Remember, you can buy knacks with XP, so you do not need to spend all your TPs just on knacks during CharGen.

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