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OOC: Heroes of the Age

Dave ST

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The personalities used by the posters are presented here in this thread.  The various enemies and allies of those personalities are presented in "Dog Brothers and Sword Sisters".

I'm very picky about formatting, so please, take a moment to make sure your sheet doesn't look like hammered ass spread across three miles of 'what the fuck' before you post it here.

I reserve the right to edit sheets if they need some touching up.

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Name: Freya of Vanaheim


Gender& Age: Female, 21
Homeland: Vanaheim
Caste: Barbaric
Caste Talents: Savage Dignity, Uncivilized
Story: Born on a Battlefield
Trait: Born to Battle
Archetype: Raider
Nature: Wrathful
Education: Against Your Parents Will
War Story: Mentioned in A saga
Languages: Nordheimer, Argosian

-Acrobatics – 0/0/14
-Melee – 5/5/19
-Stealth – 2/2/16
-Insight – 0/0/7/
-Observation - 0/0/7
-Survival – 1/1/8
-Thievery – 0/0/7
-Athletics – 1/1/11
-Resistance – 2/2/12
-Parry – 3/3/13
-Ranged Weapons – 2/2/12
-Sailing – 2/2/12
-Alchemy – 0/0/7
-Craft – 0/0/7
-Healing – 0/0/7
-Linguistics – 2/2/9
-Lore – 2/2/9
-Warfare – 1/1/8
-Animal Handling – 0/0/7
-Command – 0/0/7
-Counsel – 0/0/7
-Persuade – 0/0/7
-Society – 0/0/7
-Discipline – 3/3/10
-Sorcery – 0/0/7



Nordheimer- whether from asgard or vanaheim, a nordheimer with this talent is descended from a race of humankind that devolved into snow-apedom after the cataclysm. The earliest true humans in the land, forefathers of the Hyborians, drove them northward past the Arctic Circle, where they once again became humans, eventually returning to the lands that would later be known as Nordheim. When a Nordheimer with an Ancient Bloodline fails a Personality test, they are prone to boastfulness and foolhardy overconfidence.


No Mercy - When making a Melee attack, you may re-roll a number of damage dice equal to the total number of Melee talents (and ranks in those talents) you have acquired, if desired. You must accept the results of the re-rolls.

Deft Blade - You wield a blade as if it were an extension of your arm. Whenever you make a Melee attack, any Momentum spent or points added to Doom to add bonus d20s to the Melee test adds two dice instead of one, though the normal limit of three bonus d20s still applies.

Adaptable Combatant - You can adjust your fighting style to suit a range of circum­stances. When making or defending against an attack, you may increase or decrease the Reach of your weapon by 1. A weapon’s Reach may not be reduced below 1.


Sailor - You are an experienced sailor, accustomed to river, sea, or ocean. You may re-roll one d20 when making a Sailing test, but you must accept the new result.

-Brawl (M):
- Broadsword: 2 reach, UB -1H, Damage 5, Parrying, Enc 1
- Knife: reach 1, 1H, Damage 3, Hidden1, Improvised, Unforgiving1

- Shield: reach 2, damage 2, 1H, Knockdown, Shield 2, Enc 2
Soak: 3
-Armor – Mail Shirt (torso, noisy), Horned Helm (Head, Heavy)
-Courage - 0

Vigor - 12  | Wounds -
Resolve- 10 | Trauma -

Fortune Points: 2

-Social Standing - 1
-Renown - 0
-Gold - 7

- Upkeep -4

Other Belongings: Target Shield, Broadsword, Barbed Spear, Knife that belonged to My Cheiftian

Background: Freya was born in the midst of a Raid on her village by a mixed band of Cimmerian and Aesir. In straight up barbarian legend building fashion her mother gave birth on the battlefield and Freya's fate was sealed.

She grew up strong and fast, by her teens she was as tall as the tallest man and her feminine curves could not hide her Powerful build. Her skill at arms was a match for any and not wishing a life of a wife and homemaker she went against her parents wishes and Joined a Raider's crew when she was seventeen. With flowing red hair and piercing green eyes she rode the dragon prowed ship and proved herself in battle.

She soon found herself named in a skalds song and spent many feasts at the Jarl's table. But for Freya it wasn't enough. She had seen the ships of the south landers seen their villages on the coast which they raided, had raided far south and seen the wonders of different peoples and heard tales of even more wondrous places and peoples. On her last voyage south, she elected not to return home. Leaving her plunder with her mates she set off with the clothes on her back and the sword at her side, ready for adventure.

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Simeon of Koth


Gender: Male
Age: 42
Homeland: Koth
Caste: Merchant
Story: Profits from the Road
Trait: Well-Traveled
Archetype: Alchemist
Nature: Academic
Education: Family Footsteps
War Story: Survived a Duel
Languages: Kothic, Argossian, Zingaran

Skills [Expertise/Focus/Total]:

-Acrobatics – 0/0/7
-Melee – 0/0/7
-Stealth – 0/0/7

-Insight – 1/1/11
-Observation - 1/1/11
-Survival – 2/2/12
-Thievery – 1/1/11

-Athletics – 0/0/7
-Resistance – 2/2/9

-Parry – 1/1/8
-Ranged Weapons – 0/0/7
-Sailing – 0/0/7

-Alchemy – 4/4/18 [Formulas: Exploding Powders, Blinding Powders, Burning Liquids, Reinforced Fabrics, Lotus Pollen]
-Craft – 0/0/14
-Healing – 2/2/16
-Linguistics – 1/1/15
-Lore – 3/3/17
-Warfare – 0/0/14

-Animal Handling – 1/1/8
-Command – 0/0/7
-Counsel – 1/1/8
-Persuade – 2/2/9
-Society – 2/2/9

-Discipline – 1/1/11
-Sorcery – 1/1/11

Ancient Bloodline - Blood of Bori: While not as ancient as the lineage of sunken Atlantis, or the mysterious Zhemri of Zamora, those descended from Bori give name to this age. It is the Hyborians who rule in the West, having risen from barbarism to form the civilized world. When a character with this talent fails a Personality test, they are filled with pride and disdain for anyone who would question the blood which made the world (as they see it). Pay the GM 1 Doom and add a d20 to your test (unless you already rolled 3d20).
Alchemy – Alchemist: You may re-roll one d20 when attempting an Alchemy test, but you must accept the new result. With this talent, you can also substitute Alchemy for ranged weapons when using an alchemical weapon.
Alchemy – Dabbler: Having studied many alchemical formulas, you are comfortable with making your own discoveries through experimentation. You are not restricted as to which petty enchantments you would make but doing so is very expensive. You must spend three times the number of reagents needed before making any alchemy test to build a petty enchantment for which you do not have the Master of Formulae talent.
Alchemy – Poisoner: You’ve made a study of toxic plants and animal venoms and can distill their essences down to a single dose, to be administered by mouth or at the end of a weapon. You have access to lotus pollen petty enchantments and all other venoms.
Strife: With fractious nobles and near constant civil war, it pays to be attentive. Each day when in your homeland, you can make a free Simple (D0) Lore test. Each point of Momentum gives you a general idea as to whether there will be a major disturbance that day. While matters can take a turn at any point (and this doesn’t account for the actions of you or your allies) this test should provide accurate — if nonspecific — information about the general feel of the region.
Survival – Herbalist 1: A character with the Herbalist talent can use the Survival skill to forage for herbs and other plants for a variety of uses (see The Book of Skelos for more details).
Tradesman: You have passed apprenticeship with a tradesman or within a guild. While your talent may be mediocre or worse, at least you have a fallback plan. When Carousing, if you do not have sufficient Gold to pay your Upkeep, you may offer your services to a tradesman or to a guild in order to cover your Upkeep. However, you may not take any other actions during that period of Carousing.
Vagabond: The road is more home to you than any town or city ever has been. Whether a nomad by choice or necessity, you can reduce the Difficulty of Survival tests by one, so long as you are on a maintained road. This may reduce the Difficulty of tests to Simple (D0).

Brawl (M):
- Shortsword: Reach 1, Size 1H, Damage 4[CD], Parrying, Enc 1

Soak: 2
-Armor: Reinforced Clothing
-Courage: 0

Vigor: 9 | Wounds:
Resolve: 11 | Trauma:

Fortune Points: 2

-Social Standing: 1
-Renown : 0
-Gold: 9
-Upkeep: 4

Other Belongings:
Alchemical field laboratory
Personal library
Healer's Bag
Seasonal clothing
Traveling gear
3 ingredients
A solid, well-crafted armband made of copper
Cheap fabrics richly dyed in the fashion of the nearest town or city

Simeon comes from a long line of peddlers and dealers in all sorts of concoctions. Some were out and out charlatans, but his branch acquired an alchemist a few generations back, plus herbalists, so he was tutored in the carefully guarded family lore.

Of course, Koth is not exactly a safe place for traveling... well, more so than other civilized nations in this Hyborean Age are. This, plus an unfortunate case of challenging – where a young blood of upper class origin accused him of selling his father some false curative – THE IDEA?!?!

Well, Simeon made it out alive... mainly by bribing someone to put a certain something in the youth's drink, all to look perfectly like a case of lethally impairing hangover upon the dueling ground. That was easily fifteen years ago at least, and he's been moving along all these years...

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Name: Dracian of Messantia
Homeland: Argos (Sea Raider)
Caste: Outcast
Caste Talents: Embittered, Survivor
Story: One of the Rabble
Trait: Betrayed
Archetype: Master Thief
Nature: Sneaky
Education: Traditional
War Story: Plundered a Merchant Vessel
Languages: Aquilonian, Argossian

-Acrobatics - 2/2/11
-Melee - 1/1/10
-Stealth - 2/2/11
-Insight - 0/0/11
-Observation - 2/2/13
-Survival - 0/0/11
-Thievery - 5/5/16
-Athletics - 2/2/10
-Resistance - 0/0/8
-Parry - 1/1/15
-Ranged Weapons - 2/2/16
-Sailing - 2/2/16
-Alchemy - 0/0/7
-Craft - 1/1/8
-Healing - 0/0/7
-Linguistics - 0/0/7
-Lore - 0/0/7
-Warfare - 0/0/7
-Animal Handling - 1/1/9
-Command - 1/1/9
-Counsel - 0/0/8
-Persuade - 1/1/9
-Society - 1/1/9
-Discipline - 0/0/7
-Sorcery - 0/0/7

Talents: Ancient Bloodline, Society (A Modicum of Comfort), Parry (Deflection), (Thievery (Thief), Ranged Weapons (Accurate)

-Brawl (M): Reach 1 / 1H / Damage 2
-Scimitar: Reach 2 / 1H / Damage 3 /Q-Calvary 1, Parry
-Scimitar: Reach 2 / 1H / Damage 3 /Q-Calvary 1, Parry
-Shemite Bow: L / 2H / Damage 3 /Q-Piercing 1, Volly
-Knife to the Throat: C / Damage 4 /Q-Stun, Vicious 1
*Dracian is fond of using the dual-weilding momentum spend when using his scimitars.

-Armor - 2 (Boiled Leather) Torso, Legs
-Courage - 0

Vigor - 8 | Wounds -
Resolve- 8 | Trauma -

-Social Standing - 0
-Renown - 0
-Gold - 9

Other Belongings: Twin scimitars (exquisitely crafted), Shemite Bow, Plain Traveling Clothes, Padded Jerkin (1 Armor)

Background: Dracian was, at some point in his youth, a petty noble.  For reasons unknown and he doesn't seem unwilling to discuss, he was cast from his family.  Disowned and left to fend for himself he soon took up with the beggars and thieves of the streets of Argos.

In time he grew skilled in the arts of thievery and eventually took to the seas.  By the time he was fifteen he'd already taken command of a vessel and sacked merchant ships for plunder as far as the Southern Isles.  His crew was swiftly getting rich, and life was good.  For more reasons unknown (which he doesn't seem willing to discuss) Dracian lost his crew, and his ship, The Peregrine.

Dracian is a tall, handsome man with sun kissed skin and long black hair usually bound tightly in a pony tail.  In silvery moonlight his deep, midnight black, hair possesses a sheen of purple to it.  His eyes are gray, but again in the light of the moon they often appear to swirl with several colors, like the surface of a pearl.  He has a secret talent in his uncanny accuracy, as most feats of coordination are simple for him.  He doesn't appear to be a skilled warrior, but he's able to deflect blades aside with lightning speed and to his knowledge he's never missed anything he's ever aimed for.

A consummate thief and a con man, Dracian is a man who has shirked responsibility his whole life.  He acquires fortunes only to piss them away with whores and booze.  He knows more women than any man should ever admit to and he's lied to them all.  He can usually be found passed out in an alleyway or drunk in a brothel spending coins he's nicked from someone else.  He once paid a prostitute with the money he'd just stolen from her.  Usually if his lips are moving, he's lying.

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Name:  Eingar of Asgard


Gender& Age: Male, 20
Homeland:  Asgard
Caste: Barbaric
Caste Talents: Savage Dignity, Uncivilized
Story: Rite of Passage
Trait: Famed Among Peers
Archetype: Barbarian
Nature: Murderous
Education: Born to Kill
War Story: Left for Dead after A Slave Raid
Languages: Nordheimer, Argossian

-Acrobatics – 1/1/11
-Melee – 5/5/15
-Stealth – 2/2/12
-Insight – 1/1/8/
-Observation - 0/0/7
-Survival – 3/3/10
-Thievery – 0/0/7
-Athletics – 2/2/16
-Resistance – 1/1/15
-Parry – 3/3/12
-Ranged Weapons – 1/1/10
-Sailing – 0/0/9
-Alchemy – 0/0/7
-Craft – 0/0/7
-Healing – 0/0/7
-Linguistics – 0/0/7
-Lore – 0/0/7
-Warfare – 1/1/8
-Animal Handling – 1/1/10
-Command – 1/1/10
-Counsel – 0/0/9
-Persuade – 2/2/11
-Society – 0/0/9
-Discipline – 2/2/8
-Sorcery – 0/0/7


Winter-born - Born in a place of deep winter and intense cold, often spanning the entire year, you are accustomed to frigid climes. When in wintry environments, the number of successes required for any Survival test you attempt is reduced by 1. This can even reduce tests to a Difficulty of Simple (D0). However, you must achieve 1 additional level of success when attempting Survival tests in areas offering the Desert-born talent.

Savage Dignity - Despite your barbaric upbringing, you have a fierce sense of pride in yourself and your lineage. You cannot be dominated or cowed easily. You may roll an additional d20 for any test to resist being intimidated, persuaded, or impressed by a “civilized” person. This is usually a Discipline test, but can extend to Personality-based tests such as Command or Society.

Uncivilised - You’re uncouth and lack civilized manners, and those of more civilized societies will think poorly of you upon first impression. As a result, you suffer one step of Difficulty in Social tests when dealing with people from more civilized countries. On the other hand, your Upkeep cost is reduced by 2 Gold, as you are accustomed to roughing it and making do with what you have.


Nordheimer- whether from Asgard or Vanaheim, a Nordheimer with this talent is descended from a race of humankind that devolved into snow-apedom after the cataclysm. The earliest true humans in the land, forefathers of the Hyborians, drove them northward past the Arctic Circle, where they once again became humans, eventually returning to the lands that would later be known as Nordheim. When a Nordheimer with an Ancient Bloodline fails a Personality test, they are prone to boastfulness and foolhardy overconfidence.


No Mercy - When making a Melee attack, you may re-roll a number of damage dice equal to the total number of Melee talents (and ranks in those talents) you have acquired, if desired. You must accept the results of the re-rolls.

Blood On Steel - You do not hesitate to bloody your weapons. When rolling for damage with a melee attack, you may spend one Momentum in order to add the Vicious 1 quality to the weapon, or increase the weapon’s Vicious quality by 1 if it already possesses the quality..

Grappler - You know that a mobile foe is a dangerous one, and the easiest way to stop someone moving is to grab hold of them. After making a successful melee attack, you may spend 1 Momentum to gain the Grappling quality on an unarmed attack..


Skirmisher - You can fight in a Squad with one other character and not lose your Reaction.

-Brawl (M): +4 Dam
- Warhammer: 2 reach, UB, Damage 4, Knockdown, Vicious1; Enc 1
- Battle Axe: 2 reach, UB, Damage 4, Intense, Vicious1; Enc 1

- Shield: reach 2, damage 2, 1H, Knockdown, Shield 2; Enc 2

Threaten: +1 Dam
Soak: 2
-Armor – Full suit of Brigandine
-Courage - 0

Vigor - 15  | Wounds -
Resolve- 8 | Trauma -

Fortune Points: 2

-Social Standing - 1
-Renown - 0
-Gold - 9

- Upkeep -2

Other Belongings: Target Shield; Battleaxe that belonged to a fallen friend; A fine Bakhariot belt of worked leather; A magnificent drinking horn with metal cup

Image:  A massive example of an Aesir, even amongst such large people.  Eingar stands close to 7 feet in height.  His white skin is marked with pale blue tattoos telling of his manhood rite, and under the surface muscles move smoothly with a grace than belies his size.  His hair and beard are pale gold, braided and well-kept in the fashion of his people, and his eyes are the deep cold blue of the northern sky.

Background: From the time of his birth, the joke amongst Eingar’s tribe was that his father was secretly a giant.  He grew tall and strong, being as tall as many men before the first whiskers appeared on his chin.  The whispers of giant blood grew as he did, not abated by his fearsome murderous temper, and the breadth of his shoulders and strength of his grip were not something even a full grown Aesir would take lightly.  It was the custom amongst his tribe for boys on the cusp of adulthood to range out far and wide, armed with only a spear, until they had done some deed worthy of note, whether slaying a foe or hunting one of the mighty tundra elk singlehanded.  Eingar not only slew an elk, breaking his spear in the process, but also defended his kill from a pack of wolves attracted by the blood.  Armed only with a broken-off spear and his bare hands the young Aesir slew five wolves, sending the rest of the pack running, and then dragged the sled containing his kills over the tundra back to his village. 

The acclaim of his deed spread through Asgard, and many of his folk heard tales of the ‘boy blessed by Ymir’.  His manhood celebration promised to be a riotous one – and would have been so if not for the slavers.

Hyperboreans: tall and gaunt, cruel and merciless.  Guided by their witchmen, they fell upon the small village at the height of the celebration.  They were not after children, men or older women – they sought golden-haired Aesir maidens and slew all that did not suit their needs.  Eingar fell during the battle due to a blow from a Hyperborean mace that would have killed a less sturdy man.  When he came to, there was nought but bodies and charred dwellings around him.  Now he roams the southlands as a mercenary, seeking gold and glory and, perhaps, a path to vengeance.

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