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[OpNet] Feeling Blue


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Dear Abbie,

My name's Carla and I'm 16. I was going with this senior at my school, and everything was cool, he gave me his class ring on a chain to wear and everything, we hadn't gone all the way yet or anything but he said he loved me and it was just a matter of time I think. Anyway, then once we were ice skating, and I fell through into the water, and I erupted (no not my face! ewww besides that doesn't happen to me anymore). Team Tomorrow came to see me (I ACTually met Skew, he is sooooo tasty!!! :-9) but Mom and Dad say I have to finish school and be 18 before they let me go. Which was cool with me 'coz I wanted to stay near Thad (that's my boyfriend remember I mentioned him earlier? not his real name tho). Anyway Thad was cazh with everything at first but since then he's been giving me the chillies. Now folks are saying he's got a prob with me and I find out he's hanging with some ho I THOUGHT was my friend. It can't be me, I'm the same person I was before. So what if my skin's turned a little bluish? Lots of kids dye their hair funny colors, and besides my bod's a lot more buff than it was before anyway. (Even my boobs are bigger! giggle) So what do I do to convince Thad he belongs with me not Cheryl #### (Name and commentary deleted by Dear Abbie) Or should I wrap fish in that yesterday's news and set my sights higher? (as in u-no-who? hee hee)

- Feeling Blue

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Dear Blue,

Welcome to the real world. You like a boy, he likes you. You love a boy, he decides to like another girl, at least until she likes him, and then, he may decide to like you again, or someone else entirely, but not her. This story has been repeated about 10 million times in human history. It is just they way young love is. Is Thad being a Cad? Perhaps. Did Cheryl steal your man? You have to ask yourself "Was he really your man, if he could leave so quickly, over something so trivial as skin color?"

Date. Enjoy your youth. Don't get serious with boys, wait until you find a man who will love you for who you are, not just because you are a Nova, or because of the way you look.

BTW, even if you have the power to twist off Cheryl's head, or microwave her insides, don't bother. She just needs to grow up and learn that friendship is more valuable than the boy toy of the month.

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