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OOC: D&D 5e: A New Age - Combat, Saves and so forth


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DEX Save: 1d20+0 = 18+0 = 18

Krusk wants to get up from his kneeling position and run to the door. He is large enough where he doesn't expect to get through, but he wants to try to push it open as much as possible and wedge his shield between the doors if others are not able to get to it first. If others are trying to get through, he will just continue to try pushing it open against the opposing force.

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2 hours ago, Shayuri said:

Init: 1d20+4 15

GM, without a map I should ask...how many of these dead critters can I get into a 15' cone effect without roasting some PC's too?

Also, can I get more if just Delgath is in the area? That'd be okay.

The room is a rectangle, roughly 25'x20'. How many you can get without getting other PCs depends on initiative and their movement/cooperation. Even without cooperation you can probably get 2 of the undead (and no PCs) in your 15' cone (assuming it originates from you) with a little bit of movement and/or careful placement of the cone. Depending on how Initiative rolls workout, possibly more can be safely targeted.

If you do not mind hitting Delgath, then probably 3, maybe for could be targeted. Heh.


Keep in mind that it is a roughly 25'x20' room with the 6 of you (counting Arturs) and 6 undead. That is a dozen bodies for an area that size, which is fairly crowded when spells start flying and people start swinging weapons.

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Yeah, 25x20 is 5 squares by 4 squares and we each take up one square ourselves (so were already in ranks of 2 or wrapping around the walls).  Thankfully the rules consider our weapon swinging to be 'part of your square' but it's gonna be cramped when it comes to spells and missile weapons.  We pretty much have room to spit safely... that's about it.

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I don't know if I will be doing this that often, but due to the very tight quarters and the number of bodies and possibilities of sneak attacks and such, I made a map. 

You guys are green, Undead are red. The arrowhead on each denotes direction of facing.

The blue cone is the max size of a 15' cone and an example of placing it in such a way at to get 2 of the enemies.


Initiative results...

18 Dread & Eon
17 Rhosh
15 Shayuri
16 Arturs
15 Krusk
14 Zombie #3 & Zombie #6
09 Zombie #1 & Zombie #4
07 Zombie #5
01 Zombie #2

The Undead are 10 AC, 30 HP.

You can post your attacks here and write fluff describing it if you like. I will edit (if needed) and compile them into a single post in the IC thread.
If you reduce one of the undead to 0 HP, you can describe the 'death', but I will make a saving throw for them, so they might not be dead and I will edit.
Post in Initiative order, highest to lowest.
Dread and Eon are tied for initiative, so it does not matter in what order they post. 
You can all begin with weapons drawn, assuming you were preparing for the other door opening.

Remember you get in any order...

Move, Action, Bonus Action (if applicable), Reaction (if applicable)

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"Where were fancy senses Holy Man!?"  Dread said, enraged.  He grunted and took a step towards where one of the zombies was already lurching towards Arturs who was quickly running out of room to back into the wall.

Normally he wouldn't have struck an enemy from behind, but these were mindless and in his mind were not, to a Delgath's standards, worth a true warrior's time.  He plunged his sword into the shambler's back to get its attention.  It felt no pain and simply continued trying to move forward.  It was obvious to him that that tactic wasn't going to work so he went with something less tactful.  He withdrew his sword swiftly and chopped down hard upon the undead.  The cut deep into its shoulder spraying blood and viscera in Artus direction.


Dread moves from 4C to 4B.  Attacking Zombie #2.

Roll(1d20)+6: 12,+6 Total: 18

Roll(1d10)+4: 8,+4 Total: 12 damage (Using sword two-handed)


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Benefits to being a bard: General all round awesomeness.

Good storytellers.

Definitely literate.

Do not need instructions translated into gorilla in order to understand them.

Can post in the right place.

Action: Casting Vicious Mockery at #1


Vicious Mockery: 1d4 4 as well as suffering disadvantage on it's roll.

Bonus Action: And Shayuri gets a Bardic inspiration dice.

I will add the fluff tomorrow once I wake up.


Eon felt a shudder of revulsion claw it's way up his spine as he landed in the corpses lap with a sound that he did not want to think to hard on the provenance of. He was no stranger to dead things, but sitting on top of them was not something he could claim any degree of comfort with.

Feeling the corpse jolt underneath him, he closes his eyes in resignation

"Of course, you wouldn't be as dead as you appeared. Of. Fucking. Course."

Pushing off from the wall, he nimbly takes his feet, drawing his rapier at the same time. Looking down on his opponent he feels a sneer of disgust creeping across his face.

"Ugh. I can't tell whether being left to rot for a week made you better or worse looking. Either way." he shudders dramatically, the corpse reeling under the force of his disdain.

"Come on! They're only corpses. They've already died once. Just gotta make it stick this time! Come on Shayuri, talk about frying fish in the barrell!" the surprise at the sudden animations gives way under the force of his exhortation, his sheer belief in the parties capabilities bolstering resolve, and spurring them on.

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Rhosh glances around the room quickly noting where his closest allies are beginning to face the rising corpses. As the body between him and the door struggles to its feet, the dragonborn jabs a dagger into the withered shoulder and takes a step back to avoid any recoil. As his feet find their starting position, he hears another corpse behind him.


Action: Sneak Attack on #6 with dagger


To attack: 1D20+6 = [11]+6 = 17

Damage: 1D4 + 4 + 1D6 = [1]+4+[2] = 7(additional 1d6 for Sneak Attack)

Bonus Action: Cunning Action to disengage


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Disengage - "If you take the Disengage action, your movement doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks for the rest of the turn."

It allows you can move away from an enemy without them getting the chance for an attack of opportunity against you. If you stay in their reach (as in where Rhosh is right now), they can still attack you. So if Rhosh stays where he is #6 can still attack him. And due to the tight confines, anywhere else he can move right now will still be in range of 1 or more enemies. So atm, due to the tight confines and number of combatants, the disengage is useless. As enemies are dispatched, it might be more viable.

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It is not an issue. I was just letting you know that it is not going to benefit you this round, in your current situation. 

It is great for running up, stabbing, then disengaging and running away when there is more room though. Hehe.

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As Delgath moved away, Shayuri realized that there was one place she definitely didn't want to be, and that was isolated. While the zombie between her and the south wall was busy trying to club him, she took advantage of the opening to move over to where Eos and Rhosh and Krusk were bunched up, hoping for some safety in numbers.

She then incanted words in Draconic and a flame appeared in her hand. She held that strange bright fire up in front of her face, inhaled deeply, and blew outward with all of her lungs. Magic snapped and snarled, and as her exhalation hit the flame in her hand it exploded outward into a roiling mass of flame that bathed over the zombies south of her!

Move to 3E and cast Burning Hands southward to hit 4 and 5. 4's already used its reaction so this should be safe enough.

Dexterity save DC 15; succeed for half damage, otherwise: Burning Hands: 4d6 15 fire damage.

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Krusk is taken aback by the corpses rising, the same ones he prayed and cared for only moments ago. He is scared by the sudden danger of which he is not used to, but more importantly sees this as an affront to both life and his gestures and intentions only moments earlier. He begins channeling his power and raises his holy symbol high above his head. It lights up and glows in a bright yellow-white aura. He begins chanting the prayer again that only moments earlier was meant to help shepherd these poor souls into the afterlife. He channels his divinity with the intention of Turning the Unholy.


Turn the Unholy. As an action, you present your holy symbol and speak a prayer censuring fiends and undead, using your Channel Divinity. Each fiend or undead that can see or hear you within 30 feet of you must make a Wisdom saving throw. lithe creature fails its saving throw, it is turned for 1 minute or until it takes damage. A turned creature must spend its turns trying to move as far away from you as it can, and it can't willingly move to a space within 30 feet of you. It also can't take reactions. For its action, it can use only the Dash action or try to escape from an effect that prevents it from moving. If there's nowhere to move, the creature can use the Dodge action.


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Nice one Krusk. All are in range and all can (more or less) see Krusk.

The Undeads' Wisdom Save results vs DC 14...

#1 1D20-2 => (9 - 2) = 7 = FAIL
#2 1D20-2 => (14 - 2) = 12 = FAIL 
#3 1D20-2 => (16 - 2) = 14 = PASS!
#4 1D20-2 => (10 - 2) = 8 = FAIL
#5 1D20-2 => (11 - 2) = 9 = FAIL
#6 1D20-2 => (9 - 2) = 7 = FAIL

Undeads' remaining Hit Points

#1: 26 HP + Disadvantage on next attack through Round 2
#2: 16 HP 
#3: 30 HP
#4 :15 HP
#5: 15 HP
#6: 23 HP


Undeads' actions

#3 Moves to C2 and attacks Arturs with a Slam
Attack: 1D20+2 => (3 + 2) = 5 = Miss!

#6 No Action (Pinned in)

#1 Moves to C5 (getting as far as it can get away from Krusk as it can)

#4 No Action (Already as far as it can get away from Krusk)

#5 No Action (Already as far as it can get away from Krusk)

#2 No Action (Already as far as it can get away from Krusk)


Attacks of Opportunity

Dread can use his reaction to make an Attack of Opportunity on #3 as it moves to C2.
Krusk, Eon, & Arturs can each use their reaction to make an Attack of Opportunity on #1 as it moves to C5.

Any of these attacks of opportunity take place during Round 1 using reactions if they have not yet been used. 

Once resolved, I will compose a post covering the round then Round 2 will begin.



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Arturs takes his attack of opportunity on #1, stabbing with his dagger.

Attack: 1D20 => (13) = 13 = Hit!
Damage: 1D4 => (4) = 4 damage!


Remember: Any undead that failed their save is turned for 1 minute or until it takes damage. The attacks of opportunity on #1 did damage, so it is no longer turned.
#3 made its save, so Dread attacking it will not change another (but it's hit points!).

So for 1 minute, or unless you attack them, #2, 4, 5, 6 are just trying to get away from Krusk, allowing you to focus attacks on active ones.

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He wasn't about to give the Paladin any more credit than was due.  Seeing his opportunity, Dread grabs his zombie by the arm, flailing it around and away from Arturs.  Smashing it with the pommel of his sword is staggered slightly.  The two right hooks the followed that staggered it greatly.  Will a might kick to the chest he slammed it against the wall.  Still it let out a guttural moan and shambled forward, straight into Dread's downward stroke.

He glared at Arturs.  "Stay out of the way, boy!"  He nudged his head in the direction Arturs should run, now that he was holding them off.


Attack of Opportunity:
Roll(1d10)+4: 4,+4 Total: 8 (Damage)
Roll(1d20)+6: 4,+6 Total: 10 (Attack)

Zombie # 2 takes 8 more damage. (10/30hp)

Look at you guys, all huddled in the corner.  Four on one zombie... that's so cute!



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#1: 14 HP remaining + Disadvantage on next attack through Round 2
#2: 16 HP remaining + TURNED
#3: 22 HP remaining
#4:15 HP remaining + TURNED
#5: 15 HP remaining + TURNED
#6: 23 HP remaining + TURNED



Nobody suffered damage.

Shayuri has a Bardic Inspiration dice.


Initiative order, from first to last

Dread & Eon
Zombie #3 & Zombie #6
Zombie #1 & Zombie #4
Zombie #5
Zombie #2

Round Two... FIGHT!

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The blade of Dread's sword pierced under the zombie's jaw and penetrated the top of it's skull with a shower of gore.  With feral tenacity he held the undead aloft and drew his dagger from his belt.  He thrust downward several times, hollowing out it's chest until finally spearing it several times in the abdomen.  With a bellow of victory (or anger, it was hard to tell with him) he lifted the zombie and flung it over his shoulder, casting it into the zombie behind him.  They crashed to the floor, tumbling over the other leaking fluids and viscera.

Only one of the zombie stood up... shambling towards him as he stood in a wide stance, welcoming all challengers.  "Defend yourself, and do not strike back, you'll expose your weaknesses.  Most of all boy, stay calm.  Your wits are your greatest strength in a battle."


Attacking Zombie #2, with its defeat he will move into square 3C and attempt to get Zombie #3 off Arturs (when actions permit).  His back will be exposed to Zombie #1 or #4, but thems the breaks.

Roll(2d20)+6: 10,9,+6 Total: 16, 15

Longsword (1H) - Roll(1d8)+4: 5,+4 Total:9
Dagger - Roll(1d4)+4: 4,+4 Total:8


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#2 has 16 hp remaining and takes 17 damage from Dread's attacks.

Normally, that would be dead except these have "Undead Fortitude" which allows it to make a Con Save when reduce to 0 hp. If successful, it is instead reduced to only 1 hp.

Roll 1D20+3 => (8 + 3) = 11= FAIL

#2 is DEAD.


Eon, you're up.

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Eon is casting Vicious mockery on Zombie number 3, as it's the only one unturned and he's unlikely to be able to kill it in one hit.

Vicious Mockery: 1d4 2

It needs to pass a wisdom save or suffer disadvantage on its next attack roll. Will fluff once I come up with something for it. :P For now, carry on.

Turning to the Zombie doing his utmost to chew Artur's face off, Eon raises one eyebrow.

"You know, Arturs, it's sort of alarming how they seem to be fixating on you a bit. Something we should know?" letting our a piercing whistle to catch the Zombies attention, he continues. "I see the gods really broke the mould when they were making you.... have you tried asking for your money back?"

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As the majority of the group bunches in, Rhosh focuses his effort on the corpse in the corner next to him. He lifts his sword and swiftly brings it down, digging into the putrid flesh.


Action: Sneak Attack on #6 with dagger


To attack: 1D20+6 = [20]+6 = 26

Damage: 1D4 + 4 + 1D6 = [4]+4+[4] = 12(additional 1d6 for Sneak Attack)


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Dread kills #2 and move to 3C


#3 rolls Will Save against Eon's Vicious Mockery spell
Will Save vs DC 15
1D20-2 => (15 - 2) = 13 = Fail


Rhosh's damage on #6 means it is no longer Turned.


Undead recap

#1: 14 HP remaining + Disadvantage on its attack this round
#2: ~ DEAD ~
#3: 20 HP remaining + Disadvantage on very next attack through Round 3
#4:15 HP remaining + TURNED
#5: 15 HP remaining + TURNED
#6: 11 HP remaining 

So far, #1, #3 and #6 will be able to act/attack after Krusk this round, unless they are killed.

Shayuri is up.

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Shayuri claps her hands together and snarls a single word, and lightning explodes from between her palms, crawling around her fingers and arms. She reaches out to touch the nearby zombie, and a lick of lightning snaps out and grazes over its decayed flesh. With a scowl she reaches her other hand out as well, resulting in another torrent of electricity that dazes and scorches the creature!

Shocking Grasp on #6, quickened for 2 sorcery points, and then another Shocking Grasp on #6.

Shocking Grasp: 1d20+7 21 1d8 1

Shocking Grasp (again): 1d20+7 13 1d8 3

Bah. Total of 4 points. But it can't take reactions now, if that matters. :)

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Shayuri does 4 damage to #6

Arturs stabs #3 with his dagger.
Attack vs AC 10: 1D20 => (9) = 9 = Miss!

Undead recap

#1: 14 HP remaining + Disadvantage on its attack this round
#2: ~ DEAD ~
#3: 20 HP remaining + Disadvantage on very next attack through Round 3
#4:15 HP remaining + TURNED
#5: 15 HP remaining + TURNED
#6: 7 HP remaining  + Cannot take Reactions (such as attack of opportunity)  

So far, #1, #3 and #6 will be able to act/attack after Krusk this round, unless they are killed.

Krusk is up.

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