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IC: D&D 5e: A New Age - A New Legend Is Born

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The sorceress cried out in surprise and alarm when the boy lunged at her! She recoiled and lashed out in a counterpush that probably wouldn't have worked against a foe her own weight or more...but against this much smaller opponent she's able to shove him aside, causing him to stumble past her rather than grab onto her! Even so, he's not startled or disoriented...in a heartbeat he's recovered and whirled around, ready to try again!

She cast a spell, and lightning danced around her right hand. With a quick twist of her waist, Shayuri made a lunge of her own! The boy was small though, and quick. Most of the fury of her spell was wasted, but a lick of electricity arced from her hand to the creature. Though it did little damage, it still caused the boy to momentarily convulse and spasm...giving the sorceress an opportunity to fall back!

Krusk is paralyzed for a few moments and then looked around in surprise, bewildered and unsure what to do in this situation. Nothing like this has ever happened to him before and his training was lacking in anything similar. As the woman whipped her head back and hisses, Krusk pushed his hand and the woman's away and took a few steps back, slightly on his back heels, and drew his weapon.


And combat begins!

Check this thread and post there. I will combine and edit the posts as need at the end of the round and post it here.


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As the witch hisses at Krusk, he was taken slightly aback as he drew his weapon and pointed it toward her crouching form. "This will be the last time you fool someone. How vile and terrible of a creature are you to abuse the sanctity of a person's good nature? No more... and now..." he lunges toward the witch with the large sword... "time to end you". Despite the paladin's best effort, the witch slipped to the side, demonstrating more agility than he was expecting, leaving his blade only to find a bit of her skirt as she smiled at him smugly.

A litany of curses spewed from Dread's mouth, 'whore', 'harlot' and several others that would have been enough to make a Celebrant of Sharess blush. In a dizzying blur he kicked at the witch, which she dodged as well, only to end up leaping in the direction of his blade as he swung the heavy steel directly to impede her escape from him.  It was a decent enough feint on Dread's part, but he knew she wouldn't fall for it a second time.

"Cursed whore!" he belittled her as his blade bit deep into her flesh.  "Back to the Hells with you!"

The witch looked down at the blade buried in her flesh and then up at Dread, shooting him a sharp-toothed grin as she used her impalement on his weapon as a means to limit his movement. Her claws hands slashed at the warrior, catching him somewhat by surprise. Reflexively he kicked her, knocking her back and off of his blade, while simultaneously ensuring she managed to only claw at the air.

"Look out!" Shayuri warned. "We need to thin this group out before they can start freezing us!"

She summoned magic, and exhaled a torrent of flame that swept through the room! All three creatures... and Delgath... were in the cone of devastation! But knowing that she had an ally in front of her sapped the sorceress of some of that vital will to do harm, perhaps. The flames were relatively tepid in temperature as she held back her worst, but still managed to cause the creatures to hiss and howl in pain, adding the scent of seared flesh and burnt hair to the air.

Almost immediately Shayuri nearly regretted her actions as the two 'children' snapped their heads around at the half-elf and hissed. They charged at her, nearly falling over each other to get at her first as their flesh still sizzled and smoldered from her flames. The boy leapt at her first, claws swiping at at her, forcing Shayuri to the side to avoid his strikes... and unwittingly into those of his 'sister', though the girl's talons, instead of tearing into her, scratching deep gouges of crimson in her flesh, were instead deflected by a mystic barrier, reflexively summoned by Shayuri in an instant.

The room itself was already quite small and filled with a half dozen combatants wielding cones of flames and huge blades, which led Eon to stand in the hall with Arturs behind him, as Rhosh checked their rear, ensuring this was not simply a diversion.

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