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[OpNet] Horrendous Mutation Problem


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Ive got mutation issues, terrible issues.

I erupted while operating a Van de Graff generator, in an attempt to actually localize EM spectra wavelengths, and then incorporate a resonance I thought to be the sought after "Graviton particle" into the spectrum. When the experiment worked, it overloaded the systems of the generator, and caused me to erupt in spectacular fashion. After my eruption, I found that I now have the vast power over gravity itself.

The problem?: I now weigh 4000lbs.!!! My body adapted to conditions of gravity several hundred times that of earth during eruption, and its starting to become a real hassle. I had to reinforce the floors of my home to be able to support me!! Yes, Im also quite a bit stronger and more durable (as in bulletproof), but I often find myself having to offset my tremendous weight with negative gravity, and thats no picnic for those around me. What do I do?,

Dr. Megaton

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Dear Megaton,

Eruptions typically never go the way people would have hoped that would. There's almost always something completely weird, unexpected, or disappointing about a person's eruption. The trick is figuring out a way to turn those unexpected quirks into things that make you unique even among novas.

For example, remember Darkwave? He got cool liquid and darkness powers but eruption completely messed up his voice. So what did he do? He became a singer in a skew band, where a voice like his is actually a benefit.

So you may be wondering, "Well I weigh four thousand pounds. What the hell am I gonna do?" It sounds to me like you didn't gain any more volume, your molecular density has just increased dramatically. So at first glance, you appear completely normal (provided you have no other aberrations). My first piece of advice is to simply accept your new situation. Becoming comfortable inyour new "skin," as it were, is one of the first steps to accepting your novahood. Yes, things will be completely different from now on. You can't change that, so stop trying. You'll find that energy you spend fretting and worrying about your weight will become much more useful when you use it towards something else.

Now as far as what to do specifically, thing abck to DW. How could you turn your weight to an advantage? Well, DeVries could always use a bulletproof, 4,000 lbs. individual. The XWF probably has a contract waiting for you, just in case you ask. Or maybe you could become a motivational speaker for overweight people. Sure you LOOK normal, but you weigh a hell of a lot more than them, probably combined, and you manage to get along just fine. You could probably go into construction where gravitic powers, immense strength and durability are highly sought after.

You might have to reinforce the floors of where you work. Your loved ones will probably have to be on top when you have sex (although zero-low G sex could be promising). These are the kinds of adjustments all novas have to make. Stop fighting them! You're wasting time being pissed about it. And you might be upsetting those around you with such a negative attitude. Contact nova help groups in your area if things get really bad. But above all, get back into life!

The Abbie @ N!Prime

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