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IC: S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

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Na'Atem look a little confused for a moment at Cosima's response before she spoke.

"Did I imply that you made such a claim or expressed my own degree of... ability? Skill? Hmm... proficiency, the word is, I think, at stepping between worlds? If I did, it was not... intended. I am still learning... what is the word... nuisances.. of this language of English. I am unsure why many seem so... defensive, at simple statements." she said, considering how she had phrased things before.

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The guys shared a fist bump at Sebastian's joke while the ladies rolled their eyes at the 'bros' perceived wit.  The roof of the dorms were  flattened at their peak, a five or so foot walkway complete with guard rails to keep adventurous students from falling off.  Now, technically the students weren't allowed up on the roofs, but it never stopped them venturing up there anyway.  They were the perfect make-out spots.  Under the night sky with plenty of room to sprawl out and look out at the stars... the faculty would need to post armed guards 24/7 to keep teenagers off of them and that was a tad excessive, even for a super powered private academy.

From their vantage points they could see the entirety of Emerald City stretching out before them.  Since the Silver Storm the city had changed so much, but still it was a sprawling metropolis where the crime and villainy were the order of the day.  If civilians really knew who ruled Emerald City, the crime bosses, the gangs, the villains... the city would tear itself apart in chaos and violence.  For the younger crowd, despite the danger and threat to life and thanks to social media brawls in the street by super powered 'stormers' and gangs was about the most exciting thing that ever happened on the west coast.

The Silver Storm had awakened hundreds of individuals with super abilities but thy didn't last long in the aftermath.  Those in power within the city quickly released ultimatums that the 'stormers' would either serve them and their bottom line, or die.  From them all, only a few were brave enough to stand up to the crime and corruption.  From them rose a few like minded individuals from various backgrounds ranging from mystical to completely alien and together, over the months, they'd been doing thir best to help clean up the city and keep the people safe.  They called themselves The Sentinels and right now they were getting their asses handed to them in Royal Hill.

"What do you see, B?"  Asked Keiko, excited to know what was happening.

He gazed over the horizon, zooming in his super vision across the several miles from them and the action.  "Hard to tell, honestly.  They're moving around so much.  The Sentinel guys are there but man, they are out gunned.  Some guy in a lab coat with bolts in his head is calling the shots,"  Sebastian winced.  "Woah, that had to hurt... wow, the wolf guy got toasted.  He's kicking some butt, he's got other super people holding off the Sentinels... that's about all I can see."

"Man, we need to get a helmet that broadcasts what you see, that'd be so cool..."  Keiko squinted off past the horizon.  "I can see anything.  Well, except the explosions."

Between the water, the chocolate and the company the students gazed from the rooftop and eventually the trip up there to watch the event spiraled into just hanging out.  They watched the news feed from their phones and chilled on the roof.  They huddled around the screens and watched moment by moment as the protectors of the city were outmatched and out gunned by help the lab coat wearing villain had brought with him.  One by one the Sentinels fell and were rounded up as the news choppers filmed the whole thing with shaky footage.

"They're getting wasted out there," Sebastian said.

"Looks that way, yeah," Keiko's eyes were glued to the screen.  "Maybe if we just..."

"Absolutely not."  Curtis put his foot down with all the authority he could muster, which, to them, wasn't much.  "This will not become one more step on your personal journey's of self-destruction.  You have a habit of getting in trouble, and I seem to be drug down into your problems with you.  While you may not care about your education, I would prefer not to be expelled."

"Eh-hem."  They all looked behind them to see ho had cleared their throat.  Swiftly they all stood on their feet and huddled back as close to railing as they could like the Scooby Gang being scared by the episode's ghost or goblin.

"Oh crap."  Co-co managed to meep out like a meek Daphne.  She certainly had the whole purple thing going for her.

Director Marcus Steele stood in the door way that would lead them to the stairway that would take them away from his intimidating, angry... everything.  There in the late day light he was even more of a mountain.  He was like a giant wall of angry bald chocolate looking to crush them under school bureaucracy and adult authority.  He held a box under his arm, probably the one he was going to give them to clan out their lockers.

"Sir," Curtis spoke up.  "I would like to go on record as saying..."

"Shut up, Shane,"  Director Steele said.

"Shutting up, sir." He stepped back in ranks.

"You sure told him..." Tatiana quipped.

"I don't like you kids.  You're reckless, loud, opinionated, stuck up and in some cases, just plain stupid,"  He took a step out onto the peak of the roof and turned to face the city.  "However, I believe it is because this place doesn't challenge you.  I was against you coming here, but Jericho was insistent.  He sees the talent that people have in them and he finds a way to nurture that and bring it out.  I hate him for it, the guy's completely irresponsible and doesn't give a flip for the rules.  Rules are what keep things running smoothly."

He faced them and inhaled, his chest puffed out like he could have stopped a train engine with it.  "One thing I know is that out there... they don't play by the rules.  The Sentinels are getting beaten out there and there are no heroes in Emerald City aside from them."  He paused for a moment and looked at them, each of them and his gaze seemed to pierce them.  "You kids do have something I admire.  You have heart, you stand up when others sit down or walk away... There aren't enough like you out there.  The most two important days in your life are the day you're born,"  He tossed the box at their feet.  Within were banded, folded and neatly organized garments, costumes.  "And the day you find out why."

He turned and walked through the door back into the dorms pausing only for a moment to look over his shoulder.  "They need you."


It may not be what your character wants, but for now, it will keep your identity a secret.


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The three Riley's squeeked in surprise, then dove for the costumes. They were pretty bland, but at least it seemed they'd been sized for each person. She passed them around, guessing which one went with which whom. Hers was easy, if just because there were three identical ones in a matte silver-grey tone. "Uh, okay, so this is awesome and terrifying and we shouldn't all split up like we did with the Spades. At the very least we should buddy up on those that can travel fast and those that can't, and then on meat shields and not. I, by the way, make three pretty great meat shields." 

She looked around at the rest of the group, doing her best "Girl Scout Locker Room" change of clothes without showing any skin while she did. "So, who's with me?"

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Keiko squeaked and held a hand out. A black bodysuit sort of costume flung itself from the pile and into her hands. She held it out...then paused.

"I don't know. This is a big step, right? It'll be dangerous on a whole other level than when we fought that gang. Maybe we should think this...nevermindI'malreadyincostumeletsGO!"

There was a flicker, and the illusion of herself that Keiko had been covering herself with as she got dressed vanished! The costume was kind of plain jane black, but after a second, she added embellishments like a couple of swishy white fox tails and a kitsune noh mask and some cool looking utility belts.

"With you a hundredteen percent!"

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[Qi] Holding up the costume that the Riley had handed her Qi frowned in puzzelment. "Does this mean we are now a , how do you say, a super team? and do we need super hero names too?"


[Tat] The costumes were... utilitarian to say the least but for a first outing They would do. Tat laughed to herself as she watched the antics of her fellow classmates do their best to remain modest while changing. she decided to give the more chaste girls a hand.

Shaking her hair back Tat open and some what brazenly stripped off her Tee shirt revealing a sheer black bra.

The boys all stopped and stared as she kicked off her Shoes and very provocatively stripped off her tight jeans until she was standing on the roof in nothing but her underwear. 

"Hmm...," she held up the costume not acknowledging her near nakedness or the gaping mouths and wide eyes of her fellows fledgling heroes. "This looks like it's going to be tight. Should I go commando?"


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"Might be some chafing if you have to move around a lot," Cosima replied wryly as she shook her head in bemusement at the boys staring slack jawed at the near naked Tat. Cosima had modeled some, as had her older sisters at times, and having been backstage at Fashion shows, she was rather blasé about seeing the female form, though she would admit Tatiana Antonovna Balankova had a taut figure. With her own prominent endowments, if she went without a bra, she needed fashion tape or cheated with psychokinetic support so she didn't bounce all over the place. "Also, it's just asking for an awkward rather than a sexy wardrobe malfunction."

Cosima held up the costume she presumed was meant for her by two long nails, giving it a dubious glance. "No, no, this won't do at all." Cosima shook the outfit pinched between her fingers dismissively, tossing it back in the box then shot the others a mysterious grin. "For myself, I already have a disguise and superhero name." Flipping a mental switch, one of attitude and self-perception, Cosima raised her hand a slipped a slim diadem decorated with pink and purple gemstones upon her brow. "You may all address me as Princess." She flashed them a teasing wink. "Don't tell anyone. It's a secret."

Now that they saw the switch for themselves, her schoolmates couldn't believe they hadn't been able to recognize the young local hero Princess and the royal reality star and socialite Princess Cosima Vandersteen were one and the same - she didn't even act or dress differently, other than putting on a diadem, circlet, or tiara. And really, none of them would be surprised if Cosima showed up wearing one as a matter of course. It was almost laughably obvious.

Cosima was amused and pleased at their reactions. Even if they told somebody about her 'secret' identity, they wouldn't be believed without witnessing the change themselves. She really had to do something special to thank DJ Inni - the Genie did amazing work. Releasing from his enchanted hookah prison was the lease she could have done.

"Come, come, my... scholarly? companions. Our domain is assailed and the Sentinels are in dire straits," Princess proclaimed, the slightest hint of an affected British accent in her voice. "We share prevail over these dastardly villains and reassert the rightfully order." She dropped the affected accent as she added in her normal inflections. "Besides, this is my - our - city. I may travel a lot, but this is still may home. I know what people think of me." She was self aware enough to recognize her own indolence and self-indulgence. "But I will still stand up for Emerald City, for my family and friends, as I can."

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Cosima's transformation washed violet veridian radiation through the area for a moment and unbeknownst to any of them, Sebastion was whammied by it's effects.  His intellect slipped away as he tried to answer Tatiana's question.

"Uhh... Umm... maybe uh..." He just stood there, mouth agape.  One would think it was a first time he'd seen a lady in her undies.  "M-maybe we should keep the underwear... in case the costume gets torn...?  Maybe?"

The short burst in radiation faded swiftly and suddenly It dawned on him he was gawkin' so he closed his eyes and looked away, taking a step away from the ladies to give them their privacy.  What little intellect he had returned.  The big guy rummaged through the box.  "No, no, no, no... ah."  He stood with a black onsey, wrapped the lower portion around his hand and pulled it off, sheering the fabric at the waist.  He pulled off his shirt and slipped the black one on.  Sebastian wasn't shy about changing his shirt, but there was no way his pants were coming down in front of the ladies... no way.  Besides, no one ever really minded seeing the Montana farm boy without his shirt.

"Keiko, you mind?"  He asked spinning a finger about his face and with a gesture she slapped a black mask over his eyes, and shading them white, like in cartoons.  "Thanks."

"Co-Co's right," Sebastion added.

"Ugh, now you have him saying it!"  Cosima threw up her hands in frustration as Kieko giggled.

"Lives are at stake, and there isn't anyone else to stand up to them," he rolled his shoulders in his new, incredibly tight, shirt.  "We can do this."

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Sebastian hefted her up and she sat easily on his forearm, leaning her elbow on his shoulder.  "You know most girls just come with baggage, Kei, but you... you are the baggage."

Keiko turned her nose up to that, shaking her head.  "Hmm, yeah... needs work."

"Eh, they can't all be gold."  He shrugged.  "We'll get going once everyone is done changing.  Anyone know who that guy down there is?  The due with the bolts?"

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"Not in the least."

Curtis turned about after he'd gotten a surprise eyeful from Tatiana. Instead he focused on his costume, and putting it on. On the one hand, he was loathe to get into combat. On the other hand, the Sentinels were losing, and whatever the supervillains intended probably boded ill for him as well as everyone else, so it was a case of self-interest. And the devices he had procured could stand some real-world testing.

The mask was utilitarian, but limited in value. Now a helmet with sensors included... that might be something exemplary.

Curtis's Energy Gauntlet stood out from the costume, a white-gunmetal blend of color. With his will, Curtis imparted electricity into the circuits, and the device's fingers moved with no loss of dexterity, internal biometrics allowing it to match perfectly.

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Once in the costume, a flushed with excitement Tatiana, grinning ear to ear, looks at her friends  and yells "Last one to the scene buys the pizza at the after party!"

Then her voice changes pitch and with a  scream like a living banshee she steps off the roof and, propelled by her sonic waves, rockets toward the scene of the action.

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Na'Atem was not all that surprised that Steele read the writings of Mark Twain. He was an author that she had discovered as well, though his use of older forms of English she found difficult at times without the aid of magic.

With a shrug Na'Atem looked at the costumes. They were costumes, not clothing, and were not of her taste. She understood certain things about 'superhero culture' such as the need for an identifiable look and protecting ones identity, but why did it have to be so... gawdy?

Finally she sighed and pulled a few articles from the rest as she gestured with a hand and spoke an incantation, causing the Spellstone to glow, and hen she was gone/ A couple of minutes later she reappeared, tossing down the clothing she had worn while she stood in her laced up sandals, a blue-black bodysuit showing off her legs, and brighter blue cloak with the Spellstone serving as an off center clasp.

"Is this really necessary?" she asked rhetorically as she pulled the hood of the cloak up, which caused the top half of her face to vanish in the darkness, when really she just made it selectively invisible.

"Very well. Let us go lend aid to the Sentinels." she said as she thought back to Dragoneye. If he was in danger, then helping him was the least she could do to replay all that he had done for her.

She focused and began to weave threads of magic into one spell matrix and then another, erecting an arcane shield around herself first, once again causing the Spellstone to glow and radiate bands of arcane energy. She then wove another spell, the Spellstone still glowing in a dazzling light show as her cloak fluttered and she rose up off the roof. "

If any of you require transportation I believe I can aid carry one of you." she offered and waiting several moments before shooting off toward the grand melee, either alone or carrying another, with her cloak fluttering in the breeze.

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Rick had taken up one of the costumes and moved off respectfully to let the others change as he did the same.   The one he'd chosen  was a blue and silver bodysuit, and had a mask and cowl. Which worked considering his powers, and he looked to the others and chuckled as Tat took off.  Fine, time is of the essence and "As the crow flies is probably the best way to avoid risks to civilians."  

It was slower than his top speed, but offered other benefits.  He could feel his power change in an instant, and then his feet left the roof, and he took off in the direction of battle, flying just like his dad had done.  He was smiling, despite a bittersweet memory.   His mother loved that he'd inherited his father's strength and durability, but his ability to fly had always scared her, she'd never told him why.  

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  • 4 weeks later...

Emerald City atop a random building...

"Finally!"  Doctor Sock bellowed, his fists raised triumphantly to the stars.  "Finally the Sentinels are mine!"  The tall blue man was bald with strange hemispheres implanted all about his head.  The coursed and pulsed with an electric current sending a small arcs of blue-white current across his head and down body.  He wore his trademark lab coat but no shirt underneath it.  His whole body was a soft blue color, pulses of electric energy surged through thin metallic circuitry that was fused to his flesh.  His cybernetic enhancements kept him looking at the peak of human fitness.  In his cargo pants were several devices bulging from his many pockets.  His heavy combat boots thumped on the gravel of the rooftop, crunching the small stones underfoot as he approached The Rook.

His massive hand squeezed around The Rook's throat and he hoisted him effortlessly into the air.  His captive was barely conscious.  His jaw was swollen and underneath his cowl his left eye was swollen heavily.  His face was already showing signs of severe bruising and a bit of blood.  "Now, I will find out what makes each of you so special and I will make it mine!"

"Yeah, you're welcome, by the way."  The young, well groomed man who replied to him went by the name Sumnyr. He was handsome enough with his upper class attitude and rather nondescript robes complete with cape, he boasted excellence with his every word and step.  Couldn't have been any older than the students at Claremont. "Now, you mentioned something about 'handsomely rewarded'... you have your heroes, we've yet to see our pay out.  Our mercenary ghoul over there is getting a bit, antsy."

"Nottomentionwegottagetoutofhere," there was a gust of wind as the speedster Larrup came to an instant stop not far from the both of them. Nosenseinhangingaroundacrimescene!"

Sumnyr sighed.  "Larrup, what have I told you?  Slow!  Down!"

"We.  Gotta.  Go."  She said with snark.  Her body stopped vibrating and she went from a blur of speed to a solid state.  The lithe young woman was about the same age as Sumnyr.  She wore a glossy, frictionless skintight jumpsuit that hugged her frame, a frame she kept hidden under a thick 'Elysian Academy' leather jacket.  She slowly pronounced her words, using her bobbing hand as a way to help her maintain a slower pace.  "Only.  A.  Matter.  Of.  Time.  Before.  Reinforcements. Come."

Doctor Shock laughed.  "I assure you, young lady.  There is no one left in this city to interfere.  Yes, yes... I will see that you are amply rewarded, now quickly... get them to the drop zone.  Then, we will talk payment."

Sumnyr tuned to the other assembled supers and motioned them forward.  His hand was covered in a soft balefire green nimbus.  The same nimbus appeared around Dragoneye and he began levitating into the air.  "You heard him.  Sooner we do this, sooner we get paid.  Revenant, let's go..."

The Revenant hopped off the air conditioner unit he was sitting on.  A tall young man possibly a year or two older than the others.  With black leather pants, combat boots and an old faded leather biker jacket.  He didn't wear a shirt and his hair was black, long and oily covering his eyes from the pale yellow glow of his eyes.  His skin was pale blueish, corpse-like hue.  "Nope.  I was hired to fight them, not move them.  I've done my part, pay me and I'll be on my way."

"The mercenary speaks the truth, Sumnyr,"  Anodyne, a Japanese warrior whose face was painted kabuki style.  Her long hair was tied up in a tight bun with traditional Japanese hairpins holding it tight.  She wore a green and black body suit similar to Larrup's, accented with a sash and knee high boots that were soft with excellent traction.  "He was quite specific.  He will fight and defeat our enemies, then he get's paid.  Our enemies are defeated.  He is due payment."

Sumnyr grunted audibly.  "Fine, whatever... the Doctor handles the paying of the hired help, take it up with him..."

Larrup zipped from one corner of the building roof, to another.  In the blink of an eye she covered all four corners of the massive structure.  "Guysguysguys!"  She pointed off into the distance, her voice stressed with worry.  "Wehavecompany!

"Slow down, Larrup."  Anodyne said calmly.  "We can not understand you."

"LOOK!"  She thrust her finger off to the horizon.

The villains looked off into the distance as the rooftops were active with the approach of newcomers to the battle.  The students of Claremont Academy were closing the distance on a mission to save the Sentinels and the city from Doctor Shock's evil.

"Deal with them," Doctor Shock shouted.  Electricity leapt from his body, sparking off his head in small arc bolts.  "The Sentinels have fallen, these upstarts will be nothing but a nuisance!


Make your entrance.  With your entrance add your initiative roll.  Please do not pull something like 'I don't know how I would get on the roof... I can fly or jump or have any way to get there' or I swear I will slap you through the internet.  So help me.  It's comic book land people... improvise.  An artifice levitation disk, ninja leap, make.  Something.  Up.  If I planned on leaving you out of combat, I wouldn't be asking you to make an entrance...


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The one problem with flight is that it always made you a pretty good target, and with time of the essence, Rick eschewed taking cover as he flew for the speed of a straightish line.  Even so he made it to the rooftop without an incident.  Short of the teleporters in the group, He was definitely the fastest, though he avoided creating a sonic boom which would have only caused more damage.  As he set down on the roof, he shifted gears, reverting to his natural Speed Gear.  "There's no way we're gonna let you take them."   His fists were clenched, his friends were right behind him, he knew, and he thought back to a saying of his mother's.  'There are no rules when the fight is real, and no do-overs."  They were only going to get one real shot at this.


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Qi was last to pick up her costume, hers was in a bag at the bottom and consisted of several parts. As she donned the garments she wondered where the substitute headmaster had gotten them and how they managed to fit. she looked at the mask, the last part of her new persona to be fitted, she slipped it on and remarkable she immediately felt more confident more capable. She looked at her companions and found that they all looked not like school kids but like warriors, like heroes.       


In a moment she was off the roof and one her way.   Qi was not as fast nor could she fly but her skill and acrobatics allowed her to move where others could not and in ways that defy common sense.

13 hours ago, Dave ST said:

"Deal with them," Doctor Shock shouted.  Electricity leapt from his body, sparking off his head in small arc bolts.  "The Sentinels have fallen, these upstarts will be nothing but a nuisance!

Qi flipped onto the roof and landed in a defensive stance facing the evil doers, "Hai! surrender peacefully and no harm will befall you."


Initiative: 1d20+5 9


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"Perhaps some harm," the local minor celebrity and fledgeling hero Princess proclaimed, instinctively striking a fetching pose, "in recompense for the harm you have inflicted on our fair city and its defenders."

Doctor Shock and his minions weren't sure how they had missed the buxom, young noblewoman's arrival, what with the fading corona of coruscating hues of pink and purple light outlining her figure, her glowing violet eyes, and regal bearing. Somehow, her expensive athletic shoes didn't clash with designer dress or the golden circlet adorned with pink and purple gems nestled in her rose-gold hair. It made for a stunning and glamorous, if hardly intimidating, entrance.

"This Princess is fair to her friends and firm with her enemies." She curved her lips in a practice smile of condemnation as she readied the great psychic might viridian crystals had accidentally imbued her with. "And I have a lot of friends, seen and unseen to help me be most firm with you."


Initiative: 1d20+2 15


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A high pitch vibrato scream drew all eye's up as Tatiana drops from the sky to land in her best superhero landing pose to the left og the badguys cutting off one the possible routes of escape.

"By all means do something stupid so that we may go about harming you in the most efficient manner possible."


Initiative: 1d20+4 19


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The costume Keiko had found was pretty much just a black bodysuit and a mask that covered her eyes and the upper half of her face. It was of course, also kind of irrelevant because the first thing she did was change how it looked. The bodysuit acquired a sort of kimono style robe in red and gold that was worn over it, and the plain black mask turned into a white kitsune noh mask with red stripes about where the whiskers would be. A pair of white fluffy fox tails appeared swishing around behind her.

It was those tails that she appeared to fly in on...whirling them around over her like helicopter blades. Dust and grit wafted up under her as she touched down on the roof and pointed at the panoply of villainy before her.

"Miscreants," she called in an artificially enhanced voice that boomed forth, "I say to you: KNOCK OFF ALL THIS EVIL!"

The noise and display bought the real Keiko time to swiftly make her way up the wall, pulling herself up with a combination of telekinesis and muscle, while her powers shielded her from sight. The impressive illusion she'd made of herself drew a katana that looked like it was made from raw sunlight and swished it in the air. Meanwhile, Keiko grinned invisibly and prepared to dick with these guys, hardcore.

Initiative: 1d20+4 17

Deception: 1d20+8 27

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Na'Atem flew in and shift to a hove, floating silently size feet or soo off of the roof, just behind most of her teammates . Her cloak fluttered in the breeze and the Spellstone shone brightly, emitting rays of light as bands of æther swirled around it. She looked over their opponents from behind the raised hood, her face melting into the darkness of it aside from her mouth down. 

"I concur." she said firmly, not feeling quite as confident in banter such as this, in English, just yet.


Initiative: 1D20+2 => (11 + 2) = 13


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Curtis reduced his speed from flight to a floating over, levitating artificially through... how didn't matter, the answer was superior intellect! 'In a cave, with a box of scraps' totally applied here. He did not banter, mainly because honestly Tatiana he admitted had already gotten in the best line.


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Bastion slammed down onto the building after leaping from one nearly a quarter mile away.  Gravel was thrown about and the roof sounded like it creaked a bit, like it wanted to give in after his landing.  He didn't say anything, he just stood up straight and crossed his arms over his chest.

The Revenant smirked and walked behind his companions in an attempt to line himself up with Sebastian.  He cracked his knuckles and twisted his neck from side to side making his vertebrae pop.  He pointed at Sebastian.

"You aren't big enough."  Sebastian trashed talked with a grin.  "Sit back down little man."

The Revenant was suddenly covered in a deathly aura of black and purple.  His form twisted and contorted until he appeared as Sebastian, except he looked like a zombified version.  His skin was withered and eyes jaundiced.  The hair was oily and falling off in small patches all across his scalp.  He slammed his fist into his hand.  "You have nothing I can not possess!"

"Really?  Who are you taking to homecoming?"  Sebastian smirked.

The undead Sebastian lunged forward and living Sebastian answered the call.  They slammed into each other in a series of violent blows that threatened to collapse the rooftop, but it held well enough.  They punched each other with the force of hurricanes, reinforcing the notion to those present (hero and villain alike) that despite all their protections, none of them ever wanted to be on the wrong side of an angry Powerhouse.


Revenant and Sebastian are locked in combat.  This way I can focus on the battle for you guys and not worry about my character.

Sebastian has Interpose.  He can, and will, use it once per round if it's needed.  That means once per round he can take a hit for ONE of you.  He's not guaranteed to survive it, but that's him.  If you feel you need it, simply say so and I'll apply the damage to Bastion instead of you.

Keep in mind, only one of you get it.  So if Qi needs it and uses and then Spellstone gets cracked later in the round... she's gotta hope for the best.


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"Ohyeah!  Let'sdoit!"  Larrup shouted.  And she was off like a shot.  "Woo!"

"I am Sumnyr.  The fast one is Larrup, that's Anodyne, and you're friend has been introduce to The Revenant.  It's a pleasure to meet you, but now you must be dealt with.  You will find my sorcery is without equal!"  Sumnyr's body exploded into a sickly green nimbus and he took flight above the arena, his hands aglow with balefire.

Anodyne plucked a simple foot long metal rod from a sheath on her thigh.  With a snap of her wrist it extended into a long metal bo staff.  She spun it about like an artist on one of those martial arts flicks, and they had to admit were she not an enemy, it would have been pretty to cool to watch.  The staff halted and she held it behind her as she bowed.  "It will be an honor to once again battle worthy warriors this evening."


Order of Initiative:
Rick - 40
Larrup - 27
Anodyne - 23 [Senses: This person focuses Ki]
Tats - 19 (+4 Init)
Curtis - 19 (+0 Init)
Keiko - 17
Princess - 15 [Assessment: This person poses a problem.  Remove them quickly.]
???? - 13 (+7 Init)
Sumnyr - 13 (+3 Init) [Senses: This person is a magical being]
Spellstone - 13 (+2 Init) [Senses: This person is a magical being]
Qi - 9 [Senses: This person focuses Chi]

This a lot for me to keep track of.  Please do not make it harder than necessary for me.  I'll be including their Defenses to make it easy for you.  If you break this order I will hide your post and you will have to redo, the die roll and all.  Please, PLEASE, understand that we all wanna get through this, so try and make the time to knock this out.  Thanks.  :)

Do not bother me with a whole lot of 'Can I... [insert common sense question here].'  The book has rules for most things, use them.  Chances are it's there.  If  they have a weapon, obviously you can disarm them.  Can you throw them?  Yes, after you grapple them.  Will such-n-such tactic work?  Do it and find out.

For the SENSES part, for those that have the proper senses, I've made a note of what you know about them, if it's next to your name... well, they know it about you.  For descriptor differences Chi and Ki are technically the same.

Remember, you all have 1 Hero Point.



Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fortitude ?, Toughness ?, Will ?

Dodge 12, Parry 12, Fortitude ?, Toughness ?, Will ?

Dodge 6, Parry 7, Fortitude ?, Toughness ?, Will ?

Dodge 10, Parry 9, Fortitude ?, Toughness ?, Will ?

Obviously ???? can't be targeted until they make their presence known.



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The woman addressed as Larrup seemed to be a speedster like him.  He knew it to be risky to fight a dedicated speedster, but he had friends.  More than that, he didn't have to fight her as a speedster if he didn't want to.  In a virtually impossible to follow by normal vision burst of speed, Rick closed the distance between the two of them, and left fly with a stunning barrage of attacks, trying to put her down fast at best, and gauge her own reaction speed at the least, before disengaging from her and returning to nearly exactly where he'd been before.


performing single target multiattack on larrup

Total:17  kinda doubt that is gonna hit, but if it does it's a base DC20 toughness check.

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[Larrup - Attacking Everyone!]  Rick was a faster runner, but Larrup was way faster on her feet.  No one outside the speedsters could really see what was going on, but to Rick and Larrup everything was a normal pace.  She bobbed and weaved, swayed and dodged like it was a DBZ cartoon, nothing but a series of blurs and whooshes.

"Notevenclose!"  She laughed.  "Herelemmeshowhowit'sdone!"

She was gone like a dart, all over the battlefield.  Punching, kicking, attempting take downs, no one was fast enough to even attempt to stop her.  Her fist slammed into Rick's gut than into a powerful uppercut.  In turn every hero present with the exclusion of Spellstone and Sebastian were slammed with multiple blows from fists moving faster than mach one.

Larrup skid to a halt.  The image of Keiko shattered as the hardlight imagery was ripped asunder by the power of her speed.  "Booyasuckas!  Hey! Oneofthemisn'treal!  NOFAIR!"


Roll(1d20)+2: 20,+2 Total:22 (Critical Hit!)
This is a classic example of an NPC getting lucky.  She could, in theory end this combat before it started considering none except maybe Spellstone and Bastion could survive a DC 26 attack (without a bit of luck).  I'm treating this as a regular attack, but Larrup gets a 'get out of jail free' card later.  The DC of her attack is 21.  I'll do The toughness rolls this round so those who aren't sure of the rules can see how it works.

Larrup's damage is 6.  The DC is base 15 (damage), 10 (afflictions).  She's doing damage, so the DC is 21 (15+6).  Roll d20, add Toughness.  If you exceed the DC, you take no damage.

Rick - 23 (Success!  No damage!)
Tats - 18 (-1 Penalty) (Should be staggered too, but ignore it)
Curtis - 29! (Hella Success!  No damage!)
Keiko - Immune.  Illusions don't take damage, but she did hit it hard enough to shatter the image.
Princess - 22 (Success!  No damage!)
Spellstone - Immune to this attack, Larrup can't reach Spellstone (this time).
Qi - 20 (-1 penalty)

If you suffered a -1 penalty that means that your defenses are -1 until healed.  Eventually your defenses will get worn away and you'll catastrophically fail a defense a roll and your character (or villain) will be defeated.  Tats regenerates.  Regenerate applies on your turn, every round but never on the same round when you were injured unless your regen is less than one round.  This does count as a healing round though, so Tats can regen her -1 on her turn, next round.

Larrup is talking so fast that the other villains are not aware that she outted Keiko's illusion, but they did see it shatter.  That doesn't mean they are aware of the ploy, yet anyway.

There are more of you than there of them.  You will need team work to defeat them.

[Anodyne - Attacking Qi!]  Larrup was not a very reliable person in general, but Anodyne had to admit, she was excellent at crowd control.  Anodyne leapt forward and her staff  smashed down onto Qi's Chi hardened forearms.  It was like a Bruse Lee moving watching them go at it.  Spin kicks, dodges, parries, sweeps... they were truly masters of their art.  With a finale thrust that snuck past Qi's defenses the young woman was thrown back several feet.  Like an anime her feet simply slid backwards in the gavel and she remained standing.  Anodyne leapt back, breaking off the melee.  Her staff was behind her and she had arm out in front of her in preparation for defense.  "You bring honor to your Masters.  Send them my regards."


Roll(1d20)+12: 12,+12 Total:24 (Hit!)

Damage DC 19

Qi- 22 (Success.  No Damage.)

News choppers over head shone lights down onto the scene of the rooftop.  "Ladies and gentleman... we are live on the scene of the Sentinels battling Doctor Shock and unknown super powered individuals and things were looking grim but... yes!  Yes, folks there are new heroes on the scene and it looks liek they are attempting to prevent Doctor Shock and his accomplices from finishing off Emerald City's finest!"

Citizens at home watched as Larrup's fists smashed into energy shields, was parried aside, or how the heroes took the blow but kept on fighting.  They watched as Connie and Sebastian locked their selves into mortal combat with foes, putting their safety and lives on the line for... what were essentially strangers.  The citizens of Emerald City watched heroes.  "We have no idea who these new comers are, but we're grateful!  We'll keep everyone at home updated as news becomes available!"

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On 10/25/2017 at 9:16 PM, Bastion said:

"I am Sumnyr.  The fast one is Larrup, that's Anodyne, and you're friend has been introduce to The Revenant.  It's a pleasure to meet you, but now you must be dealt with.  You will find my sorcery is without equal!"  Sumnyr's body exploded into a sickly green nimbus and he took flight above the arena, his hands aglow with balefire.

tatiana was surprised and just a smidge angered by the speedy girls attack. "That hurt." She muttered before looking up at the self-proclaimed sorcerer.

"Oh Please we have our own magic girl and she is way prettier than you!"  Tats finishes her statement with a screaming blast at the green glowing sorcerer. The sonic barrage caught him full, obviously he had not expected anyof them to be capable. "Смуглый трах!" Tat's called up at him laughing.


Sonic blast at Sumnyr: 1d20+5 22   Improved Crit 4 so I think that is a critical Damage of her blast is 8 the DC 23.  if this is a critical make it Increased effect for the +5 to resist

Sumnyr clenched his ears and screamed in agony.  His levitation gave way and the nimbus surrounding him faded as he  fell to his knees.   "Howling banshee of a witch," he muttered, wincing in the pain of ruptured ear drums.  "SOMEONE SHUT HER UP!"  He shouted unintentionally since he could now barely hear anything.


Sumnyr Roll(1d20)+8: 11,+8 Total:19 (Impervious lowers the attack rank to 24)

Failure by one degree.

-1 penalty.

Until he can hear, Sumnyr will communicate in all CAPS... blame Tatiana. :P


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The electromagnetic shield did its work, warding off fists empowered with mass times extreme velocity. Curtis' mental speed kept up with Larrup's as he processed and analyzed the situation. Another self-proclaimed sorcerer, which Tatiana was already engaging. Anodyne, whom seemed to be a counterpart to Qi Lu in combat skills and abilities. The speedster was potentially the most disruptive element on the battlefield, so better to remove Larrup while leaving their own free and in play.

The point of opportunity came as Larrup paused in surprise at Keiko's illusion. Taking into account her enhanced reflexes, Curtis elected for an area of effect projectile. He raised the Energy Gauntlet, and a brief white glow heralded the blast of concussive force energy, channeled to maintain some compression until the point of impact. It landed right at Larrup's feet and exploded outwards in all directions.


Energy Shockwave centered on Larrup: Ranged Burst Area Damage 6.
Dodge DC 16, and Toughness DC 21/18.

Time moved differently for a speedster.  To everyone else the effect was instantaneous.  The electro static pulse exploded in an awesome display of hemispherical electrical bolts, shocks and ionized air.  The scent of ozone swiftly set into the area.  For Larrup it took forever.  She cocked her head as the projectile advanced on her position.  She took a moment (relatively) to ponder which direction to go, where to stop or who to stop next to, whether she wanted tacos later and if that assignment on post-World War II Russia was due tomorrow or next Tuesday.

The projectile hit the ground and began to blossom outward, forming the devastating explosion.  She had to admit, it looked really pretty, but decided to leave the area before she pressed her luck too far.

She was several feet away from the blast, sitting on an air conditioning unit with her legs crossed, looking smug.  She looked and noticed the sleeve of her jacket was singed and glared at Curtis.  She patted it out swiftly.  "Dude!Whatthehell!?!  Anyoneevertellyounottohitalady!  Ohmigawd!  Thiscity'sgoingtohell,Itellya!"

Sumnyr managed to pull his hands from his ears long enough to cross his in front of his face in an 'X' as the blast expanded outward.  A hazy green glassy shield materialized before him in a rounded shield-like shape.  All along it's rough glassy edges were eldritch runes of protection that held the worst of the blast at bay.  He slid backwards several feet as the force of the blast moved him.  "YOU FOOLS ARE TRYING MY PATIENCE!"

Larrup snickered at the young sorcerer and cupped her hands to her mouth in a cone.  "WHAT!?!"

"I SAID..." he glared at her and just gritted his teeth as she giggled.


Sumnyr: Roll(1d20)+8 14,+0 Total:22 (Saved and defended.  I only included his Dodge roll)

Larrup Save: Roll(1d20)+17: 14,+17 Total:31 (Saved)

Larrup Toughness: Roll(1d20)+9:9,+9 Total:18 (Success.  Larrup used her 'get out of jail free' card.)


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Particles of light from the dispelled Mighty Kitsune illusion swirled back together again with the sound of shattering glass played in reverse. What reformed however was not the imposing figure from before...but a tiny, adorable teddy-bear sized version of it that hopped angrily up and down shaking its fist while the fox tails lashed behind it.


Bawling, it charged straight at Sumnyr, and leapt up to latch onto his face like a super-kawaii headcrab! It yammered and flailed at him, covering his eyes completely!


(Keiko is using her illusion distraction Affliction power. Perception range, so no hit roll; Sumnyr must make a Will save at DC 17 to overcome the distraction. A fail by less than 5 means he's Vulnerable (-2 to defenses) and Sight impaired (due to having an illusion in his face). Fail by 5 or more and he's Defenseless and Sight Disabled. Success and he can ignore or dispel the illusion, as you see fit.)

"WHAT IN PIAMON'S NAME!?!"  Sumnyr tried to understand what was about to happen.  Being the less humorous sort, the thought of a kaiwai headcrab never crossed his mind until it latched to him and he arched backwards with a muffled scream.  He struggled and battled the tiny Kitsune as the battle waged around until he finally pried it off and threw it to the ground.  It shattered like porcelain.  "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?"

"You're wasting your time!" The Revenant called out as he slammed Sebastion's head into the brick and concrete structure of the roof access.  "The fox girl isn't even here, she's hiding!  You're playing with her toys!"

"AND HOW WOULD YOU KNOW?!"  Sumnyr shouted.

Sebastian recovered and punched his zombified body in the face with a left, then a right.  The Revenant grinned and wiped black blood from the corner of his mouth.  "Because I see the living!  She's hiding!  It's a game to her!"

Sumnyr looked about "HER?  WHERE IS SHE?!"

Revenant slammed Sebastian with an uppercut and sent him flying backwards.  He slammed into the roof and slid in the gravel.  He looked at Sumnyr and shrugged.  "Sorry.  Not in my contract."


Sumnyr - Will Save: Roll(1d20)+8: 10,+8 Total:18 (Success)


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Tatiana and Keiko seemed to have the self-proclaimed Sorcerer in hand and Connie was dueling with the staffswoman. From what Princess had heard, intervening in a duel without being asked or when your comrade-in-arms was in grave danger was very rude. On the other hand, the irritating speedster had avoided the brunt of what had been thrown at her.

And Larrup had had the temerity to strike at her august person! A villain to be sure - This was a new dress!

21 hours ago, Curtis Shane said:

"Dude!Whatthehell!?!  Anyoneevertellyounottohitalady!  Ohmigawd!  Thiscity'sgoingtohell,Itellya!"

"With the likes of you infesting it," Princess replied, turning her viridian regard on the fast woman, violet eyes glowing, "it is indeed." She waved her fingers in a brisk motion as though brushing away trash or dust then tightened her fingers into a fist. "Time to give Emerald City a good spring cleaning."

Wisps of fuschia and magenta light coalesced around Larrup and contracted on her with crushing force while trying to restrain her.


Using Standard and Move actions to use -Psychokinesis: Move Object 8 (accidental, psionic, 25 tons, DC 23, Advantages: Chokehold, Fast Grab, Improved Hold; Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Damaging, Increased Mass 2, Increased Range: perception, Precise, Subtle 1)

Using the Move action increases effective strength of Move Object by 1, for an effective rank of 9. Perception range means Princess hits, DC 24 to resist Damage. With the Fast Grab Advantage, the effect immediately makes a Grab attempt as a Free Action. Larrup has to resist a Strength 9 effect using Strength or Dodge, which I believe means the DC is 19 (for resisting an effect rather than Damage).

The wisps gathered and tightened, threatening to crush the speedster.  She winced and groaned in agony as she struggled to wriggle free.  She shifted, vibrated, spun about at speeds that none could keep up with until finally she slipped her bonds and hit one knee, plumb tuckered out.  After her speed tantrum she honestly looked like she was about to throw up.  "Whew... okay... that sucked.  Wow.  You people are mean."


Larrup - Toughness Save: Roll(1d20)+4: 8,+4 Total:12 (-1 Penalty + Staggered)

Larrup - Dodge Save: Roll(1d20)+11: 14,+11 Total:25 (Escaped the Grab)


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[Shade - Attacking Princess]  Behind Princess a man leapt out of her shadow, her shadow!  With all the news and police choppers shining lights on the area the night time rooftop was streaked in black shadows.  The young, bald, African American man had skin so dark it could only be described as ebony.  He was garbed head to toe in black.  His combat boots, his cargo pants, the oily sheen leather duster he wore, all the color of midnight.

His boot caught Princess square in the back at the base of her spine, kicking her forward and down on all fours.  He raised back his arms over his head and up from the murky darkness of Princess's own shadow sprung a black, giant club crafted from pure shadowstuff.  While she was defenseless he softly said, "Bonjour ma jolie, s'il te plaît, pardonne-moi."  And the club came crashing down.

Sebastian slid in the gravel, placing himself between the impact and Princess.  The club came down and shattered like obsidian and sounding like broken glass as it disassembled into several pieces that never touched the ground.  The shards of his weapon simply wisped away back into the shadowy ether from which they were formed.

Sebastian helped her back to her feet as Shade stood stunned at the entire scene.  Princess composed herself.  "Where have all the good men gone, and where are all the gods?"  She mused.

"I wouldn't go that far," he smiled.  At that moment his zombie duplicate came speeeding foward and shoulder blocked the teen titan several feet off into the distance.  The Reveannt now stood where Sebastian was.

"Mind if we play through?"  He smirked and brandished blackened, rotted teeth.  His voice was a mixture of his own mingled with the soulless echo of Sebastian's own 'beyond the grave' tone.  He paused and took in Princess's luscious curves.  "So, y'know... if you're not doing anything later..."  Sebastian returned the favor by tackling the undead copy-cat and the two rolled away on the gravel locked in a series of grapples and parries.  "Call meeeee!"  His laugh was a mad cackle as the two battled on.

"SHADE,"  Sumnyr called out.  "WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!?"

"Here the whole time,"  He said in a thick french accent.  "You know... just lurking in the shadows."


Princess was not aware of the attack.  Shade had total concealment until he struck.

Shade: Power Attack (-2) on Princess: Roll(1d20)+12: 14,+10 Total:26  (Hit, Damage DC 21)

C-C-C-c-c-combo Breaker!!!  (Sebastian: Interpose)

Sebastian: Toughness Save: Roll(1d20)+10: 13,+10 Total:23 (No damage)


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[Sumnyr - Attacking Spellstone] Sumnyr leapt from the rooftop, the balefire green nimbus returning to shroud his body.  He soared up and hovered over the battlefield.  "I already grow tired of this."

Eldritch power pulsed through his body as he called upon powers very few understood.  His hands swirled green energy, bright and neon in the shadows of the night and made all the more brighter by the glimmer of the search lights.  "Stop playing around and destroy these idiots already!"

Smoldering orbs of bale fire appeared in his hands and he threw one and it howled through the air towards Spellstone.  The blast exploded and wrapped around her.  Her mystical barrier shone briefly as it repelled the attack, protecting her like liquid a glass sheath.  The heat was intense and she winced from the intensity of it.  Without hesitation he hurled a second blast.  That one slammed into her barrier as well and it shattered under the barrage.  Painful balefire caressed her and seared her soul.  The pain was intense though it left her mostly unharmed, on the outside.

"Pathetic!"  He shouted at her as she shook off the worse of the effects of his powerful spell.  "Your feeble wards can not withstand the power I command!"


Sumnyr: Extra effort, taking a second action.

Mystic Blast (DC 23): Roll(1d20)+8: 15+8 Total:23
Mystic Blast (DC 23): Roll(1d20)+8: 14+8 Total:22

Spellstone: Toughness Save - Roll(1d20)+8: 17+8 Total:25 (No damage)
Spellstone: Toughness Save - Roll(1d20)+8: 14+8 Total:22 (-1 Penalty)


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Na'Atem winced in pain as the balefire engulfed her form for a split second. Her shield had taken the brunt of the assault, but she could still feel the pain lingering. It was not in her flesh, or muscles or bones, but deeper, having singed her soul. Her father had prepared her to survive such assaults, but it was her mother who taught her how to prevail in magical duels.

"You are toying with forces that are beyond your comprehension, like a child playing with fire. I shall do you a favor, and save you from them." she said as she wove eldritch energies into a spell matrix, the memories of her mother's training in the forefront of her mind as the spellstone glowed brightly, encircled by glowing bands of of æther.

"ȻՓևդͳԘֆ₱€ʅʅ!" she proclaimed in some ancient, arcane tongue, releasing the spell, which caused a blue-green, transparent bubble of energy to form around Sumnyr, the barrier severing his link to the arcane energies he commanded, ending all the spells and enhancements currently affecting him before it 'popped' and vanished.

With this flight spell gone, the young sorcerer plummeted to the roof, landing with a loud "Ooof!"

"You witch! That parlor trick will not save you from the arcane might I wield!" he shouted in rage at Na'Atem.



Magic check to cast her spell (DC 18): 1d20 +15 -1 Penalty => (19 + 14) = 33

Nullify 'to hit' roll (DC 18) 1D20+8 -1 Penalty => (12 + 7) = 19

Spellstone's Nullify roll - 1D20+5 -1 Penalty => (14 + 4) = 18
Sumnyr's Will save - 1D20+5 => (9 + 8) = 17


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Qi while aware of what the rest of the team was doing put that awareness into a corner of her mind where it wouldnt get in the way of her focus on Anodyne.

Drawing her sword from her back Qi advanced on the villainous martial artist. The two became a world unto themselves as the circled weapons flicking out to touch, feint, parry strike, dodge. Qi studied her opponents every move looking for the weakness she must have  all the while trying to keep from showing hers to the girl who was doing the same to her.


Using Analyze Style the will DC is 14


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End of Round 1



Rick - ND (No Damage)
Larrup - -2, Staggered
Anodyne - ND, Vulnerable (1/2 defenses vs. Qi only)
Tats - -1
Curtis - ND
Keiko - ND
Princess - ND
Shade - ND
Sumnyr - -1, Fatigued, Defenseless (-8 Toughness)
Spellstone - -1
Qi - -1

Bold is the baddies, so you can fins them easier.

Order of Initiative:
Rick - 40
Anodyne - 23
Larrup - 22
Tats - 19 (+4 Init)
Curtis - 19 (+0 Init)
Keiko - 17
Princess - 15
Shade - 13 (+7 Init)
Sumnyr - 13 (+3 Init)
Spellstone - 13 (+2 Init)
Qi - 9


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Seeing his chance, and thankful that the others were on top of their own games, he moved to engage Larrup once again. seeing that she was already feeling the ill effects of his comrade's attentions, if they could take her out of the game here and now, it would allow them all to focus on the others.   He did know he wasn't as fast as her, but her injury should make up the difference, he hoped.   He vanished in an eyeblink, moving almost the exact same as he had before, but just before he lashed out with his clenched fists, he shifted gears to his Power Gear, and while it cut his speed, the jump in strength rocketed his fist forward with meteoric power.


attacking with strength gear normal attack..

 his damage modifier is +8 in strength gear.

Larrup was on the ropes.  She had somehow become everyone's favorite and under the circumstances she didn't enjoy the attention one bit.  She was nursing injuries that her metabolism was swiftly working on repairing... just not swiftly enough.  Clutching her side from where Princess had attempted to crush her, she never saw Richard coming.  The hole scene played out like the final blow of a Street Fighter match, her scream was loud, but the actual impact seam to land in a very high speed slow motion.  They saw Richard move, the blow connect, and after that she just seemed to spiral slowly through the air before landing with a bounce near Sumnyr.

She slowly pulled herself back up to her feet, a menacing look in her eyes.


Larrup: Toughness: Roll(1d20)+2: 14,+2 Total:16 (-1, Dazed upgraded to Staggered)

For future reference, 'Switching Gears' requires you to activate an array, which is the same as activating a power, or using a Standard Action.  You can not switch gears and attack in the same round.  I'll let it pass this time while we're working out the mechanical bugs. :)


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"Annie, sure could use a hand over here!"  She winced under the pain of speaking through her freshly bruised jaw.

Through the whirl of steel and clanks and pings of their weapons Anodyne snapped away from Qi in an impressive backwards flip.  Qi was good, almost too good, reading every move she was capable of effortlessly.  She was a worthy opponent and Anodyne could not be any happier.  Allies first, however.  She was not here to test her mettle at the expense of her honor, and she broke away and landed near Sumnyr and Larrup.

She summoned up her own inner force, her Ki.  She slammed her staff into the roof, it stuck in place as she slammed her hands together and took a determined stance.  Her hands came together and she locked her palms and fingers into a series of gestures.  "Rin."  She poke loudly.  There was a gust of power as she opened the Conduit of Thunder that gave strength to the body and soul.  "Pyo"  Her hands shifted again as the Conduit of the Diamond directed the flow of the energy she was summoning.  There was now a small flicker, the glimmer of a single mote of the energy begining to form in front of her chest.  It was a simple sky-bluish glow that was growing larger, and larger.  "Retsu!"  She final hand sela was completed, the Conduit of Time and Space which sped up the natural flow of the energies she was manipulating.

The small spherical mote exploded with energy and light as her Ki washed over her allies, bathing them in a soft, warm, comforting light.  Larrup shot up like a weed swaying in a summer breeze.  Sumnyr's weariness and fatigue drained away instantly and he stood from his kneeling respite with a gleam of malice in his eyes.  Rick, who was close enough, felt a tingle and surge of strength rush through him as the Ki energy warmed his soul.  They stood, re-energzed and ready to fight on.

The Revenant was another matter entirely.  The brilliant, dazzling energy of Anodyne's healing energy caught only a portion of him in its area of effect: his arm.  As the wave washed over him the healing light seared his arm and he cried out in pain, the only sign so far that he was capable of feeling any.  Burns and sores smoldered the his flesh and he quickly withdrew his arm from the light.  It disrupted his form, his guise wavered and shifted and shifted from his true appearance of the ghoulish undead teen to that of the decaying Sebastian.  His opponent had an opening, but was too stunned by the scene to take it.  The Revenant staggered about for a moment, gripping his charred arm as it smoldered, but composed himself finally, cementing Sebastian's features as his own.

She plucked her staff from the rooftop, her eyes under her painted white face seemed heavy and lethargic.

Sumnyr smirked as he looked to the injured undead and mumbled under his breath as he prepared to re-establish his protective wards.  "Interesting.  Good to know."


Anodyne: Healing - Roll(1d20)+10: 16,+10 Total:26 (Removes 3 damage conditions from Herself, Larrup, and Sumnyr)
Larrup - Completely healed.
Sumnyr - Completely healed.
Rick - Completely healed.
Anodyne - Completely healed, but contracted the 'fatigued' condition from Sumnyr.
The Revenant -  -1 penalty + Staggered

"Booya!  Putmeincoach!  I'mreadytoplay!"  Larrup leapt back up her feet and her body began to vibrate to fast she was a blur.  She looked at Sumnyr and he tilted his head towards the heroes, giving the go ahead for whatever she had in mind.

Like a bullet she was gone again.  She ran in a circle all over the battlefield, the rooftop now her race track.  Faster and faster she ran, faster and faster the the gusts around everyone picked up as her movements siphoned the air towards her.  That wasn't her intention however, and it wasn't until she hit her top speed that they all realized too late what she'd done...

She broke the sound barrier with them right next to her as the thunderous boom exploded behind her.  The concussive force tore away the gravel in the area and caused even more damage to the rooftop.  No one was sure how much more stress this arena could endure.  Everyone tried to clutch their ears, but it was only after the force of the boom hit were they quick enough.  The cacophonous affliction tore into them and even Shade was not spared its effects as she tore through the battlefield.  Tatiana didn't seem to notice what all the hype was about until the concussive force itself caused her to shield her face from the all the flying gravel.

Larrup, you idiot!"  Shade shouted in a thick French accent.  "Watch where you're going!"

"Icandothisallnight!"  Larrup giggled as she zipped all over the area then sped off in a blur down the side of the building, coming back a blink of an eye later with a bag from Big Kahuna Burger, stolen from a drive thru hand off no doubt.  She chowed down on the burger as she zipped about.  "Mightwannastrapin,withAnnieherewecangoallnight!"

Anodyne shook her head.  "Shut.  Up.  Larrup."


Held her action until after Anodyne.  Her initiative score is now 22.

Larrup: Coming Through! Affliction 10.  DC 18

Rick - Roll(1d20)+8: 18+8 Total:26 (Success, Instant Recovery)
Tats - Immune to Sonic Effects (although technically concussive too, I labeled it Sonic, so Tats wins!)
Curtis - Roll(1d20)+6: 3+6 Total:9 (Failure, 2 degrees, Curtis is Prone)
Keiko - Not in the Area of effect.
Princess - Roll(1d20)+2: 11+2 Total: 13 (Failure, 1 degree, Princess is Dazed)
Shade - Roll(1d20)+8: 16+8 Total:24 (Success, Instant Recovery)
Spellstone - Roll(8d20)+5: 8+5 Total:13 (Failure, 1 degree, Spellstone is Dazed)
Qi - Roll(8d20)+3: 16+3 Total:19 (Success, Instant Recovery)

Remember, M&M doesn't really track movement because of the speeds people can sometimes move at are ridiculous sometimes.  Just because I have her 'zipping around' doesn't mean she's out of range.  She's still in the fight and so she's a valid target.  If she stops being a valid target, I'll let you guys know.


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It takes Tatiana a couple of seconds to see what the annoying speedster was doing she snapped her head to look at the magic man and shouted hoping someone would hear her "Get the Magician I have the speedbump"

With a scream Tat launched into he air like a rocket only to spin and dive down flying fast, and faster int he opposite direction of Larru. Propelled by her sonic emissions Tatiana couldn't quite reach the sonic barrier but she could get close enough. As the two speeding superpowered kids zoomed toward each other on a collision course, Tatian suddnely altered her scream and twisted in mid air like an acrobat her feet now heading straight at the racing girl...



Using flight top speed 500mph or 1 mile per turn, tatiana  races counter clockwise to do a supersonic flying kick on Larrup I use all out attack on my unarmed attack giving tatian a +5 to her attack All out attack on Larrup using unarmed: 1d20+17 25

Larrup dashed around like a lightning bolt, fast and untouchable, or so she thought.  With a Banshee's wail Tatiana soared high and lunged directly at the speedster.  Well into her burger, and enjoying it she suddenly realized that she was already on a collision course with the high risk, high reward tactics of the screaming meanie herself.

"Uh,cwap," was all she managed to mutter, cheeks stuffed with burger like a chipmunk.  The blow was one for the record books.  Tatiana crashed into her, boot to face and everyone watched in horror at the two blurs suddenly clashed to a screeching halt.  Tatiana and Larrup collided but kept moving, the momentum carrying them in their respective directions.  Tatiana tumbled to the ground and rolled several times, finally coming to a halt clutching her knee and wincing in pain.  Kicking something head on moving at 1,000 miles per hour was no longer on her bucket list.

Larrup flew into a series of high speed backwards flips, clumsily rolling ass over elbow until she finally hit the gravel and tumbled.  She bounced and rolled and... remained still.  She shook, wobbly trying to get back to her feet but barely made it half way before collapsing into the gravel.


Balls out maneuver.  Love it!  Added +2 to the damage for willingly kicking someone moving 1kmph!  DC 19

Larrup: Toughness resistance - Roll(1d20)+4: 1,+4 Total:5 (Incapacitated!)

Tatiana is at -5 to her active defenses until her next turn.

In unison the people at home watching as well as the people all crowded in the windows along the office buildings all around the arena all shirked away, clinching and going "ooooh".

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Curtis rolled over and pushed his way up to his feet after that display by Larrup. Which had gotten her taken down by Tatiana, well done on that. Anodyne's ability to heal others though posed a new change to the tactical assessment. She needed to be next, even though Summyr stripped of his defenses was an exposed target. True, his mind filed and noted, Anodyne appeared physically tired by the act, but if the situation worsened, she might still be able to push the limits of her stamina to heal her companions. Keiko had already targeted Summyr, so she could keep that up.

Curtis took up a stance, adjusting the lenses in the Energy Gauntlet to tighten the field of fire on the martial artist...


Move action to get standing.

Energy Blast, All-Out Attack -2/+2: Energy Blast: 1D20+8 = [17]+8 = 25
Toughness DC 25

She could have dodged, she had the agility, the footwork, she had an entire arena to hop around upon.  She didn't.  She saw the blast coming and all she did was smirk as she accepted the searing blast of arc energy as it washed aver her body.  She didn't falter, she showed no signs of pain as she was electrocuted by Curtis's energy blast.  She felt the pain, that much was obvious, but she refused to feel it through sheer force of will and discipline.

Her outfit gave off wisps of smoke as the effect subsided.  "A well executed attack," she said calmly.  The slight burns across the few exposed portions of her skin were already beginning to fade and her wounds were knitting incredibly fast.  "But the power that I use to heal others, bestows me with boundless energy and health.  I can not be stopped with your science project.  Yet, I'm positive that you will not prove as resilient as I."


Anodyne: Toughness resistance: Roll(1d20)+6: 18,+6 Total:24 (-1 penalty)


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Princess had been still shuddering at the sight of the zombified Bastion when the sonic boom came out of nowhere. She was still reeling, buffeted by the boom and ears ringing, rubbing the grit from her eyes. Her tiara was askew, though oddly enough her styled hair still seemed unruffled.

Both Sebastians were gone, the good one and the bad, and the speedster was down. "Nice one!" Princess exclaimed too loudly through the ringing in her ears, giving Tats a big, if slightly slack, grin. "She was a hard one to catch."

Blinking, trying to focus her blurry eyes, Princess missed the shadowman that had the audacity to hit in her back, her purple gaze falling on the sorcerer, his protecting nimbus only a fitful green flicker of on the edge of sight. Her smile sharpened into something mean. It would be highly remiss of her to pass up the opportunity Autumn had provided them.

'Night Night, poor boy," Princess cooed, blowing Sumnyr a kiss as a barrage of pink and purple darts of light flew at him from every direction like a flock of photonic wasps.


Using Pyschokinetic Assault - Ranged Damage 8 (DC 23); Multiattack, Improved Critical 4, Indirect 4. Using Power Attack to add +2 to the DC at -2 to hit (Total DC to resist DC 25, barring any Critical or Multiattack increases)

Psychokinetic Assault: 1D20+6 = [12]+6 = 18 (Critical or Multiattack increases don't apply. Pity.)

Sumnyr knew he was in trouble as the first signs of worry spread across his features.  "No, no... no, NO!"  He yelled as he turned to run from the swarm.  IT was a only a few steps before he realized the futility of his action and in a last ditch effort he spun about face and challenged the swarm by spinning the threads of an incantation that would raise his barrier.

Bravely he crossed his arms as he chanted and the flicker and shimmer of gossamer threads of mystical energy wove itself into a this shield as the swarm smashed against it.   Like hail on the hood of a car came the echo of hundreds if not thousands of minute hardened pellets of energy.   "Ha!  My magic is without equal!  You are-" a slight crack appeared in his shield.  The stress fracture grew larger and larger in the blink of an eyes until it shattered like glass, the eerie green runes along it's edges flew in all directions before they flickered out.

The swarm slammed into him and launched him backwards, slamming him into the roof access door.  For a moment he was gone, consumed by the swarm of photokinetic wasps.  Finally they dissipated and he collapsed to the gravel.


Sumnyr - Toughness Check - Roll(1d20)+2: 2,+2 Total:4 (Incapacitated)


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Keiko reappears, trading invisibility for the illusion-enhanced guise of The Kitsune, complete with luminous aura and pair of foxtails swishing around behind her.

"Very well!" she proclaims. "No more hiding! This is the real me! Come face me!"

From behind Anodyne, out of thin air, a blindingly intense beam of light abruptly lances out! It tracks across the shingles of the building's roof, scoring a smoldering line through it as it goes, and drags over the supervillain!

"Oh shit," Kitsune giggles, "I have no idea how that even happened. Come HERE and lets mix it up!"

Firin' mah LAYZER: 1d20+9 20 (Toughness DC is 24 base, his defense is 16, so unless there's a penalty for the unexpected angle of attack, that's just shy of an extra degree of success, so base damage only. If a defense penalty applies, then DC is 26.)


Shifting appearance array from invisibility to morph (superhero form), and using Indirect 4 on her laser beam in the Photokinesis array to originate the laser beam from a point on the opposite side of Anodyne as she is...as if being fired by a mischievous, and still invisible, superhero. :)

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  • Matt changed the title to IC: S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

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