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OOC: Democracy In Modern Mythology

Dave ST

Democracy In Modern Mythology  

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  1. 1. Legend... everyone has their own way of doing it, so, how would you like it to be?

    • I want to purchase Legend with my EXP.
    • I want our Legend awarded to us based on deeds we perform during the story.

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While I do generally support the in-story awards, my one concern is about those whom have started at a different Legend (IE, most of us at 3, Grace at 2). In other words, some of us may yet hit the demigod upgrades well before others do. Just a thought. So right now I will abstain for the moment.

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You will not be reaching the Demigod Level until at least 260XP.  That way all of you will have had the same pool of EXP and all the same opportunities to prepare for the challenges ahead.

Those already at Legend 4 will be there until the others catch up.  The Hero Level is narrow for having PCs with a legend curve, at Demigod you have more room to wiggle away from others with like abilities or powers.

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