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Devin looked himself in the eye, and all he could see was Mari's eyes full of quantum burning her changing her.

A door opened and closed with a swoosh he spun and eyes wide saw a half dressed Laurie coming out of a bathroom, she was carrying what looked like a Star Trek uniform of some sort, lots of gold trim and braid. She tossed it on the bed, “Jaunt you better get dressed even with your powers we still have a long way to port.” She sat down and started to dress. “Did Thom or either of the girls call?”

He was staring knew he was staring but couldn't help it It was Laurie...His Laurie, but older, god help him more beautiful than she had ever looked to him before.

“Bridge to Admiral Jauntsen” came a voice from out of nowhere.

“Jauntsen here,” said Laurie

Devin was very very surprised that his eyes could open wider still.

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"Damn... you are so hot..." he found himself saying before realizing his mouth was moving faster than his brain, as was often the case.  "Uh, hi..."

He was searching for the right words to use, the proper questions that might help him wrap his mind around what just happened.  Lilly... I hate you for doing this... but I love you for your timing... right as she's half in the buff... you know me so well doll!  "Uh... so, uh... what is, uh... fresh hell this," he waved his hand about emphasizing his environment like RDJ rehearsing a Tony Stark moment, even sounded like him too.  "We're in a room... you're uh, almost naked... w-what happened to Cassidy?"

He was stammering as she looked on at him like Aphrodite in strawberry locks.  "J-Jaunt?"  He stammered.... "You never call me Jaunt... Red... what's going on," he looked her up and down one more time and bit his lower lip and even sucked his teeth for good measure.  "...and have mentioned how hot you are?  Damn."

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Laurie stands and run her thumb along the front of her uniform sealing it.

Devin can't help but notice all the medals and ribbons adorning her ample chest as she steps up to him taking his hands in hers, a fierce twinkle in her eye. "Only everyday for the last forty-three years."

She leans up pulling him into her and their lips meet and merge in a well practiced kiss which communicates so much more than simple lust or passion.

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"Fo-forty-three?   Wow... that's exact... some people... like, round down or something after awhile."  He exhaled, there wasn't a single thought in his mind that wasn't filled with mental clutter. He could barely speak words, let alone attempt to piece together 43 years of an unknown past.  Yet still, here she was.  Just yesterday-ish, she'd called him her boyfriend and they'd not even had a chance to talk about that and now here he was, with her, with obviously 43 years of happiness under their belts.  Aside from the pranks, mean jokes and insults, he really didn't even know Laurie... and here he was her husband.

Husband?  He'd just gotten promoted to boyfriend!

Still one look at those firmly buoyant... eyes of whatever color... and she was his panacea for all this weirdness.  He could see his reflection in her eyes, the two of them looked nearly the same, just... more mature, like they'd grown up.  She still looked and smelled and felt like everything that was right in all this messed up wrongness.  If this was another story, he wasn't sure he would be able to move on to the next chapter.  He was done.  He got the girl.  He won.

"The girls?"  He managed, trying to wrangle a though into motion to engage her in this moment before he woke up and it was gone.  "What's a Thom?  And...,"  He couldn't do it.  Whatever this was, as lost as might had been in everything that was his perfect victory... it wasn't his life.

"I... I'm sorry, Red... I, can't... I can't do this..."  He let go of her hands and walked away from her, already he felt more alone and she was but a few paces away.  "I'm Devin Jauntsen... but not your Devin.  I'm Jaunt from the year 2017, we were battling the Asheen and... I think I may have teleported us through a quantum distortion or something.  My consciousness is inhabiting this Devin's body, I think, because less than a minute ago I was sitting in Bunnie's Burgers in a different Devin, trying to fix his life after he spilled ink all over your dress at the Winter Ball... which you and I were abducted from about six hours ago and escaped a ship racing past Jupiter... three Devins... six hours..."

"I would love for this to be true, I would,"  He sighed.  "But to be honest with you Red, I've been in love with you since last summer, when you were at my sister's pool party for the cheer squad, and I finally caught a glimpse of how great your boobs were in that ugly blue and white stripped bikini you were wearing... since then all I've wanted to do was tell you how amazing you are, how beautiful, how... how... how there aren't enough words or I don't know the right ones to truly do all that you are in my eyes any justice.  I want to be that 43 years, Laurie, I do... but I'm not him.  I don't remember you, or the girls, or Thom, or even what rank I am in this alternate world."

"There are countless stars and countless realities, Babe, and I will love you in all of them, but I have to get home to you in my reality... the Laurie there doesn't know how I feel because I'm too much of a coward to tell her.  And that, the Dude can not abide."  He took in a breath and exhaled.  He placed his hands on his hips and nodded to himself, more assured now that he'd put his foot firmly down and said his piece.  "There, I said it.  Oh, and... if we had sex recently, aside from it probably being amazing... I wasn't here for that, I was in another reality where women don't seem to want to have sex with me... I've no idea why.  So, don't worry... you didn't cheat on your husband with me... or anything... or... is that even cheating?"

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"Ahem..." came from out of the air again.

"I'll be on the bridge shortly, Mike, Jauntsen out." Laurie said a bit of red coloring her cheeks. She looked Devin up and down. "Devin?"

She took a step back as she commanded a replay of what the man in her bedroom had just said,

Devin saw her eyes moving rapidly back and forth like she was reading or watching tv but at an insane speed.

She took another step back and Devin saw the very wicked looking weapon in her hand and by god it looked like a phaser from star trek.

"Alright, if you are not Jaunt, then where is he and how did you come to possess his body?"

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"Really?  That's what you got from that?  I profess my love and claim that I'm traveling across the infinite realities of the multiverse to get home to tell you how much I care about you... and your take away is: 'gun'?"  He chuckled and shook his head, adding a limp shrug of his arms that fell back to sides.  "I swear, is there any reality where you're not predisposed towards violence or perpetually pissed off... or one where you're not in some off shade of crazy?"

"I told you, I'm Devin.  Same guy, different version."  He thought for a second, then snapped his fingers with an idea.  "Remember that old show, Quantum Leap?  Dude's quantum consciousness hopped bodies, they still looked like them, but it was the other dude controlling the body?  That's what this is, except I'm only possessing other versions of me.  Once I leave, Devin will go beck to the Devin you know... until then you're stuck with me."

He stepped closer and she took a step back, defensively raising the phaser.  "Look, I've had a rough night, a terrible day, and one alien infested school dance.  So let me cut the shit.  Real talk, Cassidy, let me break this down for you:  In this world I'm your husband, I didn't ask to be here, but here I am.  Kill me, and you lose one husband.  Stun me and lock me up and I never leave this body... you lose one husband.  I cam into this reality with nothing, that means I have nothing to lose.  The rest of you on the other hand."  He paused and met her stare.  "Trust me you are nowhere near as scared as I am.  I want out of this body, you want me gone.  So put the damn gun down and help me instead of freaking out."  He stepped closer, pressing the barrel of the phaser to the center of his chest, on his heart.  "But if you're gonna shoot me, shoot me here, so when they do the autopsy they won't notice where you broke it."

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"I'm the Supreme Allied Commander of the Combined Galactic Defense Forces, I don't freak out about anything," the phaser disassembles itself and flows into the uniform, "at least I haven't in a very very long time. Thanks to you." She sits down and pats the bed beside her.

''''Sit down tell me every thing and then we will figure this out. Heaven know this isn't the weirdest shit you have ever said."

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So he did.

He sat beside her.  He was nervous and his body language gave him away.  For all his bravado his experience with women was practically zero.  Back in Cali he had a few middle school girlfriends but come on, High School was so on another level... and hot red headed wives in their 60's... totally different level.  Laurie couldn't help but notice his awkwardness, smirking lightly as the 'The Mouth', (as most of his friends and crew got to calling him) suddenly fell short of extraordinary in the ladies department.

For several minutes Jaunt relayed everything that had happened from his awakening into super powers until now.  "Next thing I knew, I was here and you were fabulously naked."  He ended.

"Half," she corrected.  "So you're essentially Quantum Leaping, but instead of time your hopping through alternate realities?  So, how do you get home?"

"I guess, and I honestly have no idea."  He stood up and paced about the room.  Mostly to get away from the totally hot MILF vibe she now gave off.  "In the show the dude had the computer guy to help him out, I'm flying blind here.  The only consistency is that it always seems to be tied to home, or you and the others.  Different reality, same players.  Is Sean around?  Abel, Lilly, Sara?  Kia!  What about Kia, she's gotta be like the guidance counselor aboard this his thing...minus the great rack thing.  And how in the hell did you become Supreme Allied Commander of the Combined Galactic Defense Forces?  What is that, exactly, and what am I?  Like a Commander Shepard or something?"

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The Universe blinks.







As in all interlude you may spend XP however this one is different. At this time your characters are in a state of Quantum Instability. You may change your powers by redistributing points or drop powers you do not wish to pursue. If you drop a power calculate the amount of xp it would have cost to buy said power from 0 level this is how much xp you get back.

Everyone receive a +1 to their Quantum Score and +10 to their Quantum Pool

You may buy additional levels of Quantum Score at the normal cost of current score x 8

You may buy new powers for xp as normal (try to stay with in the theme of the character)


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