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It was incredibly hot and the air was heavy almost unbreathable. Kia's body adjusted by itself. Her breathing eased as lungs adapted to the lesser amount of oxygen. She was half covered in mud and muck. The foliage towered above her and she could hear large things moving unseen through the jungle growth. The pain in her head was gone. She looked down at herself, she was naked. In the distance something roared. It sounded like a T-rex from Jurassic Park.

But Kia knew it wasn't a movie and these were prehistoric beasts this was some thing much much worse.

She turned away from the roar and found herself face to face with Abraham Lincoln, or at least what was left of his memorial.

Slowly she turned surveying her surroundings, making out the ruins of the city laying before her/

The ruins of Washington DC.

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Kia swayed on her feet for a moment, and not just from having to adapt to the air. She was dirty and she was in the jungle and she was naked! There were monsters nearby. Why was she here? Why was she naked?!

Okay. Okay. Get a grip. What do they do on those outdoor survival shows? Shelter. Water. Food. Drink pee? Wait, no. Uh...

She looked around. Find high ground. Get a look around. You had to see what you were dealing with. Thanks, Bear!

The Lincoln Memorial wasn't much more than a big hunk of crumbling marble held together by greenery, but it was big enough to be useful for this. And the vines and plants overgrowing it made it easy to find holds on. Kia jumped up and grabbed an overhanging ledge, then hauled herself onto a spot where a wall had started to collapse inward, making a slope she could shimmy up onto the roof proper.

From there, she hoped, to get a good view of what the hell was going on.

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It took some time but she finally managed to find high ground. From her new vantage point she could see most of the city and no answers. It was all a ruin and all over grown. She saw several large sauropods but nothing she could categorize. once she heard the roar and saw some tress about a mile away shaking but the flora was too thick and she couldn't see what it was.

Kia sat down and started to cry. She had never been so alone. First she gets sent to a world where her parents are not together and now she is in some other place and there is no one. "Where is everyone" she whispers.


The voice is in her head but it is a rich voice a woman's voice full of Sorrow.

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Startlement popped Kia straight out of her funk and she popped back onto her feet, half-crouched, and looked around.

The voice in her head wasn't immediately familiar. Not one of the Irregulars. But then... Oh. She could be like Abel somehow.

<Who is this?> Kia asked warily. <What's going on here? I mean...wherever this is.>

Another dream, she thought. Like Bunnees just now, only worse. But where's everyone else?


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<There is no one else. You are all that remains of my children. Even those poor beasts hunting trying to survive they are tainted by the alien spore which has killed us. Only you daughter, remain>

In the distance a roar shatters the night. it is answered in kind and closer to Kia than before. She looks around there is little cover here she could go deeper it the jungle away from the beasts or she could go into the ruins.

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Kia tensed and hurried to the edge of the roof, and started making her way back down. Answers could be in the ruins. The jungle...of Washington DC??...offered safety, but she needed to understand this horror. Alien SPORE?

<Look...I have no idea what you're talking about! Who even ARE you? What alien spore?! Where are the PEOPLE?!>

She paused before proceeding then. Tainted. That sounded like...a disease maybe? Were these things contagious?

<Where are you? I need to talk face to face. This is all completely insane.>

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<Aww, poor child, it has been so long since we have talked, since you have taken your true form, so long that you have forgotten>

A nearby tree creaks and seems to moan, the bark moves and a face begins to appear rising from the wood. It is a mature womanly face not beautiful but strong handsome of no single ethnicity but rather a conglomeration of all.

<I am all around you child I am you as you are me the last.>

The distant fighting of the beasts grows to a crescendo then silence falls over the night for several breaths, then a triumphant roar signals that one of the beasts has be triumphant.

<I am glad you have finally remembered who you are, that you have found the form of your birth again, I know you merely did what needed to be done for you to survive. But still I have missed you. Now it is time to remember the war and the loss of friends and of your world at the hands of the invader, their cruel disease which chocked and mutated the very land killing and consuming everything, Do you remember anything daughter?>

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Kia can only stare at the face in complete shock and amazement for a long moment. Finally its words work their way through her overloaded mind.

"I...I'm not who you think I am, I think," she offers. "I'm not really from here. There was an accident, or...maybe the aliens did it on purpose, we're not sure...I was supposed to go to China, and instead..." Kia trailed off. She had no idea how to begin trying to sum all this craziness up. She only had a rough idea of what it was herself.

This probably isn't real, but maybe it's best to play along for now, at least a little.

"...so no, I don't remember anything. We were going to attack the aliens in China when everything went weird. There wasn't a disease. Just...lots and lots of aliens with guns and monsters coming out of portals."

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<Oh child, daughter of mine. You Kia are the last one, the hope of a dying world. Soon I shall be gone and then you must become the new Mother of All>

"What...no ... I don't even know what that means." said Kia shaking her head at the voice.

<Kia you have all of humanity in you and all of the world, it falls to you, replant the seeds give birth to a new Earth> the face smiles <Take your place as ME>

at that moment Kia feels another voice in her mind, familiar and welcome. Abel.

<"We seriously need to talk.">

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The Universe blinks.




As in all interlude you may spend XP however this one is different. At this time your characters are in a state of Quantum Instability. You may change your powers by redistributing points or drop powers you do not wish to pursue. If you drop a power calculate the amount of xp it would have cost to buy said power from 0 level this is how much xp you get back.

Everyone receive a +1 to their Quantum Score and +10 to their Quantum Pool

You may buy additional levels of Quantum Score at the normal cost of current score x 8

You may buy new powers for xp as normal (try to stay with in the theme of the character)


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