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Lily was crouched down in the lee of a broken wall the pain already a memory as her quantum enhanced body slipped back into it's normal state.

But her body was all that was normal. She was alone, her link dead and all attempts to reestablish any of them failed.

She looked around the corner of the wall saw a rubble strew street, she was in a city probably the outskirts maybe even the suburbs, she could see the broken and shattered stubs of ruined skyscraper, the sky was smoke filled and the wind blew a silent dirge for the dead.

A sound alerted her some one or some thing was coming up behind her on the other side of the wall. It was trying to move silently but not silently enough to evade her enhanced senses.

She listened, reached for the short sword strapped to her leg and silently pulled it. She heard the movement again... something about it sounded familiar... but familiar could be copied...

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Lilly could not help but think back to the vision she had when she first kissed Sandy, as that vision looked like it was ripped right out of this world, like a set from Terminator: Salvation or something, but it was no set and certainly not a place she wished to be. Not now. Not ever.

<Damnit! Where the hell IS everybody? Guys? Kia? Alec? Sean? Sara? Abel? Hell, I would even settle for Devin right now. Anybody?> she though with a mental sigh.

<What the hell happened? Did I do this? How the hell would I do this just by powering down? Maybe this is some failsafe in case we figured out how to.." > she cut her thought short and crouched, her hand reaching down and drawing a short sword from the scabbard on her leg.

Lilly stayed crouched, ready to strike, waiting for the source of the familiar sound to reveal itself...


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The sound stopped. Lilly could imagine someone or thing just on the other side of the wall waiting.

She tensed ready to attack or be attacked

"O'er the Hills." came a whisper. it was so low in volume she knew it was meant for her because only someone with enhanced hearing could have possibly heard it. But it made no sense so it had to be a password. A password she didn't know the response to.


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Lilly wanted to just confront the other person, but considering how quiet they were being it mean that some sort of danger was near so she could not risk it.

Silently she cursed.

At the mention of the password her mind finished the phrase one way instantly, thanks to all of the classic rock she grew up hearing her father listen to and the box of tapes she found to play in her pickup. 'Over the Hills and Far Away' was a Led Zeppelin song, one which most people hard heard part of, though likely did not know the name of, and right now, it was all she could think of. 

"and far away?" she says so softly she almost did not speak as she leaned forward and turned her head, peeking past the edge of the wall at whomever might be on the other side.

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The gentle smack that hit her on the side of the head could have easily been dodged but she let it land considering it's source.

McKeller moved around the wall and joined Lilly  "What the hell was that? and where are the rest of you?" he pulled out a folded ragged map and pointed. "Dog 1 went silent about ten minutes ago, they were here last reported seeing digger spore. We need to check it out."

Lilly couldn't keep from staring . The captains uniform or rather what was left of it was even more ragged and dirty than the map and mismatched. He himself was haggard, worn and there were new scars on his face. Well not new the were well healed but she had not seen them before. He was also very thin, gaunt even.

The sight was shocking.

"What's wrong? Are you alright, Pryor?"

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"Okay dude, I seriously have no idea what you are talking about, or who or what 'Dog 1' or a 'digger spore' is." she said, re-sheathed her sword.

"What?" McKeller asked, confused.

"I do not know how to say this other than I am not your Lilly. Well, the Lilly from this place or timeline or dimension or whatever." she said, trying to explain.

"Remember the first big Asheen attack? When they opened, like, fifty portals, including one at Bunnee's Burgers in Shelly? We went there to combat them, then Savant figured out that we needed to close the portal in China and all the rest would close? Well, when Jaunt tried to teleport us, something happened. His teleport might have interacted with all of the warped space/time from the portals, like a Star Trek warp bubble in a warp bubble or something."

"So I was there, being teleported to China that day, and now I am suddenly here. Either inhabiting this Lilly's body or maybe totally trade places with her or something. I dunno. I'm not the mega brain. I break things. Regardless, I am here now and need to find a way back or out or whatever, but if you need help with this spore thing, I guess I can do that in the meantime."

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"Well..." he shook his head as he kept his eyes directed outward, "that's not the weirdest shit I've heard in the last couple of years." heavin g a sigh he takes some jerky out of a pocket bites it and holds it out for Lilly.

"Not our Lilly...okay... can you still do the clone thing? cause if it's a digger it ain't gonna be alone."

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McKeller looks her over, "Nah, wait til we know what we are up against."

They move stealthily but quickly, through the ruined streets, keeping to alleys or the smaller streets they avoid entering buildings eve thoughs which are open to the elements with missing stories and fallen walls.

What signage Lilly sees is mostly Spanish but there are English as well as German signs too.

The two come to a wide street that the have to cross. McKeller has Lilly wait and crosses first, then motions for her to come across.

As she is moving across the street she notices  sever small mounds of torn up street with holes in the middle no more than a couple of inches high. the are in little groups of two or three then more several yards further on.

She joins the SEAL and asks him about them. He curses

"It's fucking diggers. How many groupings did you see?"

Lilly tells him what she saw and how thye were laid out.

"Okay that's good we may only have one here lets see if we can track it and kill it before it joins up with others."


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"Um, okay? Whatever in the hell 'diggers' are." she replied.

Lilly had no clue what these things were, how they operated, how to fight them nor how to track them, though she did know the basics of tracking, so she certainly was not going to do something on her own, especially with stealth being such a clear concern. She would have to follow McKeller's lead, or at least wait for his instructions.

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McKeller put his hand on Lilly's shoulder stopping her. " You really don't know what a digger is?" He takes a big breath as he thinks over all the things that she said since she blew the password. "Yeah I guess I should listen to what you say more."

He pulls out the map and studies if for a few seconds then fold sit back up and puts it away. "Okay digger can wait. let's get back to the CP and see if we can get one of those brains on the horn.

They retrace their path and then cut to the north after about thirty minutes they come to a ruin with a Cellar opening. Entering these cellars Lilly finds herself in a pretty basic Military camp. there are a couple of other soldiers here but she doesn't recognize them.

"Carlos see if you can get a line on a sat. we need to talk to someone in Colorado." McKeller says to one of the soldiers before sitting down. "Take a seat this might take a few minutes."

One of the soldiers brings a couple of cups of coffee to the table. McKeller takes one leaving the other for Lilly. "So the last thing you say you remember is China?"

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Lilly shook her head.

"Not China. Going to China. It was the night of the Winter ball. We were at Bunnee's, fighting off hundreds of Asheen solider drones and these big, fifty foot tall monsters. Savant was at Bulwark and Jaunt teleported over there along with Laurie, Taleena, and Sandy. We were running roughshod over the aliens and the wolves were scattering. Savant said there were, like, fifty portals open all across the world, like, every major city and Shelly too.

So Savant figured out that they were all branching off of the portal in China, and if we closed that portal, then all the rest would close. Jaunt teleported Savant and Laurie to us at Bunnee's. Kia and I left our duplicates there and Jaunt teleported us to China.

Or at least he tried.

We all woke up in our beds in some alternate reality or Matrix construct or something without our powers, but things were different too. Our best guess is that Jaunt's warping of space/time when he teleported us interacted with the warped space/time for all the portals and we got sent here. That or the Asheen were ready and put us in some Matrix things to detain us. I dunno.

Either way, we all got together, tried to figure it out and then I tried to turn off seemingly non-existent powers and then POP! I am here in Fallout land. I have no clue where the others are. Probably in their own alternate timelines or something." she said with a sigh and s shrug of her shoulders.

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McKeller sat silently through Lilly's story, when she was done he put his empty coffee cup on the table. "That's not what happened here.

We detected the Asheen portal a couple of days before your dance and went with our planned mission. Jaunt and Savant teleported in and we lost contact almost immediately. At the same time we started getting reports of portals opening in world capitals and major population centers then we lost satellites coverage.

Avenger went in after Sean. we don't know what happened but most of the portals collapsed. We got control of satellites and could see that  a nuke or something like a nuke had gone off at the invasion point. but the big portals was still there. But all of there drones were dead.

Shit got real after that. The Chinese accused us of attacking them and they retaliated pretty much all of Asia started killing one another the portal went active again we nuked it for real this time. but our nukes only knock it out for a couple of days at a time.

But at least now everyone is fighting aliens instead of each other.

But we're losing. According to Sage the big portal isn't a portal as much as it's a junction point that allows them to open multiple portals anywhere simultaneously when its active. but when it's dormant from a nuke they can still open single portals from what we think a re different staging areas."

He picks up the cup and looks inside, "It's a war of attrition now."



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Lilly sighed and looked down at her cup with a long face.

"So Jaunt, Savant and Avenger are all gone, but Abel is still here? What about Kia? Alec? Hell, even Courtney, Chet, Gina and Sam?" she asked, looking at McKeller again.

Her gaze then drifted back to her cup, she figured she knew the answer to what she was about to ask, but asked anyway,

"And my mom and dad?" she asked, though more softly, almost afraid to hear the answer.

"And Sand-" she said, but stopped mid-word as a thought and memory hit her.

Some things started to add but, but others, as she finally really thought about them, made no sense at all.

"You know... I have seen this world before. Or at least one that looked a lot like it, when I kissed Sandy the first time. I he was being a wuss and wasn't being assertive at all, so I kissed him. And when I did, I saw a vision. Well, it was more than saw. It was like I was there. And it looked like this war-torn world with QEH's. Hell, I even tasted ashes on my lips.

I thought that maybe he was a latent QEH, from being around us, but you know... Sandy and Taleen, for being around all of us QEH's so much, they never enhanced. I mean, we were exposed to able off and on daily and we all enhanced. Sandy and Taleena had to be getting the same exposure just from Alec and myself, much less by hanging out with five or six of us. They were getting several times the dose that what we all got just from being around Abel. Hell, Jaunt even enhanced, and he was not exposed us even nearly as much as them two... Something's not right with them..." she explained as she sat her cup down.

"So where are Sandy and Taleena What happened to them?" Lilly asked, her face much more serious and her mind focused.

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McKeller nodded as Lilly took it all in. "Your mom and dad are ok. They're in Colorado, so is Abel. Alec is tasked with protecting the president and cabinet. I don't know where they are. Kia is or was in Europe I don't know her status now. We've been here for six months.

As for those other names, Sandy was your boyfriend and Talena was with Alec, I'm sorry but I don't know anything about them after we moved operations from Shelly to Colorado. Those other names I don't even recognize. Okay as soon as we get an uplink with Colorado we'll run this past..."

Lilly felt the familiar surge of her psychic link and Abel's strong and urgent thought filled her mind

<"We seriously need to talk.">

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The Universe blinks.




As in all interlude you may spend XP however this one is different. At this time your characters are in a state of Quantum Instability. You may change your powers by redistributing points or drop powers you do not wish to pursue. If you drop a power calculate the amount of xp it would have cost to buy said power from 0 level this is how much xp you get back.

Everyone receive a +1 to their Quantum Score and +10 to their Quantum Pool

You may buy additional levels of Quantum Score at the normal cost of current score x 8

You may buy new powers for xp as normal (try to stay with in the theme of the character)



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