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Claremont Academy: Campus & Faculty

Dave ST

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Claremont Academy
Emerald City Campus


Despite its colorful history and resulting tragedies, Claremont Academy is a beautiful campus set atop a hill in Lakeview with nary a visible blemish from its past.  Surrounding the school grounds are a light smattering of woods with beech, birch, and oak trees.  A short ways away from the walled academy is the scenic Red River Road, a stretch of road that travels along the eastern shore of the Red River and north into Emerald City.

[ITEM: So get this, there's this place up near the new Claremont Academy that young people are calling 'Peter's Wood'.  So apparently people going up there are getting scared out of their wits by some beast living in the forest.  There are area's that people say are covered in webs, so bang for the buck is that people believe giant spiders have moved into town.  Now, the authorities say it's just webworms spinning large webs trees, and that's not uncommon for this far north, but let me ask you folks: when was the last time a webworm web turned you white and scared you the point of forgetting your years worth of practiced vocabulary.  Facts don't stack up, sorry local authorities.
                                                                                                                                          -Exerpt from the Ghost Sightings Blog]

The campus itself is carefully manicured and always green when the season calls for it.  Paths and driveways curve gently and seem to meander through the property, but  that’s more a testament to the skill of the landscapers.  There are enough trees to soften the terrain without blocking the sight lines, but they also lend a sense of age to the already venerable-looking brownstones.  The campus looks like a well-maintained slice of 19th Century life, but the truth is, it’s a convincing mock-up of the campus that Dr. Charles Claremont envisioned, with some extra touches in the way of modern amenities.

The school is divided into three main areas.  The first is the school proper with its chateau-style buildings surrounding the main quad on all four sides.  Behind it is the second area upon which sits the gardens, three dormitories, and the Administrative Building.  Behind that is the third area, a large open field with its tree groves and open green spaces for playing touch football, Frisbee, or just sitting and relaxing.  Beyond that lie the baseball diamond and the Academy’s swimming pool.

Inside the buildings, the same attention to detail and decor remains.  The walls are half-paneled using maple and cherry woods, while the floors are made in the rustic style with maple floorboards.  Carved plaster ceilings adorn some hallways and rooms, while various paintings hang from walls.  Some of the windows are etched, while brass and copper trimmings and fittings can be found throughout the buildings.

The school grounds and the building interiors look very much like the touches on old five-star hotels.  That’s not to say there isn’t space for the modern touches, but Duncan Summers ensured that they were relatively hidden in comparison to the decor.  The multi-story buildings contain elevators, and all the buildings are fully wheelchair accessible for certain teachers students.

From the moment someone approaches the main double gates, they feel engulfed by the portico-style gate tower.  The double gates are for vehicles, while visitors entering or leaving on foot can use the door set into the gate itself.  On the wall next to the entrance is a plaque that reads: “The Claremont Academy for the Gifted, Scientia Potentia Est” (“Knowledge Is Power” in Latin, the Academy’s motto).

The double gates open to reveal a parking area with doors leading into the building on either side, and a driveway leading through to the Main Quad.  The parking is mainly for teachers and for parents with appointments.  Otherwise, the visitor parking lot is outside the main entrance.  A security booth at the gate admits visitors or directs them to where they need to go.  All visitors must enter through here first.

Spanning either side of the Main Entrance is the Main Foyer, which is discussed in Section 3 of the tour.  The building’s second floor corridor runs uninterrupted through the gate tower.

The Main Quad is an open air courtyard surrounded on all four sides by school buildings.  A circle of grass is stamped in the middle of the yard; at its center, like a spoke in a wheel, is a statue of a proud-looking Dr. Charles Claremont.  The Main Quad is the lunch stop for students looking to enjoy a beautiful day or just read,  generally under the supervision of two or more teachers.  The quad also has wood benches for students to sit and relax during lunch or personal breaks.

Six buildings form the main academic body of Claremont Academy.  They are all connected, and they frame the outskirts of the Main Quad.

The Main Entrance is attached to the Claremont wing of the academy, on the east side of the Quad.  A long, straight corridor opening on either side of the Main Entrance serves as the Foyer’s spine, with school lockers clustered together and interrupted in regular intervals by doors leading to the classrooms, the bathroom, or the stairwell.  On one side of the Main Entrance is an office with a counter exposed to the corridor and a waiting area to the side. Allison Humphries is one of the secretaries who answers phones and greets students and visitors.

Next to the secretaries’ office is the Honor Wall with its inset trophy case filled with various honors and awards.  Along the wall itself are the dedication plaques, class photos (new ones and some salvaged from the East Coast school after its brush with the Terminus Invasion), and school memorabilia recovered from the ruin of the old  Academy.  This includes battered trophies, half-destroyed books and personal items, the twisted and near-melted St. Thomas Aquinas school plaque, and even the stripped helmet from an Omegadrone.  Directly opposite the secretaries’ office is a large engraved wood panel with the names of all the students and faculty killed during the Terminus Invasion.

This wing holds the school’s labs and the music department among its many classrooms.  The infirmary is also located here and is under the auspices of Doctor Lucia Chase.  Doctor Chase is a dark-haired beauty, and there are few boys who don’t have a crush on her.  The infirmary is better stocked than most given the fact that some teachers and many students live on campus.

Dedicated to the memory of a senior student who died saving classmates from an Omegadrone Squad, the Cooke Wing stands on the north side of the Quad.  The Cooke Wing holds more classrooms as well as the different offices of various teachers, the counselors’ offices (including that of Eileen Gomez), and the teacher’s lounge,  which is snuggled away from all the heavy foot traffic. The student supply store is also located here; it sells the required textbooks for class and all necessary school supplies.

In the two-story foyer at the center of the wing stands the statue of Matthias Cooke, dressed in graduation robes and holding his diploma, which was granted posthumously (the original diploma is bronzed and at the East Coast Academy with the original, identical statue).  Many students touch the hem of Cooke’s robe, believing he’s good luck for their tests.  Double winding staircases in the foyer lead up to the classrooms on the second floor.

A sizable donation came from the coffers of the enigmatic philanthropist David Sloane.  While the donation was meant to be anonymous, Duncan Summers eventually discovered who the mysterious benefactor was and honored him by naming the library after him.  Sloane, while appreciating the gesture, also seems uncomfortable by the  attention.  Regardless, the library is a prize for any large school, much less one of Claremont Academy’s modest size.  The three-story building is one of two along the  south of the Quad.  It contains many fine volumes and works in its mahogany wood stacks, as well as large study tables; the normally quiet library is made quieter by the carpeted floors.  It also comes equipped with ten computers for conducting online searches.  The computers are all firewall-protected, and they’re connected to the Emerald City Public Library network.

The library has six sound-proof rooms for study, as well as a small micro-film and micro-fiche library with copies of articles from the Courier-Express, Emerald City's only newspaper.  The audio-visual section has televisions, DVD players, projectors, DVDs containing documentaries, and computers with Internet access.  The third floor is currently off  limits, and nothing piques a student’s curiosity like those two words.  Nobody has managed to sneak up to the locked third floor, but that’s not for a lack of trying.  Duncan Summers doesn’t even allow the Next-Gen access to that area.

The second of two buildings along the Main Quad’s southern facing, the Diana Falk Cafeteria was named for an affluent industrialist who donated her savings to various charities before she died.  The Claremont Academy was one such recipient.

The roomy interior of the cafeteria is two-stories high, with rows of long bench tables and a well-stocked kitchen that serves a variety of healthy meals.  The meals  include access to the salad bar.  Along one wall are vending machines serving a variety of drinks and candies.  Dr. Hunt considered removing them in favor of healthy snack dispensers and 100% fruit drinks, but the school almost rioted as a result.  As a compromise, Dr. Hunt removed half the machines and replaced them with healthy alternatives like fresh fruit baskets and bottled water dispensers.

The cafeteria only serves breakfast and lunch during weekdays, to serve the day students.  On weekends and at night, meals for boarding students are served in the staff restaurant, which was designed to feel more like a traditional restaurant than a cafeteria.  On weekends, students are also allowed to order fast food delivery, which is dropped off at the Main Entrance.

The Leonard Fox Auditorium is one of two buildings on the Quad’s west facing.  It also doubles as the theater and the weekend movie house.  The seats are fixed and arranged in amphitheater fashion, while the stage and back area are large enough to handle decent-sized school productions.

The auditorium sees use throughout the week, from school concerts to guest speakers, from school announcements to theater rehearsal and school plays.  On Sunday afternoons, a projection screen is dropped in front of the stage while a movie that’s already completed its cycle through the cinemas plays.  As one of the purer moments of pleasure at the school, the faculty breaks out an old carnival popcorn maker and makes fresh popcorn for the students.

Under the auditorium and stage are the hallways and classrooms dedicated to woodshop, art, and prop/set storage.  Many students have a hand in crafting props and painting sets for plays for extra-credit or as class assignments.  Still, despite the bustle of student life here, nobody likes to be in the auditorium alone.  The shadows seem to fidget, and the echoes dance for just a bit too long.  The teachers claim it’s an effect of the excellent acoustics, but the students aren’t so sure.

Football legend and ex-quarterback for the Emerald City Bulldogs, Lucas Powers, was more than happy to donate money to the Emerald City chapter of Claremont.  When he first toured the new campus, he said, “It’s like being on the East Coast all over again.”

The Powers gym is large enough to hold a tournament regulation basketball court as well as the surrounding bleachers.  It contains lockers and shower rooms for boys and  girls, a weight training room, equipment storage bins, and the offices of the various coaches, including Alan Archer and Mike “Iron Jaw” Jones, who transferred from the East Coast campus to assist with getting the new school on its feet.

Although it’s not connected directly to the Main Quad, between the gym and the garden is the chapel.  It’s a comfortable place with its doors open throughout the day, hosting bible study after class and Saturday and Sunday services.  Father Lantom runs the chapel with a quiet smile, and he always has time to talk to the students.

Surrounded by hedges and a low wall, the beautifully manicured and landscaped Roberta Isley Garden is named after one of St. Thomas Aquinas’s first female graduates.  In her life, Roberta went on to become a prominent horticulturalist who won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work on cataloging plants and herbs used in native remedies and treatments.  Many of the unique and strange flowers found in the garden were those found around the world and donated by Roberta, after she deemed them safe for the local flora and fauna.

After the destruction wrought by the Terminus Invasion, Duncan Summers managed to secure or recover the seeds of many of the garden’s rare plants.  In fact, with the rapid deforestation of Earth’s once thriving ecosystems, there may well be several species in the Isley Garden that have since gone extinct elsewhere.  Duncan has  kindly opened the school to several professors at Freedom City University to study the plants and protect the seeds, on the condition they don’t damage the garden in any way.

In addition to the unusual plants, the Garden includes a small Zen garden, rows of perfumed flowers, and benches to sit upon and enjoy the calm air.  Groundskeeper Terrance Williams, one of several people who tend to the large estate, has quite the green thumb when it comes to the garden.  He’s always willing to chat with students about plant care, and even runs impromptu lessons for any student who stops by to learn.

Although not attached directly to the garden, the rustic carriage house is a long, green-roofed building along the academy’s south wall.  Groundskeeping uses the  carriage house to store gardening equipment, fertilizer, and seeds for the garden as well as smaller lawnmowers than the riding mowers for areas like the Main Quad. The carriage house also has a locked room that appears cluttered with crates if entered.  It contains a hidden retinal scanner and secret passage that connects to the administrative building and the subbasement.

Named after Duncan Summers’s deceased wife (and daughter of villain Dr. Sin), the Administrative Building is the brain of the body academy.  A secretary works in a small office located near the entrance.  She directs visitors to where they need to go, and few people can get by her.  Next to her office is a comfortable waiting room for people to sit until someone’s ready to receive them.

The ground floor holds the majority of the offices for the various departments required to run the school, including the orders and supplies desk, the parent/student liaison officer, accounting, and records.  The offices of Headmaster Jericho Drumm and Vice-Principal Denise Childs are at the rear of the building, along with the  private library.  This staff library contains books required to help teachers teach their courses more effectively or the staff to run the academy more efficiently—they include books on various school-related subjects, ways to construct engaging lesson plans, government grant lists for private education, etc.  Only a handful of  students are allowed in this library.

Finally, the administration lunch room is also located here, with the cafeteria grudgingly delivering hot meals on occasion.  The second floor is reserved for housing certain teachers like Alan Archer, Myrna Jensen, Eileen Gomez and John Keating.  The apartments are comfortable suites and are reserved for those teachers who know about the Next-Gen and the subbasement.  The third floor is Jericho Drumm’s private residence and his sanctuary. No one is allowed here.

The basement contains the school’s mainframe with a net isolated computer for backups and the storage facilities for school supplies.

Attached to the administrative building is the security office.  Two security officers are always on call here to watch the cameras and respond to problems.  The small  building includes the monitor room, a small garage for the electric cars they use to zip about campus, and a coffee room with a comfortable cot for when a guard needs  a break.

The camera system uses motion sensors to trigger the monitors.  The campus, however, has several deliberate and subtle blind spots to allow the Next-Gen and qualified personnel to access the subbasement unnoticed.

It takes many people to keep Claremont Academy operational.  Not everyone receives an apartment in this building, but teachers, the head of the cleaning staff, and  staff chefs do live here…essentially anyone whose services are required almost full-time.  The apartments are by no means lavish, but they’re large enough to include a  living room, bedroom, private bathroom, and a small kitchen.  Everyone is given a phone, satellite television, and a computer with an internet connection.  The  apartments of the fourth floor are slightly larger and capable of accommodating a family, like Vice-Principal Denise Childs, and her sixteen-year-old daughter Cassandra.

The first floor of the building is taken up by the staff restaurant and kitchen, where students and staff dine at tables and order from a prepared menu.  The second and third floors are exclusive to the apartments, as is part of the fourth floor.  The fourth floor is also reserved for a spacious kitchen with large bay windows, a dining area for those staff-members who enjoy cooking for one another, and a large communal area.  The latter includes a big screen television, comfortable sofas, a wet bar, a fireplace, and a billiards table.

The building is named after a teacher who died saving his students from a classroom chemical fire.  Behind the building is the staff parking lot.  The basement contains the residence laundry machines and dryers.

The two dormitories are modeled after their Freedom City campus counterparts which were built at different points in the academy’s history, when it was still enjoying some level of popularity.  Later, when the board of trustees decided to turn St. Thomas Aquinas into a co-ed campus, they changed the name of the smaller dormitory to that of philanthropist Rita Kord and designated that the women’s dormitory.

Following the Terminus Invasion, the Jon Carter Dorm was nearly destroyed. It took longer to rebuild, and so Duncan made the Kord Dorm co-ed. Once the Jon Carter was repaired, the school merely kept the boys and girls together and the Emerald City Campus continues that tradition.

Most of the rooms are double occupancy, meaning freshmen and sophomore students have a roommate.  All double occupancy rooms have two beds, two study desks, and two bureaus as well as a phone jack for the room and separate internet connections.  Juniors and seniors, however, are given a room to themselves, meaning they have enough space to bring in a couch and coffee table, if they want.  One school tradition is that when a senior graduates, he or she leaves behind the couch and table, but not before signing it.  Without the same tenure as the Freedom City Campus, the tradition lives on save for very few signatures.

All floors have two communal bathrooms and shower stalls for boys and girls. Each floor also has two rooms, one each for a male and a female resident assistant.

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The Faculty

DrDrummSmall.jpgJericho Drumm, Headmaster - Male, 44 years old. Charming and charismatic, Jericho Drumm lost his wife and newborn daughter during the Terminus Invasion over two decades ago, he never remarried.  Once a high-profile reporter who's writing focused on cutting edge medical science and gene therapy break-throughs, his charisma and unshakable character brought him to the attention of Duncan Summers.  He humbly accepted to be the new headmaster of the Emerald City Claremont Academy Campus. He holds several degrees in medicine (although not an accredited doctor), social sciences, and even psychology.



Jericho Drumm - PL 7

Strength 1 | Stamina 1 | Agility 1 | Dexterity 1 | Fighting 0 | Intellect 4 | Awareness 5 | Presence 6

Advantages - Benefit (Status: Headmaster of Claremont Academy), Benefit (Wealth (well-off)), Connected, Contacts, Defensive Roll 2, Equipment 1, Inspire 2, Interpose, Leadership 3

Skills - Athletics 2 (+3), Close Combat: Brawling 4 (+4), Deception 7 (+13), Expertise: Academics 6 (+10), Expertise: Journalism 8 (+12), Expertise: Medicine 5 (+9), Expertise: Political Science 8 (+12), Expertise: Psychology 5 (+9), Expertise: Sociology 8 (+12), Expertise: Teaching 4 (+8), Intimidation 2 (+8), Investigation 8 (+12), Perception 4 (+9), Persuasion 5 (+11), Stealth 5 (+6), Treatment 2 (+6)

Equipment - Cell Phone (Smartphone)

Offense - Initiative +1, Grab +0 (DC Spec 11), Throw +1 (DC 16), Unarmed +4 (DC 16)

Languages - English

Defense - Dodge 4, Parry 4, Fortitude 4, Toughness 3/1, Will 9

Power Points - Abilities 38 + Powers 0 + Advantages 12 + Skills 42 (83 ranks) + Defenses 14 = 106


MrsChildsSmall-1.jpgMs. Denise Childs, Assistant Principal - Female, 35 years old. Lovely, but completely devoid of personality, Ms. Childs seems to have no complete or accurate file that details when and where she was included into the West Coast Claremont Academy Campus project.  She came to the academy early in its first year after the original Assistant Director (Cassidy Malone) resigned suddenly.  She, along with Headmaster Drumm, handles all the administrative work involved with running the academy.  She seems to take a great interest in the disciplining the students, coming down harshly on any student who violates the school's protocols.  Headmaster Drumm is usually the only one who can save student's from excessively harsh punishments.  She'll make a day of detention into weeks.  Instead of suspending privileges for one student, she'll punish the entire student body... the list goes on.  Her daughter, Cassandra, is a telekinetic and a student at the school.


We're sorry!  We couldn't locate the name 'Childs, Denise' in the faculty database... are you sure you're spelling it correctly?

EileenGomez.jpgEileen Gomez, Head Counselor - Female, 33 years old.  Compassionate and determined to a fault, Ms. Gomez works very closely with the powered students who seem to display mental abnormalities or have a difficult time coping with their new found abilities.  Eileen herself is a competent empath, and her 'soothe the savage beast' approach to therapy has made her a very welcome addition to the staff. She is also quite adept at conventional hypnotherapy.



Eileen Gomez - PL 8

Strength 1 | Stamina 0 | Agility 1 | Dexterity 1 | Fighting 0 | Intellect 3 | Awareness 4 | Presence 3

Advantages - Equipment 1, Fascinate (Persuasion), Languages 1, Skill Mastery: Persuasion

Skills - Acrobatics 1 (+2), Athletics 1 (+2), Close Combat: Tae Kwon Do 2 (+2), Expertise: Academics 4 (+7), Expertise: Hypnotherapy 5 (+8), Expertise: Psychology 6 (+9), Insight 8 (+12), Investigation 3 (+6), Perception 1 (+5), Persuasion 4 (+7), Treatment 1 (+4)

Detect Emotions: Effortless Mind Reading 8 (psychic, DC 18; Effortless; Limited to Emotions)
Empathic Manipulation
-And How Does That Make You Feel?: Affliction 8 (psychic, Entranced/Compelled/Controlled, Resisted by: Will, DC 18)
-Everyone Calm Just Down!: Burst Area Affliction 6 (psychic, Entranced/Compelled/Controlled, Resisted by: Will, DC 16; Burst Area: 30' sphere, DC 16)
-Smile!: Affliction 8 (psychic, 3rd degree: Unaware, Resisted by: Will, DC 18; Contagious; Limited Degree (third only))

Equipment - Cell Phone (Smartphone)

Offense - Initiative +1, And How Does That Make You Feel?: Affliction 8, (+0 DC Will 18), Detect Emotions: Effortless Mind Reading 8 (DC Will 18), Everyone Calm Just Down!: Burst Area Affliction 6 (DC Will 16), Grab, +0 (DC Spec 11), Smile!: Affliction 8, +0 (DC Will 18), Throw, +1 (DC 16), Tae Qwon Do, +2 (DC 16)

Languages - English, Spanish

Defense - Dodge 4, Parry 3, Fortitude 4, Toughness 0, Will 4

Power Points - Abilities 26 + Powers 30 + Advantages 4 + Skills 18 (36 ranks) + Defenses 10 = 88


MyrnaSmall.jpgProf. Myrna Jensen, Calculus Teacher - Female, 27 years old.  A brilliant and talented mathematician who joined the school just over a year ago.  Professor Jensen is that teacher the students love to hate.  Arrogant and filled with righteous self-importance, she teaches calculus with effortless disdain and makes going to class utter hell. She won’t just ask questions.  She’ll ask the questions you can’t answer. Some students think she just plain hates them, but Prof. Jensen sees it as her job to teach them never to underestimate the human mind; a weaker opponent can always beat a stronger opponent by outwitting them.




Myrna Jensen - PL 7

Strength 1 | Stamina 0 | Agility 2 | Dexterity 2 | Fighting 1 | Intellect 5 | Awareness 2 | Presence 3

Advantages - Equipment 2, Languages 2, Skill Mastery: Expertise: Mathmatics

Skills - Acrobatics 2 (+4), Athletics 4 (+5), Close Combat: Gym Boxing 1 (+2), Expertise: Academics 6 (+11), Expertise: Mathmatics 12 (+17), Expertise: Teaching 4 (+9), Insight 4 (+6), Intimidation 3 (+6), Investigation 2 (+7), Perception 2 (+4), Persuasion 4 (+7), Ranged Combat: Pistols 1 (+3)

Equipment - Cell Phone (Smartphone), Hold-out Pistol

Offense - Initiative +2, Grab +1 (DC Spec 11), Hold-out Pistol +4 (DC 17), Throw +2 (DC 16), Unarmed +2 (DC 16)

Complications - Enemy: Myrna has a crazy, abusive ex named Clay somewhere out there in Emerald City who is infatuated with her.  She's living on campus as a convienient way to hide from possibly running into the guy.

Languages - English, French, Portuguese

Defense - Dodge 3, Parry 3, Fortitude 3, Toughness 0, Will 5

Power Points - Abilities 32 + Powers 0 + Advantages 5 + Skills 23 (45 ranks) + Defenses 9 = 69



Dr.%20Leslie%20Chase_zpscsxnoqsf.jpgDr. Leslie Chase, School's Doctor - Female, 34 years old. School Physician. Dr. Chase got her first PhD from the University of Hawaii.  A brilliant mind and capable medical doctor she spends most of her time treating injuries that a vast majority of the students get while playing with their super powers.  Kind to a fault with an impeccable bedside manner she's found herself playing counselor to the students just as often as she's been their doctor.




Leslie Chase - PL 5

Strength 1 | Stamina 1 | Agility 2 | Dexterity 0 | Fighting 0 | Intellect 3 | Awareness 2 | Presence 3

Advantages - Benefit (Medical Credibility), Connected, Equipment 1, Languages 1, Luck

Skills - Athletics 4 (+5), Deception 4 (+7), Expertise: Academics 4 (+7), Expertise: Medicine 10 (+13), Insight 2 (+4), Investigation 2 (+5), Perception 3 (+5), Persuasion 5 (+8), Treatment 10 (+13)

Equipment - Cell Phone (Smartphone)

Offense - Initiative +2, Grab +0 (DC Spec 11), Throw +0 (DC 16), Unarmed +0 (DC 16)

Languages - English, Japanese

Defense - Dodge 5, Parry 2, Fortitude 5, Toughness 1, Will 4

Power Points - Abilities 24 + Powers 0 + Advantages 5 + Skills 22 (44 ranks) + Defenses 11 = 62


GeorgeFallonSmall.jpgProf. George Fallon, Science Teacher - Male, 39 years old.  Serving as the science professor the school, Professor Fallon is a brilliant man with a small library of papers dedicated to his field.  Although a stern and tough teacher, he pushes students hard in the hopes that it will help them to develop the mental fortitude necessary to control their abilities.  His demeanor makes it somewhat difficult for him to connect with the other faculty.  Before accepting the job at Claremont, he worked for MarsTech, developing state-of-the-art, cutting edge nanotechnology.



George Fallon - PL 5

Strength 0 | Stamina 0 | Agility 0 | Dexterity 0 | Fighting 0 | Intellect 5 | Awareness 2 | Presence 2

Advantages - Eidetic Memory, Equipment 1, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Languages 2

Skills - Athletics 1 (+1), Deception 2 (+4), Expertise: Robotics 10 (+15), Expertise: Science 8 (+13), Expertise: Teaching 4 (+9), Insight 4 (+6), Investigation 2 (+7), Perception 2 (+4), Technology 8 (+13)

Equipment - Cell Phone (Smartphone)

Offense - Initiative +0, Grab +0 (DC Spec 10), Throw +0 (DC 15), Unarmed, +0 (DC 15)

Languages - Chinese, English, Korean

Defense - Dodge 2, Parry 2, Fortitude 1, Toughness 0, Will 5

Power Points - Abilities 18 + Powers 0 + Advantages 6 + Skills 21 (41 ranks) + Defenses 8 = 53



JohnKeating_zps78f5e0c4.jpgProf. John Keating - Male, 61 years old. Professor Keating is a rare find in the world of higher education; he makes the subject matter fun.  A professor of history, literature and theater, Professor Keating is a joyful and witty man in his sixties who is never wanting for a joke or witty retort.  Arguably the school's 'favorite' teacher his one-liners and antics are legendary among the students.  It is even rumored that his unbreakable mirth and comedic talents once made Mrs. Childs break out into a fit of laughter.  She denies this rumor.  He doesn't.




John Keating - PL X

Strength 0 | Stamina 0 | Agility 0 | Dexterity 0 | Fighting 0 | Intellect 3 | Awareness 5 | Presence 4

Advantages - *Awesome 2, **Cool (Persuasion), Equipment 1, Inspire 2, Languages 1, Skill Mastery: Expertise: History, Skill Mastery: Expertise: Literature, Skill Mastery: Expertise: Performing Arts, Skill Mastery: Persuasion
*Funcions like Attractive but governs his ability to relate with those he's trying to teach.
**Despite his age, Professor Keating 'gets it'.  Students find him to be the coolest old guy they know.

Skills - Athletics 1 (+1), Deception 4 (+8), Expertise: History 6 (+9), Expertise: Literature 8 (+11), Expertise: Performing Arts 6 (+9), Insight 4 (+9), Perception 2 (+7), Persuasion 4 (+8, +18 when teaching)

Higher Education - Professor Keating can break PL limits on skill rating and bonuses.  His awesomeness has no boundries.

Equipment - Cell Phone (Smartphone)

Offense - Initiative +0, Grab +0 (DC Spec 10), Throw +0 (DC 15), Unarmed +0 (DC 15)

Languages - English, Latin

Defense - Dodge 2, Parry 2, Fortitude 3, Toughness 0, Will 9

Power Points - Abilities 24 + Powers 0 + Advantages 11 + Skills 18 (35 ranks) + Defenses 11 = 64


Steele_zpsgnis6y6h.jpgMarcus Steele, Substitute Headmaster - Male 48 years old.  Mr. Steele is the current headmaster for Claremont Academy, West Coast Campus.  He a tall, broad shouldered man who take a no nonsense route to education.  He is adamant in keeping the schools reputation as just that, a school, not a training ground for young superheroes.  He cuts an intimidating figure through the halls and tolerates no shenanigans.


We're sorry!  We couldn't locate the name 'Steele, Marcus' in the faculty database... are you sure you're spelling it correctly?


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