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IC: S1:E1 - Welcome to Hero High!

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"Pshaw!" Princess scoffed with noble condescension, stepping up in line with Sebastian, flanked by her handmaidens - oops! She meant the Rileys. She had seen the wall of fire and smoke the overly dramatic Kitsune had made, and not knowing what else the Riley Company was capable of, had teleported them down to street level to stand along side Sebastian... who looked totally hot with bullets mushrooming against his chest and falling to the ground. "Even something better than bullets will not save you! Ignorance of the harm you have caused or may have caused does not absolve you!"

And worse you might have shot me?! I like this dress, and bullet wounds are sooo low class.

Princess' purple eyes flared with magenta incandescence. After seeing one of theirs pass through the wall of fire and smoke unharmed, the three other riders still upright gunned their motorcycles to follow when suddenly, one of them, rider and cycle both were surrounded by a pale purple-pink bloom of light and lifted into the air. There was the sounded of distress steel as the motorcycle crumpled under the psychokinetic force, then it and its rider were thrown into another of the Wild Card members, both of them crashing with a cacophonous clangor as they and their vehicles slid and tumbled across the asphalt and through the illusory wall.

"Serves you right! And by the way, that's littering and we're trying to keep Emerald City nice and clean, you know," Princess added, making an ostentatious display of brushing bits of broken glass from her dress and buffing her elegant, almond shaped nails, looking bored, even though she was anything but.

One of the gangers hiding behind cover took a pair of shots at her. She didn't have Sebastian's fortitude, but she didn't need to be. The bullets were grabbed by an instinctive psychokinetic response and were deflected into the ground with sharp pings and small puffs of dust. She gave the ganger an exasperated look as she brushed the dust away with a minor bit of psionic effort. He had actually tried to shoot her!


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Na'Atem smiled and could not help but actually laugh a little and Keiko's excitement. She was, well, not used to flying, but it was not an entirely new experience either, but she found Keiko's joy infectious. After dropping her she marveled at the illusionary display. She understood the power of misdirection and using one's own mind and assumptions against them.

Na'Atem looked at the motorcycle in the lead. He had the nerve to ride through the wall of flame and was leading the rest, So odds were that he was the leader or at least had what was stolen.

She landed in the middle of the street and dropped her invisibility, her body fading into view except for her face from the nose up, which she made fade to invisibility, making it seem as if her hood projected some sorts of preternatural shadow on her face.

She gestured with her hands, weaving threads into another spell matrix. The spellstone glowed and shimmered as the spell took form, emitting rays of light as bands of æther swirled around it.

"Ƹƪȡяiדּƈħ  ճяɐչᵱ"she said in an unknown tongue as she closed her fist as if yanking on a horse's reins.

As she yanked back, rings of light formed around the wrists and ankles of the lead rider, they did not touch him as they were many times wider, but seemed to restrain him just the same, yanking him from his bike, letting the motorcycle ride forward a distance before falling to its side and sliding along the street. The rider hung there, helpless and held in place and by the floating bands or arcane energy as Na'Atem walked toward him. 

"You and your band of thieves have stolen your last. Call them off. There need not be any further harm." she told him, assuming him to be the leader or at least influential.


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Curtis let out an exasperated sigh. "And I don't know how much sense of humor he really has, but I doubt that will keep Mr. Steele from his wrath. And I'm not exactly sure Princess isn't a student, given how suddenly she switched out with Cosima." Again, the sense he'd missed something blindingly obvious, but if there was something blindingly obvious, he'd have observed it wouldn't he?

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"Maybe she knows Princess and alerted her before everyone started disappearing?" Riley shrugged, not really concered with the matter. "Oh, they're there!" She quickly relayed the situation to Curtis and fidgeted from her own nerves. "You sure you don't have anything that could help? Not even a little tiny ray gun?"

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Qi ran through the streets and cut through alleys trying to find the cyclist or her friends.

It had become obvious that the Police would not be able to catch the gang so she had lept from the vehicle she had been riding and taken off following the gangs path as best she could. Unfortunately she lacked the superhuman speed of her new friends and she was soon left behind and well lost.

She crossed streets and went down ally's and now she could no longer even hear the sounds of the motorcycles in the distance.

“I do hope the others are alright.” She out loud to the empty Ally way she had just entered.

With a sigh she turned to try and retrace her steps back to the school if she could find it. As she started to leave the ally she stopped suddenly, a scream echoed in the ally. It was not loud which meant it was nearby and it cut off abruptly. Turning back the way she had been going she ran in the direction of the scream.




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"Try a force-projection gauntlet." Curtis told her, with a bit of pride at how easily that construction had gone. "But it's in my luggage. It was a hobby project, and I wasn't planning on super-heroics. Or just needing it and the electromagnetic field belt. ...Perhaps if I add hyperspace containment units and set up a linked device to allow me to store and summon them remotely..."

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[Everyone Doing the Punchy, Punchy, Kicky, Spelly, Porty...]
In seconds the Wild Cards were done.  With their rides demolished they were little threat on foot.  A few tried to run, one was even hit by a patrol car as it sped onto the scene.  The police scattered off after the ones trying to escape and a few scurried to collect the diamond bags that had skidded to the pavement.  The public began rushing the police who weren't occupied, retelling the events they witnessed.  From on high a building a block away the heroes looked on at their handy work.

They watched as the diamond sacks were collected, the Wild Cards rounded up and even made sure there were indeed, eight of them.  One almost got away but Keiko and Princess tag teamed him with a few blinding lights and a well placed teleportation and sent him staggering back into where the police were searching, in fact, he blindingly bumped into the very police car they put him in after they cuffed him.

Bastion was pulling his shirt back over his head as Cosima looked on with a small sigh of regret.  "We did good.  Thanks for backing me up."

The scream echoed through the city alleyways.  Qi was honestly more appalled that no one came to assist than she was with the act being conducted.  It was almost cliche', but still it didn't justify the act being perpetrated.

A woman in her 30s, dressed like she was out enjoying lunch before heading back to the office,  struggled to keep her purse as a man tried furiously fought to wrench it away from her.  Qi swiftly and silently approached until she saw the man had a gun, she sped  up but was still too far away to intercede yet.  It escalated things a bit, but she could dodge bullets, the woman however, could not (she didn't think, anyway).  He raised the gun and smashed the woman on the skull once, then twice.  Blood flowed as she collapsed, letting go of her bag in the process. 

He looked around, a scared look in his eyes.  He noticed Qi now, and once he did he took off out into the streets... the chase was on.

The Pizza Hutt was eerily quiet...

"Guys?"  Rick looked around as the police took statements.  "Guys?"

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Keiko punched the air and offered Bastion, and then everyone else up there with her, a high five.

"Yeah! That was amazing! That thing you did with the...punchy...and then the BSHOW...and Sailor Princess grabbed that one guy..." Reduced to sputtering incoherence with excitement, she made a little image recreating some highlights of the fight in the air in front of her.

"That was seriously the best," she finally managed. "We have to go out for pizza more often."

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All three Rileys breathed sighs of relief. It was fun to get caught up in the moment and the fact that you could actually help instead of just being an innocent bystander (re: target practice for bad guys), but Riley knew first hand just how badly things could go, too. To Curtis she said, "The others have wrapped things up. No one seems hurt, except maybe some of the Wildcards, and the police are taking over now."

Among the others, the two Rileys were circulating to make sure everyone was okay and no one had gotten lost. She tapped Bastion on the shoulder after a quick headcount and said with a frown, "Um, any idea where Rick, Cosima, and Qi are? They're not here and they're not with me and Curtis back at the campus."

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Left at the Pizza hut, Rick decided it was best to simply act normal.   The others had rushed off and with any luck the people here wouldn't really wonder or even remember it.   Of course he didn't expect them to get away with taking the thugs down, which is definitely what he expected of his new classmates' intentions, but if he could help mitigate things, well so much the better.

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"Or a hole," Bastion said with  smirk.  "We should probably meet up with the others, we kind of ditched a few people..."

He looked to his left, and right noticing and taking a head count of those around him.  Finally he settled on Princess... "Uh, who's she?"

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Qi ran to the woman and knelt looking over her she rapidly centered herself and pressed several key points on the woman's body and neck slowing the flow of blood and putting the woman into a restive state allowing her body to begin to heal.

Less than a minute had passed and Qi could still see the fleeing robber. She may not be as fast as her fellow classmates but this miscreant she could easily catch.

She took off running as fast as she could the man unaware he was being pursued. She covered the distance the man had covered while she had seen to the woman in just a few seconds he foot falls light and unheard by the criminal. Still some sixth sense caused him to look over his shoulder and see the young girl rapidly closing the distance. Already spooked the man fired his gun twice over his shoulder. Both shots missed as thy had been wild and un-aimed but the actions slowed the man down. Wrong move on his part.

Qi sped up and leaped to the side flipping up and over a large trash dumpster. She did not land on the ground however instead her feet connected with the wall of the building the dumpster was resting against and she ran along the wall for several yard before launching herself once more through the air. Spinning and flipping she landed in front of her quarry who stumbled to a stop wide eyed.

Qi stood in a guarded Dragon stance her concentration centered. She was close enough to strike yet held her ground. “You have nowhere to go and must answer to the authorities for your actions. Come peacefully and you will not be harmed.” she said calmly not even out of breath

The same could not be said for the purse snatcher, gasping for breath he raised his pistol and fired twice more at point blank range. He couldn't miss his mind told him.

His mind was wrong.

Qi saw the intent and the movement before they happened as the finger tensed to pull the trigger she had already spun one way and then the other causing the bullets to pass harmlessly by her head. Before the report of the gun had echoed once her own arms and hands moved too fast for the man to follow she had slapped his hand away with one of hers and the other had taken the gun and with a twist disarmed him the the hand that had slapped his gun away slammed into his chest open palmed pushing him back several feet and send waves of shock and pain through his chest.

His breath coming even more raggedly he turned and stumbling tried to flee again.

Qi watched him take several steps and looked at the gun in her hand. Strangely enough she knew how firearms worked. With deft quickness she ejected the magazine, and emptied the chamber, then she spun and threw the gun at he fleeing man. It struck him squarely in the back of the head. He dropped like a sack of potatoes.

She smiled.

After several minutes of effort, Qi walked back to the injured woman carrying the purse, leaving behind her a very full dumpster it's lid shut and locked with parts from the disassembled gun.

She smiled as she tended to the hurt woman and waited for the police.


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"She is Princess," Princess proclaimed, lovely lavender eyes sparkling with amusement as she stood up straight and turned slightly to give Bastion a good look at her buxom figure, straightening clothes that didn't need it. "A local of spectacular talent, much like yourselves. I noticed you all going after those louts and decided to lend a hand... Or rather a pointed psionic thought or two, since they were much too dirty to actual handle."

She giggled with (mostly) mock arrogance, wiggling her fingers with their long, painted nails, then rolled her eyes with feigned exasperation at the mention of 'Cosima.' "Oh, that one! Yes, I would never expect that lazy, spoiled girl to get off her expensively covered behind to help someone else. I just had to help, but now I must be going." She smiled with teasingly mystery. "I'm sure I'll see you all soon. Toodles."

The young woman blew them all a kiss and then she was gone. The others blinked. It wasn't so much that Princess disappeared in front of them but rather seemed more like they just hadn't noticed her leave, or simply missed when she had.

Rick felt an arm snake through his and looked over to find Cosima at his side, her other hand slipping something into her purse he didn't quite see. "My, they all took off in a rush," Cosima commented, arching a brow. "But I'm sure they are all okay. And while I won't say I told you so, this would never had happened at Pizzeria Mozza. Alas..." Cosima sighed dramatically. "Would you be a dear and escort me back to campus?"


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"Damn RIGHT this wouldn't have happened at that overrated, overpriced pretend-pizza place!" Keiko declared. "THAT is what makes Pizza Hut the best! Good pizza, good friends, and VILLAINY TO STOP. Pizzas for JUSTICE!"

"Autumn! Fly meeeeeeeeeee..."

...and she jumped off the building.

Though an alert eye would notice she was falling much more slowly than she probably ought to be.

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18 minutes ago, Princess said:

She giggled with (mostly) mock arrogance, wiggling her fingers with their long, painted nails, then rolled her eyes with feigned exasperation at the mention of 'Cosima.' "Oh, that one! Yes, I would never expect that lazy, spoiled girl to get off her expensively covered behind to help someone else. I just had to help, but now I must be going." She smiled with teasingly mystery. "I'm sure I'll see you all soon. Toodles."

Tat olded up her bandana mask and looked at where the self proclaimed Princess had stood.

"Really, did that сука just say 'toodles'?"

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Na'Atem's eyes went wide as Keiko jumped off the building, catching her totally off guard. The stone around her neck, already glowing, flashed brilliantly as her feet barely lifted off of the roof before she shot over the edge, soaring through the air and then diving down to catch Keiko.

"What are you doing? Your magic could have failed you." she said with a worried tone as she faded from view.

"And stealth may be out best option once more." she added, holding Keiko tightly.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Within moments the heroes mt back at the Pizza Hut, or at least a little ways away as to not attract too much attention.  Connie had given her statement to police and was walking up to the group, rather proud of herself for helping that woman, as Keiko was just finishing retelling the tale of their exploits, again... to everyone who'd already been there.  Rick hadn't gone so she was quickly going over everything in detail.  "And Autumn was like... and Bastian was all... then Tat got all... man it was... it was... awesome!"

"I'll bet," Rick replied casually.  "Sorry I missed it.  People here needed me, I gave a statement for the police and Cosima and I made sure they didn't find this..." He produced the flattened bullet from their seat.  The one that had flattened against Sebastian's head.  "Just in case they managed to put two an two together."  He tossed it to Sebastian who caught it.

"Thanks."  The dark haired teen nodded at Rick in appreciation.  "Don't wanna end up on the evening news."

"No problem.  That was pretty amazing, what you guys just pulled off... you think we'll get into any trouble for it?"  The suave speedster placed his hands in his pockets and Cosima latched onto his arm once again.

"Pssssshhhhh." Keiko chimed up.  "C'mon, no one saw us, they saw the other... us'es... we were flawless, no one could possible know it was really us."


Two hours later in Director Steele's office...

"I have half a mind to expel all of you and it's only the first day," He slammed his hand down on the desk and even the hardest of them flinched.  "What did I say?  WHAT did I say?"

"Sir-" Rick tried to speak on their behalf.  All of them were lined up in front of his desk, all they were missing were posts to be tied to and blindfolds as they stood before the verbal firing squad of Director Steele.

"Shut up.  SHUT up," His hand slammed on the desk again and it they were pretty sure they heard the mahogany crack.  He thrust a trunk sized finger  in Rick's direction.  "YOU don't talk when I'm talking!  Did you honestly think I wouldn't know?  That I wouldn't find out?  Did you?"  None of them spoke a word, unsure if the question was rhetorical or not.  "Shut up!"

There was a long, angry silence.  The tension in the air was thick and this man's imposing figure loomed over them like a shadow.

"Okay, I'm lost," Keiko spoke up.  "I get we're in trouble, but are we supposed to talk or not talk?"

Cosima nodded and looked at her partner in crime.  "Yeah, definitely mixed signals, here."

"He tells us to be silent when we are already silent..." Autumn tried to process.  "I've been in trouble before, this does not feel like the trouble I'm accustomed to..."

Connie looked to her friends.  "I find myself at a loss.  We did good things for the people, praise is in order, not condemnation.  The West is unlike anything I've tried to understand before."

"Maybe if we lie really still, he'll ignore us?"  Kieko offered to the group as the vein grew more and more visible on Director Steele's Whopper hued head.  Tat smirked at that one, but for the most remained silent, Sebastian too.

Director Steele stood up from his desk and his shadow threatened to swallow them up and it was all it took for them to straighten up and remain quiet once again.  His knuckles cracked as he tightened his fists and for a moment they all assumed that being beaten into a puddle of primordial ooze was going to herald the end of their very short career at Claremont academy.  He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath.  His knuckled tightened and creaked like worn leather.  "It is lucky for you that I haven't the privilege of expelling you.  Detention, all of you.  One week.  No internet, no video games, no social media, no leaving campus."  He glared at Cosima.  "Do not test me on this Pinky Pie.  Those of you who live off campus, you will return home, collect your things for a weeks stay and report back here by nine PM.  If you're late, you bought yourself another week, and if you think I do not have the authority to make you stay here for a week, check the paperwork your parent's signed."

He leaned in towards them, narrowing his eyes like a hungry predator.  "Dismissed."


"Wait a second!?!?!  How does he know!?!  I have powers and they let me... yadda, yadda..."

He knows.  That's part of the mystery.  How does he know?

I didn't bother with intimidation rolls, it's safe to assume that no matter how hard ass your character might be, Steele is a massive, angry adult and you are a pack of teenagers who know you technically did wrong even if it was for the right reasons.  Maneuvering around Steele is going to be one of the focal points of your first bit of time here at Claremont, until Drumm returns.  Even, who technically didn't do anything wrong at all is part of this mess because Steele is a jerk, he's meant to be.

Take a few posts from here guys... I'll wrap this up after some RP.


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As they all slowly strode out of his office they congregated in the hallway.  Sebastian rubbed the back of his neck, a solemn look on his face.  "Guys, I-I'm really sorry for all of this.  It was my idea, if I hadn't gone running off... I certainly didn't mean for any of you to get in trouble too.  I'm really sorry."

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"Hey," one of the Riley's patted the large teen on the arm. "It's not like you strong-armed into following. We all made our own decisions."

Inwardly, she was seething. I mean, we saved people.

We caught badguys.

We did Good(tm). 

....and now we're in trouble. For a week. 

Stupid adults. Why are they so....stupid?

It must be dementia. From age. How old is he, anyways?

Apparently old enough.

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""Riley's absolutely right." Curtis affirmed, seeming supportive for a moment. "And I decided NOT to involve myself - and nonetheless am being blamed and punished by association." He glowered. Why did anyone think he was going to be in a generous mood? "You should be sorry." Rather self-centered, but Curtis had no way of knowing Rick had stayed behind at the restaurant, and thus presumed the speedster had joined in the mass 'Tempt the Wrath of Headmaster Steele' initiative that the others enacted.

At least, this was not going to be a hardship as much as others might conceive it. The only restriction that held any impact was the limits on internet and video games, and really, there were innumerable ways for Curtis to circumvent it all without Steele ever noticing. Really, it was the fact that he'd been targeted by Steele's blind rage that bothered him the most about this. Cretin.

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"At least he didn't take our badges and guns, right?" Keiko quipped. Inside she was less quippy. She was trying to think of how she was going to spin this to her dad. Advanced coursework? Uh...special instruction? Week long beer-kegger? Lets just hope he hasn't called our folks.

"How do you think he knew it was us?"

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Rick simply shrugged once they were away from Steele.  While he was abit aggravated that he was gonna have to go home to explain this to his mother, and get another rather scathing dressing down from her, he simply accepted this as part of the life they chose.  He was abit angry at himself, simply because he hadn't torn off to take care of it himself, but what he did was still done to help the others.  

"It's cool Bastion.  Everyone did what they felt like doing, nobody twisted anyone's arms on this.   I look at it as an opportunity.   We can use the time we're confined to the grounds to learn everything we can about this place, together.  While losing all electronics sucks,  There's plenty of ways to pass time here."

Looking over to Keiko, he shrugged, even though she was blind, out of habit.  "He kinda did, in that we're effectively grounded.  I'm used to running alot, and I have a feeling that running laps of this place is gonna be annoying to everyone, and get very old fast.  As to how he knows, that probably doesn't matter.  In the future, we should probably think abit more before we do anything like that.   That's likely something he's madder about, That and us straight up disobeying him on the first day."

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"Heh," Sebastian chuckled.  "There's a plus."

Sebastian, despite Curtis being Curtis, put an arm around the smaller teen.  "C'mon, Tat, I don't think any of us ratted anyone out.  We are in a school or people with weird abilities, maybe he has a spy on the payroll or something, a psycho or something."

I think you mean, Psychic, sweetie."  Cosima corrected him with a sultry wink.

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The wink was automatic. Cosima was stunned, flabbergasted even. She hadn't been outraged or deterred by Director Steele's roaring - he was just being a director, just like on a movie or TV set, one of the more controlling or megalomaniacal ones, not that she had had much experience with the sort. On reality shows, there wasn't really a real director, per se. But she had put on an abashed face for Director Steele's and his heart's sakes.

But being confined to campus? Limited to cafeteria food? No social media?! That wasn't just punishing her, but all her fans and admirers as well! He might as well have said he was jailing the lot of them and wasn't even going to let them have water. A part of her should probably have been concerned that Director Steele had seem able to penetrate her genie-granted Princess 'disguise' or that one of them likely had spilled to the paparazzi as it were, but she was far more concerned with being denied Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter, and her hundreds of millions of followers.

Cosima glanced at her hand, to see if it was shaking. Was she already suffering withdrawal? While enrolling into Betty Ford for addiction issues was always good for a bump in the tabloids, doing so just because of a weeks uber-unfair-way-too-harsh detention was pathetic even on the Lohan Scale.

Cosima gave the entirely too peppy Keiko a miserable glower. "He can do far worse than expel us, as he's just proven." She shook the paper with her room assignment at the vexing girl. "Look. A room. A single room. Where is this even?"

Having clearly not listened about the dorms during the tour - as she had never expected she'd need to - her fellow detainees showed her to her room for the next week. Cosima stared at the door dubiously, then flicked it open with a psychokinetic flick and flare of soft purple light. When she saw what was on the other side, a look of mounting horror crossed her pretty face.

"Where's the rest of it?" she asked plaintively, peering inside, as though there was more to the room than could be seen from the door. "This is smaller than my shoe closet."

"Shoe closet?" Autumn commented, not sure if she was missing something in translation or if this was some matter of colloquialism.

"A room in which one stores and displays all their footwear, obviously," Cosima clarified, though if the words were snappish, her tone wasn't.  She stepped into the room with a click of heels, looking bewildered. "How does Director Steele expect a single person to endure a weeks stay in a single room and not even a suite. I don't believe even the house staff at home have to suffer like this."

"He doesn't," Tat clarified with sweet malacious mirth as she pointed. "As you can see, there are two beds in here."

Someone as sexy and beautiful as Cosima, with her breeding and such a presence on social media should not have been able to curse so profusely, imaginatively, and loudly.

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Keiko burst into laughter when Cosima finally lost it. She couldn't help it. There were a lot of feelings she had, and laughing was the only way to get it all out.

"I dunno about you guys," she managed after a few seconds of hilarity, "But Coco's reaction kind of makes it all worth it to me."

In the back of her head, gears were already spinning. How to subvert this? How to work around it? Walls existed for only one reason in Keiko's world...to be scaled and defeated. Until she knew more about the Headmaster's methods though, it was risky to say too much out loud.

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Na'Atem shrugged as they looked in the door at Cosima's room.

"You all are punished. Not I. I already moved here this morning. And I did not have the internet or social media until I was adopted and even then it was an educational tool. My sister was the one who could not live without it."

She looked to Cosima, taking in her reaction to the room and the lack of internet for a moment.

"Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. Accept it for what it is. Some time away from the social medias may do you well."

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"Autumn is right!" Sebastian chimed up.  "C'mon Coco, cheer up, you can still hang with us all week, and just think, we get free cafeteria food!"

"Ugh, no... please, don't even mention the food here."  Cosima's face recoiled in horror at the thought.

"They're serving spaghetti tonight!"  Keiko offered.  Cosima rolled her eyes in disgust.

Sebastian's grin turned malicious and he continued.  "Mmmm... cafeteria spaghetti... greasy orange kinda real meat sauce..."

"Half cooked, 'really wishes it was real pasta' noodles..."  Keiko continued on, following 'Bastian's lead.

"Oh. my god... I need room service." Cosima frantically searched for her phone, realizing the Director had it.  She paced about the room in a mild, yet comedic panic attack.  "Ugh!  I'm not gonna make it.  How much longer do we have?"

"About six days, twenty three hours left," Tat offered up with a dry calculated tone that almost seemed like she was enjoying seeing the spoiled girl suffer.

Curtis looked at his watch. "...and eleven minutes, 43 seconds, to be precise."

"Sebastian, sugar, I need a favor," Cosima approached him, resting her soft, personalty manicured hands on the corded muscles he called forearms that he had crossed over his chest.

She shrugged.  "Sure, whatcha need?"

"If you could just wrap your arms around my neck and ever so gently squeeze until I quit moving... oh, that would be so sweet of you... release me from this Hell."

"Sorry," he laughed.  "We're in this together."

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Qi had followed the rest of the class in silence her mind playing over all the headmaster Steel had said... well yelled really this was very difficult to understand.

"I do not understand. Did we not do what was right?" A frown marred her face.

"I could understand if there had been others who had been there but there were not. All we did was server the greater good. I do not under stand why that was wrong.

Would not us standing by and doing nothing have been wrong as well?"

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Sebastian grew silent.  She was right, after all.  It was something he'd wrestled with all his life as his family would always encourage him to do the right thing, but never use his powers if it meant giving away his secrets.  It didn't make sense to him.  The math was so simple in his mind: when people need help, you help them.  Why was the world so complicated.

"Honestly, Connie, I don't have the answer to that.  People needed us, and I don't see why what we did was wrong.  I mean, yes, there are police whose job it is to do that sorta thing, but..." All he could do was shrug.  "I-I dunno.  My whole life, my parents have told me to always do what was right... but when I do, they always make up some excuse why using my abilities to help people isn't 'right', or I didn't think things through, or someone coulda been hurt... people were getting hurt, long before we stepped in.  I'll take my week.  Then another, because I'm gonna do it again if that's what the world throws at me."  He stood up tall, arms folded over his powerhouse of a chest.  "If people need help, you help them.  Period.  Rules be darned."

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The Rileys giggled, glancing between each other and muttering about him actually saying "darn". "I think we're going to more than 'darn' the rules, if we're going to do the Right Thing (tm) while still underage." She glanced at the others and then shrugged, "I'm not saying I'm a fan of being punished, but it seems like they just gave us a week to figure out how to do better next time. Like not leaving people behind or nearly leaving them behind and how to communicate if we get spread out. And how we can help each other out when we're doing stuff with our powers."

She gave Cosima a tight smile, "At least it would keep you out of the small, panic-inducing accommodations for the time."

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"No, this is a punishment, and keep in mind it could be far worse.  Confinement isn't the same as conscription to do menial labor across the campus.   That is probably strike two."   He smiled.   "We did what was right, but we were also expressly told not to use our powers, which is why he's angry.  We did break the rules, one way or another."

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The smile vanished.

"Do not use your powers That is like asking a fish not to swim, a bird not to fly." Qi swing her hand around encompassing all of them in her gesture.

"We are each here because we have powers, suppressing them is asking us to hold our breath until allowed to breath. This teaches nothing only makes us suffocate."

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"Look at it this way," Keiko offered. "We did the right thing, in the wrong way. We got caught, see? So the LESSON here is...how do we do better at not getting caught? Our Headmaster is going to help us learn this very important lesson. And we don't even have to pay him. What a guy, right?"

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On 8/24/2017 at 2:20 PM, Autumn Evermore / Spellstone said:

"You all are punished. Not I. I already moved here this morning. And I did not have the internet or social media until I was adopted and even then it was an educational tool. My sister was the one who could not live without it."

"If that is the case, Autumn, then I think you've already built up a stock of punishment credits," Cosima said in pity, aghast at the thought of someone lacking even the barest social media presence and being restricted to a mere campus and seemingly fine with it before turning to Keiko with a scowl. "Yes, Director Steele is quite the man..."

Cosima slumped against Sebastian in existential despair, or at least desultory resignation that she was condemned to what the cafeteria considered 'food.' With but a thought or two, she could step into any of the finest restaurants in the US. Several more mental steps and she could be in bloody Italy eating real spaghetti instead of the cruel and unusual punishment Sebastian and Keiko were taunting her with.

With a deep sigh that taxed the limits of her blouse, Cosima stood up from draping herself over Sebastian in her overly dramatic capitulation and strode into the closet that was pretending to be a room someone was suppose to live in, red lips twisted as she looked around, trying to figure out what kind of space she had to work with. Her eyes narrowed and her frown deepened as she noticed something else - among many, many elses - that was missing.

"Do... do these closets not even have an ensuite?" Cosima stammered. "We have to share a bathroom? I.. I feel faint..."

Cosima staggered to the bed and plunked her plush, pert behind on the bed, breathing hard. Her breathing slowed, then stopped, as her hand brushed against the sheets, her lovely face contorting in irritation and disgust. "Oh, this is simply intolerable! What is the thread count in these sheets? Seven? I might as well sleep in sandpaper!"

Cosima stood up briskly once more and glared at the offending bed. It was limned in dawn coloured light for an instant and after a moment the others realized the sheets and the bed itself was gone, leaving a paler area on the floor. Cosima nodded in bitter satisfaction.

"Where'd the bed go?" one of the Rileys asked.

Cosima waved a negligent hand. "The Quad." She planted her hands on her hips, her expression a blend of determination and resignation at having to survive an entire week living in a dorm. "I guess I should 'step' home and start porting over what I need to make this... room suitable to human habitation. Do you think Director Steele would accept Chef Julio as a necessity?"

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Coco can teleport, Keiko thought. That has potential.

What they really needed right now was some kind of mind-to-mind thing though. She wouldn't put it past Steele to have them under observation. Creepy as that would be.

Probably not Coco...she'd have showed it off by now if she had it. Autumn or Qi maybe; they were quiet types. And Tats was savvy enough to keep a talent like that to herself. Sebastian and Rick...couldn't be sure, but Keiko didn't think so. Their talents didn't seem to skew that way from the little she'd seen so far.

She'd have to play it cool though, wait for a moment when eyes were off of her. Steele would be expecting trouble at first. Let him think they were coming around.

"Well, watching Coco's meltdown has been epic, but I think I'm going to check my room out."

Comparing the number on her key to the room numbers, Keiko found herself...directly across the hall opposite Cosima's room.

"Yaaaay," she deadpanned, unlocking it and going inside to see how the view from the window was.

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  • Matt changed the title to IC: S1:E1 - Welcome to Hero High!

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