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IC: S1:E1 - Welcome to Hero High!

Dave ST

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Mutants and Masterminds: Hero Academy!
Season 1, Episode 1
"Welcome to Hero High"

Freedom City! *mumble, mumble* Huh?  Th-that was second edition?  *mumble, mumble* Oh, they are on the other coast now?  They just moved the setting to the other coast?  Fine, whatever, why is it called Emerald City?  *mumble, mumble*  Because I'm a method narrator, I need to immerse myself into the narration!  You know what... fine, I'll just... I'll just wing it!


Emerald City!  Shining jewel of the West Coast!  It is here that we find another school year beginning for the young women and men of Central California!  As lunches are packed, outfits are changed numerous times, and buses are missed the latest class of Claremont Academy's exclusive student roster have arrived for what guarantees to be an interesting year...


The campus was closed to the media.  Every year around this time, it was a circus of reporters and tabloid magazines trying to snap a few clicks of Claremont Academy's newer student roster.  Dr. Lucian Hunt, who over saw the day-to-day of Claremont ensured the public that, unlike it's Freedom City counterpart, did not train young teens to be super heroes.  The goal of Claremont Emerald City was to focus exclusively on higher education.  Was he lying?  No, of course not.  There was not plane hidden under the basket ball courts or secret base under the school, they school was dedicated to educating teens to face the trials ahead of them in life.

As far as a class went, it was pretty small.  Only few handfuls of students were attending the Academy this year, although it was common for that number to flux upward or downward as the year went on.  Unlike Freedom Claremont, Emerald Claremont was super exclusive and not even the faculty seemed to know why...

The new-year students arrived in the visitor parking lot, being dropped off by parents, guardians, or driving themselves and already the atmosphere of Claremont overwhelmed them.  The main double gates seem to engulf them underneath the portico-style gate tower.  On the wall next to the entrance is a plaque that reads: “The Claremont Academy for the Gifted, Scientia Potentia Est”.  ["Knowledge is power.", all students, even new ones, know the schools motto.]

From the parking lots they moved under the massive gate tower and walked into the huge Main Quad, an open air courtyard surrounded on all sides by school buildings. A circle of grass is stamped in the middle of the yard; at its center, like a spoke in a wheel, is a statue of a proud-looking Dr. Charles Claremont.  All around the Quad are benches for sittinf and a few trees that seem to be perfect reading spots.  Currently, there was a podium set up in front of the statue where all the faculty seemed to be gathering as well as students who appeared to have done this once or twice or before and knew how it worked.  'When in doubt, blend in' seemed the motto of the day.

The sky was blue and the weather warm, perfect for an outdoor orientation.  The atmosphere was the typical 'high school dread' feeling, of being surrounded by strangers, on all sides except in this place everyone seemed fit, attractive, rich, smart, or on a few occasions... all of the above.  There were exceptions and no one was by any means 'perfect', in fact everyone just seemed rather on the higher end scale of normal aside from the alarmingly few of them there were.

Students talked amongst themselves and the volume rose, as was common among teenagers.  They all swapped summer stories and tales of their trips abroad, group selfies were taken to extremes, hugs were lavished on missed besties and the loners looked upon all of it with disgust, because, after all, life is sooooo hollow.

There in the quad, among strangers and friends the new class of Claremont Academy waited for orientation to begin...



If it's in brackets [like this] then I'm notifying you OOC during an IC post.  I also use it to note skill rolls that are passive, such as:
[Qi, Expertise: Theology] Atop Kim Li The Butcher's desk is a very old copy of the Tanakh, or Hebrew Scriptures.  Why would he have a copy of those?
[Spellstone, Expertise: Magic] The door thrums with mystic vibrations, the wards are complex, but you noticed it in time before Bastion triggered the trap... (always in a hurry to punch through a door)

Alright, time for the obligatory intro post guys/gals.  You know the drill.  I've intentionally not singled out any of the NPCs yet because to you guys they all look like strangers and these first few posts are more about you than the school, the students or the plot.



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Confucius said: 'Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.' How undeniably true, Curtis reflected, but his dads, however much he loved them, were living incarnations of that all. He could have had the straightforward simplicity of being able to handle his studies, fully flex his intellectual might and tackle the myriads of scientific and technological research and development... but his genetics had gone Janus-faced on him. The same meta-human conductivity that complemented his genius with incomparable mental processing speed created just enough external generative ability that Jesse and Jeff Shane had the fig leaf to insist he 'needed to learn control of his powers' and packed him off to Emerald City Claremont.

All an excuse for their long-running concern that he needed more socialization with others his age. Nonsense! It was hardly necessary, and in any case, how could he gain meaningful interaction from those who had to scrape up their own notes and cared more about trivial topics. The girls would natter about makeup or some puerile infatuation. The boys about sports or their own puerile infatuations.

Perhaps there might be a few inclined towards science, but even then the gaps between theirs and his would be pronounced. At best, the vast majority of his fellow students would only contribute as subjects of study, given their own superhuman abilities. In short, this was something Curtis really wished he didn't have to do. Curse his legal status as a minor!

The superior young man was wearing his usual attire: glasses, a short shirt (this one a basic dark blue) and short pants (these khaki cargo shorts). Curtis glanced around at the nattering hordes and sighed, more deeply.

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Life was full of compromises. This was something Keiko had learned. For example, she hadn't been able to convince Atsushi Ichimura, her father, not to drive her to school today. She had however managed to convince him not to use the company limo. It had been a job, because he was coming from and returning to work. Instead, he was sitting with her in the backseat of the family Lexus with a company driver. Compromise!

It was really awkward though. Keiko never quite knew what to say to her dad unless he said something first. Then the range of acceptable responses was dramatically narrowed. Small talk and chitchat were not high on Atsushi's list of interactions to partake in. He was a stern, stoic man, though Keiko had seen that he had deeply held feelings. The day she'd finally lost what was left of her vision, he'd held her and wept. The only time up until then, or since.

He'd spared no expense in trying to correct her affliction either, but when it became clear that simply wasn't an option, he'd been quick to jump instead at ways to help her cope. It actually made Keiko feel a little bad, but this was just another compromise, right? He got to be the white knight, and show his love for her in ways that didn't compromise his reserve...and she?

Well...she got to not really be blind? Sort of?

Okay, that wasn't really a compromise. That was totally getting to have her cake and eat it too. The only thing better than being able to see again was being able to see and no one knowing. Compromising was boring. Give her all the cake, every day!

"You have what you need?" Like so many questions her father asked, Atsushi's tone was more of a statement than an interrogative. Things were as he wished them to be; he was merely making sure.

"Hai, oto-san," she replied. Her family spoke English at least as much as Japanese, but it always seemed to put her dad in a better mood to hear his mother tongue.

Keiko held up the white rod that was her collapsible cane in one hand, and her 'clicker' in the other. The clicker was freaking awesome. A masterstroke of genius! Before she'd 'learned' to see again, Keiko had heard about something called 'human echolocation.' Her dad had managed to set her up on a program to train her to 'see' by hearing reflected sounds from sharp clicks. Way before she could do much more than just tell if something big and flat was nearby though, she'd...well...that was another story. She'd figured out how to see again.

But she'd realized the clicker meant she could move around normally and just pretend she was echolocating like a champ! Plus it was a super-annoying sound but no one got to complain when she did it, because she was blind!

Atsushi nodded gravely. "Work hard," he advised as the car drew to a halt.

Keiko reached up to touch his cheek, then quickly planted a kiss on it before throwing the door open and getting out. "I will!"

Her dad's eyes widened momentarily in alarm, thinking she might trip or something. He relaxed a little as she snapped her cane out, then reached over to close the door behind her.

Meanwhile, she slid a pair of sunglasses on and grinned. Being out in the wide open was still a bit of a rush. So much light, so many colors, bouncing off of so many things. In the car half of her was mashed up against the seat. Here she was a fish, swimming in radiance. Without turning her head, Keiko watched the car drive off. She didn't really KNOW how it all worked. She could feel light, all around her. It wasn't quite the same as seeing had been. It was actually better. Even more, she could sort of 'reach out' and change how it worked around her. Wring it out of the air, or give it different 'feels' to change color and intensity. Weirder still, more recently Keiko had learned that using her power a little differently could make the opposite of a ghostlike construct of visible light. She could make something that seemed 'solid,' but was invisible. It felt like light to her, kind of, but it was a different feel. A different sort of vibration.

There were probably boring explanations for it, but that wasn't why she was here.

tap tap went the cane. click went the clicker, and then click click because why not?

With a little twirl, Keiko headed off across the quad towards her first class, clicking and tapping merrily along the way and swerving to narrowly avoid people and obstacles as she went.

She could already tell this was going to be an awesome year.

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Today was the big day, if nothing else, it marked a new beginning of sorts.  With all his mother's training, a part of him felt as though he were ready for anything, but he knew the unexpected abound when dealing with other people with powers.   As other students began arriving at the quad, he was one of those who didn't stay in one spot, his general preference was to be in motion.   It wasn't so much that he couldn't remain still, no, his mother made sure he could, he just liked to move around.  

Seeing some of those who were already here, he gave everyone their space.

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Sebastian Stone was easily six foot and change, and half that at his shoulders.  He wore denim jeans, tan steel-toed work boots that looked like they'd seen their fair share of the 'work' part with a black tee shirt covered by a red and white flannel, the sleeves were rolled tight around his biceps.  Country living on a farm had done the boy wonders, he looked like the peek of physical perfection, with tightly corded muscles threatening to escape the tight black of his tee.

His parents and sister had already dropped him off over the weekend and he'd said his goodbyes.  It wasn't going to be easy, he knew, to leave home and come to here and try to learn more about what life held in store for 'people like him', but his father had raised him right, his mother armed him with all the manner's he'd need and his sister... well, she taught him tolerance and patience if anything.  He could do his.

The city sure was different from the small farm in Montana where he'd grew up, yessir... he wasn't accustomed to so many vehicles and hustling, and not to mention the quality of the air.  Not to mention city girls dressed a whole lot different than the girls back home, and by that he meant the girls back home actually dressed... he wasn't sure some of some the clothing the students were wearing... like one girls' shorts barely qualified as shorts, well ,they certainly got the 'short' part right.  That's not to say it was all wrong, a lot of the ladies were quite modest, or carried their manner of dress in a way that was tasteful yet still attractive, but overall it was just a severe a culture shock for him.  He was used to denim and flannels.

Completely unaware that the young Japanese girl could see just fine, he did what most young men his age wouldn't normally do when a blind person was walking towards a crowd: he took charge of the situation.  He was raised proper, and when a young lady with her sight impaired approached, you made darn sure she had all the room she needed to get where she was going.  It was just the right thing to do.

"Ladies and gentleman, would you all mind making way, please," there was an accent in his voice, northern, if she had to guess.  He sounded like a Yankee cowboy.  "The lovely lady needs to get by y'all, would you mind makin' some room."

And just like that, Keiko was the Moses of Claremont as sea of typical inattentive teens parted for her.  Keiko moved through the crowd, and 'Bastian (he preferred that to Sebastian) mentally chastised himself for being dumb enough to nod to her as she walked by him.  "Y'have maybe ten or so more feet before there's a row of seats if you'd like to sit, just off to your left there.  You try and have yourself a good morning."

She was pretty sure if he had a hat on, he would have tipped it.

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"Well, ah do declare," Keiko purred in her best (not super great) imitation of a Southern drawl, "Mah hero."

She clicked at him, then sauntered over. She had on a knee-length skirt and a white blouse with a blazer. Not quite a 'school uniform' but clearly patterned after the old classic.

Another perk of being blind? You got to feel people up and it was no problem!

Keiko reached out to feel Bastian's face, then whistled. "And a handsome hero to boot." She lifted her sunglasses, showing her eyes a little off-focus, and winked at him.

"You have a good morning too."

With a grin, she clicked around some more, then went to take a seat in the back row.

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Into visitor's parking slide a sleek, gem-toned lavender Dodge Challenger limousine that managed to look glamorous rather than ostentatious. Even as it was coming to a stop, one of the rear gull-wing doors opened on its own and an instant later a figure stepped out with the click of heels, pausing to strike a post for the photogs and paparazzi that were not there.

The figure was too old to be called a girl, not quite old enough to be called a woman, but with the kind of hourglass figure that only came from unfairly good genetics, the most expensive plastic surgery, or the best photoshopping. Said figure was exquisitely displayed in a bespoke, tailored dress ensemble that revealed just the right amount of thigh and cleavage to straddle the line between tasteful and enticing and she looked tall, but that was solely due to the impractically high heels of shoes that cost more than most students' cars.

Her Highness, Princess Cosima Helena Vandersteen of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat, the youngest scion of the old, vastly wealthy and influential American Vandersteen family and granddaughter to the Queen of Denmark, led a privileged and enviously lucky life, known to nearly everyone with a presence on Social Media or who watched Reality Television.

The sun appeared to take particular attention to glint off her magenta-tinted Prada sunglasses, the snug choker of entwined strands of purple sapphires at her throat, and the gold bracelet of pink diamonds on her wrist. The wind blew, lifting her artfully mussed rose-gold hair just so, and it almost looked like she was moving in slow motion with the suggestion of her own theme music playing in the background.

Cosima thought not being allowed to have the press around to capture her arrival to Claremont was unfair. With her extensive social media presence and numerous appearances on Reality TV, she'd been well apprised of the rules on such things. But she was the first of the royal Vandersteens to be admitted to Claremont despite their vast wealth, status, and influence, and she wanted to share it with all her followers and admirers.

Some might claim it was her just due to go to Claremont, others that it was only because she had been in an industrial gem-cutting accident that involved lasers and viridian crystals that had blessed her with vast psychokinetic and psychoportative powers, but regardless, she wanted others to see her at Claremont, her new domain. She believed having an awesome life didn't detract from the lives of others and she was unapologetic about having such a life or flaunting it.

Cosima slipped off her sunglasses, slid them into her Louis Vuitton handbag, and strode into the courtyard, her lustrous violet eyes surveying her future subjects - she meant, her fellow students. She bestowed easy smiles and casual waves to those turning her way, exchanging banter with practiced wit and grace, considering which ones might have the potential to join her court of friends and which would just be fun party with.

She was the baby of the Royal Vandersteens, eight years younger than the next youngest sibling, and wasn't an Athlete, Actress, or Academic like her older sisters, though thanks to the industrial accident and an encounter with the friendly Genie DJ Inni, she was indisputably the Hawt one now. As such, her antics were most often indulged and tolerated, and Cosima took every delight and advantage in it.

Cosima smiled at the tall, well built hick helping the blind girl with rustic good manner. He was a handsome one, more solidly built than the latest member of the former One Direction she had dated - very country and simple. The thought of having him escort her during a red-carpet event was very amusing. Her eyes looked over the grounds - in some ways, reminiscent to the castle on Council Island she lived in as her primary residence - and the people occupying them with satisfaction.

This was going to be a most gratifying and fun time she would ever have attending a private academy she was sure.

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Showers and hot water...this was heaven and the thing she most enjoyed about America. So far at least.

Qi finished dressing and looked at her self in the mirror. Getting used to these clothes was more difficult they were so tight and restricting. Not good for fighting at all. She had been living on campus for the last two days after Po, the monk pretending to be her father, suggested that she live in the dorm instead of with him at the small house that had been rented for them. “I just thing that it will give you a better understanding of the western mind to live with fellow students your own age,” he had explained. “It will also allow me to do my investigating without having to be here when you are not at school. I think it will be best.” Qi could not argue and would not even if she had had a reason. Po was her Guardian sent with her by Master Chao to oversee this part of her training. She still wasn't sure what it was she was supposed to be learning here, but it was time.

Qi walked across the campus to the orientation area, she passed many people none of whom paid her the least attention.

Arriving at the Quad Qi saw the assembled mass of young people milling and talking and it was all very overwhelming the volume was considerable. Her first instinct was to retreat maybe go to the rock garden where she had done her morning exercises... after all no one would miss her no one knew her.

Then she spied the young blind girl and the huge muscled boy helping clear the way for her., Something about the way the girl moved.. then the pink haired girl from out of a modeling catalog stepped in front of her cutting off her view of the blind girl though she could still see the boy due to his height. Qi frowned and turned to head to the garden and almost collided another boy. This one was walking rapidly and had been watching the model and had not seen her until they almost collided. He saw her at the last moment and reached to stop her from falling but she had already twisted out of the way avoiding the collision. Still to her amazement the boy had caught her arm.

Qi's eyes went wide as she stared at the hand holding her bicep. No one had ever  managed grabbed onto her before, not since she had been a little child.

“How...how did you do that?”



It was Richard she almost collided with and he grabbed her as she dodged away from the collision moving way faster than a mere boy should be able to


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Rick had been looking at the pink haired girl's arrival and totally missed the young asian woman in his path, Still he turned back in just enough time to see the imminent collision, and reached out to keep her from falling purely out of reflex, managing to grab her arm.   This really seemed to surprise her, and when she stared at him and questioned him, he released her arm.  "Sorry about that, i wasn't looking where I was going.   Old habits die hard."   He gave her a warm, friendly enough smile.  "As to how i did that, I just reacted, I didn't want you to fall because of my mistake.   Still, it doesn't look liked you needed it.  You've got some great reflexes yourself."

He held out his right hand to her and nodded.  "I'm Rick.  I take it that you're also a new student here at the academy?"

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Qi stared at the out stretched hand and then up at the very not Chinese face.

Her own face heated under the gaze of those intense blue eyes.

"Um Hello Rick...I am Q...uh,  Connie Lui. I am new here in Emerald City and America. My father Paul Lui, who is a police Detective, is here on an exchange program." She said with barely no accent at all. To Rick it sounded like she were reciting a note card. "We are from China."

She smiled at him and finally took his hand and gave it a firm shake.

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Rick smiled.  "It's Nice to meet you Connie.  This city's pretty great.  I've lived here with My mother for the last ten years, and I can tell you this, you'll never be bored here.  He shook her hand and released her.  "That's pretty cool about your dad.  He must be pretty awesome to be involved with an exchange program like that.  I bet he certainly has a different perspective on policework being from China compared to what's most common here stateside."

He was curious and wanted to know more, but she already seemed sorta uncomfortable, so he just let it go.  "I've heard some pretty cool things about China, but I've never been outside North America myself.  I'm guessing you've got alot of things to get used to that are different.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me."

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Na'Atem gathered her things as her adoptive parents watched from the doorway of her room. She did not own much, just some clothing, mostly hand me downs from her adoptive sister, Rebecca, along with some thrift store finds, and a handful of nick knacks, a few books and a tablet.

Even though the Evermores had welcomed her into their home, and lived just a short way from the campus, Na'Atem still felt... uncomfortable? It might not the be right word, but it was vaguely close. She was thankful for all they had done for her, and even took their surname as a token of her gratitude and respect, but she did not want to feel like she was imposing.

"Are you sure you want to do this? You know you don't have to live on campus." Mrs. Evermore said as she walked over and folded some of Na'Atem's clothes, if for no other reason than slow down her packing a bit.

Na'Atem stood there and looked down at her bag, sighing softly.

"I know I don't have to. It is just... You took me in and showed me such kindness and patience. You have all taught me so much about this world, but I just... I have always felt like I was... imposing. I believe that is the right word. And not because of anything you have ever done either. I know it is me. My.. issue." she said, searching for a word again.

"The loss... of my..." she said, chocking up slightly, but trying to keep herself composed, almost stoic.

"This might not be where you are from, and we might not have given birth to you..." Mr. Ever more chimed in with a soft, compassionate smile, resting his hand on her shoulder.

"..but you will always have a home, and a family, right here with us." Mrs. Evermore said, finishing her husband's sentiment as she gave Na'Atem a hug, along with her husband.

Na'Atem closed her eyes and hugged back, a small, almost sad smile on her face. These people did not know her at all, and yet unequivocally made her part of their family. And she had to admit, it felt good to feel such unconditional love.

She enjoyed the group hug for several moments and then nodded slowly.

"I know. And I could never thank you enough. Truly." she said, looking them in the eyes, as she fought back tears herself.

"I will be... home... often." she assured them, taking a small comfort in the use of that word.

"And there will be holidays and breaks and such things. And I will just be right there." she said, pointing out the window toward the campus off in the distance.

Her adoptive parents nodded, each giving her a kiss on the forehead, a gesture that carried a different meaning in this world, but one she still felt appropriate.

Though she had privately questioned Dragoneye's wisdom in the beginning by placing her with the Evermores, her doubts had long since faded. 


"Here Mu-... Autumn. Uh, you can have this." Rebecca said as she held out a mp3 player with a set of earbuds wrapped around it.

"It's my old one, but it's still good. And I put on a bunch of that music that you like." she added. 

Na'Atem looked down at the device and reached out for it, grasping Rebecca's hand and pulling her close, into a hug.

"You're just going to school. It's not Antarctica. Jeez!" Rebecca said, once again assuming her semi-aloof, standoff-ish demeanor as she pushed Na'Atem away.

"I know. But it is still very kind of you." Na'Atem replied with a smile, taking the player.

"Sometimes it is like you are from another world." Rebecca jabbed, rolling her eyes as she turned and walked out of the room.


Na'Atem said her goodbyes, assuring her adoptive parents that she would see them very soon as Mr. Evermore pulled her the simple, army surplus duffel bag she had packed out of the trunk.

"Want me to carry it for you? You have your room assignment, right?" he offered.

"I have it, but it is okay. I will be fine." Na'Atem replied with a smile, taking the bag from him while giving a one armed hug.

"Okay. Have good day at school." he said, giving her a kiss on the head before slipping back into the car.

Na'Atem turned around and took in the campus from where she stood. She began walking toward the crowd, but even among all of the other students she stood out, looking around almost as if she were lost, or at the very least out of place. 

Na'Atem was dressed casually, a simple, short sleeve striped top, jeans and sandals, with the surplus duffel over her shoulder with. Around her neck, on a small chain was a chunk of stone or crystal that she rubbed idly as she looked around with her dark eyes. She had dark brown/black hair and though she looked, in the broadest sense of the word, 'Asian', it was difficult to nail down her nationality, as from different angles she looked Chinese, Japanese, Korean and even Polynesian. It gave her something of an alluring, exotic look, but it was mostly countered at the moment by the lost look in her eyes.

Still somewhat uncertain of the customs of the first day of school, she decided to try and stay somewhat out of the way, but could not help but notice the other students around her, such as the blind, Japanese girl who move with such ease, and the hunky young man clearing the way for her, or the Chinese girl nearly colliding with another young man, who seemed to move with great reflexive speed.

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It was a strange feeling, this young Japa-, Chi, Kore... Asian girl touch him with no concern for his personal space.  She was blind so he didn't really mind, but even the touchy feely girls he knew back home didn't grope his face, they usually latched onto one of his arms.  Anyway one sliced it, it was weird to have someone feel up your face.

He couldn't see he minded it, but his cheeks flushed with color when she called him handsome, and not just handsome to him, but well within earshot of everyone around them.  He wasn't one to be self absorbed, but he knew there was something about him that the ladies back home really liked.  He was polite, kind, respectful, fit, and he supposed he was handsome... but they never said it when there were thirty other people around to hear it.

"No hero, miss,"  He said, with a polite chuckle.  "Just doing the right thing.  We teens have a habit of paying more attention to ourselves than the world around us.  Oh, uh, I'm Stone, by the way.  Sebastian Stone.  Came here from Montana..."  He really had no ice breakers aside from that.  Like a double idiot he extended his hand to her as she took her seat and after a moment he remembered she was blind and, embarrassed, retracted it slowly while looking about to see if anyone just noticed that.  He wiped his palm on his thigh ad awkwardly looked around, slightly nervous.

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With the waves of students interacting, moving and flowing around, Curtis remained an atoll of inactivity. But it was making him feel, against his will, a bit awkward. Still, he simply looked around... until he saw something lovely. Very very lovely. It wasn't the girl, Curtis not being concerned with hormonal influences, but the crystal she wore on a neck chain. It was... rare, probably. In truth, Curtis was quite sure there wasn't anything like it.

Was it perhaps, a piece of the notorious viridian gems, found only in the Atlas Mountains and one of the few positive opportunities Curtis knew as available here?

Well, this he could approach for. Na'Atem turned, to find a blond, glasses-wearing boy coming up to her. "Your crystal. It's rather unique. What is it?"

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Keiko glanced back at him and grinned widely, then wiggled her fingers at him in a wave.

"Hi, Sebastian Stone," she singsonged with a giggle. "I'm Keiko. Nice to meeeeeeet you. Need a place to sit?"

She patted a chair next to her.

It was incredibly fun to have such a ginormous guy so vulnerable, and Keiko couldn't help but milk it a bit. She wasn't really prowling for a boyfriend or anything, but flirting with this Sebastian guy was just too entertaining to pass up. And hey, it's not like he WASN'T handsome or anything. He might even be fun to hang out with once he got more comfortable.

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Na'Atem blinked at the strangely bold young man and glanced down at her necklace, her hand idly rubbing the stone.

"Huh? Oh. It's, uh, a very old family heirloom. Some to remind me of them." she said with just a hint of an accents that was hard to place.

She could see his interest in it, and she certainly did not want people looking too closely at the stone, so she wrapped her hand around it and tugged at an arcane thread, causing it to emit light in a flash, small shafts of which escaped between her fingers.

Cautiously, she brought a specific spell matrix to mind, considering how to thread it to make a swift exit if needed. Step Between Worlds... Form of Mist... Invisibility... any of them would likely do if needed.

"Why? Who are you?" she asked, uncertain about his intentions.

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In fact, causing it to emit light only made Curtis marvel at it the more. "Wow. ...It's..." Oh, she wanted to know who it was. Curtis cudgeled his brain back into order. "I'm Curtis Shane, and I'm going to be a student here. Like you, I imagine. As for why... well, it's clearly not an ordinary stone. Is it by chance viridian?"

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Na'Atem listened and looks down, partially un-clenching her hand from around the stone and peeked down at it.

"I.. do not know. It is very old and very special." she answered, and then her eyes went wide and she added, "Special to me, that is." as if trying to cover up what she said.

Na'Atem slowly opened her hand, permitting Curtis a peek at the stone as she spoke, 

"My family... My birth family, that is, died many years ago. I have little to remember them by." she explained with a clear, palpable sadness to her voice as she looked down at the stone as well.

She did not sense any magic from Curtis, so his extreme level of interest in her necklace struck her as somewhat odd. Still, his interest was very clear.

"I am... Autumn... Autumn Evermore." she offered.

With her faint, unusual accent and the way she paused, it would be clear to many that it was a more 'western' name given to her, likely after an adoption.

"Why are you so... intrigued... by my necklace?" she asked curiously as she set down her duffel.

On the side of the bag, neatly written in Sharpy, was indeed the name 'Autumn Evermore', but it was clearly crossed out and in another, more obviously feminine handwriting, was the name 'Mulan'. 

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Someone had noticed 'Bastian's bumbling. The girl had pink-gold hair, violet eyes, and a body that belonged in certain magazines or movies or on particular internet sites. He wasn't sure how she walked so easily in shoes like that. There were certainly no girls like this one in Montana and his face reddened at her amused grin.

The hunky boy was simply adorable, Cosima thought with delight, her eyes falling on him again after circulating around the courtyard The boys and men she tended to interact with, especially any built like him, rarely blushed - or were even capable of it - but he was so earnest in his awkwardness, it was touching. She was about to step over to his side and make his acquaintance but the blind girl seemed to be enjoying flirting with him and it would be incredibly rude to poach the boy's interest from the crippled girl, especially one who hadn't given her any offense - it wasn't as though the girl was a Jenner.

The blind girl seemed to be flirting with the boy more easily and naturally that a blind person should have been able to. She would have thought it would have been more... difficult for her. Then again, Cosima didn't recall off-hand meeting any blind person, so how would she know how blind people flirted? Even the blind needed some romance in their lives, she supposed.

They were all classmates now. There would be plenty of time to capture the boy's attention later if she so desired. Her grin deepened and she gave 'Bastian a small wave, the metallic rose-gold polish on her perfectly manicured, almond-shaped nails flashing in the sun, then strutted off, looking for a seat for the commencement that would let her see and be seen to best advantage.

"Oh. My. Gawd! You're Princess Cosima Vandersteen!" a clear masculine voice excitedly squealed.

"Why, yes, yes I am," Cosima said as she turned and gave the young man about her own age a pleasant smile and politely appraising glance, holding out her hand, palm down. He was tallish and slim, if well built, stylishly, almost fabulously, dressed, with an animated and mobile, triangular face and who probably spent almost as much time on his hair as most people assumed she did.

He was very clearly gay.

"And who might you be?"

"I'm Gavin Galt," he replied, almost star-struck into breathlessness and he took her hand bent over it gallantly. "And I must say, your Highness, I just love your shoes. Jimmy Choo?"

"Please, Gavin, I'm a student at Claremont as you are. Unless you have done something to anger or irritate me, Cosima is fine," she said graciously. She glanced over her shoulder, raising one foot and then the other, showing off her footwear. "And yes, they are - good eye Gavin, but made specifically for me. They are remarkably comfortable for five-inch heels." She gave him another once over, her smile widening, impressed. "Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme, very sharp. Is this your first year at Claremont as well?"

"No, third year for me."

"Very interesting...."

The Princess and the gay boy gossiped, talked about fashion, and traded anecdotes from the circles they each moved in as though they had been friends for years, laughing easily, as they founds seats. Cosima smoothed her skirt as Gavin held her chair for her, then sat down and crossed her legs as he took the chair next to her.

"...I swear, it's all true, but if you tell anyone, ever, I'll totally deny it," Cosima said, finishing her anecdote in a fit of giggles. She sighed, catching her breath in a fashion that made even Gavin take notice, her violet eyes bright, then asked, "Is there anything you can tell me about the professors here, Gavin? Either to give me warning, or preferably, something funny and or embarrassing about them?"

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"Oh." Some of the intensity died out from Curtis' voice when Autumn outlined it was a family keepsake. For his part, he had known nothing of his birth parents and was quite happy with Jesse and Jeff. But Autumn clearly maintained some connection or memory of hers and thus he was loath to push things much further. Curtis wasn't some mad scientist without ethics or humanity, right?

"I was adopted too, but as a baby." Curtis explained. "My parents may as well be the biological ones as far as I'm concerned." Almost, Curtis mentally added the caveat. He was not aware of any scientific advances now, much less decades ago, that would allow two men to sire children in the traditional fashion.

"As for the necklace? Intellectual curiosity. If it has special properties, it would advance knowledge to learn of them. I'm a scientist, after all."

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Na'Atem looked at the curious young man, a little astonished that they shared at least something in common. The circumstances of her adoption were, of course, quite different from her own, but still, they both at least knew what it was like to have parents, parents who loved them even, but had not given birth to them. Parents that took a stranger into their home and treated them as if they were their own.

 His demeanor had noticeably changed too, switching from so curious and seemingly analytical to a more humane, even almost compassionate tone, prompting Na'Atem to relax a bit in response, not long quite feeling like some lab specimen.

"You have a family, that is all that really matters now, I think." she said as she relaxed.

"We both do." she added, looking down at the names on her duffel.

She then held out the necklace away from her chest a bit, so her could look more closely at it if he wished. It was a natural, multi-faceted crystal, not shaped or cut like a diamond, but allowed to retain it's natural form and had a constant, very faint glow that was really only perfectible in very dim lighting.

"It is a special stone..." she said and then leaned closer to Curtis and whispered, "..it's magic."

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The smile faded from Curtis' expression at the utterance of that word. But, rather than get angry at her - Autumn clearly had been peddled some nonsense by someone. He mournfully sighed instead. "There's no such thing as magic, Autumn. I mean," he clarified, "I recognize there are self-proclaimed mages with legitimate paranormal powers. That there are creatures that resemble the ones of myth and legend. And of course, the individual Hades leading an army of the risen dead in Freedom City back in the 1960s is the well-known catalyst for the Freedom League's formation."

"But that doesn't mean he was an actual deity, or that where Jupiter aligns with Sagittarius has any meaning. It is all meta-powers and elements of the laws of reality still being worked on. I know Clarke's Third Law: 'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic' but there's a difference. In the end, it will all be ultimately repeatable, definable and rational."

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Rick smiled.  "Looks like people are starting to take their seats, Why don't we go ahead and go find ourselves some?  They ought to be getting started soon.   With a nod she agreed and the two of them head over to the seats, noticing the other little knots of students forming, as well as Bastion helping the girl they could only assume was blind.

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Na'Atem looked at Curtis with a confused look. The thought of somebody, especially an uninitiated, declaring that there is no such thing as magic, just dumbfounded her. She shook it off, just chalking up to another difference in this new world.

"It does not mean that it does not mean anything either. Just because you fail to understand, or are perhaps totally ignorant of a subject, does not grant the clout or authority to speak definitively about it's existence or not. A man walking down this street today, dressed as and claiming to be your president Lincoln, might not, and is most likely not, president Lincoln. But that does not mean president Lincoln is fiction." she retorted.

"I.. My knowledge of such things as the current state of science is limited. And as I am certain your knowledge in such fields current exceeds mine, and my... command... of the English language is somewhat limited, for certain as compared to a native speaker, so it makes discussion?... debate?... at best difficult." she explained as she thought to herself.

"But I do know of a 'scientific' saying that you may wish to consider. 'Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.'. So you may wish to stop yourself from speaking in absolutes until you are more knowledgeable." Na'Atem said to Curtis, for once actually thankful that Rebecca made her watch the X-Files with her.

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Over all the conversations a sudden tap of a microphone alerted everyone that things were about to begin, the loud feedback that followed earned some disgruntled looks and plugged ears from both the students and faculty.  The man at the podium was not Jericho Drumm, three year Headmaster of Claremont West.  No, the man who was there was a large, African-American man who looked like he hated everyone and everything.  His suit was perfectly tailored his head was shaved and looked like worked out nine days a week.  A sudden wave of disappointment and fear washed over the students who'd been here a year or more... Cobra Bubbles had infiltrated Claremont Academy.

"Good morning students," He opened up with something that wasn't very original.  It was obvious public speaking wasn't his thing.  "I am Marcus Steele, and as you may have noticed, Headmaster Drumm is not with us today.  He is consulting, and may be gone for awhile, that's all I can say, so please don't ask any questions.  When his work is done he will return to Claremont and to all of you.  In the interim, I will be taking over his duties as Headmaster."

The faculty didn't seem to mind too much, they remained in their seats behind him, quietly sharing a few words among each other or sharing a polite smile and a wave to those students who couldn't help but wait until after orientation to say hi to their favorite teachers.  His voice was a deep baritone as he continued.  "Now, I want to make a few things clear before we begin this year, I want us all off on the right foot, so I'll say this once, and only once: you are not superheroes.  You, all of you, are super powered teenagers and this academy was built here to teach you how to use your abilities responsibly.  If any of you came here with delusions that this academy is like the East Coast, then I am sorry do disappoint you, but there will be no sneaking off at night, there will be no using your abilities in public, and there will certainly be no spandex and world saving while you are attending this campus."

"Psh, who wears spandex these days?"  Someone in the front row added.  "It's mostly leather, carbon weave, and tri-layer mesh of foam latex these days.  Ugh, spandex, how gauche'."

As the student body broke out into laughter at the interruption he gave the young lady in the front row a smile and nod.  "I'll keep that in mind, Miss Astovik, thank you."

And so the speech went on for the better part of an hour or so as he ran over the rules and regulations, curfews and... blah, blah, blah... most of them resorted to checking their social media and games on their phones and not really paying attention to anything that was being said.  It was the sudden call of particular names that drew them back to the orientation.  "Curtis Shane, Cosima Vand... Vanda... you, the pink girl in the back there, Sebastian Stone, Richard Reynes, Autumn Evermore, Keiko Ichimura and Connie Lui, as our newest students please step off to the side where your class sponsors will give you a tour of the campus."  He motioned off towards two dark skinned students, one was a male the other female.  The male had white hair, which was a deep contrast to his chocolate colored skin.  His female counterpart had long, flowing black hair that was uncommon for most African-American females.

They separated as students broke off some went with some of the faculty while others made arrangements to meet in class rooms right off from the quad.  Those seven who were called out walked towards their sponsors.  The closer they got the more they realized that the two must be related.  As they approached the male smiled politely at them and extended his hand.  He was in simple cargo shorts and a button up shirt that was only done up halfway exposing a portion of his chest and the various baubles he had on around his neck and wrists, mostly shells and teeth from various aquatic predators.

"Bonjou [Hello], mwen rele [my name is] Tomas, and this is Teres," he seemed personable enough and full of energy.  His accent was thick and wove through English and his Haitian tongue like they were the same language.  "Welcome to Claremont, wi [ya]?"

"Before we start," Teres spoke up, her smile was also warm and inviting.  She was in simple faded jeans that complimented her frame and a top with off the shoulder sleeves.  "Forgive Tomas, he tends to drop in and out of Haitian, so I will provide translations if you don't understand something he babbles on about."  Her brother shrugged, guilty.  "Let's grab a water or a soda from the vending machines, as this will take some time."

"So, the two of you are from Haiti?"  Curtis asked, curiously.  "And related, I take it?"

"Good eye," she chuckled.  "We are twins, wi.  One pair of two here on campus, but I assure you we're nicer than d'Astoviks."  He accent was thick, much like her brother's, but her grasp of English seemed more cemented.  "We are actually, N'awleas, born n' raised.  Our papa was from Haiti.  Made d'mistake of falling in love with d'ocean, and d'ocean sent him our mother.  We don't see her a lot though, she has her own life in Atlantis and coming to d'surface is difficult for her schedule these days.  She pays d'bills, though, so papa is happy and Tomas and I get educated and learn about our gifts.  Take d'good with d'bad, wi?"

She walked along and everyone followed, Tomas wasn't too far behind.  He held the door for the ladies as they entered the southern building, the Dana Falk Cafeteria.  "So," Tomas asked.  "What about d'rest of you?  From all over the world, I see,"  He looked at the crew.  "Mostly from Asia, apparently."


The tour isn't all that important, it's an opportunity for all the PCs to be in the same place at once and get to know one another while meeting a couple of students.  Just have fun with it, this thread is mostly about RP, so earn those points!

There is one social faux pas you can make in this scene with them, but I'm not telling you what it is... muahahahahaha!


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"I'm from Montana, born n' raised."  Sebastian spoke, sliding a bill into the machine and pressing the Cherry Coke button.  "My father owns a horse ranch up there, beautiful country."  He twisted of the cap and took a sip.

"I pictured you more for a Muscle Milk kinda guy," Tomas said with a slight smile.  "No offense."

"None taken, I get that a lot."  He shrugged.  "Never been sick, never broken a bone, lifted a tractor when I was six, never even so much had a cut, but I've been bruised a few times... horse kicked me in the face and an engine block fell from the truck right on top of me, that sucked.  Dad says it's not easy hiding a secret like that in public high school, so here I am."

"You like horses?" Teres asked.  "Can you ride?"

"Yeah," he said in between sips.  "More like horses like me, Dad says I have an epitome with them."

"I think you mean 'affinity'." Cosima politely corrected.

Sebastian nodded, licking the Cherry flavoring off his lips.  "Yeah, prolly that too, if it means I'm good with them."

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"Uh, is this the tour?" a girl panted, having run up from...somewhere...to join the group. "Sorry, my plane was delayed and then I couldn't catch a cab. Cabs are weird. Anyways, is this where the freshmen are supposed to be?" She looked around, trying to catch the eye of anyone friendly enough to tell her if she was in the right place - and hopefully not make fun of her or yell at her.

She didn't think they were supposed to yell at her, it's not like the plane and cab were her fault, but this was new and she'd heard a lot of strange stories about what went on at schools. Or at least public schools, and this was a private academy for people like her so maybe it wasn't as bad....

You're babbling in our head. Get a grip, hon.

At least I'm not doing it out loud. 

Riley2 snorted and finished laying out their things in their assigned room. That's an improvement, true. And the place is clean and nice, so that's one thing off the checklist. Even Mom would approve of whoever cleans here.

Maybe they have a superpowered maid or something, Riley3 chimed in from the administrative office. Some paperwork had gotten lost in the cracks and she had to fill out another set of medical history and power specifications. They kept asking for her transcripts, too, and she patiently explained yet again that she'd been homeschooled and only had a portfolio that they'd emailed several weeks ago. They want us to take a placement test, just to make sure we're not behind or can't read or something. The secretary is looking at me like I'm going to sprout another head or start quoting obscure Bible verses at her.

Do we know any Bible quotes?

The other two continued to chatter on in the back of her mind while Riley got ahold of her nerves and hoped someone would say she was in the right place. 

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Yes, dear," Teres said softly, her accent was hypnotic and she remained so calm.  Almost like weird things happened around here everyday.  "You are in d'right spot.  This is d'tour.  Relax.  I am Teres, and this is my brother, Tomas.  We are showing everyone around."

Tomas extended his hand and motioned to each of the other students.  "This is Richard, Connie, Cosima, Sebastian, Autumn, Curtis and Keiko.  It's nice to meet you...," he offered his hand, waiting for an introduction.

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"Riley," she said breathlessly, "Riley Mills. Nice to meet you all." She smiled at the group, looking every inch the nervous teenager in her jeans and printed tee. Her tan accentuated her dusky coloring and the braid down her back screamed 'from the farm.' "Is it okay if I grab a soda too?"

At Teres' indulgent nod, Riley poured herself a raspberry flavored diet ginger ale and gulped half the glass down in one draw. She topped the glass off and gave the group a bright and more confident smile. "So, where to first?"

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Click. Tap tap.

Keiko smiled and gave Riley a wave hello.

"So, like she said, I'm Keiko. My dad and mom are from Japan, but I was born in the United States. Right here, in fact, in Emerald City. Nice meeting you all, and I'm just...really looking forward to going here. It's already looking a lot more interesting than other schools."

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Cosima glanced bemusedly at the vending machine for a moment. There wasn't even any Orangina or FIJI water or Ferrarelle sparkling mineral water. If she got thirsty, she'd just step out to a restaurant or café on Yellow Brick Row or in Royal Heights and get something decent and freshly made.

"I've ridden horses some," Cosima replied to Sebastian, "but my sister Freja was the one who spent the most time in the stables. She was an equestrian before becoming a professional tennis player."

"You have to be a girl who likes girls before you can be a girl who plays tennis?"

Cosima giggled warmly and patted him on the arm - an extremely solid arm, she noted. "You are an absolute treasure, Bastian. That is often joked about female tennis players, but no, Freja likes men." Perhaps too much... "No, I mean, she rode horses competitively, show jumping, polo, dressage, that sort of thing. My sister Vida is the lesbian - has a wife and two children and all."

Cosima nodded a greeting at Riley when the farm girl arrived and as Keiko spoke, she tried to decipher their twin guides' Haitian Patois. She - all the Royal Vandersteen siblings, in fact - had a remarkable talent for language, but she was making little progress with it at the moment. She was pondering if it was in fact a real language rather than some manner of accent when something Keiko said made her sculpted brows furrow in puzzlement. How could something look interesting to a blind girl?

"As I'm sure you are all aware, from The Real Housewives of Emerald City, The Royal Vandersteens, and numerous other Television programs, blogs, and magazines, I am Cosima Helena Vandersteen, and I too am from Emerald City," she said with thoughtless, if still rather charming, hauteur after Keiko. "Though I have traveled many times to many places. Most often to Denmark of course - my grandmother on my father's side is the Queen." She smiled with self-indulgent sweetness. "That does in fact make me an actual Princess - a Countess too by the way - but I don't insist on being granted my style... Unless I am making a point, Cosima is most sufficient."

She gestured airily eastwards. "We have a modest estate not that far from here on Sunset Hill, but I reside at Sonnenspiegel castle on Council Island with most of my family. My great-grandfather had the castle transferred over from Germany brick by brick. He tried to acquire Neuschwanstein Castle - the inspiration for Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle, but the Bavarian republic would not part with it, alas.

The Malorys may have founded Emerald City, but the Vandersteeens were in large part responsible for building it. My family brought the trains here and started the mining concerns in the Atlas Mountains, which to this day the family corporation still controls the majority of the mining there, though naturally our portfolios are greatly diversified now."

She grinned ruefully, pressing a hand to her chest. "A minor mishap involving an unknown cache of lovely unique gemstones and a proprietary, trade-secret method of gem-cutting is the reason I've been allowed to attend Claremont, it seems." She glanced around, then sighted the can in Bastian's hand. A faint aura of fuchsia light bloomed around it before it suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of Cosima, her eyes matching the aura. The aura shifted to a light magenta and the can spun in the air on its own accord before reappearing in Sebastian's hand. "I seem to have developed some little talent with psychokinetic and psychoportative effects."


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Keiko laughed at all that. "Wow, introductions AND a history lesson! Annnnd still managed to find time to show off powers. I'm super-impressed. That's my power right now."

"Anyway, sorry. Haven't seen the show." She grinned and tapped her sunglasses. "I kind of need interesting dialogue more than eye candy."

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Qi was silent through the exchange when they had been singled out in front of the whole school, she was used to being watched. She stayed near Rick mainly because she enjoyed the little sense of familiarity having talked with him briefly. she was surprised to find the pink haired girl and the blind girl and her servant, the big boy, in the group with them.

She remained silent through the twins introductions, she found it very hard to follow their speech because of the accents. When the late comer arrived she continued with her silence as she followed the introductions, the pink haired girl, Cosima's, display of power, and back and forth between Cosima and Keiko, the Japanese girl. t

She understood very little of what was going on.

Master Chao and Po had been correct.

She had much to learn.

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Riley blinked at the rapid-fire history lesson and the open display of powers. "Uh, I don't watch TV much," she manage, then smiled tentatively at Cosima, "so can I just call you Cosima? I don't think I'll remember all the rest of it."

Good God, she's royalty.

Yeah, and real stinkin' proud of it. 

Hush, don't snark.

Hey, I'm you, remember. So you're snarking too. 

Riley had to bite down a grin at her alter's comeback. 

Well, she's  really really into being a princess and Countess and I guess a TV star and being able to steal random Cokes. I just can't help but wonder if she's actually able to do anything useful.

Riley2 and Riley3 finally both lost it, bending over and snickering in their respective areas. The secretary looked up at Riley3 and asked, "Problem, dear?"

"Nope, just getting to know people, ma'am."

"I see...." the secretary barely raised a brow. She did work at Claremont, after all; she didn't put anything past her students.

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Curtis didn't bother much to conceal his disinterest once Cosima began to launch into her spiel. It boiled down to: 'I am wealthy, I am important, I am an avatar of the pit of meaningless nonsense that is celebrity culture, etc. The final mention of the gems got a raised eyebrow - maybe this was actual viridian at work - which raised her status in Curtis' eyes from 'walking annoyance' to 'potential research subject.'

Yeah, that was her sole value in the genius' head.

"I am Curtis Shane." He introduced himself. "I come from San Francisco. My only technical meta-power is minor electrical generation. Intellectually though, I am on par with Daedalus."

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Teres narrowed her eyes and tilted her head slightly.  "I can only assume that where you are form Keiko, your comments might be taken as humorous, or to some extent, witty.  I assure you, they are not.  Please, knock it off.  While I'll not deny that sometimes d'students here may come off a little..."

"Or a lot," Tomas added in swiftly and they were pretty sure he was talking about Cosmia.

"...pretentious, that is no reason to be rude or insulting, and you are coming across as both."  The tone she took was neither snarky or mean.  She was rather blunt, but still pleasant in calling out the young Japanese girl.  "For most of us, these powers are all we have in common.  For others they are a great burden that they've waited years to throw off their shoulders and be among those who might understand them.  So, usually humility is d'first thing out the window as discussion about powers is most commonly used as d'ice breaker to bridge d'commonality between all of us.  After all, why do you think students are showing you around instead faculty?  Because you'll relate to us better, we have powers like you, we are teenagers like you, we are... you."

"So, talk about d'money," Tomas interjected.  A carefully timed interjection that got everyone from looking at Keiko and focused on him.  His smile was genuine.  "Talk about d'powers.  Talk about anything you like, because, no joke, you are among friends.  I assure you, I was cocky and arrogant once, I could not wait to show d'world what I could do.  No shame in that."

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Na'Atem stiffened and her eyes went wide, shooting toward the twins at the mention of "Atlantis". It was certainly not overly subtle, but she realize that many might be shocked at such an admission as she composed herself.

From all she had seen and learned, Atlantis suffered much the same fate as Mu, which was only proper payback considering what they had done. But here, according to these half-bloods, Atlantis still existed, under the waves. Had they protected their home? Adapted to the water? Something else? These twins, their mother was Atlantean and they get to see her from time to time...

Na'Atem would have to handle this carefully, and perhaps play the long game...

"Atlantis? Really? Wow. I thought that was just myth." Na'Atem said as clearly as she could.

"So you are.. half-Atlantean? And you get to actually see one? Your mother? That is... I didn't expect be around actual Atlantean descendants here. This place really is unique...." she added, being absolutely honest.

She could sense magic from the twins, but it was difficult to get a hold of. Hmm.. she would have to study them and their magic before she could progress much further.

"I know we are on the wrong ocean, but does she ever come here? I mean, an actual, mythical Atlantean. That would be.. amazing." she said as she clutched the stone hanging fron the chain around her neck, rubbing it idly with her thumb.

She then looked to the others and caught herself, lowering her hand as if to not draw any more attention to the stone.

"If we are making.. introductions. I am.. Autumn Evermore." the clearly Asian girl, even of her features made it difficult to discern just what nationality she was, said with an similarly difficult to nail down 'Asian' accent.

"My.. sister.. sometimes calls me "Mulan"." she added.

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Richard had also been quiet, listening to the others, wondering if this was going to be a Breakfast Club with Superpowers group.   Given that they had three Asians, a princess, The obvious Nerd, and Bastion and himself were definitely the jocks, and whatever Riley classified as, it was likely to be some sort of variation of it.   He shrugged and smiled.  "Sounds like we've got a pretty eclectic group here.   That's pretty cool in its own right."

He smiled as he looked to the rest of the group.  "I'm Rick Reynes, it's nice to meet you all." 

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