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OOC: The Offical Hero Academy Thread

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A free action that can only be taken on your turn.  So once you switch, you're stuck in that mode until you have the opportunity to spend another free action.  You can't just cycle free actions on other people's turns gaining whatever benefits you want, whenever you want them.  You also don't get an infinite number of free actions, you get a number of free actions 'within reason'.  Cycling one of your power modes per turn is within reason.

Characters with Vision Enhancements in arrays are not allowed to keep swapping their vision out (unless all the spectrums are in a single power) as free actions during their turn until they find the proper vision needed to see their target, nor are they permitted to do the same for any other sort of power, like cycling every tool on their utility belt until they find the right one for the task at hand, there's just not enough time in combat to do that.  That's not reasonable.

As I said, out of combat, I don't care.  During combat, it needs to remain reasonable.

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