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OOC: The Offical Hero Academy Thread

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This is where all the OOC magic happens.  If you have questions as to what's happening in a particular story or need to contact another player, you may do so here.

Jokes, humor and assorted foolery are welcome in this thread, after all some of our best fun has sometimes happened in the OOC with some humor.  Keep in mind that the 'don't be a dick' rule is in effect.

Also, I've been here a long time, guys n' gals so I know that sometimes you just need to know something and the ST isn't around to supply the intel.  I know how that goes, plus, I know most of you pretty well, so if you're working on a post and need to reach me, you may do so by either emailing me or texting me, since my phone is always with me.  If you want that info, get in touch with me and I will PM it to you.  It should stand without reason that if you're new around here and I don't know you, then you're stuck using the OOC.

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Could you perhaps reprint the character generation rules in here? I was planning to submit a character for this, but got sidetracked and now I remember nothing. :(

Better idea. Just...pretend I didn't say anything. I found the recruiting thread. :)

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I have added the campus write up as well as the faculty.  I've included the character sheets for the faculty in case you would like to use them for your own games at home.  Of course this comes with the GM caveat disclaimer that says just because a character sheet is posted, I don't have to do what it says.

I have tons of NPCs on my hard drive and honestly they aren't doing me any good just sitting there so I thought for once I'd include some material for everyone to use.

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  • 2 months later...

I'm sure you guys have noticed by now, but in case you haven't: I'm adding flavor text to your attacks as you make them.  So don't worry about waiting for the results of your action.  Simply post (in order) and I'll get you the results of you attacks at some point.

So far this seems to be going pretty efficiently.  Just make sure to check back with your action to see the results. :)

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Okay, so that was the first round of combat, injuries are happening on both sides, which is good since it shows some balance between the two opposed groups.  Everyone is doing really well, and I'm thankful for that.  I appreciate you guys being quick about this (barring my Sunday absence...)

So, I'm torn... I wanted to ask all of you a few questions to get your opinions.  I'm generally kinda douchey, but when it comes to STing a game, I like to be as fair as I can with everyone because the gaming table is no place for being douchey.

1.  Rolling your resistance checks.  So, for the first round I rolled all the resistance checks for you guys.  From my point of view it ran incredibly smooth and allowed me to seriously speed up posting.  My issue with it is that it strips the players away from defending their characters (your character, your resistance).  I know some players are very keen about this sort of freedom being stripped away from them and other don't care one way or another.  I wanted to know your thoughts on this as if it speeds things up, we can keep doing it.  If it's not something people want to see happen, I understand that as well.  Alternately players could always leave me a series of d20 rolls to pull from that they've pre-rolled for the character and I can pull from that (in an order of your choice or most advantageous first).

2.  Editing your posts with flavor results text.  Some people don't like people editing their posts.  As an ST I've found this is an amazing way to resolve a characters turn without resorting to additional posting.  Again, some people don't mind, others do.  What are your thoughts on this and would it be something you feel is useful going forward.  Personally I thought it wrapped up the cause & effect portions of a characters turn (from your point of view and the NPCs point of view) rather neatly.

Lemme hear it.

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1.) As far as rolling resistance, if the only difference is who makes the roll, then I don't care if you make the roll for me, especially if it expedites things.

2.) As long as things are not out of character for my character, I do not mind editing the posts. As an ST you might have a specific narrative or the like for how a battle goes, so I am fine with that, and again, especially if it expedites things.

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I'm fine with you making rolls that we'd have to make no matter what.

Similarly, I'm fine with you filling in NPC reactions to our actions, along with possible related die rolls.

I think the potential for conflict exists if you find yourself putting words in our characters' mouths, but so far you haven't done that at all so it's been totally fine.

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I think the first round of combat went smoothly. I have not issue with the way you've been doing things with rolling our resistances and appending the results of our actions to our posts.

Will just have to be willing to adjust results and edit descriptions if someone wants to spend a Hero Point to reroll a failed Resistance Check or the like.

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See, I'm hoping to avoid putting 'words in your mouth' by simply replying to what your PC has already said or done.  I don't have to speak for your PC, since essentially you've already said it... all I have to do is generate a reply.  It seemed to work smoothly, since I had the NPCs make snarky comments, then you guys essentially snarked back, then I filled in the blanks on my replies.

It made the banter seem more streamlined instead of the "YOU"/"NO YOU" banter we sometimes get through multiple back and forth posts, and ir you're like me, you've sometimes forgot which character was arguing with which NPC.

We'll continue on a we have been.

Keep in mind that Hero Points are more a 'In your lap' sort of deal, so if you want to use one, simply let me know and we'll go from there.  They're pretty easy though, since you just say what you wanna do and we do it.

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Dave, just a note about something you said to Rick in the last post about him switching 'gears.'

Glancing at his sheet, it looks like he's switching effects in an array...from speed to strength, perhaps. Assuming that's the case, and I'm not misreading it, your comment that it requires an action to switch isn't reflected in the standard rules. To wit:

Alternate Effects cannot be used or maintained at the same time as other Alternates in the same array; they are mutually exclusive. Switching between Alternates requires a free action and can be done once per turn. If anything disables, nullifies, or drains any power in an array, all of them are affected in the same way.

Page 138 in the version of the 3rd Ed M&M book that I have, just before they talk about Dynamic Alternate Effects.

Assuming I'm understanding the situation right, and there's no house rules, that is.

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It's technically supposed to be a free action, but one of the first things Justin and I talked about was his switching between his three movement powers (Leaping, Flight, Speed) was not going to be a free action for him since him bouncing between his father's and mother's abilities are not smooth or balanced.  He said he was okay with that.

There's no need to edit, like I said, I'm letting it slide while we balance all the mechanics for the various PCs.

By the way, add his sheet to your sig. :P

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  • 4 months later...

I'm closing out the 'And Heroes Will Rise...' thread.  You are welcome to still post there to wrap things up, but it's slowed down enough that whatever happens there that isn't touched on now we can visit it at a later date.  Villains aren't sitting around doing things everyday, they lay low for a bit before popping back up.

If there are any topics you want to touch base with me on, feel free to do so.

"I wanna change something..."

So, something on your sheet not jive with what you wanted?  Powers not quite working out how you planned?  Feel like maybe you wasted a few PP here and there and didn't quite get the Oomph you were looking to?  No problem.  Look, in the world of comic books characters evolve and change and get retconned nearly everyday.  I get it.  We spent points and it didn't jive with the concept, or the character just didn't seem to fill the niche you were looking for.  It happens.

Well, I have a solution for you.  You may switch your characters around if you feel like it but there are caveats:

1. You can only do it with my approval.
2. There must be a reason.  A metamorphosis of the characters power, focused training, catastrophic event, etc... 'Because I want to.' is not a valid reason.
3. Attributes are locked unless an in game reason exists as to why your PC lost 2 points Intelligence or Strength and gained 2 points in Presence.
4. The basic premise of your character must remain the same.  Spellstone has to remain a Sorceress for example, she can't restat into a Powerhouse.  She could discard certain spells in favor of more useful ones however.

To give an example:
Bastion is Superboy.  While he can Leap now, eventually he'll possess the ability of Flight.  Bastion has Leaping 8 and I have 10PP saved up.  I decide that Leaping and Flight are kinda redundant, so I decide to to pour those 8 points into Flight.  I end up with Flight 8 (16 points) and give him Leaping 8 and Super Speed 8 for the two remaining points granting him alternate forms of transportation if his Flight is shut off.

The premise of Bastion hasn't changed, all that's happened is that points were re-worked to allow for the most efficient spending so you guys can get as much as possible out of your builds.  I know how it goes and I don't want anyone stuck with buyers remorse on their character sheet.

That said, at this time, if you want to make changes to your characters sheet, you may.  We've done two stories so chanses are you've had the opportunity to see where some issues with your PC may be.  Feel free to make changes.

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  • 4 weeks later...

It will prolly look like he whipped it up in his basement with less than ideal parts... but it's kosher.  Once he generates some income he can gradually upgrade his toys into a suit of armor (which will be factored into the cost of the suit itself, so you won't have to redo anything or spend anything extra).

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7 minutes ago, Richard Alexander Reynes said:

I'd like to work out how exactly Rick's mode change works.  

Well, you set the powers up as 'Alternate Powers' which makes them, effectively an array.


"A set of Alternate Effects is called an array."

This means that whatever 'mode' Rick is in, technically counts as his power use for that turn.  Spellstone gets one power use from her array, she doesn't get to swap between them to suit her needs once she's acted.  Same goes for anyone with powers in an array. (Spellstone is a walking array factory so it's easy to just use her as an example)

That means, if combat starts and Rick is in 'Speed Mode' (which is the first power in the array and therefore the mode I'm always considering his default) then until he acts in that round he does not have access to his other two abilities in the array.  When his initiative comes up Rick can switch to his 'Strength Mode' and will lose access to his 'Speed Mode' and his 'Flight Mode' until he acts next turn and swaps over to one or the other.  One you swap, you may make of the powers immediately, like any other power use.

So what that means is if you're flying, you can't land and immediately switch to your speed, especially in combat.  Outside combat, it's safe to assume his transitions are rather seamless, but while the fighting is happening, he can't just claim whatever is most advantageous at that moment.  These swaps or 'mode changes' only happen on his action and they remain in effect until his next action.

Example: Rick is in 'Strength Mode'.  Bob Bitchin' throws him off a roof where he falls 50 feet.  Rick can't switch to flight mode because it's not his turn, he already used his action.  Now, before you say it... depending on the height of the fall, he may have time to swap, yes, I know.  For the sake of the example, you should get what I'm saying.

This is the simplest and easiest way to handle it without taking any of Rick's move or standard actions.

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